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Pathfinder Society T-Shirt: Osirion Faction

****½ (based on 4 ratings)
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Osirion was once the most glorious empire of Golarion. Pharaohs ruled as gods on earth, their monuments towered over even Thassilon's mightiest, and their armies could churn a kingdom to mud and blot out the sun on wings of death.

Now, Osirion emerges from millennia of foreign rule under the rulership of the youthful Ruby Prince Khemet III, who hearkens back to the ancient days of Osirion's glory. One year ago, Khemet opened the vast deserts of Osirion—long closed by the Keleshite overlords who held the nation as a satrapy of Qadira—to foreign exploration. Today the great treasures and arcane formulas of the living gods of ancient Osirion are unearthed for the entire world to see, and the ascendancy of the Land of Pharaohs is at hand.

Features the Osirion faction logo in red, yellow, and orange on a gold-colored 100%-cotton tee.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 4 ratings)

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Osirion Faction T-Shirt Rocks!


They fixed the whole "It comes in a triangle and wrinkles" problem. When I got mine it was just folded like a regular shirt inside the box.

The standard shipping was VERY quick.

REMEMBER! Free reroll once per SESSION at a con, not once per CON. I made that mistake and was corrected by the Venture Captain. It was awesome when I figured this out. Made buying the shirt a 4 star purchase to a 5 star purchase.

Osirion goodness

****( )

I really like my Osirion shirt. It is a very flashy color and comfortable to wear. It doesn't openly scream "geek" so it can be worn in public places. My only complaint is the packaging. It was completely wrinkled and even after a good washing and hanging up to dry, I still looked like I slept in a ditch. After the second wash, it is starting to mellow out.

Okay Shirt... if not for Pathfinder link may have passed

***( )( )

I was very excited when I saw my shirt arrive. It was compressed into a think triangle package with the clear Orison markings. To my surprise the short was not folded then sealed rather it was forced compressed. The shirt has heaps and heaps of creases, almost permanent press, even in the logo.

The shirts are also small. I ordered a 4XL to wear over a long sleeve pullover but it was smaller than the 3XL undefeated shirt I bought. I have washed it once and the creases remain. I am tempted to iron to remove creases.

Paizo got it wrong with the packing of this item.

The Only Shirt You'll Ever Need


Possessing the same high production value of all of Paizo's shirts, the Osirion faction shirt may just outdo all its predecessors. The emblem of the ancient scarab beetle expresses both an undying presence and the ability to hide among the dust, waiting for the right moment to once again reclaim what is rightful that of the wearer. I can't understand why anyone would buy any of the other faction shirts when this one is so very perfect. My only complaint is that it also comes compressed in a triangle, which even after washing still leaves crinkles in the shirt, befouling the great glory of Osirion. But it gets you a free reroll at Cons, so I guess that's ignorable. Gift Certificates
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