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Volshyenek Ornelos

AxeMurder0's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2014 Dedicated Voter. Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco. 167 posts (6,564 including aliases). 25 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 16 Pathfinder Society characters. 23 aliases.


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**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Fourth Horseman wrote:

Looks like a lot of fun. Did have one question though:

Seems like the gold to XP ratio is coming up a bit short here. Am I missing something? Is that intended?

Thanks for the clarification.

Assuming you play them all you get 1xp, 2pp and 500gp. Seems right for a level 1 only scenario. (Additionally you possibly get some other cool boons)

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0


**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

I love playing characters who aren't defined by their class.

My first PFS character is a Han Solo type mercenary siege engineer who's gotten tired of the indifference of the evil empire he worked for and started working for the small guys instead.

He's Fighter 2/Rogue 1/Ranger 3/Shadowdancer 5
(Needed Fighter for knowledge engineering)

I also have a lvl 11 Gnomish cleric who unfortunately still hasn't managed much of a personality, but with a strength of 5 and heavy armor he literally almost drowned after stepping into a 4ft deep mud pit. I think his personality has mostly become making snarky comments about everybody else and generally finding himself superior, which I don't think is really that fun to play with.

I have a lot of characters (6) and frequently ask the table what they are playing before I decide which of my characters to play., I would be delighted to hear a bit of description rather than class, class doesn't actually tell me that much.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Despite some annoyance on both sides of the issue (including myself) I think I've managed to figure out the issue, I at least would like an answer to.

Are the PFS rules for character risk vs rewards(etc) set rules or set maximums?

I think we all (99% at least) agree that you can't go over the listed rewards and reward extra. This leaves the question, can one arbitrarily award less? (I know the chronicles list max gold and it's possible to receive less then that and not find some items but that's not what I'm talking about here)

(There's also another interesting but likely inflammatory argument regarding if/when coordinators/gms should follow the rules and when they should break them, but that's a horse of a different color)

I would also like to thank everybody for remaining largely civil, especially after my initial posts riling everything up.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Figuring out the costing for named magical items is a can of worms, which special abilities are like a + and which are flat increase seems problematic to determine.

Not allowing a player to upgrade his chain shirt because he wrote down Mithral Shirt instead of Mithral Chain Shirt seems asinine. The Mithral Chain bothers me a little bit since it's different than the Mithral Chainmail but since it's nonmagical to start with figuring out costs for it is no more difficult then a non named item.

This yahoo's opinion of the solution:

Allowing full normal upgrading of non-magical named items and allow only gp (ie no +) upgrades for named magical items. (or for extra simplicity I wouldn't really object to not allowing modification of named magical items at all)

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Personally I like the consumable rules where you are required to buy things at the cleric/wizard price and don't get 750gp wands of lesser restoration. Personally I find this way simpler as I never remember what the minimum caster level for bard/paladin/ranger is for various spells.

As for the higher level consumables my preference would be to only have minimum caster level items available and to have frequent access to higher caster level items from chronicle sheets. I'm not sure that's going to happen and I'm not sure if I prefer the current situation or one where items are buyable at any caster level.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Don't forget a pen for signing those chronicle sheets.
Also you can save time at the end of the session by prefilling out info such as date and your PFS # etc on the chronicle sheets.

Sometimes mods (not sure about the intro ones) make figuring out monster stats a little tough, they'll be split between 3 pages or have you reference the bestiary. Especially if you're going to be running form the laptop I recommend a printout with the stat blocks of the different monsters so you can easily access their stats without having to flip too many pages.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Good luck fellow Pathfinders, and don't forget your wayfinders.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Nimon wrote:

I did not put up a spoiler tag, because that is not much of a spoiler. Faction missions pit players against eachother, hmmm ya that really ruined the mod for you didnt it. Guess can't play it now.

That wasn't really a spoiler, what I was hoping was that the thread would stay on the topic of what's ok for a GM to adjust, not what do you think of season 3's faction missions.

Towards that goal:

Here are some things I think the GM cannot do:

Mess with the rewards system, including XP, boons, gold & prestige. Players get what the mod says they earned, no matter how clever the player was in breaking into the vault of infinite cheese, it's all back to normal by the next mod.

Authorize players to use "GM approval required options". Sure it would be cool if the halfling could ride a dinosaur but if it's not listed as an option for PFS it's not usable, even with that other mounts at the GM's discretion clause. The GM for those purposes is Paizo, not the table judge, not the local organizer and not the VC.

Here are some things I think they GM can do:

Apply the +2 rule when somebody is being awesome.

Let players complete challenges in ways not foreseen by the mod.

Adjust the flavor to fit the table such as reflavoring the prostitute or I once ran a mod with some spider swarms and had a player literally freaked out, apparently they had a spider phobia, so I swapped the description to some other sort of swarm and everything was fine.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Dragnmoon, I find your posts here super hostile, I'm sorry I ran over your dog.

I have read the description for this forum and just because some threads may contain spoilers doesn't mean that all threads should contain spoilers.

I'm very curious as to people's opinions on the original question:

What rules/regulations does the GM have any say in changing or adjusting in PFS?

So please let me participate in a discussion on that subject instead of telling me to go away because I politely asked for this particular thread to be spoiler free.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

There's an old post from the campaign administration that said you can get a composite bow but you don't get any str added on to that. I don't have a link handy at the moment.

Also doesn't PFS restrict guns to gunslingers?

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Thraxital wrote:
Thanks, what do you think of season 3 so far? I have to say Frostfur captives caused a lot of issues between the players, almost on the verge of breaking the no PVP rule. The faction missions seem to be geared to pitting the players against each other in that MOD more then most I have played in the past.

This yahoo would appreciate if this thread stayed spoiler free.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

I ran out for awhile after but took a break and time worked out the problem for me. If I run out again can I complain to Baird?

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

I must have been imagining that.
I did find these tidbits from Frost though:

For the sake of riding, however, I'd say that to be a "suitable mount for riding" (as loosely defined in the Ride skill) the mount generally has to be a quadruped one size category or more larger than your character. It would be pretty silly if your medium-sized human paladin rode a medium-sized boar, for example. :-)

He takes a -5 on all Ride checks since a boar isn't a suitable mount for a dwarf (it's the same size category). ociety/general/paladinMountOptions&page=1&source=search#13

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Isn't the medium donkey listed as a mount for the medium dwarf?

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

What follows is purely my opinion:

One of the easiest ways to turn a player off of a new organized play system is to kill them in their first adventure. While this is part2 the death rate for this series should be aprox. 0%

Imagine running this for 4 players who've never played D&D before and are muddling through the whole thing. There is no way a mechanically challenging encounter is going to be balanced for them as well as 6 optimized sick nerd killers.

In general I wish the challenge level was a tad bit higher in PFS but I'm glad this series is easy.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

It's too bad that this table didn't work out. Here are some thoughts from this yahoo:

Playing games is about having fun, if you think you won't have fun at a given PFS table get up and walk away, go do something else, in the short run it might offend people but I'd much rather have a player tell me they weren't having fun and leave my table then slog through it and not have fune.

Re-skinning has been labeled as a no-no repeatedly for PFS, in some ways this is good and in some ways this is bad. Not allowing a player their magic bacon making machine bad, having a player re-flavour their swords into lightsabers I'm not so excited about.

The problem is there's no good way to make a rule that allows pleasant reflavouring without allowing unpleasant reflavouring.

At the moment the rule says no reflavouring and I'm a very strong proponent of: if you're playing in an organized campaign you must follow the rules.

Msybe we should change the rules, maybe PFS would overall be more fun with extra pigs? I'm not sure.

P.S. I hinted at this earlier but the civility here very much impresses me.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

There we go.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Since I'm in Iowa now this should be pretty easy to make. I'm probably interesting in judging 1-2 slots and playing the rest.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Yup I'm logged in. Here's a Screen Shot

No Sign Up button :(

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Well I see a bunch of other people signed up... There is still no signup button for me :(

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Well August is up on the fellowship site and Todd finally emailed me back. Of course the fellowship Warhorn is still locked but I'm sure that'll work its self out eventually.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Yup I've got that, thanks.
btw: you're top of the list.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

So I've finally found my way to Iowa and I've found Warhorn for IGA in Des Moines and Fellowship of the Blade in Iowa City and I'm signed up for the IGA yahoo group. Fellowship of the Blade seems to have a facebook page but there doesn't really seem to be any action there.

Anything else I bookmark/signup for?

Also currently I'm signed up to play at IGA on the 20th of August which should in theory be the same say Fellowship has their day. However I can't find any info about what Fellowship is running in August...

Looking forward to passing on hearts and bunnies from previous local yahoo Painlord to specified new local yahoos.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Dead. They can pay to get raised if they can get together the moeny which the party probably can including their rewards for the scenario.

Stupidity + Bad Luck = Death, don't be nice and sugar coat it.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Step 1: Run a fun table.
Step 2: Try to follow the rules when appropriate.

(Organized play step 0: do not mess with xp/wealth progression etc)

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Nothing. It's talking about requirements such as Daivrat - The character must have had peaceful contact with a true genie (djinni, efreeti, marid, or shaitan).

All of the Dragon Disciple requirements are purely mechanical.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Conan in 3.5 levels 1-25 with each tied into a specific story.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

I've had one of these wands for a long time on my Asmodeus worshiping Wizard (Inner Sea World Guide seems to have dropped the worship requirement) and I've always described it as:
A Severed Demon's Claw, dripping with blood. It's quite popular among the Chaotic Neutral types but strangely enough every paladin I've encountered with that character has refused to let him use it on them.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

All we need to do is make belonging to a faction a capital crime and allow PvP and we can play Paranoia-Pathfinder instead. :Þ

Sarta wrote:

If seen as such, one realizes what they have to do:

1. Survive.
2. Attempt to complete the Pathfinder Society's tasks.
3. Attempt to complete your secret society's mission.
4. Pin the blame for failure on your teammates.

It's just a pity that prestige and other rewards aren't meted out after a debriefing.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would like to strongly note my objection to changing the rules with a forum post that declares the change to be a clarification.

Mark Moreland wrote:

Armor spikes are treated as light weapons for the purpose of threatening adjacent squares. Light weapons require the use of limbs, so you would only be able to make attacks with them if you have a free hand. Thus, wielding a two-handed reach weapon would negate your ability to "wield" (and thus threaten with) armor spikes. This isn't necessarily clear in the rules, but I just discussed it with Jason, and we're both on the same page about the intent.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Bob Jonquet wrote:

Trying to sit with your back to the majority of the room can also help since your ears are tuned to more readily pick up frontal noise.

Personally I find the opposite of this to be better. I prefer my back to a wall with all the noise coming from the same direction. I find it much more difficult to hear when there is also noise coming from behind me.

That said I think your best bet is to try and get a table at the edge of a room and pick the seat at your table that works best for you and ask your players to speak loudly and clearly.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

In a prior edition the caster of a Lightning Bolt could choose to make it half as long but 10 feet wide instead of 5 feet. I imagine somebody never realized that this is no longer the case.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Wielding != Holding

Wielding = Using.

In this particular case it means attacking with the scimitar.

Omelite wrote:

By RAW, I don't think you need to be monk of the empty hand anyway.

Dervish Dance wrote:
When wielding a scimitar with one hand, you can use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier on melee attack and damage rolls. You treat the scimitar as a one-handed piercing weapon for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such as a duelist’s precise strike ability). The scimitar must be for a creature of your size. You cannot use this feat if you are carrying a weapon or shield in your off hand.

Note that it doesn't say you only get DEX to attack and damage WITH the scimitar. So a monk can hold a scimitar in one hand and do a flurry of blows with unarmed strikes with DEX to damage.

Obviously not RAI though, and is completely absurd.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Spellbooks generally show up on the chronicle sheet as a lengthy list of scrolls.

Dragnmoon wrote:
Azothath wrote:

I'm not exactly sure on this as I have not seen a PFS Scenario with a wizards spellbook...

I have seen a Spell book in a Scenario, but it was not on the chronicle sheet. I let my players use it to copy from before the scenario ended.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Even the core rules give you more wealth in the adventures then you should have based on your level. The extra cash is assumed to be spent on consumables.

Joseph Caubo wrote:

You will see that PFS tends to be generous to you and gives you a couple thousand gold above where the Core would place you at, depending on the particular level.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

GM duties include being arbiter of the rules therefore the GM is correct.

That said here's this yahoo's opinion:

"If you are invisible or the attacker is blind, the spell has no effect (although the normal miss chances still apply)."

So Mirror image does nothing while you are invisible, but do the images become invisible too?

"These images remain in your space and move with you, mimicking your movements, sounds, and actions exactly."

Hmmmm, no clear answer, my initial reaction would be to make them all invisible for simplicities sake but I don't feel strongly either way.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

After going through 23 wand charges healing myself and my pet monkey after that toasty encounter I'd be hard pressed to bet against that oracle. (120+ damage)

Kyle Baird wrote:
I know a certain little fire oracle NPC who would give this magus a run for his money.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

You mean I missed getting to see Hyrum kick them in the junk?
Darnit I always miss the cool stuff.

Painlord wrote:

Best part of the banquet (for me anyway) was seeing Kyle Baird and Jason Roeder being elevated to 5 stars by Hyrum.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Good point, missed that detail.

Diego Winterborg wrote:

I interpreted Bob's post as "You cannot have a hide armor made of dragonhide". You are right that out of context the post could lead to confusion.
It was good of you to point out the actual rules for dragonhide armors and shields.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Repeats plea (in hopefully less offensive way) about people with perceived authority being extra careful when answering rules questions.

The only place Dragonhide is mentioned in the organized play guide is as an exception to always available items. Since it's in the Core Rulebook and not explicitly called out as illegal it's purchasable (assuming you have the TPA available)

Unfortunately Dragonhide only comes in shields, half-plate, full-plate, banded mail and breastplate making it an unattractive choice for a Druid who wants full mobility.

Considering Dragonhide breastplate costs 700 [(200+150)*2] it can even be a good purchase for 2PA for a character that doesn't want to wait for 9TPA to buy their armor.

Bob Jonquet wrote:
Except that dragon hide armor is not legal in PFS. So the hide shirt is a big benefit to the druid.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0


Andrew Besso wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
Just a reminder, you need the PA for the full price not the upgrade cost
I know that. My real question here is whether a +1 keen rapier would cost 10320 gold or 8320 gold.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

There are some very powerful/cool boons out there, none as pricey as a free raise dead but some are quite good.

Many Spoilers in the block.


One time +10 to initiative, up to 3 free combat rerolls, up to 3 free skill rerolls, up 3 free spell re-memorizations, a free Decemvirate Stamped Wayfinder of awesomeness, permanent price discount on mundane gear, a lapdance from Thorne (the most powerful mage in all Absalom). I'm sure there are more out there as well.

So here's the changes you get from slow vs current.

Twice as many opportunities to play
Twice as many boons
Twice as much consumables used
Twice as many chances for horrible things to happen to you.

If you're worried about optimizing every penny out of your character playing slow won't do you any better than fast. I'm fine with that.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Sent you an email awhile ago Luke, haven't heard back. Is there a warhorn or group or mailing list or pidgeon exchange or something for the Ames/Des Moines area?

Luke Engelhardt wrote:

There is indead a PFS grope in Des Moines(DSM). if you drop me a line at sgtlukeeng_3@hotmail,com I will be sure to respond to any question you may have. Des Moines is only 30 miles from Ames.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

I'm flattered to be in so many of your highlights Alex and to be included in your description of an elite table.

I too loved watching Alysia's Eidolon trade her to a Sphinx for some food.

I mentioned this on the other thread but I'm really excited to have had my 100th chronicle sheet be from such a special mod as Year of the Shadow Lodge.

Yay for 400 hours of PFS goodness!

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

You mind telling that to our PFS overlords?

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

And you're also ignoring the "Adapting Existing Characters" section on page 14, which tells you, "hey, if you already have a character and want to use something in this book, it's okay to let someone alter their character to do so, and it's probably best to do so when they level up between adventures." So the "I can't use this on my existing character" complaint doesn't really hold water.

Just sayin.

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Kublacon was lots of fun.


I managed to play 7 slots and judge 1 (out of 10 possible).

Painlord's wife answering that "there would be some advantages to being a widow"

Painlord for putting in countless hours at the PFS table fitting in as many walkins as possible.

Judging Cookies, and super awesome metal BAPS coins.

VC Azmyth for running Year of the Shadow Lodge as my 100th Chronicle Sheet (About 25GM credits and about 75PC Credits)

Euan for printing out 2903874 pages worth of mods.

Jerry Cummings for running my Everwar (part 2) table amazingly despite us players giving him a hard time and Jason Bulmahn sitting at the table watching, who had jokingly promised to pounce on the smallest rules mistake. Part way through we had a question about Blink, came to a quick conclusion and went back to playing. Meanwhile Bulmahn spent the next 10 minutes reading the Blink entry before deciding to abandon us for the night.

All of the players/GMs I played with who were supportive of me being secretive about my newest character's build: Farak, the Greatest Mage in all of Absalom (Do not be fooled by pretenders such as Thorne)


I did manage to lose one of my chessex boxes mostly filled with pewter painted minis. I suspect (but am not sure) that I put it down next to one of the parking machines on Sunday night and failed to pick it up. Checked the Hotel Lost&Found, no luck there, if anybody happens to have picked it up I'd be delighted to have it back etc.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Curse != Revelation

FuzzyrabbitMD wrote:
Cheapy wrote:
But a one level dip in Oracle is not really a good idea, since the curse will never get better.

Not true, actually. It will improve from non-Oracle levels.

"An oracle’s curse is based on her oracle level plus one for every two levels or Hit Dice other than oracle."

**** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco aka AxeMurder0

Joseph Caubo wrote:

Fair enough. I thought it was 4 PA for every 3 scenarios, due to how much you get by playing modules.

I really don't understand why the modules give you 3xp but only PA/GP for ~2.5xp.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Captain Sir Hexen Ineptus wrote:

This isn't a rules question???

Nope. A rules question would be: With the Synthesist Archetype can I improve my physical stats with magic items?

This is a design intent/game balance issue.

Instead of requesting an answer from staff why don't you try the advice forum and ask the community instead. I imagine the community has made a lot more Eidolons in a lot more different situations than the staff has.

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