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The Seventh Execution—Chapter One: The Watcher Watched

The Seventh Executionby Amber E. Scott ... Chapter One: The Watcher WatchedHer or me. It was her or me. ... After the execution, after too many sleepless nights, afraid to face the waiting nightmares, I had to put the matter behind me. ... It was her or me, I declared, then made myself believe it. If I stopped, though, if I ceased whispering my mantra under my breath when I was alone, if I left off repeating it in my mind until I nodded off at night, the horror of the day returned. It seeped...
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Tags: Amber E. Scott Halflings Mike Capprotti Pathfinder Tales The Seventh Execution
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The Seventh Execution—Chapter Two: The Faithful False

The Seventh Executionby Amber E. Scott ... Chapter Two: The Faithful FalseWe retreated into a network of side streets where we could escape if necessary and where we'd easily hear anyone approaching. The night was cool enough to frost our breath. The smell of refuse lingered beneath the familiar city smells of dirt, sweat, horse dung, and boiled potatoes. ... When I thought us safe, I turned and held up a hand. “Speak quickly.” ... “First let's make certain I have the right person. You are...
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Tags: Amber E. Scott Mike Capprotti Pathfinder Tales The Seventh Execution

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The Seventh Execution—Chapter Three: The Fettered Freed

The Seventh Executionby Amber E. Scott ... Chapter Three: The Fettered FreedThe moon was a yellow bruise in the sky as I hurried through the streets of Edme. Sweat poured off me as if I raced through a furnace. I ran without seeing, navigating the streets by long practice. I felt I had left part of myself back at home, as if I had lost a limb. ... I stopped, panting, when the cobbled road spilled into a flagstone-plated quadrangle. Prickly weeds, trampled flat by the mobs that congregated...
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Tags: Amber E. Scott Mike Capprotti Pathfinder Tales The Seventh Execution Gift Certificates
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