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Misery's Mirror—Chapter One: A Death in Nisroch

Misery's Mirrorby Liane Merciel ... Chapter One: A Death in NisrochI need a favor, Ascaros whispered, stopping before Isiem's library table. ... Of course you do, Isiem murmured back, unsurprised. He did not lift his head from the scroll he was copying. ... Once, he and Ascaros had been friends. As children in the village of Crosspine, they had been almost brothers. That friendship had survived the early years of their tutelage in the Dusk Hall of Pangolais... but only the early years. The...
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Misery's Mirror—Chapter Two: Hovels

Misery's Mirrorby Liane Merciel ... Chapter Two: HovelsThe Hovels lived up to their name. ... The poorest and most wretched of Nisroch's people did not live in the city. They huddled outside its walls, clustered in a miserable, mud-drenched shantytown by the Leper's Gate. There was little stable ground to support them, so the denizens of the Hovels built high and dense, creating a teetering warren of sticks that seemed a sneeze away from collapse at any moment. ... Swaths of sucking mud...
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Misery's Mirror—Chapter Three: Silence

Misery's Mirrorby Liane Merciel ... Chapter Three: SilenceWhat would spur someone to kill her? Isiem wondered aloud as they left the dead shadowcaller on her bier. Not rebellion, surely. In Westcrown, perhaps, but not Nisroch. ... The mirror, Ascaros answered. He swept up the stairs from the chamber of the dead to their temporary quarters, where the Over-Diocesan's lackeys were to have delivered Misanthe's belongings. Blue-flamed candles in sconces of bone flickered as he went past. Of course...
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Tags: Andrew Ryan Liane Merciel Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction

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Misery's Mirror—Chapter Four: The Burdens of History

Misery's Mirrorby Liane Merciel ... Chapter Four: The Burdens of HistoryThey left the midnight mirror without speaking. ... Once on the other side, safely back in the Cathedral of Bones, Isiem snatched up the fallen shroud of silk and swept it back over the glass. Then he sat heavily on the bed, shuddering, as Ascaros sank to the floor beside him. ... You can't go back, Isiem said. ... Ascaros did not reply. He laid his staff across his lap, thumbing its silver adornments over and over in...
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