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Titanic Games Takes to the Water

New Board and Card Game Company to Launch in 2006!

Industry veterans James Ernest, Mike Selinker, Lisa Stevens, and Bob Watts announced today the formation of Titanic Games, a company focusing on the creation of world-class board and card games. The business side of Titanic will be handled by Watts (formerly headed Games Workshop US, served as Vice President of Wizards of the Coast, founded Sabertooth Games, and has 30 years of experience in the miniatures game industry) and Stevens (former Vice President of White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast, now CEO of Paizo Publishing). The R&D side will be helmed by Ernest, the president of Cheapass Games, and Selinker, formerly the lead developer of Avalon Hill. Ernest and Selinker are partners in Lone Shark Games, for whom they've recently designed Pirates of the Spanish Main for Wiz Kids and Gloria Mundi for Rio Grande.

"The four of us have worked with each other for years in the various companies we have been a part of, so it seemed like a natural thing to get together to make some great board and card games," Stevens said.

"It started with Lisa and I talking to James about doing some high-end releases of some of James' best games from Cheapass and just grew from there. Mike and James had some amazingly cool games sitting in the wings, so we decided to go for the whole enchilada and partner with them," remembers Watts.

The first releases from the new company will hit the streets in mid-2006 with the release of three games. "As we made games to sell through our design studio Lone Shark, we made some that were so big in scope that some other companies were scared away from making them. Bob and Lisa said they weren't scared at all, and asked if they could have the games—and us," Selinker opined.

A high-end version of Cheapass Games' flagship title, Kill Doctor Lucky, is in the works for Titanic's first year. Kill Doctor Lucky is Cheapass' bestselling board game, in which players race to see who can kill a hapless old man in his own house. The deluxe edition will contain three-dimensional elements and plenty of new ways to kill the old man. In sharp contrast to the original, Titanic's version will even include all the pieces!

Dust and Sin is a board game where players are vying with each other to be the #1 real estate mogul in a fledgling Las Vegas by owning the biggest and busiest casinos along the Strip. Build new casinos, steal them from other players, or take them over from the inside. The ever-changing Vegas landscape isn't finished until the last vacant lot has been turned into a neon-studded casino! Designed by James Ernest and Mike Selinker, Dust and Sin features unique 3-dimensional casino models that make the Las Vegas skyline truly different each time you play!

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Cheapass Games is a tiny little game company in Seattle specializing in quirky, low-budget board games with no spare parts. Their best-selling titles include Kill Doctor Lucky, Give Me The Brain, and Unexploded Cow. Cheapass Games have received several industry awards for board games, card games, and graphic design, as well as frequent listings in the GAMES 100.

Cerberus Entertainment Ltd. is publishes hobby game products and sells them into the European hobby market. Located in Liverpool, UK, Cereberus' is the official manufacturer and sales agent for the WARMACHINE™ miniatures game from Privateer Press.

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