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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Weird Request: Name a demon from PFS

I finally convinced someone to switch factions!

Paizo Blog: Blast from the Past

Is it PvP...

Michael Eshleman earns his 5th GM star!

Excellent Player

Looking for a Scenario with Gnolls in It

how do i play

List of Aspis Scenarios

Adapting old seasons for play - problem with Factions

Godsmouth Heresy

Looking for Whomever made this PFS Sheet and Scenario Tracker

Temporary ID numbers

Let's have some fun! PFS characters based on popular culture.

any chance of getting a write-up for the Iconic Alchemist?

PFS Reanimated Medium Question.

Linguistics in PFS

Item Legality

"I got a slug." "Does it talk?"

do I get a player credit if I GM-run a pregen on a scenario that I don't already have a chronicle for?

Game pacing issues, what can a player do?

Is ultimate psionics pathfinder society legal?

Paladin Archetype Question

Can prestige points be used to discount items?

Players Guide Alchemist - Need some clarification

Poisoning Sheaths and Oils

Searching for a GM #18666

Measurements vs grids in pathfinder

Paizo Blog: Faction Journal Cards

Faction Cards and Modules

is the ogrekin in bestiary2 pg 204 a viable option for character build inPFS

Setting off traps without Disable Device?

Magical Knack and the finer points of levels

Iron Gods Sanctioning?

Battlefield control

Skinwalkers Question

[PFS] two-handed rule and character help

Rules section - Curses that require a Limited Wish, Wish or Miracle to remove

Improved Natural Weapon feat questions

Is anyone else starting to hate animal companions?

comprehensive post ARG errata?

Owlbear Animal Companion

Silliness of buying high CR animals animals

Why no controversy over the summoning of demons and devils and other evil outsiders?

Probably stupid Questions from a new PFS GM after first Session.

new PFS player: first character build and general info

Additional Resources, animate dead, variants and you!

Some help with my build

Your best one liner from a player at a PFS table (use spoilers when appropriate)

Horror themed PFS scenarios

Additional Resources editing error

Spending multiple PA for items

Amateur Swashbuckler starting Panache

How many times have you run a Pregen?

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Trade Goods

Can alchemist(vivisectionist) create creature?

Schrodinger's PFS: Making a legal PC that shouldn't be legal?

Phantom phenomena question

Writing NPCs for scenario submission

Unchained Summoner

What to do if boons and characters are stolen?

Quick question about "always available items"

Spellcasting. How does it work?

What happens to my noncombat animals in combat?

Calling all PFS players and / or GMs in or near Gillette Wyoming

Retraining Prerequisites in PFS

Do any Society scenarios use the duel mechanics from Ultimate Combat?

Scenario Gold

Pathfinder Society Campaign Paths

Grandmaster Torch was framed....explain how.

Secondary plot hooks in season 6

2 players leave a table

What would be your party of Pregens?

Close to 4 stars...

Craft Skill Confusion

How does Sleuth's Luck work in PFS?

Encounter Scaling

PFS Additional Resources typo

Prestige Class Requirnments

New Player Question

New Summons

Paizo Blog: Year of the Sky Key Q&A

Mammoth Rider-friendly scenarios

Sable Company Marine

New to PFS

Paizo Blog: Introducing Six New Agents!

Prestige purchases -- Chronicle Rewards?

free cold iron weapons?

anyone else have a Flame Dancer Bard in PFS?

First GM Star

Dunewalker Osirion Trait.

Expanded Narrative boon clarifications

I have some questions about DayJob

Blood of the Moon class options

Eyes of the Ten in San Antonio (please post spoilers correctly)

New 5 Star GM


Pathfinder Society Character Sheet Fillable Version?

Free rerolls

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