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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Advice Needed Regarding Reporting Errors

PFS rules question: Pre-gen scenario rewards

What is the most useful Profession?

PFS Items that can save you in 2016

Store Blog: Can You Hear the Thunder That's Breaking?

Necromancers and PFS

Tengu-related question...

What are the size catagories of conventions?

Paizo Blog: Delve Into Alien Worlds


Character Demographics Poll

Amateur Gunslinger and Mysterious Stranger

Your brief PFS Character Backstory

Audit question - when did the "replay with another faction" rule end?

Spirit-bonded Armor Enchantment Legality

Can a non-Ifrit take fiery glare trait?

How do I find a Society game near me?

Combat animal death

Legal PC closest to a Vampire

We Be Pathfinders! (Thread for the Goblin Boon PCs)

Bloodline familiar for wildblooded

Bladebound Magus Black Blade Purpose

Paizo Blog: Familiar Places, New Adventures

I don't own any manual; what material can I use?

10 questions that'll make your PFS roleplaying blossom.

New 5-Star GM in Indianapolis!

Is battle mask legal?

What do you keep handy in your haversack?

What are considered "priests" for customized summons lists?

PFS Adoptive Parentage human racial trait

Spooky, Scary Skeletons, and other weird stuff for October!

Removal of the Sidheron Rerolls?

Request to Allow Story Summoner for Unchained Summoner

Shield boss in PFS?

Drain Spider

Legal except... Huh?

New Venture-Agent in Hot Springs, AR!

New Venture-Agent Supporting Northwest Arkansas!

Looking for repeatable scenarios

Retraining UC monk's 1st lvl Bonus Feat

GenCon 2016 Completely Reported

Out of Subtier Rewards Question

Pathfinder Society Fillable PDF.

My Love Letter to PFS

Character rebuild options for Campaign Clarifications?

What class(or build) do you find the most enjoyable in Society Play?

Can a pregen sell its gear to help raise someone?

Rude / Insulting behavior from PFS Lodge Leaders?

Being Impatient About Next Update

Scenarios cause Gameplay and class railroading?

Half-Elf Ethnicity Legality

45 minute PAX Quests

Is inspiring commander PFS legal?

Oracle channel energy type and deity

How can PathfinderWiki help Pathfinder Society?

Fey Thoughts: PFS legal?

New Venture Lieutentant for Baltimore MD

Playing in game stores - why?

Kapenia Dancer + Eldritch Scion Magus

Scrolls and Arcane Spell Failure in PFS

Pathfinder Tales boons?

Unchained and archetypes

Price Range for Channels.

Expanded Narrative questions and thoughts

Potions of Lesser Restoration

Campaign Mode?

Order of playing scenaios - themes?

Tien Xia characters and native languages

Disappointment at PAX West

Please improve UX for pregen PFS ID card recipients

Monstrous Graft

Petition: Raise Animal Companion as Prestige Award

Chaokineticist and Greater Elemental Whispers

Druids Log: Animal companions

Building a better multi-table special

Tabletop Giant is Open

Question on the Axe Beak mount

Vudrani Ethnicity / Language Allowed in PFS?

Can Vishkanya buy poisons in PFS?

Pathfinder Cosplay Ideas

Summon Monsters and Bestiary

Is it legal to DM sessions with PFS and non-PFS in same game?

Confused by scroll usage

When did we become hired mercenaries?

Looking for Suggestions

Seeking advice on (CORE) buff / debuff bard build

Dragon bloodrager, Dragon disciple in pfs

Lego my Gobbo?

Tabletop Giant - New PFS Character Creator

What Name for Your Cave? (5-08: "The Confirmation")

Help me make a second Bard more different from my first

Help with a build?

Are we ever going to get an FAQ on Eidolons being dismissed with gear?

Play experience with the new pregen rules

Can every scenario be played at slow progress in PFS?

Blood of Shadows and Drow-Related Half-Elf Options

What information can be gleaned by tracking the Prestige points and faction has

Adding spells to you spell list?

Paladins, and the Order of the Godclaw: [PFS]

What Happened to Torch?

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