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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Eyes of the Ten and slow track

Equal oppertunity for all illiterates

Scions of the Sky Key Question--Blade of the Open Road

(Pulls out soapbox and puts up flame shield) I'd like to talk about a revelation I had about PFS

My Gen Con Offerings a Few Months Late

Familiars, Monkey See Monkey Do, Handle Animal, Manufactured Weapons

He Comes from the Land of the Ice and Snow!

Do any scenarios or modules visit the City of Brass?

Prestige Awards from other Factions

Mythic PFS?

sneak attack on person standing up

AP / Module Sanctioning Update?

Prestige Class requirements

Factions: do they matter?

Research Specialist and Tome of Clear Thought

How to acquire a rock in PFS

Battle Herald: Swap out for Improved Leadership?

help with the 4 damn city Goka, katapesh, katheer and kerse

Cult of the Dawn Flower

Ambush in Absalom

True Primitive Archetype Ban

Are Yoon's Skills wrong?

Multiple Spell Tattoos by spending 2 PP?

Paizo Blog: Guide to the New Season


GMing 6-98 Serpent's Rise-related scenarios

Id Rager Question

Exotic Mounts

Request For Clarification of Rebuild Rules Or Alternatively Further "Grandfathering" After Recent Errata

Obscure or Complicated Character Mechanics

The Occult Origins Shaman Archetype Is Legal? Huh

Request to add a spell to Additional Resources

Mantle of the Protector - Most overpowered cloak available in PFS, or does it need to be re-attuned after each use?

eidolons and social reward chronicles

Players keep dying. Am I doing something wrong?

In PFS can a monkey familiar carry a Shield?

New 5-Star GMs in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Rules for Winter Witch familiars?

Starting a new character

So... Any chance for the Stamina feat made legal in PFS?

Cunning Caster / Subtle Devices

applying credit from a campaign

Black Markets / Additional Resources

Material's that can be "added" to exsisting weapons?

Adopted by Aasimar still legal?

Ways To Gain A Construct Pet In PFS?

Paizo Blog: Introducing Six New Agents!

Magical Ammo / Arrows

Gods Authorized for PFS

John Compton: Thank you!

Organized Play Idea: GM Fame and Prestige

Vulnerability and immunity to cold

Constable archetype and its ban: a polite inquiry

So my only PC just died, so I have a question in regards to making a new one...

Planning Ahead, Mind Blade Paladin

Pathfinder Tales Audiobooks

Subtractional resources... why is so much Official pathfinder content banned from PFS?

Caster Stat Importance

Baddly needed - a guide to the boons and where to find them.

Growing GMs - ideas

Chronicle Sheet Clarification [Spoilers]

Viewing character game history

Belated 5th Star Congratulations to... Tonya!

Mixed pricing on new chronicles - Luv it!!!!

Race boon and first level rebuild

Gamemastery Guide

Which scenarios to get

Fame and item purchases, and alchemy

The PFS Familiar FAQ entry out of date / incorrect

[PFS] Want to make sure I will not hurt the team.

Druids Log: Animal companions

Number of Animal Companions that are legal for PFS?

Store Blog: From Frozen Peaks and Dark Streets!

From eyes to 20

Boon for Pathfinder Dice Kickstarter?

New Lodges

Asmodean Paladin legality

List of scenarios with which in-game venture captains giving the mission?

Level 12+ Play

Improved Familiar Questions

Does "Symbol of Healing" last between sessions?

[Spoilers] Vanities and Pathfinder society characters

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Montreal!

Auntie Baltwin as a PC...

Dirty Fighting feat legal??

PFS Items that can save you in 2015

Planning Ahead: Looking towards sanctioning of Feast of Dust

My faction's gone!

Paizo Blog: Icy Peaks and Cold Trails

Encumbrance, location, and ease of access of equipment in PFS

[PFS] Pearly White Spindle Ioun Stone and Death

Support for Conventions

Gloves of Reconnaissance

What brings you to a convention?

Best way for a non-caster to handle invisible creatures?

5-Star GMs, looking for details on our expense accounts...

Paizo Blog: Return to SkålCon!

Serpents rise mini's

What does Drandle Drenge sound like?

Out of subtier gold?

101 to 200 of 10,739 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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