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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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What Are Belkzen War Drummer Skalds Supposed To Gai At Level Seven?

Least popular and most popular races?

Michigan's newest 5-star GM!

What is the general starting level in pathfinder society

Do the writers hate the Silver Crusade faction?

Character stat question

Paizo Blog: Incremental Changes

Warpriest Fervor Question

Retraining from a certain item

help for newbie

Character Development Discussion

Diverse Training (GM Star Reward) for a Day Job roll?

Let's go shopping.

New Venture Lieutenant in Southern New Hampshire!

It was the Night Before X-Mas in the Grand Lodge (you can read my verison below)

Is Enlarge Person Useful in PFS?

character registration help!

In-world PFS Question: The World Moves On

PFS at TotalCon 2015

Help me build a Society legal Musashi style Japanese duelist

How to make enemies miss more?

Masterwork Transformation?


Have our Venture-Captains been brainwashed by Paizo?

Ancient Osirion Deities

Fire forged bullets in PFS

Hunter animal companion

PFS Specific Rules Question

ShakaUVM's guide to playing a Necromancer in PFS

How to retrain post-level 1

Equipment Question, pack animals and transport.

PFS Legal Table question

Sarenrae in tier 1-5

Beast bonded Witch and Twin Soul

PFS Negative boon question

Avatar name vs Character name

I have a question about Whirlwind Lesson in PFS

Spell Sunder worthwhile in PFS?

Any PFS resolutions for 2015?

Lower participation in PFS

Kitsune Mystic Theurge

Chronicle Sheets

Fame and Special materials

Boots of the Cat Damage to Enemies

Question on Summon Natures Ally Spell

Store Blog: Three May Keep a Secret...

PFS Question on Mundane Equipment

Emerald Spire question

First timer needs help with Human swashbuckler

Arcanist qustion

Items always available?

Two new Campaign Service Award recipients

DM Preparation Routines

Paizo Blog: Stories from the Field: What to Do When New Players Arrive

PFS Improved Familiar Question

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Delaware!

Limits to refluffing class abilities?

New FAQ, Improved Familiars and wands

Planar Binding & Additional Resources

Paizo Blog: Improvements Are A-Comin'

GMs going out of the way to kill players.

Precise bombs

Hero Lab and changing factions...

Does an animal companion of a different creature type have that type's traits?

Getting new players off the ground

Is this PFS build viable, is it worth it?

Number of playerd in PFS modules???

The Faction Page has been updated

Class Boons and Bloat

Level limit of PFS and its application on archetypes

Quick and Dirty map extraction

Ulfen death squad seeks vacation adventure

Best use of Custom Order boon

Assassin in pfs

So, can I make a paladin of Erecura in PFS?

Paizo Blog: New Scenarios for a New Year

Conflicting sources

Echoes of the Everwar Question

Plunder and Perils in reporting tool

Summoned Creatures - What Can They Do When Dead?

Stacking CON

What's your experience with skalds in PFS?

Is Ninja / Scout legal?

Sajan 4 has Spring Attack???


Game Rules / Mechanics vs. Setting Lore in PFS

Technical question on GM session logging

Can You Upgrade Items Purchased With Prestige?


PFS Playtest for Occult Adventures Chronicle Sheet query

Questions about Armor Spikes

Paizo Blog: Occult Society Revisited

Looking for a PFS game near LAX

Cleric Pathfinder Savant

Trained Animals in PFS / Handle Animal skill

The Silver Mount Collection boon question (Spoilers)

How Do You Know What You Can Buy?


Animal and Terrain domains for Clerics and Inquisitors

Lore Stone

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