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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
New GM for PFS with some questions.

Problem with reserving Pathfinder Society numbers?

I think my GM unintentionally "cheated" and TPKed, what do I do?

Mirror strike and spell strike

magic items question

GM's Wrath

Multiclass Question - How do I do it?

Blade Adept Arcanist

Season 6 Lasers?

Brawler Archetype stacking

Recommend me a language / profession?

PFS rules question: Ill-suited Mount penalty?

Special arrows remade into crossbow bolts

Ring of Eloquence

Cavalier Friendly Quests

New Recruits Boon question ( 5-99)

Paizo Blog: Close Deeper into the Desert

Season 6 - Year of the Robot???

Advanced Class Guide Additional Resources missing the following:

In PFS, can half-elves choose elvish favored class bonuses?

why don't we have hashtags for the modules?

Rebuild or Grandfathered? I can find nothing on it...

Paizo Blog: Catching Up

Exchange fame question

Hex Channeler

Level 12+ PFS Mods, APs & Scenarios

Is Grease flamable?

Emerald Spire can't be reported yet?

Most obnoxious PFS legal rules?

Pathfinder Society Number Question

My argument - allow the Buccaneer in PFS play

Season 6 Pregens and 1st level characters

Cost of Alchemical Cartridges of Special Materials

Why no Day Job rolls for modules?

Pathfinder / Pathfinder Society Livestreams: APGamingREAL

Paizo Blog: Year of the Sky Key

Braid of 100 Masters, and Brawlers

Story Summoner and Harrowed Summoning Question

Gen Con Stonelord Scenario Session Credit

Hamatulatsu Feat

Celestial Totem?

Druid Animal Companions

Questions about the Battle Poi

Please suggest me a great first PFS scenario

Continual Flame and high fashion

Hunter Archtype request

What do people think about the new factions for season 6

Scrolls of Restoration

Advanced Class Guide Iconics?

Revisiting the "Rerolls" Rule for PFS

General help for season 6 but no spoilers please

Season Six: Whatcha Playing?

Tiefling no longer legal?

PFS mount restrictions and the undersized mount feat

power of pearls and domain spells

Druid Archetypes

Shaman Rebuild For PFS post-ACG

Society Guide / Rules question about sharing / trading stuff...

Undersized Mounts & Mount Selection - PFS

Thoughts on the Ancestral Ally boon

How to get a monstrous mount?

can anyone help me out here

Tips for running a successful society

Ultimate Campaign Prestige Awards

Kitsune Legal

Faction Vanity Prestige Awards

PFS potion rules

I've been a *little* stupid

Scenarios at the Blakros Museum?

Mendevian Weapon Training material?

Pathfinder Society: Gen Con Goblin Attack not in "My Downloads"

New VL for Mount Pleasant, Texas

Off Topic: It's not too late Mr. Brock...

Silverhex chronicle assignment

Hunter Class (ACG) Teaching His Animal Companion Skirmisher Tricks???

PFS & ACG Retrain Synergy

An argument for why paladins should be banned

Does Deadly aim feat work with alchemist's bombs?

Scenario Design

Looking for players in Appleton Wisconsin

ACG Pregens

Faction Change: Questions on mechancis.

Rules Question: Using Feat-given class abilities as prerequisites

GenCon 2014 PFS Boons

If you could be any race...

Seeker of secrets-still legal?

Emerald Spire Chronicle Sheets

Nagaji wayang kitsune

Perils of the Pirate Pact Run Time

Wheres the archaeology?

tech throughout season six?

[Spoilers] List of scenario unlocks, specifically for firearms.

Congrats to the new Bunny VL!

Is there a change log for the 6.0 guide to organized play?

Welcome to a new 5 Star GM

Why do firearms require the gunsmithing feat?

Congratulations to Erik Oparowske, new VL of New Hampshire!

A Small Gift for the PFS Community

Is there list of pathfinder mods by location?

Half-Elf / Orc Ethnicities in Bastards of Golarion

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