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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Question on Witchguard Archetype from People of the North

A little atmospheric question

Least Played but most helpful class / role

about playing out of subtier...

Order of the First Law [PFS]

Tell us why a high Initiative is unnecessary in PFS

Tarragona (Spain) has their first two VLs

Can you benefit from Investigator's Inspiration on Day Job rolls?

3.5 items on Chronicles that don't exist in Pathfinder

Welcome to the new Venture-Lieutenant of Long Island, NY

Public Announcement of the transfer of my VC of Barcelona to a new VC.

Welcome to new co-VCs of West Central Illinois

Discussion: Can we wave the additional sources requirement for new players until level 2 ?

legal potions question for season 6

The Society shaking off its chains?!

Welcome to the new Venture-Lieutenant of Central Arkansas

Alchemist Dayjob check

Bumper Stickers

Local Cons and Boons

Bloodrager and Destined Bloodline

Day Job Rolls in PFS

New PFS Faction shirts

Drunken Character and PFS

Unadulterated Loathing

Alter Self Choices in PFS

Scenarios geared toward the Dark Archive faction

Mount spell and its use in Pathfinder Society

Question About Continuous Flame Gem From Wounded Wisp

High Initiative in PFS

Apply a level 3-7 DM credit to a level 1?

Question about Crisis of Faith Trait

The Society and Akiton

[PFS] A quick Feat question for my Rogue.

Switching factions

New Summons

Grand Lodge faction card.. ?

Proposal to amend determining sub-tier rules

Clarification regarding the Liberty's Edge Faction Card?

Idea for a future boon... adding elemental types to summons

Saving fluff items / non-mechanical quest items between scenarios?

Playing a Winter Witch.

Scenario Suggestions

What makes a PFS game fun?

Why are many Gun-using classes banned?

Imp familiar skills and table variation

Subtier determination

Unchained has reached subscribers

Skald with a horn that can turn into an axe.

Paizo Blog: Writing a New Entry for Factions

Paizo Blog: Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play: Double-Take

How come buccaneer (gunslinger) is banned in PFS?

Four Summer 2015 Specials!


How Common Are Undead In PFS?

Got any good PFS game stories?

[PFS] Duplicate familiar

Wood Sword

[PFS] Menhir Savants and their Spirit Sense.

Anywhere online I can find the rules for retraining in PFS?

Is Haramaki armor legal for a sorcerer to wear?

Material in multiple books

Question about reporting...

Update:My first Pathfinder Society / Pathfinder game ever n my character is Dead

[PFS] kitsune multiclass help with combat, feat selection

Re rolling a reroll

New Campaign Service Award Recipient

A 5-star disqualification in Boston!

Paizo Blog: The Plot Thickens

Which pregen level?

Enora (Pre-gen Arcanist) Question

Paizo Blog: Ratfolk and Catfolk and Race Boons Oh My

Pooka Familiar and UMD

I need a spell to either raise land or create land somehow.

PFS ex-paladin question

Add Spell in the Wizard's Spellbook

Northern California's Newest 5 Star GM!!!

Limits of Player Responsibility towards other Players

If you could pay for a Boon, would you?



How do I change faction symbol

My first Pathfinder Society / Pathfinder game EVER n my character is Dead

Downloading Session Sheets

Alternate Summoning Lists and Pathfinder Modules

Thinking of Playing First Time in PFS

Celestial Armor for a mount in PFS?

Paizo Blog: Shax's House of Pain!

Can't play pregen if you have a valid character?

Question on the Axe Beak mount

Question about 'outside' memberships...

Improved Familiar and available item slots based on body type.

Pathfinder Society Fifth edition event report

Is Violent Display PFS legal?

Goblin Marauder that can't fly??

Gérald Colliou, new 5-star GM in France

How to download previously reserved Pathfinder Society Cards?

Advice / Opinion on a PFS swashbuckler idea.

Pathfinder Society Fifth edition event report

Core Question - Fangwood Keep (Spoilers)

New 2-star GM (once scenarios uploaded)

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