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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
PFS Ranger (Dandy)

Alchemist Dayjob check

FAQ on Alchemist Craft Bonus and Day Job Checks?

An open letter To Paizo concerning the Magical Child

A-Kon 2016 call for volunteers, June 3-5 in Dallas TX

Texicon 2016 call for volunteers, June 23-26 in Fort Worth TX

[Spoilers] Need to find modules / adventures / scenarios related to Sage Jewels

Pfs sorcerer

Idea for Torch upgrade - light up as swift action

Adopted question that has probably been asked before

Cracked Ioun Stones question.

My dog literally ate my chronicle

Mask of Stony Demeanor - Clarification

Regarding PFS - can we use scenarios from all seasons towards XP / character advancement

Sessions missing on account


[PFS] Can you replace a trick known by an animal companion?

Allowing Pact Servant with the Asmodean Advocate Archetype

Variations in scenario gold

[PFS] Familiars and silver spindle ioun stone

Paizo Blog: PaizoCon 2016 Call for Volunteers!

A general ARRRGHH over ultimate intrigue and its impact on reading the rules for PFS

pfs character entering slow track in middle of leveling progression?

Valid profession?

Clarification on negative levels and tiers

Faithless and Forgotten trilogy (non-spoiler questions)

So just to check, out of old summoner archetypes which are still legal for unchained summoner?

Updating a playtest character

Fencing Grace Update

Race boon, existing unplayed character

PFS - Banned Content Discussion

So a PFS agent walks into a prison with an elixir of love...

Signature Skill

Is this PFS Legal

Casting Cleric or Beatstick Cleric for PFS?

Holy Tactician and Battlefield Presence?

Switching factions

When Fluff and Crunch Collide!

Is a disarm specialist fun?

PFS Get To Know Each Other Thread: Knowledge Local Edition

Picnic games???

[Spoilers] A question about The Waking Rune

Picaroon Swashbuckler Archetype Gun for PFS

Inspiring Call Question

Kineticist internal buffer between scenarios

equipment ?

Petition for (wider) authorisation of variant spellcasting (inner sea gods)

John and Tonya on Know Direction Podcast (April 6, 2016 at 5:30 pm PST)

Trading Boons?

Spell / Formula books in PFS scenarios

Shaman of Heavens Capstone Ability

Is spell range affected by difficult terrain?

Alternative quests

Daughters of Fury bonus chronicle sheet question

Racial Heritage PFS questions

Adventure Path Chronicle Sheets

Can I apply a higher-level module to a level 1 character?

Battle Herald and Improved Leadership

New Venture Captain in Colorado Springs CO

Rules Question: Starting play with a disabled character.

Simple question.

Grippli, mounted tradition and mammoth rider

Named Weapon Sizes?

Upgrading my PP bought Darkwood Bow

Is this a normal experience?

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—4 Gozren 4716

Can a Nobel Hunter's Baboon use weapons?

Custom Inventory Tracking Sheet

Clarifications on what animal companions / familiars / etc can wear / use, please

PFS PbP newbie GM

Figment Familiar Unchained?

Help needed for building PFS legal character.

Slow Advancement (Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide) pgs 21, 36-37 question.

Hard Mode

Pathfinder pregens or lack of

Partial BAB rules?

Request to Officially Declare the Shaitan Binder a Legal Unchained Summoner Archetype

The Secret to Perfect RAW

where have all the games gone?

Weapon focus and weapons that function as other weapons

Repeat on Same Character?!?

Does moving past an opponent provide a flank?

Combining Emerald Spire and Thornkeep for PFS - advice needed!

reconsideration request: thassilonian specialist

Spirit Whisperer Archetype

Are the Venture Captain and Lieutenant allowed to schedule private PFS sanctioned games?

How are the newer classes faring?

Store Blog: I'm Not Worried, I Am With You!

Question on this build

Albuquerque's First Venture-Lieutenant

Alchemist Bomb (Su) without Throw Anything (Ex)?

Tribal Scars and other such feats in PFS

Adventurer's League

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—8 Pharast 4716

Forbidden Weapon

Is there any rule against Seekers & non-Seekers being in the same game?

Paizo Blog: Escape from Dangerous Realms

Locating the Sky Key Components (Potential spoilers).

Evergreen list?

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