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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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I misnamed my Society Avatar, how do I change it?

Question about Season 5's allowed races and character retraining

Axebeak Companion Boon Application Question *SPOILERS*

Required to own books to play ?

Is there actually a GM rule against attacking downed players?

Making use of Chronicle items.

Paizo Blog: The Urge to Evolve

Need Advice for Dwarven Fighter

Are Donkeys & Mules PFS Legal?

Selling items to another PC?

Pathfinder Society, can I move character to a new account?

Warcat of Rull

applying AP and module credit

Questions from a Player about Society GMing

Ooze Companions?

Purchasing equipment during a scenario...

A few questions on Item Sell values and sellability in PFS

Another continual flame / ioun torch question.

Silverhex chronicle for a 2nd lvl character.

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society Survival 101

Ancient Osirion (Egyption) Gods - Are they PFS legal?

Need assistance with PFS Wizard build

New to Society, Help making a James Bond PC?

Pathfinder Society: Can a Paladin be a member of the Dark Archive Faction?

Winding Path Renegade Brawler archetype

Am I the only person who can't find a valid reason for a druid to be a pathfinder? (Backstory help)

character creation

Repeat for GM Credit

A request for clarification from management wrt the SLA FAQ change

Pathfinder Society Introduction Pamphlet

Bones Mystery Oracle

Coming back after a break.

Reward Systems and Pushing Product

Can I still fix this?

Would this be a legal solution?

adopted trait PFS

Cost Help

pearls of power and metamagic feats

Ideas for new player boons

Core and FCB

My Request For More Multi-Part Scenarios

Prestige Rewards

poor Shardra

Fist fighting with out two weapon fighting

Splash Weapon Miss Direction and Range Increment - Clarifying the SRD

Can I buy a bag of holding

question on Fame and purchasing gear

Recurring issue: evergreen scenario "Wounded Wisp" flagging 1st level characters

Noob help...

Proposal: remove trained animals from the list of legal options

Eyes of the Ten in San Antonio (please post spoilers correctly)

Question for creating a necromancer type

So what have I missed?

I don't like Pathfinder, because I'm the Bad Guy

I am not a monster

I REALLY hate deeper darkness

How does Sleuth's Luck work in PFS?

PFS - Memorable Opponents - SPOILERS

Recording the old SLA ruling

Drow or Half-Drow as playable in PFS

Best non-retired year 0

Please welcome 3 new Venture- Lieutentants for NE Indiana.

PFS: what's the deal with "eastern" weapons and armor?

usefulness of gauntlet of rust

Doing away with rules that make no sense

Valley of the Veiled Flame boon question[Spoilers]


chronicle sheet price wrong

Question on Permanancy

A Change to the AR List for Guns

Rules question: cost for large / unusual sized specific magic armors

Editable Scenario Spreadsheet?

Pimp my boon – What to do with a stack of boons

A-Kon 2015 in Dallas TX 06-05-2015 to 06-07-2015

Buying (Adamantine) Heavy Armor

PFS retraining

We be Aspis / We Be Kobolds

Aging A Character

PFS Rules for Wizard's changing their Arcane Bond

Are we still unable to retrain race or half feat background traits?

Welcome to new Venture-Lieutenant of Ludwigsburg!

An elegant solution for purchased Animals

In medias res: 101 ways to introduce characters to each other (and the dm)

Who deserves bad dreams the most?

And yet another Frosty North 5-Star!

Shield Champion Brawler?

Character Demographics Poll

PFS Legal Tengu Investigator Build Advice

Paizo Blog: Familiar Places, Strange Faces

Silliness of buying high CR animals animals

Increasing Caster Level CHECKS?

New Venture-Lieutenants in the Long Beach, California!

Change of Deity Rules in PFS for a Paladin

Venture Officer ratios

New VL in the Rocky Mountains

The Waking Rune - Hard Mode - Wall of Honor

Prestige Points

Merciful Healer in PFS?

Paizo Blog: Faction Evolution, Part IV: Diversifying the Portfolio

Unholy Absence

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