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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Vulnerability and immunity to cold

So my only PC just died, so I have a question in regards to making a new one...

Planning Ahead, Mind Blade Paladin

Pathfinder Tales Audiobooks

Subtractional resources... why is so much Official pathfinder content banned from PFS?

Caster Stat Importance

Baddly needed - a guide to the boons and where to find them.

Growing GMs - ideas

Chronicle Sheet Clarification [Spoilers]

Viewing character game history

Belated 5th Star Congratulations to... Tonya!

Mixed pricing on new chronicles - Luv it!!!!

Race boon and first level rebuild

Gamemastery Guide

Which scenarios to get

Fame and item purchases, and alchemy

The PFS Familiar FAQ entry out of date / incorrect

[PFS] Want to make sure I will not hurt the team.

Number of Animal Companions that are legal for PFS?

Store Blog: From Frozen Peaks and Dark Streets!

From eyes to 20

Boon for Pathfinder Dice Kickstarter?

Asmodean Paladin legality

List of scenarios with which in-game venture captains giving the mission?

Level 12+ Play

Improved Familiar Questions

Does "Symbol of Healing" last between sessions?

[Spoilers] Vanities and Pathfinder society characters

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Montreal!

Auntie Baltwin as a PC...

Dirty Fighting feat legal??

Planning Ahead: Looking towards sanctioning of Feast of Dust

My faction's gone!

Paizo Blog: Icy Peaks and Cold Trails

[PFS] Pearly White Spindle Ioun Stone and Death

Support for Conventions

Gloves of Reconnaissance

What brings you to a convention?

Best way for a non-caster to handle invisible creatures?

5-Star GMs, looking for details on our expense accounts...

Paizo Blog: Return to SkålCon!

Serpents rise mini's

What does Drandle Drenge sound like?

Out of subtier gold?

Paizo Blog: Welcome Our New Organized Play Coordinator—Tonya Woldridge!

Ultimate Mercy in PFS

Class question. BRAND new to PFS!

First Level Wizard, Second Level Character

Are chaokineticists legal for play?

Year of the Risen Rune "Path"

What type of Ring of Eloquence would the Grand Lodge stock?

Pathfinder Society Allowed Resources List.

New must have items for rogues?

Second 5 star GM in Spokane

Giant Hunter's Handbook skills

Medium - assumed daily prep?

Are There Any Other Commonly Used Cities?

"Decemvirate"--Hard or Soft C?

First ever pfs Scenario and GM

Paizo Blog: Ancient Evil, New Opportunities

Congratulations to a new 5 star in the Seattle / Eastside Area!

Teaching an Animal Companion Tricks with GM Credit

Inner Sea Races: Military Tradition - choices?

Slight issue withPsychic casters using wands / scrolls in PFS

Inquiry about updating / adding ability. Serpents Rise special.

Are all weapons part of a weapon group in PFS?

Whither Core Play?

jewel sages

Take 10 Non-FAQ

Thoughts on the impact of CORE

[PFS|Charbuilding|Advice]Suli, mon!

PFS Samsaran and alternate racial trait Mythic Past Life(Su)

odd thought on race boons (mild spoilers)

Disinterested Observer seems wonky.

Raise dead after killing fellow PC

Updating pre-inventory sheet character. Play a fine in gp to make up for possible miscount? Also need help on the free faction change...

Reliquary Items

New 5-Star GM in New Orleans

Gaining additional spells for a wizard character

Can my Animal Companion have a Familiar?

There's no way I can actually buy a slave...

The Definitive Chronological Order of Season 4 Scenarios?

Encumbrance, backpacks and clothes

is this a bad idea?

Thanksgiving Theme Scenario

Are special materials always available?

PFS legal animals

When will Occult Adventures be added to the PRD?

Unchained Summoner and Story Summoner

Fame! I'm earning prestige forever! (or not)

Issues with creating events. (Paizo website)

[Spoilers] PFS and Time Travel

Day Job Checks following Modules

An Argument for the Wasp Familiar

Imps, but what about Imp Consulars?

[PFS]Looking Ahead...

[SPOILER] Fangwood Keep Boon Question

Continuing lvl 1 Pregen as a character

Question re: pregen Thornkeep credit for a new player?

Any 2015 GenCon attendees out there that received the special miniatures?

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