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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Character change question

Should I dip into paladin levels with my Dawnflower Dervish bard?

Rage problems.

Roc Animal Companion

Chronicle of the Righteous and Subdomains in PFS play

Brilliant or Broken?

Discussion For the Beneficial Bandolier

Starting Season 6?

Shopping with prestige points

Craft and Profession

Prestige Points spent, then retrained class [still level 1]

Looking for Pregen Sheets

Druid Magic Items

How to play a Kitsune Lunar Oracle in Pathfinder Society, in 18 easy steps

Tattoo Parlor / Magical Tattoos / Slotless Wondrous Items

Women in PFS

Do you even report?

Question about Scenario 5-20, The Sealed Gate.

Question to people who've played The Horn of Aroden (spoilers)

PFS specific question re: Deific Obedience [Calistria] from ISG

2 questions regarding some of my pfs PCs


ShakaUVM's guide to playing a Necromancer in PFS

Destiny of the Sands Part 2 Boon (Spoilers Within)

0-09 Eye of the Crocodile King - Why retired?

Second 5th Star in Eastern WA!

Free character retraining after level 1

Bay Area Labor Day conventions?

Weapon Blanches and Alchemical cartridges

(Spoilers) Destiny of Sands pt 3 - how to add boon to Hero lab

Ring of the Sublime - RAW clarification needed

Need help identifying ability I saw at a PFS game

wand / consumable ITS

I want to make a sin wizard who is fun to play with.

Kitsune's Realistic Likeness -- Humans Only?

So, here goes the first post I ever had to write down, Mythic Questions

I need major help. IMA NEW!

Completing registration for assigned numbers?

Join a session in progress?

Important question about PaizoCon and Mike Brock

The Confirmation

Number of Uses

Length of PFS scenario

Proposal: A new method of Subtier decision calculation.

Please do not run new scenarios 5-22 through 5-25 until July 4th

Advice on seeker tier character choice

Making a Healer...

Interesting Coin Weight Math

To Bloatmage or not to Bloatmage

Selling back armor

Wizard Help

Wizard Bonded Item Replacement due to death

Another RP Question, this one about Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible

PFS Retraining Question

Society book rules

Higher CL potions - Chronicles only option?

profession (torture)

Ice Ice Baby! (Water / Ice Themed Caster)

Dear Paizo Staff

So is sword scion legal?

Additional Resources Clarification

Store Blog: One, Two, Three, Four, Knock Those Demons to the Floor!

Oracle- "Build" suggestions

Chronicle of the righteous

PC death and race boon

Complete character Overhaul after 1?

First time PFS question

It started with pancakes...

Medium Dire Rat Animal Companion

What should I know for PFS @ GenCon?

Fame Clarification.

How to make my pfs experience better.

PFSS (Pathfinder Society Snaps)

Gencon and ACG and PFS

Best way to use my earnings for this cleric?

Cant find a Thread

Regional Pathfinder monthly newsletter and sigil of the open road pins

PVP Question

Why no guidance from Paizo on how to handle "Risen From the Sands"?

First PFS Character

Playing on Pregens - wait to apply or apply to level 1?

Evil Pathfinder Society NPCs

Announcing another 5 Star GM in Southern California - Brian Darnell

Help me learn how to GM for PFS

How to Create and / or Report Your Pathfinder Society Session(s)

Dealing with the inability to deal with long term ramifications in PFS.

12 level characters: How many are there?

Pathfinders Against Humanity

Where do i actually start?

Another "New Guy" thread!

Additional Resources and Gods Change request

Need assistance

Mutagens, Beastmorphs and Polymorphs (Oh my!)

Bonus PFS Gaming at Gen Con 2014

table credit discrepancy for modules

The Beginning of Pathfinder Society

Non-standard D4s legal for PFS?

Are "Bullet Points", sold on this site, PFS legal / sanctioned?

Playsets VTT

Mounted Combat and Flying

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