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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Rules Question: Arcanist Elemental School Savant

A question of class.

Guide 6.1?

Can someone explain something about the Eldritch Scion archetype?

First Level Retraining Question

PFS Warpriests and non-CRB Gods

Idaho Venture-Lieutenant Update

I'd like some advice about a kitsune ninja pls.

Summoners not allow to share their tools?

Pregenerated Questions

PFS Age Limit

Not sure how to handle questionable GMing(contains spoilers)

Qinggong Monk Retraining Ki Power

Welcome to the 2 new VL of Barcelona!!

Feels inclined to share great experience

numerian fluid: pfsop approved?

Can a Faerie Dragon Familiar use a staff in PFS?

Subtier Computation Question

Starting Languages Tian-Min

Cleric Separatist Archetype

Feral Child Should Be Unbanned

Checking math on PFS AP GM credit

In character sex change?

Metamagic Mastery & Magical Liniage - How does this work in PFS?

Is flamboyant arcana PFS legal?

Hello Im new and looking for some advice.

Fame Boons from your faction

Society Characters and Herolab

A PSA for GMs running Season 6 scenarios

GenCon Highlights

Secret Societies in Occult Mysteries for PFS

What is the target audience for pfs?

Clarification needed for Misfortune ability.

Clarification on Special material ammunition purchases

Confirmation Scenario and Pathfinder Society Primer

Advanced Race Guide - Half-elf / Half-orc question

GenCon and Honesty

Can Sanctified Slayer take Extra Slayer Talent?

Raised eyebrows for unusual pairing of race / class / faith?

Promotion of a 2nd VL for Columbus Ohio!

Commission! Ambrus Valsin as Uncle Sam poster quality art

GenCon 2014 Organizational Experience

Good "Pick up and Run" Scenarios


Cleric Separatist Archetype

5-99 and faction change

Alchemist needs a 50 lbs kit to do anything?

To the Thursday 8 a.m. Gencon Confirmation crew

GM / Player made weapons question

My 2 cents on character rebuilds after errata

credit went to wrong chacter

Harrowed, Harrowed Summing a Harrow Deck and PFS

I must choose between two characters, looking for some input

Dealing with Ability Damage at the end of a Scenario

Multi-Session Adventures

Three new campaign service awards presented

Need clarification on level 2 Slayer archetype Bounty Hunter

is there a list of all the PFS games?

Racial Speculation

Authoritative Boon List

Messageboard factions

Instrument of the Divine and Day Job checks

Inquisitor with nature domain?

Applied pregen credit then character death

Bones Oracle, Raise the Dead Mystery and PFS Query

Question on the Warpriest's blessings (from Additional Resources)

PFS Samsaran

Pathfinder Society Season Summaries?

Overcoming dr / evil

Retraining into a hybrid class from an alternate class

What is the rule on taking languages like Azlant or Ancient Osiriani at 1st?

Does your PFS character age?

Question about PFS player age rules at Conventions...

Eidolon Ability Scores

Rules about joining an Organisation

Paizo Blog: Animals and Their Tricks

Eidolon Stats

Best class for supporting a Gunslinger

Trading Boons for Non-Boons Thread

For the races from the ARG that are legal, are we allowed to use part of the class that makes up the new ten classes for favored class optons?

Urgathoa as a deity?

Hero Lab and changing factions...

PFS & Hex Grids

Questions about PDF versions of books


How to find hard mode scenarios

New vanities

Traits of the Society

Risen Guard

Osirian Faction: Risen Guard Prestige Award Clarification

Is there a list of scenarios that are particularly relevant to some factions?

Pathfinder Society Crazy Appearance

Gencon: Bonekeep 3

Suli option

August 14th Update and Creating Tieflings

Fate of "Risen" PCs?

Reporting season 6 (and Thornkeep and similar)

Scenario 05-99

PFS and friendly fire

Gencon Feedback

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