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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Is adamantine armor worth it?

PFS question

Very confused about how sanctioned content works.

My PFS number has changed!? Site-admin assistance needed?

Can you choose not to apply a chronicle?

So, any chance for a boon that...

new to PFS questions

Character Creation Advice - New Player - Dwarven Druid

new character...

Help with undead halfling sorcerer (PFS)

Need permission to use a masterwork tool

To Arms!

Bonekeep 4?

Interesting in-game quote

Comic Store Invasion Materials

Do Skill Focus, Skill Feats, Racial Bonuses, or Trait Bonuses ever count as trained skills?

Chronicle Sheet Items

Quick PFS Recharge Question

Theory on faction changes for season 6 *SPOILERS*

favored enemy advice for PFS

Involving Campaign Journals

Deleting Characters

Only play PFS once a year... probably a simple question

Change of faith

[Proposal] "Unique" Items on Chronicles - Unique, or just Wrong?

Musket master?

PFS, Animal Companions, and Animate Dead

PFS Maximum Character Level

Please Welcome new Venture Lieutenant for Columbia, MD - Zane Nietiedt!

A few questions about Baleful Polymorph

Advice on a PFS Bard build

Do NOT reply to the spam threads. At all. Flag and ignore.

Gencon Schedule

Animal Companion boons

A welcome to VLT Queens / Nassau NY

Golarion Candy

Virtual Lodge Established!

Registering for the Pathfinder Society (Help requested)

Can I delete a Pathfinder Character?

regarding items on chronicle sheets

Character death work-around

the inventory tracking sheets

Can a GM apply a chronicle sheet to a new PC?

1st level "Pre-Gens"

Poisons in PFS

Summoner to Eldritch Knight Transition

The Emerald Spire Super Dungon

Poison Use in Pathfinder Society

New to Society play

UMD + being a Paladin + ability score restrictions

Where in Golarion is Ireland?

Verification of Halfling "Cavalier" bonus damage

PFS Play by Post...without a battlemat?

Pair of PCs that will always game together

Creating a Shadow Caller

Purchased Ultimate Campaign (only because I play PFS)

Eyes of the Ten Party Make up

Chronicle Sheets?

Large sized bows and trait question

Gen Con '14 and the Year of the Demon

Fighter Weapon groups in PFS - Missing weapons

Question about multiple archetypes

Exalted of Lamashtu in PFS

gen con large event

The Waking Rune on Hard Mode - Wish Us Luck!

And the Frosty North has another Shining Star!

Order of the Seal cavalier in PFS?

Eidolon taking Additional Traits?

Whimsy No Longer Valid - Just a new subdomain, or can I pick diff archetype?

A question on Eidolon TWF

Dragons demand bonus chronicle sheet question

Pooka Familiar and UMD

PFS / PFRPG Players in the Philippines

what's with all the spam?

Is this kosher?

New Venture-Lieutenant for Racine, WI

Teen in PFS

Hellknight Signifer's Arcane Bond

Aasimars and Tieflings

Pageant of the Peacock - PFS (GM)

The Confirmation

Retraining a Bard spell into a Bardic Masterpiece, Is this legit?

PFS PDF chronicles

Summoner Eidolon and Magic Items

Where to find Banned Archetypes

24 Hour Charged items?

Continual Flame

Evangelist prestige class and retraining

Diplomancers of the Society (here there be spoilers)

New, How do I join a game?

Please welcome Chris Fuller to the ranks of the 5 star GMs!

Reporting Sheets

What is a boon?

Retraining an 8th level inquisitor

"Racial" Spells & Gear in PFS

Can The Godsmouth Heresy be repeated?

Themed Parties

The Waking Rune - Hard Mode - Wall of Honor

Can a Nymph cure / remove Permanent Blindness she causes?

Cost for non-magic masterwork jewelry (w / gems)

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