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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Tiefling before the cutoff (played vs xp)?

Another 5 star GM in Arizona

level 1 gear advice

Agile weapon property

Harrowing Spell legality

Gaze Attacks in PFS

Improper use of spoiler tags

Flipping the Script: Helping underpowered characters step it up

Opinions: How to best handle a rules dispute?

Strongest Level one to Ever Exist

Maneuver Master & Armor in PFS

Ultimate Mercy in PFS

With the new race change..

Which faction best for Molos?

What if they replace the irreplaceable Grand Lodge and Silver Crusade? A.K.A Welcome to the Wayfinder Faction, Now Go Home!

10 questions that'll make your PFS roleplaying blossom.

Enhancing an Arcane Bonded Item with spells not on your spell list

I want a lap dog for a familiar!

Pathfinder class traits for non-Core classes

Blink... blink.

Rule clarification - Crane Style

Character creation advice; Tiefling Inquisitor

Allowed sorcerer bloodlines?

5th Star Announcenent New Jersey

PaizoCon 2014 Reporting Finished

Character question for #5-24 Assult on the Wound

Limit Aasimar / Teifling grandfathering

I survived my first scenario...time to go shopping?

Creating "Characters" vs. Creating "Soldiers" - Discuss!

How do I buy a wand for 2 PP?

So what's all the fuss about Aasimars and Tieflings anyway?

How do you deal with Character creap?


Please review this character for PFS.

[Spoiler] Eyes of the Ten Boon

Paizo Blog: When a Faction Turns Out the Lights

Fillable Online Character Sheets

Inquisitors and Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike

GM Star Replay . . . Stupid question . . . How?

Pathfinder Stream / Channel

Scion of Humanity + Ethnicity

Where the heck are the pregenerated characters?

Finally going to dip my toes into the local PFS scene...

Report a Problem with this Session

Uncredited PaizoCon scenario

1st Level Rebuild and Grandfathering

What "exotic" mounts are allowed for a paladin in PFS?

Rule clarification - Age bonus / Penalties

GM Stars No Longer Displayed

how long would the confirmation take to run?

gonna do PFS, please comfort me

Customizing treasure from a module

A Modest Proposal

Pathfinder Boons for Skinwalkers (The novel, not the race)

Western Weapons vs. Eastern Weapons

Kitsune - Preparing for Season six - Where are the minis?

Do I ever "need" the Core Rulebook?

Bastards Masterpiece

Aasimar / Tiefling, grandfathering and held chronicle sheets

Replayable Scenarios

The Pathfinder Movie

Kitsune Disguise - how does it work?

Small aasimar legal for play?

purchasing items with pp?

Who do you wish you could play PFS with?

[Player Poll] Faction Missions, old or new style?

Using additional resources

Horn of Aroden scenario experience.

Versatile Performance Clarification?

Cavalier, flying mount

Harrow Handbook and Online Play

[DM Poll] Faction Missions, old or new style?

PFS Potion question

Pathfinder full training vs Field commissions

Table Credit and GM stars

Rules clarifications & questions concerning Shades of Ice II: Exiles of Winter

Is the kickstarter boon tradable?

Adventure Card Game

Where are the PFS Legal Smokestick and Alchemist fire arrows?

Pathfinder Society Campaign using Year of the Shadow Lodge Modules [Spoilers!]

Those "OMG, you're about to get us killed" moments.

Where are the PFS alchemical Smokestick and Alchemist Fire arrows legal for play?

PFS near Erie, PA?

Hexcrafter Magus and the 3rd Level Arcana?

Help with feats for Halfling Cav levels 5 and 6

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS (2014)

Inner Sea Gods Altars

A request for all the Venture-folk out there

Paizo Blog: Ratfolk and Catfolk and Race Boons Oh My

How are GM-star replays working out?

First Steps, part 1

Golarion Language to Earth Language Translations

An appeal for a nature based faction

New Familiar Ideas

Stacking DR

Dungeoneer's Handbook: Torchbearer Archetypes

Eidolons manipulating objects in PFS

Hey, 5 Star GMs! How long did it take to get that 5th star?

We Be Goblins Too! Credit Question

Please be Considerate of Others

901 to 1,000 of 9,006 << first < prev | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | next > last >>
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