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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
A Kobold's plea to not be a "Halfling reskinned." (Tongue-in-Cheek)

Request to legalize the Hamatulatsu Feat from the ISWG

so what gen con boons did you get ?

Fey Magic not legal for humans?

Is It Time To Reconsider Older Flavor Bans?

Some thoughts on names in PFS

Winter Fantasy 2016 opens PFS RPG and Card Registration

Amnesiac Psychic

Lust Phantom Banned?

"Hiding" player's damage?

PFS banned stuff questions on why (all in one thread)

[PFS] Underground Chemist and Far Strike Monk Question

Modules and GM stars

The amazing adventure of one Riddywhipple

Do I get GM credit / chronicle sheets for GMing a module in a non-Pathfinder system?

Multiclassing and PFS

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—14 Kuthona 4715

Sanctioned Module Page is Out of Date

Should I Pay Gold For "The Lovers' Last Kiss"?

I have some questions about the sonic attack could ignore the object hardness

Thank you for another fabulous year

Natsu and pyrokineticist

About "2pp free purchase 750gp item"

Paizo Blog: Updated My Journal

What is Amara Li's official status today?

Paizo Blog: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Buying spellcasting services is the one of the only ways PCs can pool money for a purchase. How limited is this?

Does A Hunter Have To Take A Companion?

[PFS-Specific Rules Question] 'Weapon Cords'

Selling looted gear

Adding spells to a witch's familiar

Eyes of the Ten and slow track

All I want for Christmas

Belt of physical might

[PFS] Bladed Belt

New to PFS: I didn't have a PFS Number at my first session...

Pathfinder ACG AP

Fourth Star: Achieved!

Factions, Factions, Factions

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—7 Kuthona 4715

Share cost of Raise Dead.

Character Creation: Help with Background and Build Options

Do wondrous items change weight for non-medium sized charcters?

Classes that peak at 11

Gunslinger in Society Play

Sheet boons

Make newbies feel welcome.


Have you Been Naughty or Nice!!!! Coloring Sheet

Bursker And Day Job Question

Race Total. Post Yours

Refluffing tolerance?

2 Questions that has been bothering me for over a year.

Heroes of The Streets, You Got Red On You.

Additional Resources for Ultimate Magic seems to be missing key phrase to make Magus ect. legal for play.

PFS location near Fenton MI

Clothing Piece pricing and weight

Two-handed Blade Bound Kensai Magus

Divine caster hiding unholy symbol

updated path to high level

Mechanics for non wizards to get spells in a spell book

Goblin character.

Can we have mechanics for non wizards to loot / buy spellbooks?

How common are Kitsune?

Question about Adventure Paths and PFS Credit issueing

Do you allow fluff when it doesn't affect mechanics?

Additional Resource Update Schedule?

Do Aasimars / Elves get a rebuild after the ARG errata?

Do Encumbrance and Armor Check Penalty apply in PFS?

What makes a lodge?

PFS - Multiple Pet Build Question

Applying chronicle sheet?

gunslinger upgrade

PFS - Chronicle Sheets and Reported Scenarios

Elemantal Ally Character Sheet Question

What is the Average time to run a senario?

New Venture Lieutenant of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Twas the Night Before Xmas Pathfinder Lodge Poem

PbP Etiquette Questions...

Taking 1st level credit for higher level chroincle sheet

Four-Handed Fighting, it is what it sounds but how would it work?

To which factions would the iconics belong if they were 'real' PFS characters?

Ganzi Languages?

What are all of the season 4 scenarios that lead up to #4-26 The Waking Rune?

Request for an FAQ on whether a player can turn invisible whilst under the effects of Glitterdust

Looking for a monster to change into

Pathfinder Society Scenario difficulty

PFS "Jump Man" Rules Interpretation Help

Sanctioned AP PFS Credit Question

Arcane Bonded Item FAQ

Consortium games themed games in PFS?

Two Newly Minted 1 Star GMs in Spokane

Back in the Chair Again

Pathfinder Society and Construct Companions

Rename Character After 2nd Level?

Question about different types of Rage Powers in PFS

Society Pseudo-Sequel Scenarios [Tagged Spoilers]

Additional Resources Conflicts

Raise Dead does not work on 2nd level characters RAW. Request PFS clarification.

Holy Symbols for Pantheons?

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