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Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Bloodrager / DD For PFS

Bloodrager & DD

Announced New Scenarios

When and what levels for the Sky Citadel scenarios?

[Proposal] Regional Exclusive Scenarios

ACG Classes in PFS

PFS Ability Scores

Spellbooks for non-spellbook characters

Long Shot - Any Society Action in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Is applying a chronicle sheet up allowed?

Ruins of Bonekeep Question

Versatile Spontinaity and Buying spellbooks

Register and Character?

Season 5 boons question

Goblin Racial boon

Are Bison legal as a (non-bonded) mount for Purchase in PFS?

Pre-Season-Five Mission Updates

Venture-Lieutenant for Brandon, Manitoba, Canada!

PFS Messageboard Megathreads - 6 Year Review

spellslinger? no PFS booo

Confirmation #5-08, Out of Tier?

Ooze Companions?

Applied pregen credit then character death

Looking for a Glass Cannon!

Secondary Success Conditions: Room for Community Feedback?

No chronicle sheet yet after 10 days, what to do?

PFS character sheet box / storage

Game length

Witch Retraining

Are Dire Animals legal for Animal Companions


General PFS Articles from

Master of the Fallen Fortress

Continual Flame and high fashion

Zen Archer Synergy

Rules question regarding purchasing

Buying spells in PFS

Applying credit to for pregen question

New guardian of Jutland

who do I contact

Witch Retraining

A True Sacrifice

Witches and Retraining

Undead lasting 1 scenario

Newbie question: Am I legal?

What’s the point of factions?

Subtiers involved in Race for the Runecarved Key

Magus-Spell Scars Arcana

Pathfinders in other media?

Profession (gambler) and loaded dice or marked cards

Role Playing the Roll...

Thursday night PFS online

Can price discounts from different sources 'stack'?

Indiana's Newest Four Star GM!

New player question about races

Chronicle Sheets - how long should it take?

Complete list of Pathfinder Society Scenarios by Tier / Level

Monroe LA

Earning Your Experience Point (XP)

Pathfinder Society Field Guide Question

Tattooed Sorcerer with Eldritch Heritage Arcane: What happens in PFS?

Making conventions big again

Online play and custom Chronicle sheets


Playing a scenario you've already run: Let's list suggestions

Paladin RP question.

Minor Phantom Object

Prestige Awards for "new" factions in old scenarios?


Proposal: Allow for a level up for 1st level PCs in a Tier 1-2 Module

Just got an Ifrit boon and was looking for advice

Spellcasting purchases

Needles of Fleshgraving last beyond the end of a scenario?

Pathfinder Society Chronicle Pages

Thinking about joining Pathfinder Society...but have some questions I need answered first.

Half Orc Scarred Witch Doctor?

Cavalier and Paladin Mounts

Do Magic Weapons Shed Light?

PFS & Retraining: Your experiences and thoughts so far

Retraining Animal Companions

Do you add your full DEX mod to ranged attacks using a firearm?

Creature Group Creation Problems

Newbie question about multiple characters

PFS question: How to play Witch (Hedge witch) - Feiya

Bear Traps and Camo Netting

PFS, Grammar and Spelling

Neon Galaxy Convention in Las Vegas - October 2014


Please fix PFS Chase scenes

PFS pregen downloads, where?

The Pathfinder Society and the Order of the Tome

FAQ: Is ability damage a "condition"?

Small help for a diseased character

Michigan's Newest 4-star GM!!!

Lore Warden-Knife Master: Your Thoughts?

When a PC raises the dead, etc....

Aasimar in PFS

Shard of Pride

Bestiary 4 Races

Our GM is not reporting events; what do?

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