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Multiple questions about Arrow Eruption

Starting the adventure with an encounter.

The Harrowed Medium

Light Sensitivity and cheap sunglasses.

Transparency Agenda Daily Special Event with Jim Zub

Build focused on the Flame Fountain Firework

First healer - feat suggestions?

need ideas for a NPC alchemist goblin with 4 arms

Progressive Language System

[Kobold Press] Kobold Guide to Plots and Campaigns is Now Available

Kineticist Wild talents retraining

Free Resources from Raging Swan Press

Deinonychus animal companions and jump

Studied Combat clarification

Thoughts on Merfolk custom items.

[PDG] Clerics of Porphyra Open Playtest

[PFS] Wild armor doesn't even seem as good as Mage Armor, now. Thoughts?

RP reason for "discovering" Sorcerer?

Templates upon templates

A question on the drakerider cavalier archetype in legacy of dragons

Forensic physician investigator build help

Combat style for a Tien shrinemaiden?

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Breaking Down Comprehensive Education

Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline and Wands

Jack of All trades / constant class dipping.

[Transparency Agenda Daily] Week of August 15 - 18, 2016 Videos

What do people think of the sword saint?

Map Advice

[Elton Robb Games] Dragonborn of Phaeselis open playtest

Question about the feat "Bat Shape" in "Blood of the moon"

Whirlwind Attack & Vital Strike

Erastil's Twin Fang Evangelist Deific obedience and the Hunter

100 Books Found in the Strange Library

PFS Changes and Legality LInk

Checking my reach understanding

Rappan Athuk - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories / Run Through Experiences

Druids with Weather Domain / Domain Spell at higher level than on the spell list.

Loa Pantheon

[Drop Dead Studios] Vigilantes of Skybourne

Cult Hunter and Cult Strike: Are cultists "friends" part of the cult?

Occult Adventures: Skill Unlock questions

Magnetic Infusion -> Telekinetic Blast

Kineticists and Caster Level

Is there anyway for a non-fighter to access the Advanced Weapon training feats? and if not...

Custom Gaming Mat?

EN World wants to cover 3PP Pathfinder news in more depth

Heavily Optimized NPC - Rogue Build

Can figures get cover wthin a Fireball from other figures?

Dirty Trick Help Needed

More Id Rager questions!

Way to Buy a Special Material Oversized Weapon

Knowledge skills question

Piercing the Heavens: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Warpriest

Rewritten FAQ regarding metamagic

[Spoilers] Portent's Peril!

[Tales of Parsantium] Whispers of the Dark Daeva adventure coming in 2016

Off the Top Rope - Making a Pro Wrestler in Pathfinder

Horror Adventure Oradin's and Paladin's

How to play around Alignment restrictions?

Crow Eidolon?

Question about the Kineticist Infusion Impale

Gestalt Build Advice

Advice: Cost to convert Vestigial Wings to working wings

Hobgoblin Slayer w / returning throwing axe

[Spoilers] On how to become a god (only residents of Numeria need apply)

On identification: silent spell, invisibility and psychic magic

FAQ REQUEST: Improvised weapons interaction with feats

Additional Traits Feat

Does Paizo have rules for Voudon?

Drake Companion Archetypes (Inspired by Legacy of Dragons)

[Gamemastering] Player Management Question, Kind of Meta

Looking for a good mass combat system for pathfinder

How does your group handle dead characters?

Black-Blood Oradin

Poison build

Captain Beatdown - Two shields are better than one.

What counts as damage for metamagic feats like dazing?

[Product Question] regarding Treerazer

Item Creation

Can your Attack of Oppotunity be a Melee Touch Attack?

Animal Ally and Druid

Please Tell Me You Can't Ranged Grapple

A Guide To The Swashbuckler

Uses for NPC Familiars?

Looking for some ideas...

Max Ability Score

Feinting... Faster?

Feinting... Faster?

Item to boost strength checks to break or burst things

Infiltrator ranger archetype and amulet of natural armor, do they stack?

Fist of the Heavens! A guide for the Champion of Irori!

Do People Use Improvised Weapons?

Best PFS legal weapon for Underwater adventures?

Shapeshifting druid - a Lore required alternative

need help making unchained makeshift scrapper

Dazzling Display Vigilante Build

Halfling Bloodrager - Help me make this work?

Selective Channeling (Mythic)

Evangelist "Gift of Tongues" restrictions?

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