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2 heads = two head slots?

Adventure path blog / diary

Inquisitor sacred huntmaster

Soul Warden character help

Hunter Builds?

Dr Strange

I need some.... visual advice.

DR to FH

Player wealth became way too high

Promeatean Alchemist question

Gray's Homebrew Stat Blocks

Trouble Deciding on a Class; Need Advice From Experienced Players?

Pricing for wood / lumber for crafting?

I Hate Ultimate Campaign's Rules for Constructing Buildings and Cities.

Easy access to reposition feats?

Adjusting XP in Mythic

3pp humble bundle: Frog God Games, Kobold Press & Green Ronin

Frog God Games (humble bundle) materials - How do they work?

Prometeus guide to Druid

Bards and the Aeolian Harp

Undead and sneak attacks

creating an eidolon without eyes

I want to make a lich Character

Alignment subdomains that belong to two domains

Dragonrider Class

Invisibility and control area spells as attacks

GM written into a corner

120% Shades?

Improvised Weapons, Masterwork, and Enchanting (FAQ)

Master of storms and storm born blood line? And Orc questions.

Mirror, Mirror

Blackjack prestige.

pass for human and racial favoured class

Dragonrider Class

The eternal problem of the DEX penalty to AC.

Arcanist Bloodline Development question.

Brownfur transmuter casting transformation on the fighter, who drinks the potion?

Classless Pathfinder System

Achieving Undeath

Wishcrafter Sorcerer?

Expanded Inspiration and Versatile Performance – will they work in synergy?

[Zenith Games] The Awakened Turkey Playable Race - Free!

Faction Houserules

Familiar shenanigans... maybe?

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth converted to Pathfinder!

[Drop Dead Studios] New Hybrid Class- the Luchador!

(Frog God Games) The Lost Lands: Bard's Gate Kickstarter

Headsman's Blade Question

Recommendations for a Brevoy Campaign

Need suggestion for an original Familiar

New Player, Fighter Help

Knock back rage power


Point Buy

Point Buy

Druid Hellknight

Attacking a fort (Kingmaker AP)

Magus as Tank

Bestiary - Monster Role Templates

Way of the Wicked custom antagonists

2nd level spells

Any way to fly as Tiefling with Vestigal Wings?

Gift of Life - The aftermath?

Thieves' Guilds


Channeling questions

Serpentstone pricing.

Does the Mounted Knight get the 1.5X str mod?

Dealing damage with daggers?

Twf Longsword + Defending Gauntlet & Light Shield

Need help on leveling rules

Twin Fang Style clarification

Do you ever have a hard time deciding on the rules for a character concept?

Stone Shape Issues

Is There A Better Way To Price Construction Than That Presented in "Ultimate Campaign"?

Space station / Enormous starship maps? (PCs been kidnapped by aliens)

Shadow Conjuration / Evocation questions

Ways to gain fast healing / regeneration?

Starknife proficiency.

What can you do with Knowledge skills?

Mythic spells in legendary items

Ultimate Urban Product Suggestion

Magic Item Crafting --- Can a "paused" item still be used?

Dragon Disciple becomes a dragon

Magus Multitouch Spells TWF

Can a warpriest use fervor to cast a spell with no target?

Need help building my Paladin

Need help building my Paladin

Using strength for bow attacks instead of dex?

Using strength for bow attacks instead of dex?

New Warpriest archetype idea: the Heartwarden

Shield Gauntlet Master, two weapon fighting and precise strike

Battlehost Occultist

Golarion vs Eberron -- Which is more "progressive"?

[Wayward Rogues Publishing] EZG reviews the Pulverizer Hybrid Class

Melee debuffer advice

1 Swashbuckler / X Mesmerist Build

Rapier and Dagger duelist

Mythic Move Earth area

Does anyone have a bunch of stated out high level NPCs?

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