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Please, explain to me why Dex to damage costs so much in terms of character resources

Are Investigator spells bound to themselves?

Undoing Character Death: Unique Methods of Resurrection

FTL Travel vs Wormhole Travel: Some Questions

Is there any way to gain feats for your Familiar?

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

Need Help With New Kinds of Vampire Feeding

Pathfinder 2.0 is NOT Inevitable

Can you use Acrobatics to enter an Enemy's square?

PFS legal items that grant natural attacks?

Alternate Cleric - focused powers on being priest(ess) of a given deity

Not maximizing your primary ability?

An utopia ruled by a super-intelligent magic user council. How do I crash it?

[Radiance House] Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Backer Playtest Feedback

Stats in real life (I want to know what class to take next time I level up)

Coolest unheard of things

Shaman's Evil Eye is NOT mind-affecting?

Doable for pure healing cleric?

Worldbuilding Exercise: Get 4 Classes, Build an Organization

How is the unchained rogue?

Animated Objects and CP

Holy Smite / Unholy Blight Question

Is Unchained compatible with previous archetypes?

Limitless Range + Body Bludgeon = Throw to orbit insta-kill?

A request to fans of 3pp books

Power word Undeath

101 Old Edition Rules You'd Bring Back

Demographics and magic in the world

Seeking Module With Old School Feel

[Unchained] "Unchained Summoner" vs "APG Summoner" FIGHT!

Natural Attacker Ghoul - Multiclassing help

[Unchained] The Monk Unchained

Another alignment shift threat, seriously why is this so black and white? It's getting tiresome. : /

Help me build Shadan, Supreme General of the Western Armies

Way of the Angry Bear 3: The Guide to Bear Fisted Fighting!

*RotRL Spoilers* Need help with cursed item.

marshmallow's super awesome amazing board influenced fighter fix

Looking for some ideas to help a problem(?) player

Princes of the Apocalypse - Pathfinder Conversion

Alternate Classes

Is Pacifism doable?

Does anyone know the backstory for this art?

Witch is absolutely carrying the party

Nature Fang Druid Help

What happens to an Ifrit when it's raining?

character build to heal and summon

4 Awesome 3PP books for sale!

Seeking advice for teaching a new player

[Kobold Press] Advanced Races Compendium Kickstarter is Live!!!

Gnome hook-hammer marital: doing the impossible.

Into the Southlands! -- The Fall 2014 Project from Kobold Press

Which would be the best parties made of iconics?

Charles Xavier chair

Random Starting Ages for ACG Classes

Duettist familiar activating Raging Song?

Seraptis Demons and Ability Bleed

I need a spell to either raise land or create land somehow.

Natural Attacks Questions

Dex to Dmg for a bard

Unchained Monk Book - seeking info

So I broke the story by mistake....

DR vs. Hardness

How do Improved Overrun, Greater Overrun, Charge Through, and Spiked Destroyer interact with Pounce?

Yet another deliquescent gloves question. Sorry

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

[PFS] Divine Tracker / Trapper / Wild Hunter Ranger

Suggested APs for Gestalt

[TRAILseeker] The Power of Theme: Stories Without Railroads

witch spells prepared

Your Best Insomnia - A Place for Ideas While You Can't Sleep

Plant shape into Canopy Creeper: reach grapple

[Aetaltis] Heroes of Thornwall & Champions of Aetaltis

Anger management and fatigue.

Alignment shift threats on the other end of the spectrum sound like they could be kind of funny.

Bailing on a plot hook

human adoptive parentage

[Legendary Games and more!] Mythic Mania PDFs available Friday!

How does Desperate Swing work?

Elemental Rage, Lesser Question

need help with this rouge

Starting New Kingmaker Campaign

I would like to talk about Npc codex and the Monster codex

Bard Magic Shield / drum

Tremorsense and concealment

Skald + Amplified Rage Question

Pathfinder Unchained release date?

Adapt The Whispering Cairn from AoW

Animal Soul uses

Can I make video review for paizo products and how dose it work?

[Fat Goblin Games] Tech So Good, it's Fantastic!

Kingdom Building Questions.

[Rite Publishing] EZG reviews Gossamer Worlds: GlimmerGloam


Advanced Class Guide Potential Errors

Why does the Mythic Guardian get so little love?

Help my concept become reality?

A Plea for FAQ or Ammendment regarding Dragon Disciple

Spell Combat and Sneak Attack Dice

Can we please get an FAQ on taking 10 on knowledge checks?


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