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Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

Kineticists versus incorporeal

Why is a chain shirt the best for dex based characters?

Detect Magic vs Contructs

Using a NPC as a Weapon (Beat a SOB with and another SOB)

My Pathfinder Races

Making Teamwork Feats more common

Rogue Crossbow Sniper

Can't Remember the Feat

Naali ('na:li) - A Kitsune Variant (CC Welcomed)

How to capture a player?

BAB Progression Adjustments

4 Natural Attacks, Unarmed Strike, and Two-Weapon Fighting: How many attacks on Full Attack?

just a quicky. if you have 18 int....

Throwing Builds are practically impossible!

Persistent Spell + Dazing Spell

Work-around for magus+slashing grace+spell combat

(Frog God Games) The Lost Lands: Bard's Gate Kickstarter

Explain Boon Companion

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

Kobold Dragon disciple

A Troop of Guardsmen?

Total Defense out of combat?

Does bloodrager have to pick Draconic bloodline for Dragon disciple?

You Don't Get Brownie Points For Building Ineffective Characters

Construct healing

Flavor vs Gameplay

Path of War - Broken Blade's +2 Discipline Weapon Damage

Couple of Noob GM Questions

familiar with familiars?

GM vs. Rules Lawyers

Roo-Folk (Kangaroo-Folk), what do you think?

The Complexity of Evil Campaigns and why I feel like I'm alone in my view of it.

Song of Marching + Harmonic Spell

Gun Juggler

Avian Eidolon

Faith Good God Ya'll What is it Good For - Denying Gods in a World Where they are Fact

Create that Character!

[PFS] Whip Magus

"Weakest" feat / character option you've actually taken?

[Drop Dead Studios] Spheres of Power: Battlemage's Handbook Open Beta

Akashic Mysteries: What would you like to see next?

Evolved Summoned Monster

Seeking Spiritual Help... okay that was not that clever, I need help building a Spiritualist

[Radiance House] Grimoire of Lost Souls Early Access Feedback Thread

Why You No Likey PF's New Classes?

Tips for Bad Touch Cleric Strange Aeons

Is Fire Mountain Games dead?

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warrior Playtest Thread!

What Spheres of Power expansions do you want?

Armor enchantments that give AC?

Clarification on geyser spell

fun archers

[Interjection Games] Nearing first official Hero Lab Release! What's coming up next?

Ending the Meta of 'Aiding-Another'

Kitsune Ninja Archer Build

Familiars are confusing

A Half-Fiend Druid Wildshapes Into A...?

Detecting stolen goods

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Why doesn't the arsenal chaplain qualify for advanced weapon training?

Free Resources from Raging Swan Press

Way of the Wicked - 7th knot

My DM Allowed It... Now How Can I Make It Work?

Fastest way to create magical / wondrous items?

Variant Channeling and Non-Core Deities

Will a Furious Weapon be triggered by Focused Rage?

Spiritualist Feats

Beast Shape in Oracle Mysteries - WHY?

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Ways to get death attack in PFS?

The old "No one wants to play a cleric" dilemma

Prestige classes that still work competitively

David eddings characters (belgarad and mallorean)

[PDG] Vigilantes of Horror - Open Playtest

Vigilante Avenger as a "tank"

Magus Number of Actions / Attacks per turn

Taking 10

how big is a medium dragon?

My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Detect Magic vs Constructs

Third-Party Publishers: Freelancer Open Call

Sleight of Hand; DC to draw a weapon.

Summoned creatures against demons (DR)

Any way for a Bard to gain a Special Familiar

Detect evil and finding invisible polterguist

Crafty Outsiders

Thundercaller's Thundercall and Bardic Performance

in character have you ever had the urge to stab another person's pc?

GM rolling skill checks.

Gauntlet and (X) help

Summoner Question


full night’s rest

Competitive Combat Maneuvers: How can one reliably beat monster CMD in competitive play?

Spell Storing Enhancement

Stealth, a couple of questions

Assumed Form (Sp) contradiction?

[PFS]a horseman shapechanger?

Can I use Aversion with carried objects?

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