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Ultimate Intrigue - Wrist Launcher handedness

Should I / How should I punish this cleric?

How do I deal with a player who always rolls great?

Why is it always grappling?

Bab and spells

Helping a "scared" player

Falcon's Aim and Aspect Spells

Barbarian... Lesser Beast Totem and Non-lethal?

Fixing the fighter

Slashing Grace, Unarmed Strikes

Help for a Cleric build, for Kingmaker AP

Flat footed, Touch, AC?

Starting equipment for centaurs

Am I reading Exalted right?

Advice on starting a campaign!

dirty melee

Studied spell + immunities?

Why is it OK to mess with divine casters?

Do you naturally speak your homeland's language?

Preparing Players for a Whole New Type of Combat

[FAQ] Razmiran Channel and the Razmiran Priest archetype

(Frog God Games) Richard Pett's The Blight Kickstarter

GM Advice: Character Voices and Accents

PFS advice for Bard Archaeologist after level 5

Zen Archer Cleric

Dr Negative's Alternate Fighter.

Would having only one attack be all that bad?

Wish List for Alternate Racial Traits

How to build the Witch King of Agmar

Best builds for two handed weapon wielders?

Parrying a Brilliant Energy weapon - how does this work?

Adding Manufactured Weapons to a Tail

The Obedience Project

Ablative Barrier - Lethal Damage

How to make summon cards, anyone knows?

To Alchemist or not to Alchemist, that is the question.

Greater Invis, Full Attack, 5' Step - Perception DC?

A complaint about the feat flow

Charging Movement Clarification

Dragon disciple bard build help

Harley Quinn

What loot can I give with slimes

Is there a reasonable way to play a wyrwood?

[Requesting Rules Clarification] Simulacrum HD, and special abilities

Shield master+magic shield interaction with numerical magical DR

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet AP - Questions

Occultist Implements & Resonant powers

Logical In-World Reasons to Cut Down on Down Time

Is a Swordbreaker Dagger a Dagger?

Beastmass Updated Challenge.

Hulking Ninja- how to?

Hidden Blade at level 1

Can Eldritch Poisoner take the Mutagen discovery?

Swarm vs Swarm

Kineticist Powers I Would Like To See

Does the Ring of Animal Friendship work on Werewolves?

Shadowdancer Build?

Unchained Arcane Trickster

Is the Unhindered Shield feat Too Good? (Armor Master's Handbook)

Problem players? Opinions please?

Ultimate Intrigue Research

Variant Channeling (restricted by domain,deity, alignment?)

Aasimar stacking CON bonuses legal?

can you use attack spells to intimidate?

Help with PFS empiricist investigator

Questions regarding Rappan Athuk

[Legendary Games] Mythic Monday is getting Intriguing!

[LPJ Design] Playtest our new base class: Storyteller

Fighters that don't suck -- an attempt to make fighters flexible and fun

pistol of infinite sky ?

Restoration Druid

Wish list for wish lists

Cloak of the Crusader as Banner for Flag Bearer?

Injured while climbing on the ceiling

Ear-Piercing Scream is too good?

Eldritch Mutation Guardian with a Sagely Cassisan, is this a good idea?

Shatter Defenses from Ranger Combat Style

Is there a definitive answer about dodge bonus stacking?

[FAQ] Paragon Surge and Expanded Arcana interaction.

What about DMing is fun for you?

Bestiary 6 Wish List

Razmiran priest laughs at divine casters...should it be so?

Ring of Spell Knowledge I and Mental Block.

Implementing Magic: VampByDay's guide to the Occultist

At-will short range teleportation.

New free web based tool for Monster Summoners - Pathfinder Summoner's Scribe

[Unchained Monk Guide] YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

Telekinetic Charge: Straight line?

Deeper Darkness and Drow Noble

Tears to Wine spell duration?

Looking to make weapons made of fire, 3rd party ok

Combat-trained alligator = ???gp

Svirfneblin Race Points?

Wishlist for New Classes

Wishlist for Bloodlines, Mysteries, etc.

Repairing a Construct Rider's Crafted Mount

Vehicles in mass combat

Paladin Bonded Weapon Enchantments

Quicken Blessing: War and the TWF Mantis Zealot Warpriest

Wish List for Magic Items

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