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Critical Hit damage

[Elton Robb Games] Does anyone want to see an Undersea Campaign Setting?

Alchemists and Brewing Potions

is mystic theurge worth it? [PFS]

Psychic bloodline sorcerer - is it still an "arcane spellcasting class"?

Channeling Intelligence?

Slaugrak Bleed Question

twf bastard sword and unarmed strike

Mask from Divination Spell and Head Slot

Why is it so difficult to determine what has Lawful and / or Chaotic alignments, but so easy to determine Good and Evil alignments?

How do you operate your melee casters?

Alchemists and Brewing Potions

so what kinda move would you like to copy from.....

Touch Attacks - can they fit into a full attack?

So I lost my lawful good alignment. Discussion of what lawful good means...

Therapeutic Tabletop Gaming

Familiar "Deliver Touch" questions

Alignment channel / Align equipment

Do the Fighter / Sorcerer classes need unchained versions?

[PFS] Gunslinger Alchemist - Explosive Missile

PaRaProMo 2016 - 1,001 PC Race Ideas

Mystic Theurge, Can it work?

question about unchained rouge sneak attack and concealed

Beginner Box, where from Here...

Advice on Pricing This Magic Item

Dark Folk

+1 CR races

Which classes can take and benefit from the Improved Familiar feat?

New Lands of Parsantium map by Jared Blando

Yggdrasil Fanzine for Midgard CS accepting submissions!!

Historian Occultist

Id Ragers without Slam Attacks

Homebrew Challenge: Settlement Generator

Advice Needed for Wolf Animal Companion

[FGG] Rappan Athuk Herolab Files (error reports)

Oracle: what to buy?

roleplaying a follower of Sarenrae?

if full attack wasn't a thing.

[PFS] Two peg legs?

Unchained.... Part 3) The Ninja...

Man-Made Mythology (who else?)

An elemental familiar for my Kineticist

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Demogorgon Converted to new Demon Lords rules from Dragon 357

Skeletal Champion & Spellcasters

Turning Coins Into Bars?

Paizo Blog: Unleashing Horror Adventures

jump using Mystery of Unfolding Wind for a brawler

Good Feats for a Slayer

Making Every Energy Type Unique

The crit commander build

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Buffing the Occult Rituals rules set; An attempt to bring magic to every class.

Hickory Horatio Copperbottom - I vanquish foes with my MONEY!!

Agathiel Vigilante Archetype

Barbarian UMD

Where to go from here with this PFS Oracle?

Jack of All trades / constant class dipping.

What are the best sailor / pirate classes?

DX-to-Damage and CR

Warlock replacement. Please playtest.

Wierd Question I Was Asked About VMC

My PFRPG House Rules - Please Comment

Arcanist Vs wizard

1001 Inconsequential Flora & Fauna

Area of Effect, Difficult Terrain (Ice storm, et al.)

PoW:E Fiend's Grip and Monks of the Silver Fist

Defining Sneak Attack Damage (With Regard To Rakes)

FCB Ruling Source

Leaping over Buildings? No Problem! - The Acrobatic Build

Modifying the Mystic Theurge

Unchained rogue archer Feat help and advice appreciated

Wands as improvised melee?

What's a good spell to choose for Spell Hex?

[Drop Dead Studios] New Hybrid Class- the Luchador!

Where does treasure come from?

When is one helpless?

Does altar self grant rend damage or bleed damage?

A Pathfinder Guide to the Psychic

Eldritch Scoundrel (U.Rogue) vs. Warlock (Vigilante)

A veeery flexible character

My new favorite combo, hit the enemy 3 times before th eenemy hits me once: Unexpected Strike + Fortuitous + Taunting Stance

[Kickstarter] The Veranthea Codex Collection!

Creatures that do Wisdom damage or drain

Needing Advice in Creating an Iron Gods Android (SPOILERS WITHIN!)

Building my first Investigator, advice and discussion please?

Yellowheart weapons?

Zoomorphic Shapeshifter Archetype

Divine Intelligence Caster?!?

Cracking open the Beginner Box for a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old

Drop Dead Studios Spheres of Power Shapeshifter's Handbook Open Playtest

Spry Striker (Fighter Archetype)

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet AP - Questions

Need a new character idea

Non Metal Armor

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Startoss Shower - WHOA


PFS Unchained Monk Equipment Advice

Which spells can you cast while blinded?

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