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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire Miniatures

Topic Posts Last Post
Looking for Ptolus

Print On Demand option

I visited the Necropolis today ...

Ptolus Minis as Pathfinder Chronicle Minis

Ptolus in print...

Memories of Ptolus

General Question about Miniatures

Question For Erik

Ptolus Minis: Major Product Line Reboot

Ptolus minis in the UK?


A most interesting Character

Boxed Set

Ptolus Minis: Wave 4

Exotic Weapons

Tiefling Knight

Little People

hmm miniature suggestion; not sure which thread to put it in


So how does this work?

Female Half Ogre Monk

Painted Ptolus Lilith

Ptolus Minis: Wave 3

Ptolus Minis: Wave 2

Out of Stock - When Back in Stock

What Ptolus miniatures will be avaiable at GenCon?

Ptolus Minis: Wave 1

Ptolus Minis: May 2006 Releases


The Forge doing the artwork!

Minis Sculptor Dennis Mize Dies

Any greens yet?

Night of Dissolution

Paizo Publishing to Produce Ptolus Miniatures

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