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Read this before you post in this section!

Home made Demon campaign. Need character Ideas.

What is the hardest ap in pathfinder to date

Need help building a shaman

Paizo Blog: I Was There at Gen Con

Looking for a cavalier feat name

Need help Finding a feat name

Excel Character Sheet for laptops and tablets

What about a Subscription just for PDF's

Does Paizo have too many irons in the fire?

I want help with a character

Paizo android / ios app?

New DM

what do this mean

Gen Con 2015 Paizo booth

Gen Con 2015 Promos

Can a War priest use wands ?

ENnies Dream Date at Gen Con 2015

Paizo Blog: It's a Goblin Free-For-All!

Pukwudgie Question

Animal companion tank?

Are the Fiend Lords copyrighted?

passwall / just an idea

racial rules

Metamagic and traits.

Druid Spells - Is rest necesarry?

Fantasy Currency, is there a better way to handle it?

Melee Characters.

Concealing Pocket

Building 3rd level Paladin, could use suggestions


Paizo Blog: Help Paizo Defend the Gauntlet!

Can a wizard cast spells higher than his wizard level if sorc?

What is the Decemvirate?

Swinging more than once, ideas?

More than likely a stupid question but...

This goes out to all your probability nuts out there

What would you like to see in Pathfinder 2nd Edition, When / If it is make?

Plans for Pathfinder computer game?

We need a full 20 level Arcane Archer class!

Problems with Adventure Path volumes losing pages

Sustained by Faith

Can a beheaded familiar speak?

Creatures with Regeneration?

Character Build of Harley Quinn

Ideas on a special aboleth?

Fey Foundling+Reward of Life=?

Looking for kid friendly adventures

Why is the Brawling enhancement only available on light armor?


New site for D&D and Pathfinder.

Pathfinder Podcast

Campaign idea: Raiders of the Shadow

Attacking While Buried? And Eldritch Heritage for bloodrager bloodlines?

A new gamer in our family.

Paizo Blog: PaizoCon Product Announcements and Sneak Peeks!

elven weapons?????

legal consultation


Extracting maps from pdfs....

How much does it bother you when you see someone else using the same avatar?

This build feels... dirty

Grit points

Races you would like to see as pc races in pathfinder

Pathfinder / World of Warcraft RPG Conversion

Nicolas Logue, our new favorite author

Handling Unexpected PC Death in Way of the Wicked Book 1

Any plans for digital-only subscriptions?

News from Paizocon 2015?

Stack or maintain grapple

Ultimate Evil / Evil Campign 2016 Hardcover?

Interchangeable class features

Pictures of female Imps

Disturbing trend I noticed when researching about D&D financials over the years

Paizo Blog: Pulling Back the Veil: Fall 2015 Releases!

Dead shadow dancers shadow

Flurry of Rocks

Pricing Changes

Master of Hell

could you put your mind in a golem

Paizo Blog: Welcome Mark Seifter!

Paizo Staff: Watermarked, Pirated PDFs - What to Do?

Gencon Advice

Mote Virtual Tabletop

Community Use Policy question

Compatibility License Question

Kval and medium weapon size.

Paizo Blog: End of an Era—Sands of the Scorpion God Campaign Wraps Up

Surprise in May Subscription Shipment?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want a new edition...

Low-Magic Detective

What is the Future of Print Media?

Magus arcana

I just want to say .....

Using intimidate to fear?

Possible copyright issue?

Kickstarter for a 3rd Party Pathfinder Monthly Magazine?

Basic Pathfinder Intro Movie

Animal Companions, Eidolons?, Mounts and Leadership with Automatic Progression

Switching from D&D to Pathfinder, should I choose AC or domain?

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