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Paizo Publishing General Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
Paizo Publishing sends heartwarming message to transgender fan

Are the Pathfinder Tales novels suitable for all ages?

Gen Con 2014 Scotty's Brewhouse

Paizo Publishing 2014 co-Volunteers of the Year

What will Paizo announce for future Pathfinder products at GenCon?

Slow Shipping

Gen Con 2014 Exclusives

What I Can and Cannot Reference as a 3PP

Paizo Blog: Gen Con Nostalgia: Accidental Hardcore

Lighten Object...What about Making An Object Heavier

With the new race change..

What I'd really love to see in a Pathfinder digital game

Product checklist?

The Pathfinder Movie

Sandpoint Devil quest

Remove Disease and Non-Infectious Disease

Kyton Demegogues

Store Blog: Lighten Your Game Bag with Paizo PDFs!

Fame Boons from your faction

Alternative to multiple attacks per round and streamlining combat

Swarm Questions

Dear Paizo, Thank you.

Constructs and undead, how fast can they run?

What does a development manager do in a usual day?

Best non Pathfinder adventure that I could convert to Pathfinder

Cosplaying Pathfinder at Cons: Suggestions for a zaftig woman

good vs good

Mnemonic Enhancer

Symbol of Weakness

Arcane Bond Proficiency

What purpose do the Iconics serve?

Jonathan Tweet on Pathfinder and D&D

Paizo Blog: PaizoCon 2014 Announcement Round-Up

Store Blog: Amazing Gifts for Amazing Gamers!

human physical height

New Pathfinder Package for Virtual Tabletop

Dear Paizo Staff

On Line PBP games

Can someone tell me where on the world of Golarion I (we, our adventuring party) am?

Module PC adjustments???

Launching Crossbow - Alchemist

Roc Animal Companion

Advanced Class Guide Test Version Availability

A tragic loss...

Paizo Blog: Free RPG Day is Here!

Paizo Blog: Victory For Paizo! Victory For The Kids!

Making Adventure Paths into "Dragon Magazine" like books...

First Bestiary Pawn completion?

New to Pathfinder, Having Trouble with Build (Druid to Eldritch)

Iconic Wizard Ezren Stat Question

Cold Iron Alchemical Bullets

Paizo Blog: Welcome Mark Seifter!

How To Pronounce Iconic Hero's Names

Looking for Bloodcove


A Blob of Paint?

Potions Question - Mount

Recommendations for Free RPG Day 2015

stone fist and animal aspect (gorilla) stackable?

Searchable data base of pathfinder spells?

How come no minis for Carrion Crown?

Hard copy modules falling apart

scifi game suggestion

Paizo Blog: Join Paizo for Free RPG Day this Saturday!

Online gaming software?

In the flesh module

WANT TO BUY - supplements for VTT games

Copyright question and

YAPIAT... Yet Another Paizo Is Awesome Thread

Maps for Playing RotRL Online

PDF Question

I want something new from Paizo

Using Dungeon Flip Mats

Where can I get more info about Samsarans?

Art Submissions to Paizo

Paizo Blog: Teaching Changemakers Using Kingmaker

Dragon Height & Length

is there an upcoming adventure give away, at stores?

Out of print - Seventh printing coming?

Remember that History of D&D Movie Kickstarter?

Inventory Tracking sheets and the other cheat sheat

My daughters first gaming group.

Paizo Staff Encounter Matrix

was this images in a Pathfinder product?...

Ridiculous custom made monsters.

Hypersexualization of women in Pathfinder materials

Looking to Pathfinder-ize Daredevil

Email notifications

Question of Books, Adventure Paths, Modules and Campaigns

Store Blog: Make Your CMB Check to Grab This Sale!

Paizo Blog: The Gauntlet Will Be Ours!

Can we get rid of the spam in this forum?

What other cons does Paizo exhibit at ?

Permission to photocopy Adventure Paths

Ever Wonder What a Real Life Masterwork Weapon Looks Like?

Paizo Blog: The Fight for the Gauntlet Rages On!

Reusable Geomorph Dungeon Mapping Stickers!

Reusable Geomorph Dungeon Mapping Stickers!

Pathfinder 3PP Suggestions

A KS to make 100+ hero tokens for VTT's for $2

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