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Paizo Publishing General Discussion

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Examples of Paladins in literature, real world legend, movies etc.

The Incorporation Of Real Skills Into The Game

Request - Pathfinder Tales EPub / PDF Subscription

Hard copy modules falling apart

Novice Pathfinder cosplayer

So you wanna be on the design team?

International Tabletop Day / Las Vegas Neon Galaxy Con. Any support?

Welcome to Paizo, Owen K.C. Stephens!

Melee support

CL, Fame, Spending Limit Questions(s)

attacks of opert. spell casting

magic bow question on repair

International TableTop Day plans!

Missed Opportunity

Back story- best place to start?

Character gender, attractiveness, sexuality and player gender? A bit of a questionnaire

Elf eyes

Can we get numbered pawn bases?

Returning to Pathfinder--Old School Gamer

March announcements?

David A. Trampier, D&D Illustrator, has passed away

Home-brewed Gunslinger, Balancing Themes...

Question: Pathfinder Release Gossip

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder of the Month: Thursty

CR and encounters

Question: Best way to get my Paizo PDFs onto an iPad 1?

PFS question

Level 1 Gunslingers, how to

F. Wesley Schneider on "Consensual Trauma"

Extra-Dimensional Tavern?

playing the brawler advanced class

Store Blog: Tell Them I Ain't Coming Back!

Paizo Blog: Warmest Wishes and Fondest Farewells to Sean K Reynolds

I have an even better idea than the Advanced Classes and Archetypes

Characters for beginner box

Sean's Last Day Today

Help on a Character?

Publishing an OGL Spellbook, more confusing tidbits

Information about Nex-Geb-Mana wastes area.

Mass combat

Store Blog: "Where's the Mountain Dew?"

What Do You Think the Paizo Golem is Made Out Of?

Custom Races / Classes

Question Concerning Thassilonian specialists and restricted spells...

Store Blog: Random Treasure: GM's Choice!

why would someone use just a light weapon?

Sean K Reynolds is leaving Paizo

Module for Free RPG Day 2014 - "Risen from the Sands" any details?

Just GM'd my first session (beginner box spoilers)

Reddit Worldbuiding AMA: We Created Golarion Ask Us Anything!

World's most expensive Adventure Path?

Hollister Pathfinder Game Part #2!

Paizo Blog: So You Want to Work at a Game Company?

What RPG do you play to change it up between PF sessions?

Monk Unarmed Damage Scaling

How are people supposed to "talk" to Paizo exactly?

Pathfinder Products / Tools / Resources for the Vision-Impaired?

Paizo maps and

How To Scare James Jacobs

List the reasons you like Paizo

Richard Pett gets a fan letter folded into an origami crane and placed in a carved teak box depicting six trolls enjoying a picnic

Who is Ranalc?

What is Up with the Paizo Site screen text format?

Are you up to the challenge?


about detect magic

Powerful good NPCs

Pathfinder Authors at Reddit AMA Today

Me and my GM need a question answered

Pathfinder Pawns

OPs response to "are paizo writers on drugs"

Sorshen's headshot?

Store Blog: I Am The Very Model of a Modern Gaming General!

Writing for Paizo

Do Aboleth have souls?

Natural attacks vs manufactured weapons.

What Are Some of Your Coolest Tricks?

Are Paizo writers on drugs?

How much does it cost to hire a cleric to channel energy for you?

Emerald City Comic-Con

'Paizo, Inc.'?

Obsidian Portal - Rise of the Runelords Campaign

What about a Subscription just for PDF's

Are Legendary Game products official stuff?

Which Comic Pathfinder Artist Eric Belisle Wants to Create

I'm trying to homebrew two races for a campaign I'm currently writing

question about Baba Yaga

Wut? Pointless Cavalier Order Skill?

questions about Androids?

How does the Barbarian rage power Ground Breaker work?

Gm hand waiving pc deaths (possible aow spoilers)

How does Ring of Protection +1 work?

"Rocks Fall" and Other DM Tales

Curse of the Crimson Throne or Reign of Winter

Tomorrow is my 5000th D&D / Pathfinder game session

"Hard" Numbers - Ranged attacks Low Levels

Store Blog: Unleash Your Inner Beast!

Total n00b about Pathfinder Society

Paizo Blog: Happy 40th, D&D

Dragon Empires stuff?

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