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Topic Posts Last Post
Curiosity: How many of us still have "Charter" status?

Hellknight Antipaladin

Store Blog: It's the Final Countdown!

Question about Community Use Package and Image Cropping

best video game bast pathfinder charactor


No PDFs Available for Savage Tide Parts 2 - 12 (Dungeon 140 - 150)?

The Real Threat of Disease in a Fantasy World

Spiritualist Phantom Saves

How close are the editors to the creative process at Paizo?

Pathfinder Society Event

How to promote the game in a new area (mexico city)


Infernal contract

Campaign Story Addition, good or bad idea?

As a single part of an Adventure Path roughly the same length as a module?

Paizo Blog: Iconic Love--The Fifteen Loves of Golarion

Weird Character Ideas, Realistic or Otherwise

Paizo Blog: 2014 Art Review

Can someone please explain metamagic to me?

Enora, the Iconic Arcanist: how the heck do you keep your cloak on?!

Is this still legal?

Store Blog: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Immunities, Vulnerabilities, and Polymorphing

Making a Pathfinder video game as a first person "shooter" with spellcasting / melee / archery / etc.

Writing Novella want to say it's in a Pathfinder Universe...

Buying more pleyer companions: what to get?

Paizo Blog: Bright and Happy Holidays from Paizo!

Dedicated Pathfinder Room

List of books?

The Order of Heralds

Best Book for Gnoll pcs?

Rise of the Runelords completed!


Corrupt THIS wish

Need help subscribing to Message Threads on Iphone

Bomber Rogue

Don't you just LOVE Paizo?!

Display of X

Huge copyright infrigment. A design stolen worth atleast 50k.

keep up the good work paizo

Mongol-themed character, where in Golarion could he hail from?

Sky Citadel Jormurdun - we ever go?

Map Packs for AP / Modules

How to run a pbp that has longevity?

Zen archer - agility or wisdom?

Recommended Products for Getting a Feel for Golarion's Unicorns?

Paizo Blog: The Goblin: An Unexpected Journey

Difference Between "Pathfinder Chronicles", "Pathfinder Companion", & "Player Companion"

Magic in Golarion

two weapon fighter question need help

SR question

Iconic NPC Codex?

Creating new Enchantments

Paizo Blog: Kyra!

Cleaning Up An Account With Old / Canceled Games?

Gen Con 2014 Exclusives

Character funerals- are these a thing?

D&D 5th Ed. Compatibility

So I ran a Christmas Themed Pathfinder Game...

Come and read about our adventures!

Rules Questions: Exceptional Pull (Combat Feat)

Feelings about Eberron

Questions about Grapple, Bullrush and Charge

Spaceships and Magic

Adventuring Group

PC / NPC Romance and Considerations for Evil?

Paizo Blog: Welcome Joe Homes!

Elven Burial Shroud

Role play / Downtime / Sandbox?


OGL Question

Obsidian Firearms

How to tell a dying character from a dead one?

Witch Hex - Swamp's Grasp

Question for staff about PDF production

Alternate Racial Traits location(s)?

Rogue Advanced Talent

Practical battle attire? Just trying to make sense of Seoni without being judgemental

RPG staff diversity, please

Story time

Difficulty Printing Bought PDFs

What's the difference between a designer and a developer?

Paizo Blog: Getting in Character at Gen Con

Can we make private threads here?

Rules question

Store Blog: The Square Root of 906.01 Equals...

Print On Demand

Error in packaging, what do I do?

question on flat footedCA wrath of righteous monsters

What the heck is wrong with the STORE check-out system

Excellent Customer Service

Soulcleave's Quirp

Messageboard Additions

Help me make a Knight into a disguised sorc

Store Blog: Prepare for the Winter Gaming Months!

Artificial Environment Help Wanted

Paizo Blog: Signs and Portents

How to cosplay an android?

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