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Welcome to Paizo!

Read this before you post in this section!

How much content from Modules / Campaign settings / etc get reprinted in core books?

Paizo Blog: Rolling Up to Gen Con

more humble bundle

Paizo Blog: Help Paizo Reclaim the Gauntlet!

Gen Con 2016 exclusives

Store Blog: Auntie Lisa and The Great Golem of Savings!

Store Blog: Digital Days of Saving are Almost Gone!

Store Blog: Where Did You Go? I Need to Know!

Riding Gecko

the keymaster build

Good Feats for a Slayer


Cult of Ebon Destroyers Foe

The crit commander build

Magus Bladebound Archetype converted to a DM Controlled Magus Arcana

Question Regarding Dancing Weapons

Paizo Blog: Vote Pathfinder in 2016!

Emerald Spire Cards

Vocabulary Question

Emerald Spire Help!

Post a story?

Question on GM fairness and powers

There should be a Pathfinder augmented reality game, like Pokemon Go

pick your brains

Daggermark Settlement Stat Block

Where can I voice a complaint?

Looking for players in Victoria B.C.

Store Blog: You Told Me to Go Back to the Beginning!

Does the Magus Myrmidarch Archetype make for a good Arcane Archer for PFS?

Fighter Build

Store Blog: A Summer Full of Adventures to Byte Into!

New Errata! A chance to show support

Access to Rogue Talents without being a rogue

Player Companion and Campaign Setting

Paizo Blog: Got Those Summertime, Those Summertime Adventures

Help with skills and equipment

Occult Adventurer Stats?

I am willing to give Paizo my homebrew campaign information

Monk and his mighty sunder fist... Can he really do that?

Help me break my mythic / gestalt bard.

Need a PFS sanctioned module for level 8, 9 or 10

I want to play the class of Erasmus, whatever it is.

Paizo Blog: Goblins Invade Free RPG Day!

Magus & Chain Lightning

Tremor Blast Source?

Beginner Box Solo Adventure - Thank You

What RPG news sites do you like to visit?

Character Portfolio

11 HD, low CR

Weapon finesse

Druid Wild Shape help

Bull Rush Strike and Greater Bull Rush combination

Can We Get Some New Character Images for the Boards?

Nicolas Logue, our new favorite author

Mount Feat

Mount Feat

2016 Product Catalog?

HQ Maps for VTT

Feedback on Random Magic Item System

Storing Pawns

Colorado Looking For Group

What does Starfinder mean for Paizo and Pathfinder?

Ostog the Unslain... Fan Page!

What gets crafted in your games?

Paizo Blog: Pulling Back the Curtain--PaizoCon 2016 Announcements!

Help with Multiclass Archetype: Divine Exemplar

New 2016 Paizo Catalog?

Need some help developing details for a campaign

Help I think I've started an arms race with myself.

Pathfinder D20 Massively Multiplayer Online Video Game Suggestion.

Cavalier's Tactician + Lookout + Hide in Plain Sight

Is It Time For PDF Only Subscriptions Yet?

Gaming in Guymon

On FAQs and Errata - please change your policy!

Let's guess James Jacobs' Secret Project

Question re a temporarily locked thread

Magic Fountains

Ruminating on the Trouble Of Finding Long Term Online Games

Paizo Modern RuleBook

Blog Updates for Paizocon

A tribute comics for Pathfinder

Gummy Bear Minis

Origins Game Fair 2016

Jessica and Crystal on the BBC

This is hard to do

Saint in Serpent's Rise

Paizo Blog: Musings on a Theme: Volunteerism

Paizo Errata Missed Opportunities

Elven Wizard University Curriculum

Witches... will they ever get some loving?

What I learned about Paizo and Errata

If you could borrow any 5 feats / spells from other classes for one character what would you pick?

Ultimate Equipment update

Golarion: This is (almost) Sparta!

3D Goblins at Gen Con

Gen Con 2016: Advice & tips for last minute travel arrangements?

Who's going to Comic-Con International this year?

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