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I'd prefer Bestiary over more NPCs.
A book on monsters as PCs though would be worth giving up
a Bestiary for.

B but I would really like to see a sci-fi game.

Thanks Justin.
I recall reading something about combined shipping being availible
in January. Any estimate from someone at Paizo when this will happen.

Also what happened to my Pathfinder Subscriber tag?

Can anyone at Paizo say when this option will be ready?

Dungeon Magazine attempted a mega-dungeon with Maure Castle.
What worked in it was a great back story and plot to connect the
levels. What did not was it was never completed.
A Pathfinder AP would have the space to do a new mega-dungeon right.

Does Necromancer own Judge's Guild old IP?
If so they should update City State of the Invincible Overlord
and some of thier other classic stuff.

My favorite issue of Dungeon was the Maure Castle issue. I would
love to see a path devoted to one large dungeon. Every campaign world
should have a Greyhawk scale dungeon.

To Lisa or anybody at Paizo.
Any notion when this might be availble. If the player's guide to
the next AP isn't free you should at least let us combine it this
way to save on shipping.

I think this ones still 3.5. The Pathfinder RPG paths start in
August 2009.

The plan outlined by James in this thread sounds great. The only
thing I would add is for Paizo and Necromancer to work together on
a Pathfinder Tome of Horrors. Ideally this would be a single
volume with the best of the four Tomes.

Allow paladins with chaotic and neutral good alignments. The class as it has always been written has powers to fight evil yet none to fight chaos. I always believed it worked best as a champion against evil who can follow any good religion.


Any word yet if this is 4.0 or better yet 3.5?

Yea as well.

I just changed my vote to 3rd edition only.

What I learned Hasbro is doing to the classes on EN world is why.

I understand the first few months will be free and they start in October.

It would be great if you could combine shipping with pathfinder.
I don't need twelve adventures a year so won't be subscribing to the gamemastery modules but would buy a few if I could get a break on shipping on my orders.