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RabbitAlmiraj wrote:
I am so excited! I can't wait for you to print my cutie space bunnies! This is such a great day!

Your space bunnies are amazing! I love the picture they did for them!

Also: I'm so glad the Rego and the Rythyms got illustrated! I might need a print of that!

It’s awesome! Woo!


I submitted! Good luck to everyone! I still have no third idea (or rather, no viable third idea. I've started and rejected about 5 fiction stories...)

If we plan to send multiple submissions, can we send them in different emails? I have 2 things ready to go, but I'm not sure if I'll get a third thing to submit.

Woo! Good luck everyone!

Zombkat wrote:
I would love to do a play by post for a level 1! Only level 1 Ive played was live exploration extreme! (Which was awesome!)

By which I mean, play one.

I would love to do a play by post for a level 1! Only level 1 Ive played was live exploration extreme! (Which was awesome!)

Female Zombie

Aw man, did I jump on the play by post train too late??? Am I the only one with a level 1 character?

Anyone running anything for a level one? I'd rather not GM (although I might once school ends as my hours will be cut.)

Ok question on the tablet puzzle

I might just be silly:
are some tablets upside down?

"Lack of GM's"?
Two are 3 star GM's, another GM's enough he has to be a one star by now, and my BF has played pretty much anything I'd want to GM except new stuff, which the other two normal GM's have already played. We're a table of GMs! That's the problem!

GM Lamplighter wrote:

Zombkat: that must be a local rule, because it is not a PFs rule. If it were, I couldn't GM very much because I have played less than 15% of the games that I've GM'd!

I understand the idea for new GMs, so they are comfortable with the scenario, but it is not difficult to prep a scenario you haven't played. In fact, I suggest it is easier since you aren't limited by what your party chose to do, whether you skipped the option encounte, etc.

That rule should get revisited in your group, because it will eventually kill it for lack of GMs.

My problem with the whole "then GM" is that if you join a game late, you're unlikely to GM unless if you find a different group. Or, players who have played a lot feel as if they're forced to GM and they can't play anymore.

In my group, I WANT to GM. However, I can't because everyone in my regular group has already played every mod I've played and more. Rule is, you only GM what you've already played and enough players haven't that it's worthwhile. Anything new? Goes to more experienced DMs who will also be running it at the next con.

I can GM now, but only for a different group, and I can't play anything with that group because I'm out of 1-5's. They don't care because now everyone can play.. So... win?

Doesn't really feel like it.

So... I somehow got it into my head that my number is 36345. I have been using this number for years, even lost the original card. Problem is, Pathfinder site says it's a different number. How do I fix this?