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Adding Con straight up increases the DC of their poison. So going the Eye for Talent alternative racial trait gives a +2 to their Con right there.

If they have intelligence, going Ability Focus also gives them an additional +2 to the poison save.

Boon Companion ups their HD if they aren't using full Druid progression.

+Con magical equipment also adds to the DC.

There's not much else to adding to that DC.

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Hello! My pathfinder group is looking to go into a campaign with characters with a silly niche. As I was looking into the rules of multiple things, I found that anyone hiding behind curtains gets concealment.

My thought would be that he would have a martial class, and use an action (If any) to twirl and hide behind drapes during combat while he strikes them.

My biggest issue is finding a way to have persistent concealment using the drapes. A friend suggested flesh crafting the drapes to his arms and legs, but I don't think that would create the same effect. Another suggested getting the Leadership feat and having followers hold the drapes in front of him in all directions during combat.

The GM said that I could create a battle style if there isn't any other way to use the drapes persistently. But the only way I could have the style is if it's "fair and balanced."

So, I've come to you guys to help me out and offer advice or show me something I'm missing.