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I am needing a character sheet that you can just copy and past with all your stats, and gear you have. What I'm looking for is like what you see in the NPC codex for each person. Does anyone know where I could find a character sheet like this?

Since the spells are not done, what Paizo could do is make the pack of spell cars for each book. Like core rule book has one set of cards, then advance players guide has their set of cards. This way when new books come out they can just print the new spells as a set. Would that be good?

If your going to be small and want to trip people down, you should get the Agile Maneuvers feat. It lets you use your dex instead of your str in caculating your CMB.


Because I know there is new languages since this was posted. And was wondering if there is a list with every language on it. I looked at D20pfsrd but I didn't see the different Human languages.

If you dont mind having a smaller AC, you could keep him small and it will get + on his DEX and CON if I remember correctly. That would make the feat Weapon Finesse on your pet worth taking if the dex is still higher.

I reread the prestige in the guide and I understand now, thanks.

I am about to run this scenario and as I was reading, each faction mission has two objects to complete. So is there a possibility of getting 3 prestige award? 1 for the scenario and 2 for the faction missions.

And what do I get for running? Do I get all 3 prestige award?

I might have been faster but you said it better than me.

There is a rule on making your own magic items. It is some where in the rule book. but if you look under D20pfsrd, it is under Cooperative Crafting. And just to make that type of item it is Ability Bonus squared x 1,000 gp.

For a total of 100,000

If you think about it, a lance wile charging has much more force hitting someone than 2-handed weapon weilded in one hand. So I can see how it works, thus the wording they gave the lance.

you just ponted my case. the Two hands are required to use a two-handes weapon. by using the 2 hands you get the bonus on str.

If you change the 2-handed weapon "as a one handed weapon" it is treated a a one handed weapon.

EDIT:i didn't know about the lance. know i know

If you are using a weapon in One hand, then you only apply your str, but if you are using a weapon with two hands then you apply 1 1/2 str to damage.

and power attack is the same way.

This bonus to damage is increased by half (+50%) if you are making an attack with a two-handed weapon, a one handed weapon using two hands, or a primary natural weapon that adds 1-1/2 times your Strength modifier on damage rolls.

since the commas seperate the weapons, the bolded part applies to all 3 weapons. so if you are weilding your two-handed weapon One handed, then you do not get the bonus.

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But if you dont get a cronical sheet, how does your charcter die?

I seconed the reprint of the T-Shirts. There are a couple of them that I would like to nab.

I agree about the buying something that is not paizo related. But what if they do buy Paizo stuff?

The stories are mainly the TCG groups where most people just buy off the internet for their cards. But I can see other different groups doing that as well.

I do need a question answered pertaining the this Subject. I know by the Guide it says for a free reroll you have to have a shirt or a folio. But I recently came from a PFS game that allowed a reroll for a store purchase. As long as the receipt was bought the same day as the game, you will get a reroll. The GM came from out of state and said the Venture-Captain allowed it.

I have heard stories about groups of people not supporting their local gaming store. Be it TCG groups, RPG groups, or Board game groups. By buying something to get a reroll, doesn't really hurt the game at all. It does help the store stay open.

I was wondering if any other gaming groups have done this, or is this ok to do?

I dont know if this was brought up but did you caculate that for him being large drops his Dex by 2 and gives him a -1 size bonus to AC. With this his AC might not be that high and

Ciaran I stopped at the same point. At that time I could only play 4 to 6 hours each Saturday. I usually stop durring the Parts sepperation in the adventure paths. And if a single Part is too short then I just include the next Part. And it was fun to see the first group coming to the game store and say stuff like "your not gunna like this part" or other phrases.

I have done 2 groups of 4 and GM both before. I had it alternating every Saturday. It turned out great. But I had them going through the same adventure path. That made it a lot easier to manage cause you already know, and have things prepared from last week.

Robert A Matthews wrote:

So let me get this straight. You believe:

Guns are not always available
Masterwork guns are not always available
+2 Guns are not always available
+1 Guns are always available

I believed once you got enought fame to buy the gun, then you can get the +1 enchantment on it.

@robert-I know those to quotes, You were just confusing me because that rule says you have to get the fame to purchase the gun but there is no rules that says anything about upgrading the gun. But I did find something on PG26 of the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play that you have to have the Fame for the Total Gold Value of that item. Read my previious post.

Guide To Pathfinder Society Organized Play wrote:
A character's Fame score determines the maximum gp value of any items she can purchas from her faction, as detailed in Table 5-3 below.

I am wrong about this whole problem. This sentince from the guide says that you have to have the fame for the +1 pepperbox in order to buy it or upgrade it. So in order to get any item that is Not always availble you will have to caculate the total cost so see if you can upgrade it or buy it.

Is this correct?

@Robert-I was not under the impression that the total gold value of the item has to be under the fame limit.

I'm sorry but I dont see it that way. Because that will make the guns way under the enchantment curve. Why would anyone want to make a gunslinger and wait a couple levels to up grade it, wile anyother weapon is so much easier to upgrade?

But does that mean that affects all weapons? Example: a +1 long sword is 2315gp. In order to get a +2 you will need a Fame of at least 10315 in order to get it and not 8000 fame?

I guess it's just me but I reading the Not Always Available rule only means that you have to have fame to get that certain item. Not just the item being "not always available."

Since I'm a person that goes by RAW, can someone point me to the exact rule for not always available.

Because the way i'm seeing it. You need the fame to buy the gun or a MW version of it. You dont need the fame to upgrade it to a +1, but you still need the fame to upgrade it to a +2. That is what I'm reading from the PFS Guide.

I see that the +1 upgrades is not under the always available, but the +1 weapon is. That means that you can still upgrade without having the fame to do so.

So your saying that if you cant buy the +1 item, then you cant upgrade the item?

What if you cant buy a +1 Greatsword, then can you upgrade it? You say no to that.

The Not Always Availble rule only means that you have to have the Fame to buy it. So a brand new lvl 2 gunslinger can not buy a pepper box.
Because he does not have the fame.

You can always upgrade any MW item to a +1, becauce that is always availble.

If you cant upgrade a MW item to a +1, Please show me the rule for that.

Pathfinder Society Additional Resources wrote:
No character may purchase a firearm unless she possesses the Gunsmithing feat and firearms are never considered Always Available; a character must possess enough Fame to purchase any firearm not found on a Chronicle sheet or granted by a class feature.

This says nothing about enchanting the weapon, just purchasing the weapon.

So if he has enough fame to get the MW weapon, and +1 weapons are always available. Then he can get it. Because you can buy a MW weapon and then go to the magic user to get it enchanted.

Now that I look at it, that one extra step between the top two Y's is not allowed. Since it is not a straight line.

Wakrob wrote:



I dont understand the YcY, but Z Can charge X if he has a reach weapon or has a 10ft reach. for and example a lance(reach weapon) or a large person(10ft reach).

then what is the hard part?

I would say it would be 2 Unarmed strike. you will get -2 on both attacks, since one is the main hand and the other is the Off hand attack, you would roll seperatly.

I am sorry but I have not read the Previous posts. I just jumped in, so in the future I wont do that again.

If the question is TWF with Unarmed Strike, then I think you can do it.

EDIT-If that is not the question right now, then what is?

Lets go back to the fundamentals. TWF feat gives you less penalties, and since Unarmed Strike is considered a light weapon, then the total penalties is -2,-2.

At that point if you are just doing Unarmed Strike you will need to roll the dice sepparate for your main hand and off hand. So for Two weapon Rend will work, you will just have to see if your main hand and off hand wounds to get that bonus.

The more limbs you have does not give you more attacks. It just depends on your BAB and some feats. If a guy has 9 limbs at lvl 6, then he can only make 2 Unarmed Strikes. Natural attacks are different.

As for bonuses for Unarmed Strike, I consider it being 1 weapon. If you have a AoMF that gives you flaming, it should effect all your unarmed strikes.

Making Unarmed Strikes a Double weapon does not make since to me. They don't need it. Since their off hand attack is still considered a light weapon. And for the purpus of enchanting, you can't just enchant Unarmed Strikes. The only what to enchant Unarmed Strikes is by a AoMF and put the enchantments on that.

Just letting you know, since I dont know if you do know,Enlarge Person does not effect the Eidolon unless GM approved. I have found that out the hard way, Because the Eidolon is not a humanoid, it is an outsider. Even tho it can walk on 2 feet and look humanoid still does not make it one.

Quadruped are really nice. I tend to make a biped with tons of arms and deadly claws that rend.

Buri I dont see how it would automatically gain you proficiency. Because "Half-orcs with this racial trait are proficient with flails and heavy flails, and treat dire flails and spiked chains as martial weapons." They say that you get proficient with flails and heavy flails but it doesn't say that your proficient with dire flails or spiked chains.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Both charge, unless the combo is ridiculously powerful. This isn't. they're both charging. Have fun storming the castle.

The Pathfinder Rules says "Your mount acts on your initiative count as you direct it. You move at its speed, but the mount uses its action to move."

It's just like an animal companion. You and you animal have your 2 seperate actions.

If the Caviler is riding a horse, then it can not get the Minotaur's Charge unless the GM allows it. The reason why is because of the Prerequisites. Yes the mount will have to have an Int. of 3 in order to get a feat outside of the basic feats it can have. But here is the big part. The horse does not have Powerful Charge (Ex) ability witch is one of the prerequisites for Minotaur's Charge.

Maestro of the Society and all the Society traits can be found in the Pathfinder Chronicles: Faction Guide

i would like to see all the cursed items people have made.

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i heard this from one of my friends at a comic shop.

a cursed magical gold coin

one day a party of adventures were walking down a gravil road, and the greedy one saw something shiny on the road. he found 1 gold coin. he then put it in his coin purse. moments go by and the same guy heard a munching sound. he stopped and didn't hear it again. this happened 2 or more times before he realized it was coming from his coin purse. he then opened it up and saw just 1 gold coin left.

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i realy like that one better than the paizo one. for some one that would like to have an half-ogre with no deformities, this is great.

I'll do that booksy. And knowing that you can sneak attack is good to know.

I was looking at a different archtype for the barbarian

i'll have to ask my gm about this. i have a fealing that it would be different from gm to gm.

My whole plan is to get a barbarian/monk dwarf. The barbarian to fuel the BAB for FOB wile having descent stats. This character is for the PFS by the way. That's why i'm trying to figure it out before i realy dive into it.

I have a question about Rage. As i'm making a Monk/Barbarian, there is an ability that the monk has that is questionable.

Could i use the Martial Artist Monks Exploit Weakness ability wile i am raging?

thank you very much to help this post be correct.

Ok as i see in other threads and the FAQ, we can use one weapon as long as it is a Monk ability on it. So i now can use my sansetsukon on all my FOB.

Now is this correct.
Even tho it is a 2 handed weapon. On a single attack ,or when i get up to BAB 6 or more,i get 1.5x str. per attack. And on a FOB i only add 1x str.

And what about PA? Will it still count as a one handed weapon or a 2 handed weapon? Or is it a little early to figure that out since there is more rule changes coming?

I would like to have the 1.5x str. and the better PA damage, But ether way is fine with me.

i'm just bringing this back up just in case if any one just searches and sees this old post they dont get confused on this matter.

Does PFS allow the other ability score that is found in the Adventure Path #25, Councel of Thieves-The Bastards of Erebus?

a quickling is a good enemy to face. they have natrual invisibility, if they move they have 20% miss chance. evasion and uncanny dodge helps as well. and if he tries to switch to his cold iron to counter his dr then make him take a knoledge check. how does he know things about quicklings.

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