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Hey folks! It has been a while since I posted something and I thought I would throw this out and see if anyone feels the way I do. I see over and over again and again on the boards or in my group how people cannot do this or try that because the rules do not allow it.
People argue over how this is broken or that is not right and look to the creators for a fix or errata... Why? when you can just use common sense and do it yourself?
The game is ours to do what we want with, the rules are all just options that we can choose to use or disregard in choice of other options that get labeled House Rules. But it seems that if you "house rule" something its almost like a dirty word here on the boards.

When (way back...) I first started using RPG games you were lucky if you had one book to share and nothing else to go on but your imagination. You had to create everything from scratch, make up rules, invent ways to do things because we had no one else to do it for us. Now days Pathfinder is so good at helping DM's and Players that very little actual imagination is needed but does it make it less important? Why the disregard for making up your own rules?

Straight from Pathfinder...

The Most Important Rule

The rules in this book are here to help you breathe life into your characters and the world they explore. While they are designed to make your game easy and exciting, you might find that some of them do not suit the style of play that your gaming group enjoys. Remember that these rules are yours. You can change them to fit your needs. Most Game Masters have a number of “house rules” that they use in their games. The Game Master and players should always discuss any rules changes to make sure that everyone understands how the game will be played. Although the Game Master is the final arbiter of the rules, the Pathfinder RPG is a shared experience, and all of the players should contribute their thoughts when the rules are in doubt.

I like to know if people do alot of house rules or if your a core rule person and why?

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I am going to be playing my first Gunslinger in Frog god Games Slumbering Tsar adventure path and I have a question.

I thought I heard or read somewhere that a feat or some other rule that would allow you to fire you gun while threatened and not provoke an AoO but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere.

I know Point Blank Master does this but it requires Weapon Spec as a prerequisite and that in turn requires Fighter 4th.


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We are looking to find players and or a game for pathfinder in the Grand Forks N.D. area

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As a DM of many years I still have problems with the Paladin code, well not so much when someone plays it up as a goody two shoes. My problem is... when are they walking the line or when are they Breaking it? The situation involves the following two Pc's. I like to state that we are all veteran players from 2nd edition on up and have been playing together for over 7 years, were also all friends outside of gaming and many of us work together so no newbies or unacknowledged players.

- Lawful Good Human / Paladin of Iomedae level 2
* 32 hit points / High AC

- Chaotic Good Human / Wizard follows no specific god level 2
* 19 hit points / Good AC with mage Armor

* PC had higher then average hit point due to starting with their Con Stat as base hit point instead of using the class dice.

The rest of the groups alignments are all Neutral or chaotic neutral.

Paladin's Code of Conduct

A paladin must be of lawful good alignment and loses all class features except proficiencies if she ever willingly commits an evil act.

Additionally, a paladin's code requires that she respect legitimate authority, act with honor (not lying, not cheating, not using poison, and so forth), help those in need (provided they do not use the help for evil or chaotic ends), and punish those who harm or threaten innocents.

Associates: While she may adventure with good or neutral allies, a paladin avoids working with evil characters or with anyone who consistently offends her moral code. Under exceptional circumstances, a paladin can ally with evil associates, but only to defeat what she believes to be a greater evil. A paladin should seek an atonement spell periodically during such an unusual alliance, and should end the alliance immediately should she feel it is doing more harm than good. A paladin may accept only henchmen, followers, or cohorts who are lawful good.

- Is the goddess of righteous valor, justice, and honor. Having served as Aroden's herald, she inherited many of the Last Azlanti's followers upon his death, and continues to espouse the ideas of honor and righteousness in the defense of good and the battle against evil.
The Church of Iomedae is assertive and vigilant in rooting out evil. Iomedae's priests are composed of clerics and paladins. Personal cleanliness as well as an honorable demeanor are both very important for her followers.

Lawful Good alignment
A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. She combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. She tells the truth, keeps her word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished.

Lawful good combines honor with compassion.

Chaotic Good alignment
A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.

Chaotic good combines a good heart with a free spirit.

Here is what happened, it involved the two PCs and here is how I ruled it but now I am starting to second guess myself so I would like some help.

- PC's are on the high seas as crew on the Scurvy Duchess and volunteered as a boarding party to search a derelict ship that the Captain wanted to salvage per maritime law. They defeated the monsters on the ship and were returning to the Scurvy Duchess via the launch boat when they were surprised attacked by vicious Red Hand Goblin Pirates captained by(adv templated) Troglodyte.

There were several other PC's involved and the Goblins were soundly defeated in quick order. The Goblins spoke only Goblin and did not understand common. The goblin ship was boarded and the Trog BBEG was killed in round 2 in fair combat. The PC's then quickly killed the majority of the goblins who were still viciously attacking the PC's group.

Two goblins seeing their fellow goblins surrender,(one of the non involved PCs spoke goblin and convinced one to give up) or fall asleep due to the wizard, retreated to the ships hold and the Paladin pursued them. Once he had them cornered he offered them a chance to surrender (spoken in common and used Detect Evil to verify their alignment). The goblins not understanding him and seeing him stand their with a bloody bastard sword that mere moments before had killed their captain attacked the paladin. The Paladin killed them.

* Point in fact - The goblins were not doing well in combat and the PC's were never really threatened and had not expended many resources on the ship they just disembarked from. The Paladin stated he did not know they could not understand him. I let it stand with no repercussions.

The PC's ended up capturing a total of 5 Goblins due to the wizards sleep spell(3) and RP(1) by the groups leader using goblin language and by grapple and disarm (1). The Goblins were then bound and taken aboard the launch. They returned to the Scurvy Duchess but the Captain would not let the goblins on board unless the PC's vouched for them and were responsible for their actions while they were on board. The group leader vouched for his one(much fun RP hijinks soon to follow in more sessions... muahh ahhh but I digress), the PC that grappled his vouched as well.
* The Wizard refused to vouch for his three and as the group was talking (in character) about disarming them and setting them free back on their ship, The wizard decided to coupe them while they were helpless and bound, using a wand of magic missiles. Mind you this happened in front of the PC's including the paladin but they were on the ship while the wizard was still in the launch.
I believe in Real Life the players were so stunned at the unexpected actions of the player that they failed to react to it and so in that fact the PC's did not attempt to stop the act.

I ruled that the Wizard would have to change his alignment to chaotic neutral and let the Paladin alignment stand. The Paladin was on the Scurvy Duchess at this point and the Wizard was in the Launch so whether he knew what was happening or not is in question?

* Note: We have house ruled (agreed upon as a group) that no role is required to kill a bound and helpless creature. you just state you are killing them and they are dead.

The Wizard is complaining about the alignment change and says the Paladin should be shifted as well as he knew they did not understand common the therefor couldn't know to surrender to him while he had them corned in the hold.

So Did I make the right call or should something be changed?


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I am getting a chance to play a starting 17th Level Sorc. in the Coliseum Morpheuon module. I know next to nothing about the module and I usually play gishes but am willing to tackle a high level caster built from scratch in a vacuum. I am not looking for detail builds just some advice from those who have played the module on what to expect and if we have all our bases covered.

- My request is any advice on A Sorc build from those that have played the module. I am not looking for spoilers just a heads up on what direction I should go. I am leaning towards a Chaotic-Good/Drow conjuration (summoner) Abyssal blood line sorc.

Allowed: Anything Pathfinder (no 3rd party or 3.5)
25 point buy in
No evil alignment
410,000 gp starting wealth

I am basing (loosely) my PC on a character out of author Raymond E. Feist books, Amirantha A demon summoner who is actually good aligned if not a bit of a charlatan, well alot of a charlatan. In the books he goes around summoning minor demons in outlying villages and then offeres his "services" as a Demon hunter to rid the villagers of this threat.

- The DM hinted (very vaguely) that the magic in the world can be manipulated by the local denizens so I was unsure how that will effect a caster?

Any must have spells? It is looking like I will be the only full arcane caster in the group.

- Full Orc/Fighter (vital strike route)
- Aasimar/Oracle (Life)
- Human/Urban Ranger (has most of the rogue abilities covered)
- Dwarf/Barbarian
- Human/Magus

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I don't play a lot of straight casters but I am getting a chance to play a starting 17th Level Sorc. in the Coliseum Morpheuon module. I know next to nothing about the module and I usually play gishes but am willing to tackle a high level caster built from scratch in a vacuum. I am not looking for detail builds just some advice from those who have played the module.

- My first request is what is the highest possible legal Pathfinder charisma score I can achieve.
- My second request is any advice on A Sorc build from those that have played the module. I am not looking for spoilers just a heads up on what direction I should go. I am leaning towards a Drow (possible noble) conjuration (summoner) Abyssal blood line sorc.

Allowed: Anything Pathfinder (no 3rd party or 3.5)
25 point buy in
No evil alignment
410,000 gp starting wealth

Charisma score
- starting score
18 + 2 = 20 (built in a vacuum so easy to do) I would normal start the stat lower if I had to play it from level one.
+4 Level ups (4-8-12-16)
+6 enhancement bonus from headband
+5 insight bonus from Wish or Tome
= 35

Is that the best I can do?

Also Summoner is not allowed (DM hates the class) and I am not a fan of Wizards so anything better at summoning than a Sorc?

Thanks in advance.

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SO what Prestige Class do you want to play most?

- Thank you Pathfinder, finally some more flexibility to create character of True Uniqueness. I cannot wait until this comes out... wish we could playtest it just so I could get my hands on it earlier not that Paizo needs to play test anything anymore.

Paths of Prestige

Some of the classes mentioned:
- Aldori Swordlords
* Yes!

- Hellknight Signifers
* Spell casting HellKnight... Yes!

- Paladins of Irori
* Paly/Monk combo!

- Gray Gardeners

- Mammoth Rider
* Ride a Mammoth... sweet!

- Arclords of Nex

- Alkenstar's Shield Marshals

- Winter Witch

Anyone know of any more that will be appearing or what the powers of the classes might be?

I am all for Paladin of Irori! I cannot wait to see Paly/Monk combo, Eberron had a PRC called Argent Fist and I loved that class!

Special Thanks to: Vic Wertz, James Jacobs, Jason Bulmahn, Benjamin Bruck, Matt Goodall, Jason Nelson.

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Well the title says it all! I am planning on playing Chewbacca like PC in an up and coming game. I will be Bacca and am allowed to play a Sasquatch from bestiary 3. I have my human companion Holo San who will be some sort of rogue. We will be piloting a river boat or airship depending on DM's decision. My question is all the builds online are for Star Wars d20 and none of the classes match up with Pathfinder... What would be a 20 level build be for our friendly Walking Carpet?

- 20 point buy in + racial stats.
- Core / APG / UM / UC and possible 3rd party stuff if it not too crazy.
- I am not looking for optimization, just 20 levels it can be a mixture of base classes / archetypes and PRC's. just not sure what classes fit our big lug here... In Star Wars he mostly fighter, scout with maybe a few Rogue levels... found alot of different build for him online.
- Stick with the flavor of "Chewie" hence: Crossbow and great axe as weapons.
- he was a pilot (do ride expert maybe?) and had skills like engineering.
- Not looking for super specific builds general idea with any good feats or archetypes that would really fit and do justice to our furry friend.



(or "Chewie", as he was known by his friends) was a legendary Wookiee from Kashyyyk and co-pilot of Han Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon. He was the son of Attichitcuk, the husband of Mallatobuck, and the father of Lumpawaroo. Chewbacca carried with him the name of an ancient Wookiee hero, the great Bacca, first of the great chieftains of Kashyyyk, and the creator of a sword that denoted leadership among the Wookiees. This name placed Chewbacca in a noble lineage, which was further supported by his role in the Battle of Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars and during the Galactic Civil War.
Chewbacca was a wise, sophisticated being of great strength and loyalty. As technologically savvy as the brightest Academy graduate, he was also a skilled mechanic. Chewbacca, like many Wookiees, was able to understand Basic, but he could not speak it due to his species's vocal structure. He instead spoke Shyriiwook, the main Wookiee language, composed largely of growls and grunts, to his non-Wookiee companions who typically replied in Basic.

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Just for laughs. if you been on the boards for any amount of time you ran across Wraithstrike for good or bad... lol. His new messageboard avatar pic is kinda creepy and I really liked his older one... if we get enough people wanting him to switch maybe we can make it happen?

What do you think people... ?

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A guy further down on the board had a question about controlling undeads and it made me think about how other groups handle Necromancers/Undead controller (whether they be arcane or divine) types in a RP way and World setting of Golarian that made sense.

My group DM's (including myself) and the players PC's have a hard time dealing with a PC who has alot of Undeads hanging around even if he is N or C-N and not too mention how the world of Golarian looks at this... villages/towns/cities - Laws and Governments. So we tend not to play them to make it easier but I have always wanted to play one so I wonder how others deal with it?

I mean even if you don't have a permanent undead cohort or multiple cohorts (which is one of the cool things about playing such a class) don't certain religions and countries and the locals have a problem with it? Just curious what others think?

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I am currently setting up a Powerful 5th to Epic level game where PC's will get a Dragon cohort (for free) at level 7 to get a Wyrmling with the option of taking improved cohort feat to raise the level to 5th based on the Bestiary Levels (from the Savage Species conversion by zerzix). One of my major problems is how to handle wealth and a Dragon cohort who wants a hoard. I think I have a solution but I would like some input...

Game Rules

Epic Game

Players can choose to play as Good or Evil as this is more of a Law vs Chaos theme game.

High Fantasy Magic Game

Pathfinder Rule Set

World setting
- Golarion
--- Io's Blood Island Chain
DM's notes: Io's Blood Isle chain of islands

The dragons on the islands are described as having a loose democratic government with a caretaker. Each dragon clan with a wyrm level dragon gets a vote on issues before the Council of Wyrms. The caretaker only gets a vote on tie issues. Thus dragonkind cooperates and makes decisions on issues effecting dragon welfare.

Io's Blood chain isle are a separate chain of islands on Golarion separated by huge oceans, protected againt divination and by Epic mythrals.

Humans are not native to the islands, and those humans who come to the islands are mostly adventurers.

According to the draconic myth described in the setting, the islands were created by the dragon god Io. Seeing his children, the dragons, engulfed in dragon war, Io cried out: "If dragon blood must be spilled, then let it be mine!" He then slashed open his belly with his own claws and spilled his blood into the oceans. The divine blood solidified and became a chain of islands. These islands Io gave to the dragons, hoping that they would be able to live there in peace.

Ability Scores
- 20 point buy in / +1 at 2nd
- starting at 5th level
- limited templates: At later levels (around level 14 - 16) you will be able to transform you character.
--- Dragonbound template free to all players if they want a True Dragon Companion (7th level)

All Pathfinder Books
- + 3rd party
- limited 3.5 books
--- Draconomicon / Dragon magic / Races of Dragon / Savage species / P.H.II / Arms and Equipment guide / Tomb of Battle / Complete Warrior / MIC

- Something has affected the Draconic races. Dragons Rage uncontrolled laying waste to lands in which they inhabit, Sorcerers going insane, Half-Dragons dropping dead for no apparent reason and divinations indicate that it is escalating. If the solution for The Dragons Wrath is not found soon, the countries of Golarion will see desolation unlike anything they have experienced before.

Game Details
- Two PC game (or 1 if prefered)
--- explanation in separate post.
- Core Race PC (any with stat block)
- Dragon character as broken down by the Bestiary Levels of Pathfinder
*** Dragons would not get magic items. They would form a Bond with their Treasure horde that would give them more power as it grew. Powers based on Vow of poverty feat from BOED's.

The majority of the game you will switch off between Dragon PC and regular PC. Certain parts of the game they will be ran together.

Dragon Races:

Adamantine(DR) Cone of Fire NG Fire
Amethyst(MM2) Line of Force N Poison
Arboreal(DR) Cone of Piercing CG Acid 20&Sonic 20
Battle(Dcn) Cone of Sonic NG Sonic
Beast(DR) Cone of Cold&Elec G Acid 20&Elec 20
Black(MM) Line of Acid CE Acid
Blue(MM) Line of Electric LE Electricity
Brass(MM) Line of Fire CG Fire
Bronze(MM) Line of Electric LG Electricity
Brown(MoF) Cone of Acid NE Acid
Chaos(Dcn) Line of <random> any C Confusion
Chiang Lung(OA) Cause Rain LN Water Breathing
Chromium(DR356) Line of Cold LE Cold
Cobalt(DR356) Line of Force LE Electricity
Concordant(DR) Cone of Antithetic N Poison
Copper(MM) Line of Acid CG Acid
Crystal(MM2) Cone of Light CN Cold
Deep(MoF) Cone of Acid CE Charm
Emerald(MM2) Cone of Sonic LN Sonic
Ethereal(Dcn) Cone of Force N —
Fang(Dcn)(MoF) Ability Drain CN —
Force(ELH) Cone of Force N —
Gold(MM) Cone of Fire LG Fire
Green(MM) Cone of Acid LE Acid
Howling(ELH) Cone of Sonic CN/CE Sonic
Iron(DR356) Cone of Electric LN Fire
Li Lung(OA) Roar N Burrow speed 10’
Lung Wang(OA) Cone of Fire N Water Breathing
Nickel(DR356) Cone of Acid LE Acid
Oceanus(Dcn) Cone of Electric NG Electricity
Pan Lung(OA) Water Fire N —
Prismatic(ELH) Searing Light N Blindness
Pyroclastic(Drc) Cone of Fire&Sonic LE/NE Fire –or– Sonic
Radiant(Dcn) Line of Force LG —
Red(MM) Cone of Fire CE Fire
Rust(Dcn) Line of Acid LN/LE —
Sand(Sand) Cone of damage CN Fire
Sapphire(MM2) Cone of Sonic LN Electricity
Shadow(Dcn)(MoF) Cone of Eng Drn CE Energy Drain
Shen Lung(OA) Water Fire LG Cold
Silver(MM) Cone of Cold LG Cold
Song(MoF) Cone of Electric CG/CN Electricity
Steel(wWaterdeep) Cone of Acid LN +10 vs. Poison
Styx(Dcn) Line of Acid NE Disease & Poison
T’ien Lung(OA) Cone of Fire LN Water Breathing
Tarterian(Dcn) Line of Force NE/CE —
Topaz(MM2) Cone of damage CN Cold
Tun mi Long(OA) Gust of Wind NE Water Breathing
Tungsten(DR356) Cone of Fire LG Fire
White(MM) Cone of Cold CE Cold
Yu Lung(OA) — N Water Breathing

Dragon Templates
- Crystal Keeps Templates

I LOVE Dragons and always believed them to be to weak in any system I have found. Dragons should be something to be feared. So I came up with a a system that allows a dragon to bond with their hoard and game magical benefits based on the 3.5 Book of Exhalted Deeds feat VOP.

Take a look and let me know what you think?

Dragon Bonded Hoard Level Benefits

1st - AC bonus +1

2nd - Bonus draconic feat

3rd - AC bonus +2, endure elements

4th - Dragon strike +1 (magic), bonus draconic feat

5th - Sustenance, ability score enhancement +2

6th - AC bonus +3, deflection +1, bonus Dragon feat

7th - Resistance +1, ability score enhancement +4/+2

8th - Natural armor +1, mind shielding, bonus exalted feat

9th - AC bonus +4, ability score enhancement +6/+4/+2

10th - Dragon strike +2 (alignment), damage reduction 5/alignment, bonus draconic feat

11th - Ability score enhancement +8/+6/+4/+2

12th - AC bonus +5, deflection +2, greater sustenance, bonus draconic feat

13th Resistance +2, energy resistance 5

14th - Dragon strike +3, freedom of movement, bonus draconic feat

15th - AC bonus +6, ability score enhancement +10/+8/+6/+4/+2, damage reduction 5/opposed alignment

16th - Natural armor +2, bonus draconic feat, energy resistance 10

17th - Dragon strike +4, resistance +3, regeneration

18th - AC bonus +7, deflection +3, true seeing, bonus draconic feat

19th - Ability score enhancement +12/+10/+8/+6/+4/+2, damage reduction 10/opposed alignment

20th - Dragon strike +5, energy resistance 15, bonus draconic feat

21st - AC Bonus +8, Resistance +5

22nd - Bonus draconic feat, Deflection +4

23rd - Exalted Strike +6, damage reduction 15/opposed alignment

24th - Bonus draconic feat, Deflection +5, Natural Armor +3

25th - AC Bonus +9, Dragon Strike +7, aligned strikes (based on their alignment)

Level 26 and up... Dragons take class levels.

AC Bonus (Su): A 1st-level dragon receives a +1 draconic bonus to his Armor Class. This bonus does not apply to touch attacks and does not hinder incorporeal touch attacks. This does not stack with an armor bonus.

Bonus Dragon Feats: At 2nd level, A dragon gets a bonus dragon feat, and another bonus feat at 4th level and every 2 levels thereafter. The feats can be taken from Draconomicon / Dragon magic / Races of Dragon and Savage Species.

Endure Elements (Ex): A 3rd-level dragon is immune to the effects of being in a hot or cold environment. He can exist comfortably in conditions between -50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit without having to make Fortitude saves.

Dragon Strike (Su): At 4th level, A dragon gains a +1 enhancement bonus on all his attack and damage rolls. In effect, any natural weapon becomes a +1 magic weapon, and can overcome the damage reduction of a creature as though it were a magic weapon. This enhancement bonus rises to +2 at 10th level, to +3 at 14th level, to +4 at 17th level, and to +5 at 20th level. At 10th level, any weapon damage the character deals is also considered to be aligned, so that it can bypass certain damage reductions.

Sustenance (Ex): At 5th-level dragon doesn't need to eat or drink.

Ablity Score Enhancement (Ex): At 5th level, A dragon gains a +2 enhancement bonus to one ability score. At 7th level, he gains an extra +2 bonus to that score, and a +2 bonus to another ability score. At 9th level, he gains an extra +2 bonus to those two scores, and a +2 bonus to a third ability score. At 11th level, he gains an extra +2 bonus to those three scores, and a +2 bonus to a fourth ability score. At 15th level, he gains an extra +2 bonus to those four scores, and a +2 bonus to a fifth ability score. At 19th level, he gains an extra +2 bonus to those five scores, and a +2 bonus to a sixth ability score.

Deflection (Su): A 6th-level dragon receives a +1 deflection bonus to his Armor Class. This bonus increases to +2 at 12th level, and to +3 at 18th level.

Resistance (Ex): At 7th level, A dragon gains a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws. This bonus increases to +2 at 13th level, and to +3 at 17th level.

Natural Armor (Ex): At 8th level, A dragon gains existing natural armor bonus increases by +1. It increases an extra +1 at 16th level.

Mind Shielding (Ex): Also at 8th level, A dragon character becomes immune to detect thoughts, discern lies, and any attempt to discern his alignment.

Damage Reduction (Su): A dragon gains damage reduction 5/alignment at 10th level. At 15th level, this improves to 5/opposed alignment, and at 19th level to 10/opposed alignment.

Greater Sustenance (Ex): Once he attains 12th level, a dragon doesn't need to breathe.

Energy Resistance (Ex): At 13th level, a dragon gains resistance 5 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic energy. At 16th level, this increases to resistance 10. At 20th level, this increases to resistance 15.

Freedom of Movement (Ex): At 14th level, A dragon can act as if continually under the effect of a freedom of movement spell.

Regeneration (Ex): At 17th level, A dragon heals 1 point of damage per hit die per hour rather then every day. (This ability cannot be aided by the Heal skill.) Nonlethal damage heals at a rate of 1 point of damage per hit die every round.

True Seeing (Su): At 18th level, an ascetic gains a continuous true seeing ability, as the spell.

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ED: That's no way for a man to die.

FRANK: No ... you're right, Ed. A parachute not opening ... that's a way to die. Getting caught in the gears of a combine... having your nuts bit off by a Laplander, that's the way I wanna go!

OK we all have had characters who have died, some of us more then others... lol So I would like to hear the Craziest or most Heroic way, how many you had die (in one campaign or in total) or any story you care to tell whether it be funny or just plain sad...

Me... I call the binder (not folder... Binder) I hold my dead characters in the Dead Pool. Hey saves time when you need an NPC for something real quick.

Best Death

Well I have died alot but most were not very Heroic. I say my 4th level Paladin (I have a hard time keeping paladins alive) who stood in the door way when the group got in over their heads. He fought defensively to buy the group time to get away. Hey at least later when they came back and defeated the BBEG, they didn't loot my body... probably only PC I had die that got buried with his

Killer DM

My friend and DM Bob, over the last 7 years he has killed 26 of my PC's (and we rotate through 4 DM's in my group). Max PC's killed in one of his games was the Pathfinder AP Kingmaker... I went through 6 PC' Same DM Carrion Crown AP and I went through 4 Bards:
1. Micky Dolenz
2. Michael Nesmith
3. Peter Tork
4. Davy Jones
Yes he killed the entire band of The Monkeys. Stupid swinging bridge over the waterfall... grrrr

Funniest Death

My LN Warblade / Kensai bodyguard to a new king. Fighting an evil Cleric, his cohorts and summoned monsters (we were level 9) in a small tower. The King was unconscious and I was 5'ing back pulling his body with me while fighting towards the door that led to the staircase out of the tower. The monk of the group was down and I sent the CN Rogue ahead to secure the door until I got their. The Rogue ended up being attacked and in typical Rogue fashion... Gave me the Sorry?? look and slipped through the door locking it behind him, leaving me in the tower with all the badies... ROFL. I couldn't fault him for it as it was GREAT RP fun and we talked about it for months.

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Well I think we all have them... The class that one of your players LOVES to play! You've seen a similar variation of the same character over and over again. I love my group and all my players but sometimes you just want to Scream... TRY SOMETHING NEW, play something (anything) different! lol

Here mine:

- The Player is awesome in RP but man oh man he Loves Rogues. halfing Rogues / human male rogue / human female rogues / Orc / Gnome / Elf and on and on and on... To top it off he does not even use archetypes most of the time. Either a 2 sticker or a bow rogue straight core class.

So Whats your Ugh class?

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I love to make custom magical items for my players. Back in the 80's my DM gave me a magical chess set and I still remember it to this day I thought it was so cool. I'd like some help creating a Magical Chess set.

Magical Chess set
- When found it is a regular sized chess set that radiates conjurations/abjuration and transmutation auras. The item is semi sentient.
- Trying to identify the item activates it and causes the PC's appear on the chess set. They then have to defeat the "other side" in order to have the device submit to them and be able to use it as a magical item.
- Based on the PC's classes I will have them replaces different pieces on the board (no pawns).
- After defeating the device they will be able to use the pieces/figures as Figurines of Wondrous Power.

Help with
- Call it a mini game inside of the adventure. What should the rules of combat be. I like the players to have to follow the rules of the pieces they replace but how can I work this?

- A good name for the item? Racial such as dwarven granite set? or mystical? connected to a famous NPC in Golarion? What should I call it?

- Whats should it be made out of? Unique materials... adamantium? cold iron? darkwood?

- How to seed it into the game. Where do they find it? In a dragons hoard? BBEG treasure? Old temple? ancient city ruins? almost anything can be fitted to my homebrew adventure.

- Should the item expand? Should the PC's shrink down or should they be transported to an extradimensional space?

- Idea (changes) for the items itself. I will list what I have in mind and would love to hear any ideas on how to add to it or take something out that does not look right.

Chess Pieces Names

What classes (even archetypes) should each one be to create a "realistic" battle on the board?

- 18 piece altogether, there are only 6 different types of pieces. Each piece has a different move and the combination of their moves decides the outcome of the game. So here are the names of all chess pieces along with their moves.

Pawns: The most common piece in the set of chess pieces is the pawn. There are 9 pawns in each set which makes it very easy to identify them. The pawns may move 1 or 2 spaces forward in their first move and one space forward in their next moves. A pawn can move to the space diagonally forward on the left or the right but only to kill a piece of the opponent.

Rooks: There are two rooks to a set of chess pieces. The rook is the piece which looks like a castle and in some parts of the world is also known as a castle. It can move any number of horizontal or vertical steps till it reaches the end of the board or kills a piece of the opponent.

Knights: There are two knights in every team in chess. A knight is a piece which looks like a horse. The knight moves 2 and a half steps in any direction. This means that it may move 2 spaces in any directions and 1 step sideways each time.

Bishops: The bishops are also known as the camels. There are two bishops in each team of chess. The bishops look like minarets and have a pointed top. A bishop can move any number of steps diagonally in any direction till the end of the board or till it kills a piece of the opponent.

Queen: Unlike the king, it does not have a cross on the top. The queen can move any number of spaces in any direction till it reaches the end of the board or till it kills a piece of the opponent's army. This makes the queen one of the most lethal pieces in the set.

King: It has a cross on top. It is the most crucial piece in the set of chess pieces as the game is over once the king dies. The king can move only one step in any direction at a time.

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Looking to find a DM or players in Grand Forks N.D.

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I am playing a Bard that will be going 4 levels of Rogue (Charlatan archetype) and will be using the Rumormonger talent to cause my DM no small amount of delicious roleplay issues... Muahh Ahhh ahhh (the finger pyramid of evil contemplation). This is a powerful ability but I am having trouble trying to decide what rumors to start and how to use my soon to be new found powers...

Game information
- Playing in standard Golarion world setting.
- All PC's are Bards and we started a Dark Rock Band and all the problems/fun that comes with the title.
- We are currently in the country of Mendev starting a inner sea tour in the near future.

*Note: This is the most fun I have had roleplaying in years we are not Opt for anything other then RP and performing. We almost got rolled by 2 teenager rogues (ran from the fight)

The Band: Tears of the Trog

- WhipShire De'Largo "Whip" - lead Vocals
Dhampir male / CN
*Flaws - due to the bands manager I am addicted to zerk (gamemaster rules for drug addiction)and alcohol. I also started my own scribe business.
- Zqwizl Thunderskock - lead lute
Nordic Human male / Bard - 4 / CN
*Flaws - luvs the large ladies, drinks alot. Starting his own brewery.
- Cokey - Band Manager
Gnome male / Bard (Street Performer) - 4 / CN
*Flaws - addicted to multiple drugs and is embezzling from the band funds.
- Shaffer - drums
Human male / CN
*Flaws - moody and keeps to himself, does not socialise.
- Gruff Harybotum - cowbell / roadie / security
Dwarf male / Bard - 1, Barbarian - 3 / CN
- ? unknown (has not played yet) - lead Bass
Aasimar male / Bard - 1, Sorc (Rakshasa Bloodline) - 3 / CG

Teamwork feat - everyone took it.
- Ensemble
Benefit: When you are performing, allies within 20 feet who also have this feat can aid you with your Perform checks (including those made as part of bardic performance) as if they were aiding another as an immediate action. The allies make their aid another rolls before you make your check. No more than four allies can grant you a bonus with aid another. Allies aiding you do not need to use the same category of the Perform skill that you are using in order to aid you.

- are performance checks are already all high 20's and 30's... Were ROCKIN!

WhipShire De'Largo
- currently level 4
Bard (Demagogue) - 6 / Rogue (Charlatan) - 4 / Mindbender (PRC 3.5 class) - 10

Abilities by level 10

- At 1st level, a celebrity bard may choose a region where he is famous, and within that region, the locals are more likely to react favorably toward the bard. The bard gains a bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks in that area and to influence people from that area.

At 1st level, this region is a settlement or settlements with a total population of 1,000 or fewer people, and the modifier on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks is +1. As the celebrity grows more famous, additional areas learn of him (typically places where he has lived or traveled, or settlements adjacent to those where he is known) and his bonuses apply to even more people. At 5th level, the region is a settlement or settlements with a total population of 5,000 or fewer people, and the modifier on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks is +2.

Incite Violence (Ex) (aka... Mosh Pit!)
- At 6th level, the demagogue can use his performance to fan the fury of a crowd of people he has fascinated. Using this ability does not disrupt the fascinate effect, but does require a standard action to activate (in addition to the free action to continue the fascinate effect). The bard selects a number of targets equal to his level, who must make Will saves (DC 10 + 1/2 the bard’s level + the bard’s Charisma modifier) or be affected by rage for a number of rounds equal to the bard’s level. The bard indicates who is the intended target of violence (either after using this ability or as part of the performance leading to it) and the enraged members of the crowd immediately attack the target if possible. The target does not need to be present (“kill the king” is a suitable choice) and can be an object instead of a person (“destroy the prison!” is likewise appropriate). Other members of the crowd may follow suit, though they do not gain the benefits of rage. This is a sound-based effect and is affected by countersong. If two or more bards are attempting to direct the crowd against different targets, they must make opposed Charisma checks, with the crowd following the directions of the winner.

Natural Born Liar (Ex)
- At 1st level, when a chaatan successfully deceives a creature with a Bluff, that creature takes a –2 penalty on the charlatan’s Bluff checks for the next 24 hours. This ability does not stack with itself.

Grand Hoax (Ex)
- At 3rd level, the charlatan begins to master the art of the grand hoax and learns to create deceptions designed to bestow harm upon her foes. She gains the rumormonger advanced talent, even though she is not yet 10th level.

Rumormonger (Ex)
- A rogue with this talent can attempt to spread a rumor through a small town or larger settlement by making a Bluff check. She can do so a number of times per week equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 0). The DC is based on the size of the settlement, and it takes a week for the rumor to propagate through the settlement. If the check succeeds, the rumor is practically accepted as fact within the community; succeeding by 5 or more over the DC decreases the time it takes the rumor to propagate by 1d4 days. A failed check means the rumor failed to gain traction, while failing by 5 or more causes the opposite of the rumor or some other competing theory involving the rumor’s subject to take hold.

Convincing Lie (Ex)
- When a rogue with this talent lies, she creates fabrications so convincing that others treat them as truth. When a rogue with this talent successfully uses the Bluff skill to convince someone that what she is saying is true, if that individual is questioned later about the statement or story, that person uses the rogue’s Bluff skill modifier to convince the questioner, rather than his own. If his Bluff skill modifier is better than the rogue’s, the individual can use his own modifier and gain a +2 bonus on any check to convince others of the lie. This effect lasts for a number of days equal to 1/2 the rogue’s level + the rogue’s Charisma modifier.

Honeyed Words (Ex)
- Once per day, the rogue can roll two dice while making a Bluff check, and take the better result. She must choose to use this talent before making the Bluff check.

Need some ideas on how to put my Rumor abilities to good use...

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I will be playing a Druid in an upcoming game. I have not played one since 3.5 and PF made a change that is so huge i am hoping the people on the boards know of a feat to help.

Pathfinder - Druid / animal companion
Share Spells (Ex)

The druid may cast a spell with a target of “You” on her animal companion (as a touch range spell) instead of on herself. A druid may cast spells on her animal companion even if the spells normally do not affect creatures of the companion’s type (animal).

3.5 - Druid / animal companion
Share Spells (Ex)

At the druid’s option, she may have any spell (but not any spell-like ability) she casts upon herself also affect her animal companion. The animal companion must be within 5 feet of her at the time of casting to receive the benefit. If the spell or effect has a duration other than instantaneous, it stops affecting the animal companion if the companion moves farther than 5 feet away and will not affect the animal again, even if it returns to the druid before the duration expires.

That is a HUGE change! Anyone know of a feat in PF that lets a spell cast on you affect your companion at the sametime?

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Ghost Rager (Su)

Prerequisite: Barbarian 6, superstition rage power

Benefit: While raging, the barbarian deals normal damage to incorporeal creatures even when using nonmagical weapons. She also gains a morale bonus to touch AC equal to her saving throw bonus from her superstition rage power.

*** Does this mean I can grapple an Incorporeal creature? Is it the same as the ghost touch property?

from the SRD -

An incorporeal creature’s attacks pass through (ignore) natural armor, armor, and shields, although deflection bonuses and force effects (such as mage armor) work normally against it. Incorporeal creatures pass through and operate in water as easily as they do in air. Incorporeal creatures cannot fall or take falling damage. Incorporeal creatures cannot make trip or grapple attacks, nor can they be tripped or grappled. In fact, they cannot take any physical action that would move or manipulate an opponent or its equipment, nor are they subject to such actions.

Ghost Touch
A ghost touch weapon deals damage normally against incorporeal creatures, regardless of its bonus. An incorporeal creature's 50% reduction in damage from corporeal sources does not apply to attacks made against it with ghost touch weapons. The weapon can be picked up and moved by an incorporeal creature at any time. A manifesting ghost can wield the weapon against corporeal foes. Essentially, a ghost touch weapon counts as both corporeal or incorporeal.

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My first try at a heavy focus grappler. Will be in a Taldor game. Any and all suggestions welcome.
- All PF books open.
- 20 point buy in
- alignment (anything non-evil) / DM has ok'd alignment change in the build will be RP'd in the game.
* L-N turning to N. As I understand it monks maintain their abilities if they loose their alignment but you have to be non-lawful to be a barbarian.

The Build
Tetori (monk) - 9 / Brutal Pugilist (barbarian) - 8 / Brawler (fighter)- 3
Race-? Thinking 1/2 Orc with alt racial feature Toothy but open to suggestions

Stats? - Having a hard time deciding here, no stat dumping for extra points.
Str -
Dex -
Con -
Int -
Wis -
Cha -

Tetori - 9

The style of the tetori is that of the majestic wrestler—a warrior with a dizzying array of grabs, holds, and locks with which to bewilder and incapacitate his foes.

Graceful Grappler (Ex)
A tetori uses his monk level in place of his base attack bonus to determine CMB and CMD for grappling. At 4th level, he suffers no penalties on attack rolls, can make attacks of opportunity while grappling, and retains his Dexterity bonus to AC when pinning an opponent or when grappled. At 8th level, a tetori gains the grab special attack when using unarmed strikes, and can use this ability against creatures his own size or smaller by spending 1 point from his ki pool, or against larger creatures by spending 2 points from his ki pool.

Counter-Grapple (Ex)
At 4th level, a tetori wrestler may make an attack of opportunity against a creature attempting to grapple him. This ability does not allow the tetori to make an attack of opportunity against a creature with the Greater Grapple feat. At 6th level, he may use counter-grapple even if his attacker has concealment or total concealment, at 8th level even if he is flat-footed.

Break Free (Ex)
At 5th level, a tetori adds his monk level on combat maneuver or Escape Artist checks made to escape a grapple. If a tetori fails a save against an effect that causes him to become entangled, paralyzed, slowed, or staggered, he may spend 1 point from his ki pool as an immediate action to attempt a new save.

Inescapable Grasp (Su)
At 9th level, a tetori can spend 1 point from his ki pool to suppress his opponents’ freedom of movement and magical bonuses to Escape Artist or on checks to escape a grapple.

Bonus Feats
1 - Imp. Grapple
2 - Stunning Pin
6 - Gtr. Grapple

Brutal Pugilist - 8

Some barbarians focus on using their bare hands to tear their opponents limb from limb. These brutal pugilists also learn a great deal about various combat maneuvers, using them to cripple or crush their foes.

Savage Grapple (Ex)
At 2nd level, the brutal pugilist takes only half the normal penalties to Dexterity, attack rolls, and combat maneuver checks when she has the grappled condition. She can make an attack of opportunity against creatures trying to grapple her even if they possess the Improved Grapple feat or the grab special attack. If she hits with this attack of opportunity, she gains a +2 circumstance bonus to her CMD against the grapple attempt. She cannot make these attacks of opportunity once a grapple has succeeded.

Pit Fighter (Ex)
At 3rd level, the brutal pugilist has learned combat tricks from fighting in pit brawls and gladiatorial arenas. She selects one combat maneuver and gains a +1 insight bonus on her CMB or to her CMD in that maneuver. This bonus increases to +2 if the barbarian is wearing no armor (shields are allowed). At every three levels after 3rd, the barbarian may select another combat maneuver and add this bonus on her CMB or to her CMD. This bonus can be applied to each maneuver no more than twice, once on CMB and once to CMD.

Improved Savage Grapple (Ex)
At 5th level, the brutal pugilist takes no penalties to Dexterity, attack rolls, and combat maneuver checks when she has the grappled condition. She also is treated as one size larger than her actual size when determining whether she can grapple or be grappled by another creature.

Rage Powers
2 - Superstition
4 - Fiend totem, lesser
6 - Ghost Rager
8 - Fiend totem

Brawler - 3

All melee is up close and personal, but some warriors bring it as close as they can get.

Close Control (Ex)
At 2nd level, a brawler becomes skilled at forcefully moving his opponent around the battlefield. The brawler gains a +1 bonus on bull rush, drag, and reposition combat maneuver checks. The brawler also gains a +1 bonus to CMD when attacked with the bull rush, drag, and reposition maneuvers.

Close Combatant (Ex)
At 3rd level, a brawler gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +3 bonus on damage rolls with weapons in the close weapon group.

Bonus Feats
1 - Weapon Focus (IUS)
2 - Weapon Spec (IUS)

Level Feats - here what i come up with so far, help me fill in the blanks.
1 - Snapping Turtle style
3 - Snapping Turtle Clutch
5 - Snapping Turtle Shell
7 -
9 -
11 - Body Shield
13 - Rapid Grapple (bab +9)
15 - Pinning Rend (bab +9)
17 -
19 -

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The first thing that flashes across my mind is to have Fun! The DM tells a tale that brings to life a world that he created (or A Adv. Path that he wants to run because it seems interesting).

The second thing to cross my mind is to relieve the stress of the week, get lost in a story and get a break from reality for a while.

I had a guy tell me once... "You DM games you wish you could play in." I find that to be more and more true everyday.

Group Dynamics

about 6 - 8 player who have been gaming together for over 6 years and were all friends outside of gaming. All the players are in their 30's or 40's except for the newest who is in his 20's. Everyone but the most recent add are veteran players of many different RPG's besides DnD / PF.
2 players are Min/Maxers + RP guys (good mix)
2 are into the RP aspect and build under powered PC alot of the time with flavor.
2 are not serious players and show up whenever and just build a character in 15 minutes to play.
1 is a full on RP guy with really cool flavor but way under powered.
1 is an all out Min/Maxer who would just as easily play miniatures combat only and have no RP.

My DM resume
- DM for over 20 years / DnD / Adv. DnD / (missed 3.0) / 3.5 and now PF + dozens of other D20 / D10's / D6's games.

The group has 5 people who can DM with me and two others doing most of the DMing. The rest jump in for short spans, games that cap at 7 - 12 levels, to give us a break. We switched from 3.5 to PF about 2-3 years ago. I voted yes only if we would still allow 3.5 content in our games and we all agreed. Now at the present time 3.5 content is seldom allowed into any games but mine. They never say to me... hey lets do straight PF when I offer 3.5 content and always pick crazy races + classes to play (which is awesome and fun - which is the point right?)

I allow 3.5 content in 95% of my games. I have ran dozens of games to the high 20's levels and a 2 1/2 years game to level 42 where they became gods. I allow level adjusted creatures, Savage Species both the 3.0 and the Bestiary levels found in PF conversion forum and even custom Gestalt games where LA races + classes level together.

I have spoken at length to the group on this subject and they all know how I feel and the answer they always give is this...
- 3.5 is too broken and the games become uncontrollable.

I find this hard to believe. I have no problem handling it in my games and they use to run 3.5 all the time before we switched. I have been through every class that I care to in PF already and am bored and yearn for the builds I want to play for my Fun. Don't get me wrong I love the PF system, way better then 3.5 but combining the two gives you the ability to literally create any fantasy character you can imagine.

My Bucket list builds/3.5


Rogue / Invisible Blade / Master Thrower
Barbarian / War Hulk
Fighter / War Forged Juggernaut
Druid / Planar Shepherd
Dread Necromancer
Warlock / Hellfire Warlock
Sorc / Demon Binder
Sorc / abjuration champion / Force mage
Fighter / Disciple of Dispater
and many many more...

If I stop DMing the group just games less and I rather DM then not as it is a great way to spend time with friends. But every up and coming future game is low level and PF only and I see myself having no fun in any of the games that are being planned.

- Does anyone else allow 3.5 content in their games? If not why?

- Anyway to handle this better as I am starting to resent them somewhat and have lost respect for them as we all agreed to add PF to our gaming system not switch over completely. I have described many "broken" PF builds just to show them that any system can be abused. But recently have considered playing them and that's a path that leads to no fun for anyone. They just seem unwilling to compromise or work with me so I can enjoy gaming as much as they do.

- Just curious if anyone else has faced this? Would love some good advice as I use to love playing with these guys.

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Good News people... One of our groups DM's has agreed to run a lite hearted adventure (we usually play serious games). I am really going out on a limb and will attempt to RP a Bard, a class I have never done before.


- PF + limited 3.5 allowed (none of the game smasher builds, like Diplomancer).
- Golarion world setting
- 20 pt buy in / any alignment but evil
- Homebrew adv.
- All PC's start as Bards

We are all in a Band with Dark Flavor (heavy metal / rock) that travels Golarion performing shows along the way we fight evil / solve mysteries (think Golarians version of Scooby Doo or KISS saves Christmas). I took up the position as the "voice" of the group (lead singer). We have a Nordic human lute (guitar) player (melee), Base player (melee), Dual wand wielding drummer (UMD specialist) + one undecided.

I need help with my Bard, where to begin? I am thinking... I want more RP with focus on the fun of a Rock Star (parties, women, destroying Inn's and so on...) getting Famous and making much gold (which as a young star I spend foolishly) is high priority. But I don't want to be totally combat ineffective.

Bard - (Demogogue) 6 / ?
Dhampir / C-N
only Feat I decided on is Leadership to get groupies

I want the Incite Violence power to create a Mosh Pit at our concerts + Famous and Gather Crowd ability. Great for RP but not real useful in combat. I like PRC's but have no idea what to go after my 6 levels. My thoughts keep going to MindBender class but that seems a bit too Dark.

Ideas for PRC's?
Melee or Ranged?
Point buy in besides Cha?
Feats (mostly for RP / flavor)?
RP ideas to be a "better" Rock Star?
DM would like to play off our actions, what should we as a Band do to give him help with hooks?
Band Names???

Thanks in advance.

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As a DM its hard to choose what to challenge your PC's with as we have literally unlimited choices. That being said what is your favorite Creatures,Monsters,Races or Homebrew Creation that you love to stomp on PC's with and why?

If your a Player... what creatures have you fought that you really enjoyed and which ones surprised you with their difficulty?

Have a good story lets hear it...

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Just wanting to get some opinions on my conversion of Shadow Dancer class for a game we are playing with no magic before I hand it over to DM for approval. Looking for any improvements, suggestions, ideas or game balance problems that a second pair of eyes always seems to be able to pick out. Trying to fill a slot on the team that is missing... flavored toward scouting. Thanks in advance.

World Premise:

Ancient Greek world - think Jason and Argonauts or the Clash of the Titans. The worlds population is 90% human with a mix of "Asians"(Orcs) and select "classic" creatures like Medusa, winged horses, Huge vermin, Gaints and so forth... We are Defending our nation (with corrupt King) against an invasion of the monstrous Asians army and questing for items to help us in the war. We are using pathfinder rules but no magic / spell like abilities.

Group PC's
2 - Fighters (Phalanx Soldier)
1 - Ranger (core - switch hitter w/favorite enemy Human - Monstrous Humanoid - Magical beast)
1 - Fighter (Weapon Master w/Bow as main weapon)
1 - Monk (Flowing Monk)

Monk (martial artist) 4 / Fighter 2 / Shadow Scout 10 (Shadow Dancer)

Shadow Scout
1. Camouflage

2. Evasion / Uncanny Dodge

3. Shadow Armor I / Rogue Talent / Sneak Attack (1d6)

4. Low Light Vision

5. Shadow Armor II / Defensive Roll / Imp. Uncanny Dodge

6. Rogue Talent / Imp. Low Light Vision / Sneak Attack (2d6)

7. Shadow Armor III / Bonus Feat: Skill Focus - perception

8. Blindsense - 5ft.

9. Shadow Armor IV / Rogue Talent / Sneak Attack (3d6)

10. Imp. Evasion / Shadow Master / Blindsense - 10ft.
* will use Shadowdancers skills, saves and BAB.

The Swap Out
Level - Original class feature - New class feature

1st. - Hide in Plain Sight - Camouflage
3rd. - Shadow Illusion - Sneak Attack (1d6)/3rd. level
3rd. - Summon Shadow - Shadow Armor
I - 3rd. level
II - 5th. level
III - 7th. level
IV - 9th. level
4th. - Shadow Call - Sneak Attack (2d6)/6th. level
4th. - Shadow Jump 40ft. - Low Lite Vision
6th. - Shadow Jump 80ft. - Imp. Low Light Vision
7th. - Slippery Mind - Bonus Feat: Skill Focus Perception
8th. - Shadow Power - Sneak Attack (3d6)/9th level
8th. - Shadow jump 160ft. - Blindsense 5ft.
10th. - Shadow Jump 360ft. - Blindsense 10ft.
10th. - Shadow Master - (explained below)

Uncommon abilities explained:
- You can craft simple but effective camouflage from the surrounding foliage. You need 1 minute to prepare the camouflage and it is good for the rest of the day or until the you fails a saving throw against an area effect spell that deals fire, cold, or acid damage, whichever comes first. You a +4 bonus on Stealth checks while within terrain that matches the foliage used to make the camouflage. This ability cannot be used in areas without natural foliage.

Imp. Low Light Vision
- triple normal vision range in dim light.

Shadow Armor
- A Shadow Scout become proficient at making and applying a special greasy oil to his armor. This helps blur the texture of the armor, while also dampening the sound and masking the scouts scent.

- Shadow/grants a +1 competence bonus* on Stealth checks.
- Slick/provides a +1 competence bonus* on its wearer's Escape Artist checks.
- Scent Binder/provides a +1* to the DC of any creature trying to track the scout by scent. For each hour that the trail is cold, the DC increases by 2.

- Shadow/grants a +1 competence bonus
- Slick/provides a +1 competence bonus
- Scent Binder/provides a +2 to the DC

- Shadow/grants a +1 competence bonus
- Slick/provides a +1 competence bonus
- Scent Binder/provides a +3 to the DC

- Shadow/grants a +2 competence bonus
- Slick/provides a +2 competence bonus
- Scent Binder/provides a +5 to the DC

* These bonuses are cumulative for a total of +5 at the end of the class progression.

Shadow Master
- At 10th level, due to his training in low light conditions, whenever a shadow scout is in an area of dim light, he gains +2 competence bonus on all saving throws. In addition, whenever he successfully scores a critical hit against a foe who while fighting in an area of dim light, he is able to direct the blow to cause his foe to be blinded for 1d6 rounds.

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Not sure if this should be under Homebrew but it is advice i am seeking. I am playing around with the concept of an adventure where PC's come in as 0 level commoners or experts (A militia force) and the entire game takes place in 3 Month long siege. based on the Drenai Series of books with the Legend of Druss.


- PF rules set but low magic and magical items world. (EX: highest level "Mages" would be the NPC Adepts), No magic stores. Some Weapons of legacy items will be introduced and possible a few minor magical items from core book.
--- Magic using classes Like Paladin / Ranger would recieve feats in place of spell casting - some alternate 3.5 class stuff.

- All PF books allowed and limited 3.5 contents if it helps the flavor of the game.

- The Drenai Empire is under threat. The tribal Nadir people have been united for the first time by the great warleader Ulric, who has forged a massive empire in the North. The Drenai leader Abalayn is trying to negotiate new treaties with Ulric, but war is brewing and a 500,000 strong Nadir army marches on the fortress of Dros Delnoch, gateway to the Drenai heartlands. Dros Delnoch is the greatest fortress in the world, a narrow pass guarded by six high walls and a great keep, but under Abalayn its complement of defenders has been reduced to less than 10,000 men under the leadership of an unfit General.

- The fate of the Drenai hinges on the defence of Dros Delnoch. If the fortress can hold the Nadir horde for three months, the Drenai general Magnus Woundweaver might be able to gather and train a Drenai army. However, given the odds, no-one truly believes that Delnoch can be held


Dros Delnoch:
is a Drenai fortress that guards the pass between the Nadir homeland to the north, and the Drenai homeland to the south. Dros Delnoch is made of six concentric walls and a keep. The first and strongest wall is sixty feet high and four hundred paces wide, with towers set every fifty paces. Wall One is called Eldibar, meaning 'Exultation', for it is where the enemy is initially repelled. Wall Two is called Musif, or 'Despair', because by now the defenders have seen the fall of Eldibar. Wall Three is Kania, or 'Renewed Hope'. Wall Four is Sumitos, or 'Desperation'. Wall Five is Valteri, or 'Serenity', because by now the defenders know that they will die, but they are determined to face the end with courage. Wall Six is Geddon, or 'Death'. It is said that Dros Delnoch would never fall while men with courage stood on its walls.

At first this seemed like an easy go but as i looked at it more i started to see some issues...

1. - Battles rage on all day in the book. How to get PC's resources to match up?

2. - Leveling - EXP? I understand the exp per creature fought but being pulled in as Militia right off the farm fields to being a 15 level fighter in 3 months... does not add up right in my mind. Anyway around the leveling process but still make them grow more powerful?

3. - How to keep it interesting? I love the idea of the PC's standing on a wall repelling a barbaric horde and their are some "events" planned but would this get boring?

4. - Healing? (plan on having Adepts to help if critically injured) any alternate ways by rest or Heal check beyond what PF provides... taking any ideas?

5. - Fatigue and exhaustion how would you calculate DC for all day fighting and not enough rest and wounds not fully healed.
--- infection rules... anyone know of any?

6. - Classes / PRC's Any 3rd party stuff out their to make a full casting class useful with no magic in a low magic world? Druid Wild Shape would fit the flavor of the tribes man.

7. - Where in Golarion would this be a good fits? What Country or area?

8. - Point buy for stats? How much is too much or not enough?

9. - Point out any problems i am missing... let me know you thoughts.

I am taking any idea you have to make this a great time for my group. Thanks in advance.

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OK so I will be playing in my first E-6 game and not played a fighter in years and only played 1 bow guy ever. The DM has great detail in his game and has laid out a nice small town the group will be operating out of.

Here the game rules

Characters will level normally until they reach level 6. After this point for every 5000 xp gained a characters will receive a bonus feat. This feat must be one for which they qualify as normal or can be off of the E6 feat list.

E-6 Feat selection:
Ability Advancement [Combat]
You've spent time perfecting one of your abilities.
Benefit: Choose one Ability Score; you gain a permanent +1 bonus to that ability score.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times, however, it may only be taken twice for each ability score.

Expansive Skill
Benefit: Upon taking this feat you acquire 4 skill ranks.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times.

Skill Beyond Your Years
Prerequisite: Level 6
Benefit: Upon taking this feat you select a skill. Your max ranks with the chosen skill rise from 6 to 8.

Caster Training
Prerequisite: Character level 6, Ability to cast Arcane or Divine spells.
Benefit: Choose a spell casting class that you have, your effective caster level for that class becomes equal to your total hitdice +2. This does not grant you additional spells or slots.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times, however, you are required to choose a class with which you have not taken this feat.

Expanded Spell Repertoire
Prerequisite: Ability to spontaneously cast spells.
Benefit: Choose a spontaneous spellcasting class in which you can cast spells. You gain an additional spell known for each level of spell that you can cast.

Expanded Casting
Prerequisite: Character Level 6th
Benefit: Choose a spellcasting class in which you have levels. You gain an additional spell slot at any level you can already cast. This feat may be taken multiple times.

School Specialist
Prerequisite: Wizard 6, Knowledge (Arcana) 6 ranks
Benefit: You gain the eighth level specialist power from your chosen school. If you have chosen the Abjuration School, you instead increase your Resistance ability from 5 to 10.

Awakened Bloodline
Prerequisite: Sorcerer 6
Benefit: You gain your bloodline's bonus 3rd level spell, and its 9th level granted bloodline power.

Martial Veteran [Combat]
Prerequisite: Fighter 6
Benefit: Upon taking this feat you are treated as having fighter level 8, and Base Attack Bonus +8 for the purpose of selecting feats. In addition when using the Power Attack or Combat Expertise feat you are treated as having +8 Base Attack Bonus.

Master Combatant [Combat]
Mastery of your craft has increased the effectiveness of your fighter special abilities.
Prereq: Fighter 6
Benefit: You acquire Armor Training 2, and your Bravery increases to +3. You may also choose a second group of weapons with which to gain the Weapon Training Bonus, however, your bonus does not increase.

Focus Your Rage
Prerequisite: Barbarian 2
Benefit: You may select an additional Rage Power.
Special: You may select this feat twice.

Barbaric Resilience
Prerequisite: Barbarian 6
Benefit: You gain DR 1/--
Special: You may take this feat a second time, improving your DR from 1 to 2.

Extra Wild Shape
Prerequisite: Wild Shape Class Feature
Benefit: You may Wild Shape one additional time each day.
Special: You may select this feat twice.

Plant Shaping
Prereq: Druid 6, Knowledge (Nature) 6 ranks
Benefit: You may use Plant Shape I through your Wild Shape Class Feature.

Improved Elemental Form
Prerequisite: Druid 6, Knowledge (The Planes) 6 ranks
Benefit: You may use Elemental Body II through your Wild Shape Class Feature.

Extra Favored Terrain
Prerequisite: Ranger 3
Benefit: You may select a second Favored Terrain, but your terrain bonuses do not improve.

Step of the Wild Lands
Prerequisite: Ranger 6, Survival 6 ranks
Benefit: You gain the Woodland Stride, Swift Tracker and Camouflage class abilities.

Rogue Talent
Prerequisite: Rogue 2
Benefit: You learn one Rogue Talent of your choice.

Advanced Rogue Talent
Prerequisite: Rogue 6, Rogue Talent feat
Benefit: You learn one Advanced Rogue Talent of your choice. Special: This feat may only be selected once.

Extra Domain
Prerequisite: Cleric 6, Knowledge (Religion) 6 Ranks, Skill Focus: Knowledge (Religion)
Benefit: You gain the domain power and spell list of one additional domain associated with your deity.

Divine Channeling
Prerequisite: Cleric 6
Benefit: Your channel energy dice change from d6 to d8.

Divine Aura
Prerequisite: Paladin 6
Benefit: You may select one of the following Paladin Abilities to acquire; Aura of Resolve, Aura of Justice, or Aura of Faith.
Special: You may take this feat twice.

Excelling Flurry
Prerequisite: Monk 6
Benefit: You use Flurry of Blows with no penalty to your attack bonus.

Flow Like Water
Prereq: Monk 6, Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility
Benefit: You gain the Improved Evasion special ability and your Monk AC Bonus increases to +2.

Enlightened Spirit
The order of the universe flows through your mastery of ki
Prerequisite: Monk 6
Benefit: You gain the Ki Pool (lawful) benefit.

Enlightened Body
Prerequisite: Monk 6
Benefit: Your gain the Wholeness of Body Monk ability.

Enlightened Fist
Prerequisite: Monk 6
Benefit: Your unarmed strike damage increases by one step. Special: This feat may only be taken once.

Dirge of Doom
Prerequisite: Bard 6
Benefit: You gain access to the Bard Song ability Dirge of Doom.

Experienced Performer
Prerequisite: Bard 6, Perform (any) 6 ranks
Benefit: You may start a bardic performance as a move action instead of a standard action.

Master Performer
Prerequisite: Bard 6, Perform (any) 6 ranks, Experienced Performer, Skill Focus: Perform (any)
Benefit: You may start a bardic performance as a swift action.

Lingering Song
Your inspirational bardic music stays with the listeners even after the last note has died away.
Prerequisite: Bardic Music
Benefit: If you use Bardic Music to Inspire Courage or Inspire Competence, the effect lasts for a number of additional rounds equal to the number of rounds that your performance lasted.

- Pathfinder only game
- start with the Toughness feat for free
- Alignments: Good or Neutral only (I am open to any)
- Races: Core only (thinking human for extra feat)
- Classes: All Core plus APG and Magus. (UC is still up in the air at this time?)
*** No Paladin, Inquisitor, Anti-paladin, Summoner, Samurai, Ninja or Gunslinger.
- All Archetypes are allowed
- Abilities: point buy is 20. No lowering of Abilities to gain more points.
- Traits: 2 as normal
- No Templates

My 1st. priority is damage / my 2nd is Defence. I have a folder full of Dead "flavor characters".lol It will be 5 PC group (possible others will be - fighter/melee and Cavalier/mounted feats) so far no magic users. I looked at the other DPR threads but the one was a build to 10th level and after reading numerical/math formulas my eyes glossed over and I nodded off...

- Looking for A Bow damage dealing build that is playable at each level up to 6th. I am also open to 1 or 2 level dip in another class if it helps out the total concept of the character.

*** It was not mentioned above but assume Low low Magic world with the probability of finding (instead of having made) magical items, so I cannot depend on them being made or put them into the build. Also his games do not go long so no building past 6th level is needed (such as extra feat for 5000 EXP).

- Archer type seems a bit weak... what would be better?

Point Placement
- no stat can be lowered to gain extra points to the 20 buy in.
Str -?
Dex -?
Con -?
Int - 10/? (net worth in a low magic world vs skills)?
Wis - 10/? " "
Cha - 10

- Thinking Human for extra feat? (but open to any)
-- Alternate racial feature that would help
--- Alternate class skill point options or is +1 hit point better?

Feat progression from 1st level (DPR threads seem to be built in a vacuum).
- DR maybe a problem w/Bow (any UC feats to help this)?
--- only look for feats to 6th level...

1. WF - Point Blank - Precisie shot
2. Rapid Shot
3. ?
4. Weapon Spec
5. ?
6. ManyShot

- Traits?[/b[

- [b]Armor
- Looking for Defense so I assume Heavy but any other good options or ideas?

Trying to get the most out of 6th levels as we are going no higher and low magic items. Thanks upfront.

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Looking for help from all the wonderful imaginations out in PF land.

- Homebrew game... PC's are 14th level. Lagdufn the 1/2 Orc Bardic leader of the good aligned PC group has gained 15 loyal Orc minions NPC's and a magical flying Viking long boat w/ a magical horn that can summon 2d6 ghostly viking warriors to defend it.
- Lagdufn left with the PC adventuring party on some Epic mission leaving his Orc minions behind in the city of Riddleport in Varisia with only the bare min orders of protecting the viking boat from theft and to "stay out of trouble". He also could not tell them when he would be back and gave them 4 months advance gold payment as they work for him.

- Me being the DM that likes to flesh out details and knowing Riddleports reputation would like to have a story line to fill in on what happened with his Minions while he was gone for 4 months. I don;t want to kill them all off... looking for some tongue and cheek fun or maybe a side adventure hook... I just imagine those bored Orcs in Riddleport with gold in thier pocket and think... what would happen... Muahh ahhh ahhh (DM's finger temple of evil thought)

Orc Minion levels
mixture or rogue and fighter levels
alignment - Chaotic Nuetral
- 3 CR 9's
- 1 CR 5
- 1 CR 3
- 5 CR 2's
- 5 CR 1's

- Riddleport - is the third-largest city in Varisia and is a haven for pirates and sea-faring brigands, who find themselves far to the north of the Arch of Aroden. Teeming with criminals and rogues of all kinds, Riddleport is full of potential danger and hard-to-avoid intrigue. Also known as the City of Cyphers.
- Riddleport's blind-eye approach to crime has led to a population largely skewed toward scoundrels, outcasts, and cutthroats who fill its harbor and dockside brothels.

- Any ideas on some fun plots that could take place that would get the Orc's and by way of being their employer (Lagdufn) into trouble would be welcome...

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Stunned A stunned creature drops everything held, can't take actions, takes a -2 penalty to AC and loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any).

I understand how stun works mechanically, my problem is how to visualize a group of PC's standing around a stunned creature for (let's say 3 rounds) hacking at it and if the creature has enough hit points it survives to fight on....

---How is stun not an instant kill?
---What would stun look like (visual) to describe to a group why this creature is still standing (not helpless) but allowing PC's to beat on it for 3 rounds (or whatever amount of stunned rounds it has)?

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Golarion Today reports that the long time DM has lost control of his faculties and needs help. This "Brain Freeze" is casuing him difficulties in forming ideas for an up coming adventure.

- Hey guys... in a few days from now i will be DMing a short game. My idea was based on The Elemental planes being fed up with all the enslaved summoning taking place by the material plane world of Golarion. They decided enough was enough. The only idea that struck me was that anyone using summoning (conjuration) would have to make a caster level check or get their spell subverted and summon an uncontrolled Elemental. After that i am drawing a blank...

- I have not come up with any good ideas involving encounters or a serious plot that has not been done to death. The group has seen and done it all so looking for something a bit more unheard of? I like them to have to discover what is happening and find an answer to the problem.


A group of hard core gamers with over 7 years exp in 3.5/pathfinder gaming... so no novices.

Pathfinder core + APG + UM

Base races

9th. level start going to 14/15th level.

5 person party
--- 20 point buy in

Good aligned PC's

Half starting wealth of level 9.
--- + 2 free magical minor items

1. Need help with Plot ideas / plot reveal ideas
2. Encounter ideas
3. Some insight into the Elementals way of think towards the Golarion and summoners in general
4. Any idea to shake up a group of gamers who pretty much dared me to come up with something they have not seen?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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A question on how healing effects this spell...

--- 5th level wiz/Sorc


Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Targets one living creature
Duration 3 rounds
Saving Throw Fortitude partial; Spell Resistance yes

- This spell extracts the air from the target's lungs, causing swift suffocation. The target can attempt to resist this spell's effects with a Fortitude save-if he succeeds, he is merely staggered for 1 round as he gasps for breath.
- If the target fails, he immediately begins to suffocate. On the target's next turn, he falls unconscious and is reduced to 0 hit points. One round later, the target drops to -1 hit points and is dying. One round after that, the target dies. Each round, the target can delay that round's effects from occurring by making a successful Fortitude save, but the spell continues for 3 rounds, and each time a target fails his Fortitude save, he moves one step further along the track to suffocation.
- This spell only affects living creatures that must breathe. It is impossible to defeat the effects of this spell by simply holding one's breath-if the victim fails the initial Saving Throw, the air in his lungs is extracted.

Here the gist of it...

Combat Sequence

1st. Dav, Calerian and Thar enter the cave and get hit by this spell.
--- Dav and Calerian fail there save, Thar makes its.
2nd. Calerian makes his save and is staggered. Dav does not and is reduced to 0 hit points and is unconscious. Thar protect them from on rushing NPC's.
3rd. Calerian makes his save and is staggered. Dav fails his save again and is at -1 hit points. Thar uses a wand of cure moderate to heal Dav and hopefully stop him from dieing. Dav's hit points go to positive (+)17.
4th. Calerian fails his save and is at 0 hit points and is unconscious. Dav fails his save and dies. Thar cries out to the unfairness of it all...

So the obvious question is this... does the wand healing in the 3rd round of combat save Dav from death even though he was at positive hit points? Or does a magical healing not cure damage from suffication? Could you still suffocate with and die with positive hit point?

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To all my fellow DM's... TPK and DM saves is it something you allow and if so how often and under what circumstances so as to not break the "suspension of reality"? Just curious how other DM's handle theses situations.

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Just seeing if anyone else is having this issue. Most Old School gamers have hundreds if not thousands invested in RP books and etc...

I have been playing with a group of 5-9 players(rotating DM's between 4 of us) for the last 5 years and thankfully although they ordered 4E they hated it, so as a group we decided to give PF a try. We ran a straight PF game and loved the new skill rules/sets and class options (its a great game system) and we decided to add it into our gaming as an upgraded 3.75 D-n-D/PF hybrid games. I did not want to stop using all the resources of 3.5 that i had invested in. This lasted about 6 months and now were to the point where we seldom have a game allowing 3.5.

I love PF but i have the above invested amount in 3.5 (as i am sure most reading this do as well) with dozens and dozens of character combos that i really want to play. Not too mention was a victim of the 2nd edition switch to 3.0 which we all lost tons in books as well... lol Anyone else feel this way?

Now i have the opportunity to join a new group (much smaller... 4 people including myself) that is playing 3.5 only (no PF). They are excited about having me join and although I don;t know them well we have a few things in common and think i would get along well with them.
The Problem is I feel a bit guilty about jumping groups... I have made myself clear how i feel about straight PF games but it seems to fall on deaf ears... Trying to play in both would be hard (not undoable) but would mean i would not be DMing my original group anymore as i would spend that time with my new group.

How would i approach my original group and explain this?

I should point out part of my fun in gaming is character creation. I spend hours getting them built to 20th level with all feat/class options and every nuance in detail. I have played over 30 PF characters (and created many more for NPC's) and am just bored with it.

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Playing in 2 days and I never played a Bard before... anyway Bard can get Magic Missile on their spell list? Pathfinder core books + APG + UM allowed.

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So I let my DM know how unhappy i was after losing my 24th character(I keep dead characters as NPC's for my games). Mind you this is over a long period of time.

Group: We been gaming together about 5 years. 9 players with an average of 3-6 showing up at anyone time (including DM in those numbers). Age range 23 - 44 with all different playing styles. We rotate DMing between 6 of us. We play all genre of RP - western/modern/future/superhero/homebrew.

I figured i have played in about 8-10 of his games in that 5 year period. Thats 2-3 charactera a game (more or less) i know I lost 4 in one and a few i made it through on 2.

EX:(just a few and not all this bad... these were the worse). These characters were of all types flavor and opt...many races and alignments.

- He has gone as far as to coupe an unconscious character of mine as a full round action in middle of combat with all other PC's up (never been done before or after to anyone else in group).
- Told me, as i was falling in an underground cavern over a river of motlen lava, that it was not dim light or darker (cloak of bat could of saved me).
- D-Doored a boss behind an archer of mine who was only killing minions every other round from a distance while entire group with heavy melee power were taking out his main force.

No one else has died near as much. I called him on it after he let another PC live (who was destined to die on the next round) by having the BBEG just walk away in the middle of combat (i was hiding and not fighting as a rogue at the time).

Problem... were friends in real life and work together. I like the guy were social outside of gaming and as far as i know he likes me as well. He got upset when i called him on it and stopped the game for the evening (postponed now 4 weeks), said i was calling him a liar when he disagreed on how my PC were killed unfairly and how often. The group kinda buzzed in that i was right but were mostly staying out of the conversation.
This saturday were starting up again. He wants me to play in the game. I am bringing in a new PC (Bard flavor character no heavy combat abilities) and am fearful that
A. He will treat me with kids glooves (not what i want and no fun or fair)
B.ignore my character

We have talked and i showed him my "Dead Pool" folder and everything seems good to go... He never really had any real response to me about it. It was laughable at first but i build all my character to 20th level with everything picked out in advance to speed up leveling so our game time is spent gaming.

Just wondering if anyone has ran into this before.

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I will be joining the Carion Crown a game already in progress, they are currently on the 3rd. book level 6.
All core books + APG + UM
Good aligned group (Rogue, Bard/Cleric, (2)Inquisitor, fighter)

PC- Bard/6 (going Pathfinder Chronicler)
Taking a feat out of UM to get an arcane bloodline(Fey) power of an animal companion (-3 level).

Staying with the flavor of the PRC - Brave explorer of lost or forgotten knowledge, Pathfinder chroniclers are quintessential adventurers and new and mysterious vistas.
In part of my back story I explored the Isle of Jalmeray and its jungles where i befriended a pack of monkeys.

Primate, Monkey Swarm
CR 2
N Tiny animal (swarm)
Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +5

AC 15, touch 15, flat-footed 12 (+3 Dex, +2 size)
hp 22 (3d8+9)
Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +2
Defensive Abilities half damage from weapons, swarm traits

OFFENSESpeed 30 ft., climb 20 ft.
Melee swarm (2d6 plus distraction)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks distraction (DC 14)

Str 7, Dex 16, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 11
Base Atk +2; CMB —; CMD —
Feats Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Finesse*
Skills Acrobatics +11, Climb +10, Perception +5; Racial Modifiers +4 Acrobatics, +8 Climb
SQ coordinated swarm

I am not trying for something broken here... just mostly flavor with a bit of protection.
How could I scale this on the animal companion chart so it stays balanced?

I was thinking this...
- No special powers from the right side of the chart (swarm traits are pretty good).
- Everytime it gains a HD on the chart i was going to increase the population of a habitat of Monkeys (equal to HD on the chart) for replacements of the one i lose in combat. After some research the beastiary list a pack of tiny animal needs to be 300 to form a swarm.

Question is this doable/playable (comedy relief Bard - fun RP style).
Any ways to make it better or more presentable to my DM?


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From PFSRD -


Benefit: Pick one spell when you choose this trait. When you apply metamagic feats to this spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell’s final adjusted level.


Benefit: The impact of your force spell is strong enough to knock the target prone. If the target takes damage, fails its saving throw, or is moved by your force spell, make a trip check against the target, using your caster level plus your casting ability score bonus (Wisdom for clerics, Intelligence for wizards, and so on). This does not provoke an attack of opportunity. If the check fails, the target cannot attempt to trip you or the force effect in response.

A toppling spell only affects spells with the force descriptor. A toppling spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.


A missile of magical energy darts forth from your fingertip and strikes its target, dealing 1d4+1 points of force damage.

The missile strikes unerringly, even if the target is in melee combat, so long as it has less than total cover or total concealment. Specific parts of a creature can't be singled out. Objects are not damaged by the spell.

For every two caster levels beyond 1st, you gain an additional missile - two at 3rd level, three at 5th, four at 7th, and the maximum of five missiles at 9th level or higher. If you shoot multiple missiles, you can have them strike a single creature or several creatures (Targets up to five creatures, no two of which can be more than 15 ft. apart). A single missile can strike only one creature. You must designate targets before you check for spell resistance or roll damage.

OK... So you are a Sorc. with a ton of 1st level Magic Missiles that you can altered by this meta feat... sounds like great fun for hitting smaller minions and maybe even mid size bosses.

A question... If several missile hit one creature do you get to make separate trip attempts for each missile?

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Ok.... read it a few times, if I missed something forgive me. I searched the board but found nothing on the 3 rd. Level ability Wordstrike.

What range increments?

Line of sight? Effect?

Concealment / miss chance effect it?

Is it a range touch? Mentions "standard action to direct a burst of sonically charged words at a creature or object."
--- if burst it does not list a save or DC formula as the other archetypes do.

It states living creatures automaticly get 1/2 damage?

Just looking for a little clarifications.


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Golarian Global News Network (GGNN) reports that the last of the Alchemist bombs fell on the once powerful Rakshasa race today. In a historic event the Rakshasas have been defeated.
Pathfinder error or am I just not getting it? I am DMing the PF module Cult of the Ebon Destroyer/8th lv PC's. Per module they encounter a single Rak.(boosted)
- AC 31 T-18 / DR 15 g-n-p / SR 25 / 135 htpts.
The PC's have some high AC so I boosted the Rak. With large template for the extra Nat armor, htpts and str to hit (was not in the set.up). I thought the encounter might be too tough... boy was I wrong....

Ninja, fighter/hellknight, Ranger (bow focus), Barbarian and the dreaded Alchemist.

Combat: (takes place in living room 20x20 room).

Surprise rd - to my Rak. (Thanks to detect thoughts) he knew they had him in his disguised form. Hit Ninja and Barbarian for 48 (good roll/they failed st) with lightning bolt.

Round 1
Rak got good Int and goes first with a 25. Cast lightning again on Ninja and Barbarian, moves, changes to natural form(free action).
Group - Ninja moves and hits due to flank bonus 7 (Dr absorbs most of the.dmg), Barbarian takes a cure mod potion(injured prior to this encounter), Ranger hits w/arrow no dmg., Alchemist hits with 2 fire bomb 42 pts, Hellknight hits hard vital strike
14 pts after Dr.

Round 2
Rak moves lightning bolts Alchemist and ranger 22 dmg (half) they made st.
Group - Ninja misses, Barbarian moves and uses intimidating glare rage power (Rak is shaken), Ranger hits no dmg, Alchemist hits with 2 bombs (excluding all allies.near my Rak) for 52 (rolled.good 4d6 + Int 4), Hellknight vital strike crit for 25 after Dr... killing my.Rak.

The Alchemist will be the downfall of the Rakshasa, the creatures SR ( a caster would have to roll a 17 to hit with mass dam spell) is provide him protection.against huge dmg spells. The Alchemist kicks out all that dmg with no Sr to slow him up and touch AC.
Alchemist defeats Rakshasa race.

Am I seeing this wrong?

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Character: Alchemist(archetype)-internal alchemist/Master Chymist. I don't have my book with me and searched the board + PFSRD for this answer... found many discussions but no direct answer.

Mutagen - alchemical bonus to stat + natural armor.

Monsterous physique(MP) - Size bonus to Str/Con, Neg bonus to Dex + natural armor.

Undead Anatomy(UA) - Size bonus to Str/Con, Neg bonus to Dex + natural armor

The plan: Take the combined extract discovery (MP + UA) + Mutagen. What does it all wash down to what stacks and what does not?
--- If i remember right the MP/UA level I's give a size bonus of str and con + natural armor but your size does not change (assuming medium size). I believe that MP/UA level II spells do change your size... so could you take a UA I + MP II and gain both size bonuses + size increase?

I assume that the alchemical bonus from mutagen stats increase stacks with the size bonuses stat increase.
- Does the natural armor stack (MP + UA + Mutagen)?
- Does the size bonus from MP+UA stack? How about if they are different level spells with an actual size increase?
- Do the negatives to Dex stack?

I believe the Master Chymist has power that allows you to increase your size... how does that work in?


First Alchemist

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Hope this is the correct place to post.

I have a great group of friends (all older people) who I enjoy RP with over the last 5 years. Group size varies from Core 5 to up to 9 players. We play many different type of RPG's. I DM and we swith off at at even rate so you get play time as well as running time.

Heres the problem and hopefully some advice. The gaming table has become crazy... Stopping combat to look up rules / cross table talk so those that are RPing can't even hear at times / not following the game / reading books / looking up spells on their turn ( i mean they had 10 minutes to do that during others guys turns) and just plain signs of boredom. Simple encounters takes an hour while one major encounter went almost 5 hours due to the confusion at the table. Its taking all the fun out of DMing.

Fixes i tried:
- No books / computers / phones at the table (works sorta but hard to enforce with out being a Drill SGT. about it every 10 minutes).
- Went with simplier games, easy on the rules... no dice.
- Rules where if you don;t know how an ability of yours works you can;t use it.

I tried a few other fixes... - I tried talking to them about it and they all agree its a problem but it still continues.

I love to DM with them but even playing is not as much fun anymore. Not sure how i can correct this without hurint a lot of feeling as we do other things outside of gaming.

Any advice is welcome.


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Right lets get to it. House rule or does it make it under standard play rules?

Game Rules
- Serpent Skull Adv path
- Group will be 7 players with only a fighter and a Duelist as main line fighters, no straight magic users, druid and a ranger (ranged).
- Pathfinder only core books /good aligned / Serpent Skull adv path / 15 point buy in / Classes PH and AdvPH only

The premise... C-G Halfling Bard Trixem Willowspring of the Famous Willowspring distillery snd his half brother (Halfling bard PC not yet complete) has found their Father has gone missing on a Pathfinder Society mission (adv. path Serpent Skull) we will be going on the adv to find him or determine if he has died as the Will he left behind is vague (to say the least) about who gets what of the Family fortune between the half brothers.
At 9th level I was going to ask the DM to allow me to take on a Eidolon as my cohort under these conditions/background. My half brother and I are always getting in over our heads and fighting (all in good fun). A good hearted yet free spirited outsider called an Eidolon appears as our ghostly long time pasted Halfling grandfather who is worried that the family name will perish on this adv and has come to the material plane to ensure the survival of the brothers.

- No access to Special abilities on the base statistics table
- He will have access to the rest of the table as a cohort level 2 below my main level as leadership feat states.
- appearance is that of a ghostly Halfling small sized and no evolutions will change his size only add to his "ghostly powers"


Leadership feat - Pg. 129 player handbook Cohort Level[i/] states: "A cohort can be of any race or class."

Summoner - Pg. 55 advance player's guide [i]Eidolon states: "A summoner begins play with the ability to summon to his side a powerful outsider called an eidolon." He qualifies as an outsider.

Outsider - Pg. 309 Bestiary States: (under creature types) "An outsider is at least partially composed of the essence (but not necessarily the material) of some plance other thean the Material Plane.

I never played a summoner but have heard that Eidolons terrible unbalance a game. I am hoping that being 2 levels lower and no special abilities off the table along with small size and evolutions that make him more "ghostly" and don't change his size will lower his power level.

- Can this work within the Pathfinder game rules?
- Would the Eidolon suffer under the rules of being a summoned creature or could it be treated as a native ooutsider or maybe a gated in creature?
- Would it appear as an Eidolon of it equal cohort level on the table and then progress as an Eidolon or could it take class levels?

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HELP, my imagination is taxed... i need items. OK... i have been DM'ing the same group for 5 years and it has recently grown from 4 to 7-9 about 2 times a week. I have tons of source material for games but that being said... I am running low on ideas for new magical items and I know
you guys of the boards will have tons for me.
I am looking for 3rd party / home brew magical item ideas to give out to my wonderful group.

- Does not need to meet an specific build requirements ( i like items with powers that do not meet the +'s category)
- any power level ( we play commoner to level 40's)
- any alignment
- Home brew (you made it up... GREAT!)
- 3rd party sources

Leave me all the specifics (such as scaling powers if they level and so on...)

Thanks in advance.

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I am interested in finding a home brew or 3rd party (or willing to take any advice in how to make) a Shadow Knight from James Clemens series of books called Godslayer.
He is going to be a in service to a nations government as a secret organization that "looks into" unusual phenomenon. Want him to be able to do a little of everything.... Heal, Spell cast, stealth, weapons. In the books they are very independent and operate solo or with a small group of adventures... sometimes with questionable backgrounds. Walks a fine line between goodness and using shadows to achieve their goals.
I am looking at a Paladin (maybe inquisitor)/Shadow Dancer build. The one thing holding it up is the Summon Shadow as i do not wish to have an an undead companion. Any alternate abilities for this class feature of the Shadow Dancer?

Must be good alignment
Core books + APG
Standard 20 point buy in
Standard races (leaning towards human)
Horror campaign setting
DM willing to let me replace the summon shadow class feature of SD with another class feature (not over powered).

Any help or ideas if people have read this series of books would be helpful. Thanks in advance.