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Hey Folks

This PBP Game is no longer active - GM ghosted on us.

Could you please deactivate the game for us.



Hey There

Could the following PBP Thread Starfinder: On Blade's Edge be shifted to Inactive please?

I dropped out just before GM ghosted and its still showing as active campaign in my (and presumably the other players) Online Campaigns

Cheers in advance


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Just wondering if/when we could expect a drop of new avatar images?

There's been a tonne of Starfinder, PF2 and legacy PF1 art that's not appeared and by my reckoning its been a couple of years since the last big drop of art.

Appreciate other stuff takes priority, but for the pbp community they are like mana from the gods.

Even an ETA on when we some new images could be bestowed would go a long way :)

Thanks ahead of time



Hi Guys

I'll direct you to a post that just appeared in a recruitment thread of a PBP I'm in: FInal Post - game is underway and the post itself is a word snatch from an earlier post from one of our group.

Spliced hyperlinks to stuff I have no intention on clicking mixed throughout. I'm a tech neanderthal so have no notion of what's gone on, other than it looks suspect.

Its the only game I'm in that I've noticed it crop up in - but thought it prudent to both flag and cross reference here.



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Hey All

Not sure if this is the right section of the website for this - so please reassign to the correct venue if not...

Sadly I've been involved in two games here on the boards where unfortunately players involved passed away.

Those we lost were: Nick Goodner (aka Thestrongangel) two years ago, and JustinLWarren only last month.

While the games themselves (and others they were involved in) mourned and offered thoughts, prayers and memories of the two gentlemen taken far too soon, I was struck by the notion that this is a fact of life - people do pass, suddenly and shockingly and (sadly) it has likely occurred many times to our online and wider community.

What also stuck me is there was no Paizo-centric thread or section of the website devoted to these sad announcements, or sharing creative memories of those members of the Paizo community we have lost.

Apologies if this has been broached previously - nothing I searched for flagged up (save threads set up in the memory of specific individuals by fellow players/GMs etc).

The announcement of the passing of both above players took me by surprise, and Justin's really shook me to the core, making me reflect on my own life and mortality. From my perspective these are individuals who built uniquely creative events in the games we shared - humour, excitement, pathos and above all else enjoyment.

Just wonder if an "official" corner of the boards to remember these co-creators and fallen friends would have merit?



Testing... Testing...

Hey Folks

Set up a new Starfinder pbp game and did some renaming of the campaign.

Activated the OOC thread for character development (its a closed recruitment) and gameplay thread to allow dotting and deleting.

One of my players flagged up that they tried to post in the gameplay thread and the post got eaten. Tried it as well and getting no preview and no visible post.

Could someone have a look and see what the issue/possible fix is?


Right here’s the OOC thread for my forthcoming PBP take on the Dead Suns AP. Game launch will likely be toward mid September, so we have plenty of time to prep characters and digest the rules.

For the meantime we’ll utilise this thread to discuss character creation, concepts, backgrounds and the AP itself.

From my pov I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi as much as fantasy, both in terms of gaming and as a broader genre. 2000AD and Starlord were my weekly fare for decades with strips like Judge Dredd, The VCs, Nemesis the Warlock, Strontium Dog and Ace Trucking & Co shaping my imagination for decades. Traveller, SpaceMaster, Shadowrun & Judge Dredd RPG were all staples of my halcyon days rolling the bones. Dune is, to me, the zenith of sci-fi writing, but I’ve been inspired by Neuromancer and Ready Player One to name but two. Everything from Space 1999 through to Firefly and The Expanse have ticked my box on the box, and movies like Blade Runner, Outland and Alien(s) to the more recent Rogue One, Dredd and Guardians of the Galaxy have all driven this decision to run Dead Suns.

While I can’t say if this game will be my typical grimdark[star] fare yet - I will be striving to make the feel of the game come alive. From post styles, to use of languages to maps et al… I’m aiming to give the setting a futuristic feel and vibe.

There’s already been some verbal interest given from my freebooting shipmates;

Mark ▸ Ysoki Mechanic
Voodoo ▸ Ysoki [pilot] Mechanic or Android [Merc] Soldier
Scran▸ ????
JW▸ ????

Won't hold you to the above concepts folks as I know reading into SF and the plethora of other sources might throw up some new inspiration. Had a party of 5-6 in mind so we're pretty much there [you guys will get first refusal for the game] and I'll up-recruit from other games I'm in.

Okay now onto the nitty-gritty [will reprint most of this is under my Galactic Master Black Dow profile for ease of reference]:

Classes▸ All classes from the Core StarFinder rules. This game will not be a mass bug-hunt, so character roles covering all types will be highly desirable. You will ultimately get access to ship[s] as the AP develops, but those can be covered and developed upon as you see fit.

Races▸ Core races only please. Appreciate dropping the legacy races into the mix would be fun, but with a tonne of new racial options and flavours I’d prefer to go with the new over the familiar.

Starting Level▸ 1st.

Ability Scores▸ Standard 10 point buy. Flaws are allowed [HouseRule #1: For every 2 points you drop in one ability, you may raise another by 1]

Feats▸ Core.

Languages▸ All characters start off with Common, Racial Tongue and Planetary Language regardless of any additional from INT or Skill picks. Fair warning here I’ve been looking at some of the more colourful and odd language options in Google translate. Some of these may well be attributed to Pact World tongues [but I’m open to discussion on which - would we agreed on a default for Akitonian or Vesk than me imposing it].

Alignment▸ No Evil cheers. You’re heroes, albeit potentially hard-bitten ones lol.

Starting Credits▸ 1000CR

Background▸ The Adventure Path starts on Absalom Station - which is the massive space station that is the epicentre of the Pact Worlds, and now system’s primary home of humanity. The PCs have come to Absalom Station for any number of reasons, but they should have a connection of some kind [be it professional/personal/vague/familiar/convenient/desperate] with a Dwarven Starfinder named Duravor Kreel.

Through data transmissions you have arranged to meet Duravor on Absalom Station (Docking Bay 94) where he has promised to show you round the station, assist in your assimilation to your new home and hopefully recruit you to the Starfinder Society…

Some flavour by Mr Kipling... draw from it what you will... ;)

The King's Pilgrimage - Kipling (1922)

Our King went forth on pilgrimage
His prayers and vows to pay
To them that saved our heritage
And cast their own away.

And there was little show of pride,
Or prows of belted steel,
For the clean-swept oceans every side
Lay free to every keel.

And the first land he found, it was shoal and banky ground -
Where the broader seas begin,
And a pale tide grieving at the broken harbour-mouth
Where they worked the death-ships in.

And there was neither gull on the wing,
Nor wave that could not tell
Of the bodies that were buckled in the life-buoy's ring
That slid from swell to swell.

All that they had they gave - they gave; and they shall not return,
For these are those that have no grave where any heart may mourn.

And the next land he found, it was low and hollow ground -
Where once the cities stood,
But the man-high thistle had been master of it all,
Or the bulrush by the flood.

And there was neither blade of grass,
Nor lone star in the sky
But shook to see some spirit pass
And took its agony.

And the next land be found, it was bare and hilly round -
Where once the bread-corn grew,
But the fields were cankered and the water was defiled,
And the trees were riven through.

there was neither paved highway,
Nor secret path in the wood,
But had borne its weight of the broken clay
And darkened 'neath the blood.

Father and mother they put aside, and the nearer love also -
An hundred thousand men who died whose graves shall no man

And the last land he found, it was fair and level ground
About a carven stone,
And a stark Sword brooding on the bosom of the Cross
Where high and low are one.

And there was grass and the living trees,
And the flowers of the spring,
And there lay gentlemen from out of all the seas
That ever called him King.

'Twixt Nieuport sands and the eastward lands where the Four Red Rivers spring,
Five hundred thousand gentlemen of those that served their King.

All that they had they gave - they gave -
In sure and single faith.
There can no knowledge reach the grave
To make them grudge their death
Save only if they understood
That, after all was done,
We they redeemed denied their blood
And mocked the gains it won...


1st Calistril, 4713 AR

In contrast to the bleak late winter that hangs, pall-like o’er the nation of Brevoy, the meeting chamber deep within the Lord Mayor of Restov’s mansion is warm and opulent. Tapestries drape the walls, their stories of the Rostland region’s history retold in rich colour and thread.

In the corner a fire glows bright, its heat providing welcome warmth to bones and spirits, while torch light makes shadow’s dance to a flickering jig. Underfoot the room’s lacquered timber floor bears detailed carvings of beasts and fey, each hallmarks of Brevic craftsmanship and tradition.

A finely wrought oaken desk finishes the room; each of its four stout legs a carved vista of snapping wolves chasing dancing fey. Atop its surface sit five pewter drinking mugs, each steaming in the room’s low light. Their unmistakeable bouquet confirms their content as Grzaniec – a potent mulled wine of Restov. A calm subtle voice cuts through the eve’s silence;

“Please, please do not stand on ceremony my friends... drink... drink... Let the grzaniec warm your bones.”

Leaning forward into the lamplight reveals the owner of the rich, crisp voice as a woman, lean and angular; perhaps some thirty winters old. Her night black hair frames a face noteworthy for the two pale scars that run from lip to crown; mementos to her martial profession. You notice she is dressed in fine russet robes of imported Tian silk and wears a fine cloak of ermine; all declarations of her status.

At her hip sits an icon of Brevic culture; the signature razor edged duelling blade of the famed Aldori Swordlords.

Idly the woman plays with a silvered letter opener; a miniature doppelganger of the sword she wears, as her eyes scrutinize each of you in deliberate measurement. Whether her gaze is one of the experienced soldier weighing up new recruits, or that a Katapeshie lioness weighing up its next meal you cannot yet distinguish...

Nodding as if the solution to a silent question had revealed itself, she finally speaks:

“Dobrý...Good... Anando seems to have picked adeptly for this particular endeavour we all embark upon.”

Her eyes glance to the leather journal open before her; the self-same journal in which the aforementioned Halfling scrivener “Anando” had judiciously noted names, professions and finer particulars during your initial selection regarding the venture. A venture that many had answered when Restov’s petition requesting “Privateers and Pioneers of a discerning nature, who seek expansionist profit and intrepid adventure” had been first issued to guilds, churches, taverns and upon placards. Yet now only you five stand...

“Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you who do not know me - I am Swordlord Jasna Aldori, and will act today on behalf of my blade brethren and of course the City of Restov’s Lord Mayor Sellumius, to whom we all owe a debt for the warm hospitality on this cold winter eve”.

Those of you familiar with the nation’s language note the woman’s first name. In Old Brevic “Jasna” meant “clear or sharp”, an apt forename for a Swordlord; men and woman renowned throughout the Inner Sea for their duelling prowess in both the political arena and upon the battlefield.

“To business then, let us see what our astute Anando made of you all...”

Here’s the OOC/placeholder thread for all would be adventurer’s in my Kingmaker Adventure Path PBP. Game will be looking to begin in say a couple of weeks [want plenty of time to prep characters and intro scenes].

For the time being we’ll use this to discuss character creation, backgrounds and the upcoming game itself.

As this is an AP I'm hoping it'll run slightly quicker than my Iobarian Saga game, but I'll be flexible to the party's needs.

Most of you know me as a player, so know what to expect in terms of style etc. I enjoy roleplaying as well as roll-playing, so please indulge yourselves when we get underway and don’t take myself too seriously. That being said my version of Kingmaker will be at times be pretty grim, as befits the land you’ll be travelling to. I’m drawing from Old Slavic and fey materials and mythos and also Tales of Old Malgreve sourcebook.

Recap of those interested in answering Restov's call:

Mark Sweetman: ????????
Drayen: Human Aldori Sword Lord?
Thanos Maximo: Elf Wizard (Diviner#?

Have a party of 4-5 in mind, and currently no-one is nailed down to any classes or concepts #hence the ?#.

May open a recruitment thread if needbe, but if any of you know of players in other pbp looking for a game and have had good experiences with then please direct them here.


Okay now onto the nitty-gritty [most of this is under my DM Black Dow profile, but I’ll reprint for ease of reference]:

Classes: All classes/archetypes from Paizo sources.*/**

* Ninja & Samurai will need a great validation/background before I let them in; it’s not that I’m not a fan – just don’t them fitting into this AP too well.

** Gunslingers... Am torn here. Not typically a fan, but the "frontier" nature of the class and the prospect of "cold iron bullers" may make me a believer lol###

#b#Races#/b#: Core ideally, but any fey/slavic flavoured would be considered#

#b#Starting Level#/b#: 1st

#b#Ability Scores#/b#: 20 point buy#

#b#Feats#/b#: Paizo materials are sound# Other sources must be approved by me#

#b#Traits#/b#: 3 traits #one of which must be a Campaign Trait - see below, other sources as above## Please ensure the Campaign Trait selected is reflected in/of your character's background# As with my Iobarian Saga I'll be awarding traits as part of advancement rewards #although unlike the Saga will choose those that fit individual characters particular in-game achievements##

Kingmaker Campaign Traits

Languages: All characters start off with Common and regional language.

Experience Track: Standard.

Hit Points: Max at first level, rolled or class average [PC choice] from their-on in.

Alignment: No Evil cheers. You’re heroes, albeit potentially hard-bitten ones lol.

Starting Gold: Maximum for class.

Background: For those of you familiar with Kingmaker AP, you will probably begin the AP in Brevoy as prospective trailblazers selected to forge a realm in the wild uncharted area of the River Kingdoms. Consider a rationale why your character answered the call or was indentured into the venture #by guild, parent, punishment for crime, political alliance, divine inspiration - whatever#.

Part of the introduction will be the roleplay of the final stage of the selection process, so also give me a short self-summary that your character would have given describing their skills, background, heritage #whatever they would provide#; can be as succinct or verbose as your character would wish :)

Wee question regards pbp generally and my game specifically...

One of my players (Marcus Mayes/Drayen) has recently re-joined my Iobarian Saga pbp game. However his character Dísa Valbjörndóttir is not showing up as an active character...

Will this naturally happen after a number of posts or do you guys have a fix for us?



As a long time fan of Celtic mythos, wonder if anyone's came across rules/archtypes/rage powers for a Warped Warrior style barbarian?

Fundamentally thinking someone who "hulks up/warps" becoming a Large sized "warped" form (with all the bonuses/penalties that come with it)

Cheers ahead o' time


Alright folks,

Am currently running a pbp set in Iobaria which is my Pathfinderised version of TSR's classic UK 2 & 3 series The Sentinel & The Gauntlet rebadged as northern saga.

The game has peppered swathes of Olde English/Dark Ages feel both in terms of language and setting. Its my first as a DM and a love-letter to the classic adventures of my youth and the legends and tales of the Norse and British Isles.

The party were recruited (pressed into service) from other games I'm lucky enough to be part of here on the boards. Currently we have a dwarven (dweorg) priest and human alchemist, barbarian, ranger and fighter.

Would really like a rogue or bard to fill out the ranks and join this saga...

Here's the link to the Campaign Info to give anyone interested a feel of what the games about.

From there check out the game play for an idea of how I GM and how the rest of the group play.

Pretty open to concepts and ideas. Start at 3rd level.

As its a Dark Ages style campaign, I'm keeping the black powder out of the snowy tundra :)

Queries, Questions and Characters welcome...

Hi Guys

Just moved house and trying to clear the decks a little coin-wise. Reluctantly could I ask you cancel my AP subscription until further notice.

I'm hoping to start again with the next AP, so is it easier to suspend by sub or just create a new one when I'm ready?



Hi Folks

Just a longshot here but are there any lawyers on the boards? (I can see the potential one-liners already) Particularly one with experience in employment law...

If your willing (and able) to offer some advice PM me please on:


Wealday 10th Lamashan (Late Autumn)
Late eve in village of Kustir

Weather Conditions: Deep lake haar punctuated with light sleet

The spectral glow from the numerous fishoil lamps does little to ease the eerie feel of Kustnir. And their stink does little to endear you further to this isolated place…

This small Iobarian fishing village, perched on the bank of the Lake of Mist & Dreams, is home to around 90 souls. Though the thick lake haar, and graveyard silence makes you wonder if that the number is wholly accurate…

Barring those villagers who greeted you at the gate or who now sit, morose in their cups within the drinking lodge of The Kelpie’s Net, there has been scant signs of life. Or indeed of death… as the murderous curse the village has apparently endured has also failed to materialise since your arrival.

You have of course seen little of the village since arriving, having been hastily installed in The Net as the village council argue the best course of action. Klenna Fiscsdohtor, the eolder’s daughter has checked on you once or twice, but for the main you’ve sat and waited for a decision and to be formally received in the longhouse. Until this eve. The council have made a decision and on the morrow you will be petitioned by the eolder Pater Fisc on behalf of the beleaguered village. For what purpose or reason remains unclear… as muttered gossip and rumour clouds the place more than the haar that enshrouds the place.

The Kelpie’s Net is one of the few stone buildings in the village. Most fisherfolk live in single storey wooden dwellings with turf roofs. A few of the buildings (including the village longhouse and the drinking lodge) have stone walls with blackened thatch roofs.

The Net offers food and drink, but scant else in terms of hospitality. The cots at the far end of the building are wooden stuffed with straw, whilst the longtables host but a sprinkle of locals.

The lodge is run by Wym Wínmann, a short, rotund man rumoured to have hin blood. Wym appreciates the custom, but like all those in Kustnir is as wary of outlanders as they are their own shadows.

As you enter he hails you in thick Auld Iobarian;

”Welcome… welcome to our gisthus. I shall be over presently with æfengiefl and drinc. Please sit and talk. Aye talk… Would be nice to hear men talk for a change…”

Okay , Kelpie’s Net, yourselves and 4 villagers (including Wym). The eolder will see you in the morning, so use the eve/night to meet, greet, RP… Game on :)

Haar = mist/fog
Wín = wine
Hin = halfling
Gisthus = place to hostel strangers
Æfengiefl= evening food/supper
Drinc = drink, draught

Okay as promised here’s the OOC thread for all would be adventurer’s in my Iobarian Saga (UK2/3: Sentinel & Gauntlet PFRPG Conversion)PBP. Game will be looking to begin late August [want plenty of time to prep characters and digest UC/Inner Sea Magic].

For the time being we’ll use this to discuss character creation, backgrounds and the upcoming game itself.

This is my first time GM’ing a pbp, so they’ll no doubt be a feeling out process as we kick off. I’m a pretty regular poster as well so will hopefully keep the game ticking over nicely too.

Most of you know me as a player, so know what to expect in terms of style etc. I enjoy roleplaying as well as roll-playing, so please indulge yourselves when we get underway and don’t take myself too seriously [see Kaul’s exploits for an example ;)]. That being said the Iobarian Saga will be at times be pretty grim, as befits the land you’ll be travelling to. I’m drawing from Beowulf, Old Slavic, Old Norse and Old English mythos, horror and languages to create a feel of Iobaria as a place with an old, cold legacy.

This has been a labour of love for me for some time – finally coming to fruition, but I’m not going to be precious about it – if there’s something you don’t like or want me to address feel free to comment. Know there are at least two of you who are running pbp games, so all input is much appreciated [with that in mind any advice on combat map generation will be most welcome].

Recap of those interested in writing their names into this Saga:

Mark Sweetman: Ulfen Berserker?
Filios: Native Iobarian Ranger (Guide) or Ranger (Battle Scout); dependent on contents of UC.
Meowzebub: Native Iobarian; Knife Fighter Rogue (from UC), a Metal Oracle blacksmith, or a Lore Sorcerer (expert in Runes and Cyclopes ruins).
Randall793: Thinking of filling in as healer, either druid, cleric, or oracle (depending also on UC content)
Drayen: Aldori Sword Lord?

Won't hold you to the above concepts folks as I know UC & other sources might throw up some new inspiration. Had a party of 5-6 in mind so we're pretty much there [you guys will get first refusal for the game].

May open a recruitment thread if needbe, but if any of you know of players in other pbp looking for a game and have had good experiences with then please direct them here.

Character Creation

Okay now onto the nitty-gritty [most of this is under my DM Black Dow profile, but I’ll reprint for ease of reference]:

Classes: All classes/archetypes from Core, APG, UM, Inner Sea World Guide, UC* & Inner Sea Magic. The only party proviso is that it would be hugely beneficial (hint-hint) to have an arcane spell-caster in the group.

* Gunslingers, Ninja & Samurai will need a great validation/background before I let them in; it’s not that I’m not a fan – just don’t them fitting into this mini-campaign too well.

Races: Standard only please.

Starting Level: 1st [may bump to 2nd, but I’ll let you know as I fine tune the adventure, for time being presume 1st]

Ability Scores: 20 point buy.

Feats: Core, APG, UM, UC, ISMagic & ISWG. Other sources must be approved by me.

Traits: 2 traits [one of which must be a Campaign Trait - see below,other sources as above]. May well be awarding traits as part of advancement rewards [will choose those that fit characters particular in-game achievements].

Iobarian Saga Campaign Traits:

Campaign Traits

These character background traits for the Iobarian Saga campaign are available at first level and seek to add an Iobarian flavour to the characters involved:

1. Comfortably Numb
2. Conqueror’s Heart
3. Friend o’ Nomen
4. Hearth Wisdom
5. Ken of the Kodlok
6. Kodlak-blōd
7. Lochfolk of Lodovka
8. Proud & Free
9. Survival of the Fittest
10. Touch of Frost

Comfortably Numb: You have grown up in the harsh cold lands of the north and barely notice the chill of winter.

Benefit: You gain a +4 trait bonus on all saving throws made to resist the effects of cold environments. You also acquire energy resistance 1 against cold.
Drawback: Your senses are dulled also and you suffer a -1 penalty to Perception checks.

Conqueror’s Heart: The barbarians of Old Iobaria were renowned expansionists and subjugators. Their spirit still runs strong in your veins, granting in you a lust for battle and an air of intimidation.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Initiative when you personally instigate combat. Combat started by an ally does not count. You also gain a +1 bonus to Intimidate checks and Intimidate is always a class skill for you.
Drawback: In your eagerness to engage in combat you fail to fight as savvy as normal and suffer a -1 AC penalty in combats where the above initiative bonus is in effect.

Friend o’ Nomen: The centaurs of the Noman Hills recognise you as an ally and you are familiar with their ways and traditions. In addition you share their affinity with horses.

Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks when dealing with centaurs. Ride is always a class skill to you and in the event that Ride is already a class skill you then receive a +1 trait bonus to Ride checks.
Drawback: Your admiration for these creatures makes it difficult for you to battle them. Anytime you engage a centaur in combat you take a -2 penalty on your attack rolls.

Hearth Wisdom: In the cold winter evenings your people would gather round the hearth to recount the tales and myths of Old Iobaria. These sagas fired your imagination and spirit of adventure, and continue to drive you to this day.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus to any two of Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Nature) and Knowledge (Religion). The two chosen skills are always class skills to you.
Drawback: Your hasty impatience in seeking to experience the old legends for yourself means you suffer a -1 penalty on one Dexterity-based skill check chosen from Ride, Sleight of Hand or Stealth.

Ken of the Kodlok: You possess a supernatural or scholarly understanding into what the Iobarian people call the Kodlok; humanlike creatures that possess animalistic qualities. Your proficient insight relates to both their behaviour and ecology.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Initiative, Knowledge (Nature) and Sense Motive checks with regards to any creatures of the Monstrous Humanoid type.
Drawback: Hostile creatures with the Monstrous Humanoid type encountered in Iobaria instinctively sense your keen acumen regarding them and target you in combat, gaining a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls whilst fighting you.

Kodlak-blōd: Someone in your distant family tree was a lycanthrope or an animalistic shape-shifter and you still carry their legacy in your veins.

Benefit: Animals have a strange reticence when they attack you, and as a result suffer a -2 penalty on all attack rolls made against you. If you have the wild empathy ability you receive a +1 trait bonus to any wild empathy checks.
Drawback: Due to your legacy you suffer a -1 penalty to saving throws resisting lycanthropy, and take +1 point of damage from attacks with silvered weapons.

Lochfolk of Lodovka: Your kin has made a living off the Lake of Mist and Veil’s coasts since before Brevoy existed. Your family’s apt motto is “The Waters, Our Fields”.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus to Profession (Fisherman), Survival and Swim checks. Swim is always treated as a class skill for you.
Drawback: A proverbial “fish out of water” you struggle socially in areas devoid of a large body of water. As such you take a -2 penalty on any Knowledge (Local) checks in non coastal and lakeside locales.

Proud & Free: You are a descendent of the free folk who populate much of Iobaria’s hinterlands and you share their fierce and stubborn spirit of independence.

Benefit: Pride for your lineage fortifies your mind and soul. You gain a +1 morale bonus on attempts to intimidate you, saving throws against fear and mind affecting powers, spells and effects.
Drawback: You abjectly refuse to bend knee to any nobles that you encounter, and as a result suffer a -2 penalty to Diplomacy checks when dealing with them.

Survival of the Fittest: One of your ancestors was a survivor of the last great plague that swept Iobaria. Like them you are especially resistant to diseases, but are cautious when dealing with creatures that can spread sickness and pestilence.

Benefit: You gain a +4 trait bonus on all saving throws made to resist the effects of disease.
Drawback: You suffer a -2 penalty on initiative when in combat with creatures that are diseased or can inflict disease with a supernatural ability or extraordinary ability.

Touch of Frost: The cold fey of the North infused some of their essence into one of your forebear’s centuries past, but you still carry their boon, albeit now greatly diminished.

Benefit: You may cast the 0-level spell Ray of Frost once per day as a spell-like ability. This ability is cast at your highest arcane caster level gained; if you have no caster level, it functions at CL: 1st. The frost spell-like ability’s save DC is Charisma-based. Additionally any cold based damage you deliver by spell or spell like abilities does bonus +1 damage.
Drawback: Like the fey that empowered you, cold iron weapons are your bane and deliver an additional +1 damage to you in successful attacks.

Languages: All characters start off with Common and regional language. Auld Iobarian [a blend of Skald, Sylvan & Hallit] is also an optional regional tongue.

Experience Track: TBC, will be either Standard or Fast.

Hit Points: Max at first level, rolled or class average [PC choice] from their-on in.

Alignment: No Evil cheers. You’re heroes, albeit potentially hard-bitten ones lol.

Starting Gold: Maximum for class. If we’re starting @ 2nd level you’ll get a bonus cache to reflect your experience.

Background: For those of you familiar with Kingmaker AP, you will probably begin the Saga in Brevoy as a group not selected to forge a realm in the wild Stolen Lands of the River Kingdoms. However another opportunity to slake your wanderlust will soon present itself ;) If you’re not I’ll provide an overview here to aid character background.

Missed anything? Let me know :)

Scratch the above - have just bumped it from my sidecart to "ship as soon as"...

All is good in the north again :)


Hi Cos

You might remember me posting around Thanksgiving that my discount wasn't kicking in when I order something. You advised me that it wasn't a Thanksgiving glitch, and if I ordered something and it didn't apply to give you heads up... well...

Ordered the pdf for Cities supplement [thought it would be a good tester] - and no discount kicked in...

Hoping this can fixed [not just for this order but future ones too :)]


Mmmm in two minds about this mini [i have it pre-ordered]... looks great, very dynamic pose etc, but I'm more used to seeing Harsk in the "iconic" pose - with Crossbow coming to bear etc, rather than his axe. Looks more wizened than weathered... could just be the pic though...

Hi Guys

Just received my print copy of Pathfinder #11—Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 5: "Skeletons of Scarwall", but with an added bonus: a copy of Pathfinder Module LB1: Tower of the Last Baron :)

I already have got a copy of said module from a previous order, and as excellent as it is, it just wouldn't be honest to hang onto it...
[it was a freebie as I wasn't mistakingly charged of it or anything]

Figured you guys have been nothing but exemplar with me - so as a loyal piazite i thought it important to do the same and flag this "honest mistake" up.

What do you want me to do - send it back in the robust cardboard envelope that it came in? Don't mind paying postage - tis no biggie...


Just noticed that we're moving into Hook Mountain Massacre for the PF minis range - and we got ogres and plenty of em...

Based on the other minis i know they're gonna look great, but wonder when we might see pics? Anyone got any links to greens, concept art etc [outwith the interior art in Hook Mountain]

I for one can't wait to order these brutes, although the omission of a Mammy Graul diorama is disturbingly disappointing ;)

It didn't fit through the letterbox due to the quality standard of card envelope you guys sent it out in [which was excellent by the way]

I had to pick it up from my post office 48 hrs later [which is a 40 minute round trip on my way to work]

Any chance you can put a "if occupant not in delivery address, please leave by door or with neighbour" instruction or disclaimer on the envelope - or am I just gonna have to put a note to that effect on my door?

Tis ok if you can't do this - will adapt, but thought I'd ask anyways. Great service though - very impressed folks!