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Hi Folks

Just a longshot here but are there any lawyers on the boards? (I can see the potential one-liners already) Particularly one with experience in employment law...

If your willing (and able) to offer some advice PM me please on:


I'm no lawyer, but... Where do you reside? (cause laws are different from country to country...)


Liberty's Edge

Not only are laws different from country to country they're also different from state to state (and perhaps even more often than that, like if you work for a Native American Tribe for example).

Also, consider putting a space or something in your e-mail address, spam bots can find it much easier as it is.

Dark Archive

Yes, labor laws vary from country to country.

I am a lawyer but not an American lawyer.

Black Dow is in Bonnie Scotia (Scotland).

The Exchange

Paging Sebastian.... Although I hear he only works for Hookers, blow and skittles.

Hookers... check. Blow... yup. Skittles???... damn may take a few days...

As Mark said I'm in sunny Scotia - the Granite City o' Aberdeen.

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