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My group finished the sixfold trial this week and it did not go as I had planned.

The Flawed One failed his stealth check (I rolled a 1), and the first person in the room was the rogue carrying Anvengens Edge. When I told him there was a mummy staring at him and not moving he began to test the waters and figured out he could command it. So he had it follow him... right into the fight with the outcast king, who failed his save against the aura of dispair and and was paralyzed for 4 rounds. The fight was pretty anticlimatic needless to say.

Oh well we ended the session at an interesting time.

My party just identified the runecurse, while simultaneously failing the third save. Going to be a good start to next session...

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And he was the greatest mummy ever. We made him fight a water elemental too. One of our rogues still has his remains on the off chance we can make him work outside that place.

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In my opinion...

A fight in which the PCs send a commanded mummy to kill the boss of the dungeon isn't anticlimactic at all. It's pretty damn cool!

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That was the general consensus of the party. We thought it was awesome!

Especially because

We stole the glaive from the bearded devil by mugging him without killing him and trapping him back in the cell. So it wasn't like dues ex machina saved us, but our own actions.

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