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Theliah Strongarm wrote:

Salutations, Paizokind!

I've been rereading the Redwall books and was thinking that it'd be awesome to play in a setting like Redwall.
You can guess where this is going next.
Would the Paizo-ers community be willing to give me some ideas for this setting?
Preferably with ideas for the races, as some of the races of Redwall have special qualities that aren't in the ARG, such as Bloodwrath. I'd also need help with the setting, because I have no general idea whatsoever on how to make a magic-less setting. (Besides strange dreams of prophecy and maybe a couple of Witches or Shamans and a limited supply of adamantine from a rock from space that's fallen.)


i don't have too much to contribute but for a magic-less setting it may help to look into the iron heroes book. It it a martial based supplement that talks about playing in setting where magic is non existent or very minimal.
Also you may want to try looking at these alternate rules Stamina and Combat Tricks

gives more to the martial classes.

Melkiador wrote:
takes an already feature full class and adds extra complexity to it.

I see what you mean. Although i think if its incorporated along with versatile performance, synergise the two abilities it would help with minimizing the complexity. Versatile performance already has you picking a perform skill, so the decision would now carry a little more weight behind it

I was thinking that bards have a lot of untapped potential in their perform skill choices. Why does a bard who uses acting and percussion have the same performances as bard who uses oratory and woodwinds?
The idea would be to remove 2 or 3 of the current performances and replace them with an ability similar to a sorcerers bloodline ability,

Any thoughts on this?

Also since I am a fan of bards in general, I've thought of making bardic weapons. Like:

The flute
A mwk rapier with holes throughout it so that it whistles as it moves through the air. On a successful hit, the bard gains 1 free round of bardic performance.

DeathMvp wrote:
Has any one ever tried to combin the Wounds and Vigor and Wound Thresholds Optional Rules but use the Threshold only on the wounds.

I really like this and ive thought about doing something myself. How would it break down if it were different scores? If con is 18, do you still have four levels of wounds or would you have more ranges?

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johnnythexxxiv wrote:

I think Naoki00 provided a pretty reasonable solution in that you can only pick up spells that a wizard of your level could cast. If you want to be able to punch above your weight or reverse the big bad's spells on him, maybe increase it to level +3, but don't leave it open ended. Increasing the DC probably isn't a great solution since people will still find a way to increase their bonuses to compensate for the higher DCs, so a hard cap works fine. Could also be interesting if the hard cap was raised slightly during leveling, like capping at Wizard level for 1-4, Wizard +1 for 5-8, Wizard +2 for 9-12, etc.

Other than that, it would be nice to see an ability where instead of learning/absorbing a spell the Cobalt Knight redirects the spell, using their body as a conduit (of course that's something that a different kind of blue mage is better known for, but that's beside the point). Some of the late game Int bonus to hit/damage/CMB/etc. could be rearranged to lower levels without being too powerful, but I wouldn't worry about that unless you were inspired to design a couple more high level abilities and were looking for a slot for them.

I like the idea of a hard cap. Giving them the chance to get slightly higher level but making it more difficult. I think i have something in mind but i need to figure it out mechanically.

I like the idea of redirecting it. Archetype, mayhaps?

Morgan Champion wrote:
Isn't Use Magic Device a Charisma-based skill?

yes it is, my bad.

XLordxErebusX wrote:

I'd increase the number of memorized 'abilities' to 3 + level scaling, rather than 1 + Level scaling.

Maybe reduce the hit dice from 1d10 to 1d8

I was thinking of using the memorized ability as a way of limiting the powers of the blue knight so that they don't just pick up everything, but i can definitely see where it would be frustrating at lower levels.

Would it be better to increase the number of memorized abilities but decrease their frequency of use (# of blue points)?

johnnythexxxiv wrote:
My only concern with the class is that there doesn't seem to be a fail-safe against getting spells substantially earlier than one should be able to

I see what you mean. Would it be better to increase the DC (add creatures casting modifier) or to reduce bonus to the blue knights roll (remove the Int modifier bonus or only keep it and remove the character level bonus).

As Naoki00 mentioned, i do not want to limit the utility of the blue knight since there are a lot of spells that will not show up as spell-like abilities in my campaign.

Also, thank you all for your feedback.

Thank you. Ya my biggest worry is balance but i may try it out as a NPC against them first and see how that goes.

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I've seen a few blue mage classes on here and decided to make a similar class for my own homebrew campaign. This class is meant to be an intelligent fighter. Please let me know what you all think

The Cobalt Knight

This is actually really interesting. I've been trying to add something like this to my groups in between adventures but I can never fnd the appropriate thing to add.

Monte Cook's Iron Heroes book has classes that gain a passive Base defense bonus but they also have a chart in it with different rates the bonuses are obtained (Poor, Average, and Excellent), different classes would just have to be assigned which rate they gain their bonus.
I believe it is a bonus that simulates the ability to parry and dodge so it is something that is lost if flat-footed. You should check it out.

Re-reading the wheel of time series and tried to to replicate the warders that aes sedai have.

Caster's bond:

By weaving magical energies between caster and non-caster, both sides may share in a new power.

Prerequisite: ability to cast 2nd level spells

A caster may only bond with a creature who has no casting other ability other than those that are racial. If the bonded creature were to ever multi-class into a casting class the bond breaks.

Upon bonding the non-caster gains a +4 to 2 out of three physical scores of his choice. His attacks are now treated as magical.

A caster may do a few thing through the bond.
First any effects that the caster may experience can be shared up to half the amount to the non-caster. For example if the caster is healed for 10 hit point, he may share up to 5 pts with the non-caster. On the other hand if the caster is blinded for 5 rounds the caster may force up to 2 rounds of it onto the non-caster, these rounds do not need to be consecutive and may occur at any time before all rounds are consumed.
Also if the caster ever falls below 5 hp she may take up to 2hp/level from the non-caster as temporary hit points which the non-caster loses. These hit points remain with the caster for up to an hour at which point they revert back to the non-caster.
Lastly the caster may sacrifice a spell that she can cast a day and allow it to be cast by non-caster. The non-caster must have a Con modifier equal to the spell level +1. The non-caster chooses when he wants to use the spell. This may only be used once per day.

Magical Feedback: If either character falls unconscious the other must make a save, Fort for martial/Will for caster (DC 10 + ½ character level), If failed, character is stunned for 1 round and then staggered for 1d4 rounds afterwards. If character dies similar rolls (DC 10 + character level), if failed suffer ability drain (-2 to the original physical scores chosen when first bonded, or -2 to casting ability score).

Can sense each other’s emotions through the bond and because of it suffer a -5 to Bluff checks against each other.

To willingly break bond must spend an hour doing so and experience ability damage (-2 to scores as above).

Cuup wrote:

are the bonuses stated the full bonuses?

Even if these are the full bonuses to Rage (I hope they are), it's a tad overpowered. Becoming Gargantuan as a Free Action is way too crazy. First, I'd stop at huge (even that's pretty rediculous) and make entering a Rage at least a Standard Action, and each round spent in Rage costs 2 rounds toward your total/day. I would also make Energy Resistance replace DR, and make it a flat Resist 5/10/15 at each interval.

The bonuses stated are the full bonuses and i see what you mean about becoming gargantuan. Any advice on 20th level bonus or leave it as is?

I do like the idea of a flat resistance. Thank you.

Ethereal Gears wrote:
You should probably add that the enhancement bonus granted to mimed weapons caps out at +5

Will add this. Thank you

I have been on a archetype building binge and came up with a few different ideas and here they are. Some... well most are just weird ideas that came to mind (spidermonk, yodeler, and mime, to name a few). I would love to get some feedback on these since they are a bit rough. Hope you all like them.

Go to Mighty List of Archetypes.

Class 1 = 65 Rogue
Class 2 = 4 antipaladin
Class 3 = 31 Fighter
Class 4 = 40 inquisitor

The Thistleluss family is a leading crime family in the area. Brutal and vindictive they control much of the city with money and violence.at the top resides Don Corlus a man who started off as an inquisitor. His right hand man is his brother Torren, a rogue with a knack for knowing all the dirty details of everyone's life. The two are always well guarded by a group of fighters known as the Shadows. When things get truly serious or an example needs to be made they call up the Twins, a pair of antipaladins that thrive on chaos. While Don Corlus does bad things he does so in the believe that it is for the betterment of the city.

Indagare wrote:
Do you think they should get a bonus to attack while guarding an illegal alcohol distillery too?

Something along the lines of

Lawless: At 1st level, if an enemy creature gets within 20 ft of a swampbilly's stash of moonshine, that swampbilly may spend 1 grit point to make a charge attack against that creature, as an immediate action. This deed replaces the deadeye deed.

clff rice wrote:

Hehe i like it.

Thanks :)

UsagiTaicho wrote:
This is fantastic. I Gots ma Kin would only really be useful to a player if there was another player with the archetype too. But I will totally give this archetype to some bad guys that I'll be placing in my upcoming swampy adventures too. Just have three of them grouped together, all withing ten feet of each other. Wait, does it stack per other swampbilly or does it only count for one?

Thank you. The original idea was to stack but looking at it now , looks like it could be abused. I would add a limit of up to 3 other grippli (+3 at 9th, +6 at 13th, +9 at 17th)

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Even more prone to stay within the confines of their swamps certain groups of grippli have taken to shunning outsiders all together and doing their best to make sure their territory remains theirs. They have found guns can be pretty effective at this.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Same proficiencies except the only guns proficient with are pistol and musket.

Swamp Look: Due to their natural camouflage, swampbilly can attempt to use stealth in any swampy area whether there are places to hide or not.

Swahmpus: at 3rd level, as a swift action, the swampbilly may coat the loaded bullet in putrid mucus. When hit the target becomes sickened for 1d4 rounds. This deed replaces pistol-whip

Geet Out: At 4th level, swambilly gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls on one type of enemy picked from the same list as favored enemy. Every four levels after the bonus increases +1 and gain an additional type. This replaces all bonus feats

Dey turk ma jerb: at 7th level, by spending one grit point, the swampbilly may make an attack as if it had the bane attribute. This replaces the targeting deed.

I Gots ma Kin: At 9th level, if there are other swampbilly within 10ft, gain +1 dodge AC and +1 to CMB and CMD. Bonus increases +1 every 4th level. Replaces Gun training at levels 9,13 and 17.

I apologize for the weird names a friend and I were just having fun with the idea of hillbilly grippli.

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dwarf gunsliger - hillybilly dwarf mad at the world because dey turk his jerb!!!

OK so taking chaoseffect's suggestions these are the changes that I made.

For sacrifice to the loa removed the restritcion and allowed the bonuses to stack. And using the Spell DC idea, I turned this into a passive ability that increases the DC of spells cast as long as the points have not been used. Make the player have to choose between having max health or having more effective spells.(+1 DC inititally, +2 DC at the +3 bonus level and +3 DC at the +5 point). the sacrifice is a swift action.

For Voodoo Dolls im going to run with the half level and did get rid of the will save. Looking it over two rolls was a bit much. And then taking the suggestion for added bonuses i put At 5th level, along with causing them to be shaken, bloodrager may use voodoo doll to steal targets hp and use it for sacrifice to the Loa. At 9th level an enchantment or an illusion may be placed upon the voodoo doll and have it affect the target.

voodoo stare i made the wording changes but kept it overall the same

Trap soul for the second use this was added "If the body remains alive it will immediately return to its body. If the body has since passed the spirit may move on but has a 20% chance to remain behind and turn on the bloodrager."
and then this was the third use, Gain 1 DR/magical every 3 levels of the soul, only applies while bloodraging. Since my brother is using the spell eater archetype weird DR issues isn't an issue

for the 16th level spell i was thinking of changing it to this keep it to the spirit theme.
Blessed by the Spirits - 1/day the bloodrager can seek the aid of powerful spirits and merge part of himself into the spirit realm. The bloodrager gains concealment. Also she takes only half damage non-magic weapons and objects. Your attacks deal damage as normal and act as if they had ghost touch. Spells cast while in this form must be channeled through an attack. This ability lasts for half the number of bloodrage rounds.

the capstone ability still eludes me. I cant find the right flavor im looking for but since we are starting at level 6 i figure i have some time to figure it out.

What rynjin said has a point. They need to be able to do that extra damage. Incorporate it into flurry of blows and call it pressure points or something. For each successful hit with flurry of blows each strike gain an additional +1 to damage. Make them hit a little harder so that they can keep up.

Wow. thank you for all the suggestions. Ill fiddle around with the mechanics and put up what i got.

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I'm running a homebrew campaign with my brother and some friends. My brother wants to try out the new bloodrager class but doesn't like any of the current bloodlines. I told him to come up with something he likes and ill try to make it work. He chose Voodoo. After many hours of trying to figure it out. Here is what i ended up with. Let me know what you guys think. I am more than happy to receive suggestion.

Bokor Bloodline
The blood of the great priests of voodoo curse through your veins, making you closer to the spirits when you bloodrage.

Bonus Feats: Toughness, Iron Will, Diehard, Forge Ring, Incrisbe Magical Tattoo, Arcane Vendetta

Bonus Spells: Animate Dead (7th), False Life (10th), Desecrate or Consecrate (Choice is made when obtained) (13th), Vampiric Touch (16th)

Bloodline Powers:
Sacrifice to the Loa – At 1st level, by spending 5 HP to the lesser deities of the world, you gain a +1 luck bonus to any roll or can give a -1 penalty to an opponent’s roll. This bonus is applied as an immediate action after a roll is made but before the results are given. HP is not recovered until bonus has been used. Every 4th level the number of sacrifices that can be made increases by one (Max 5). Multiple bonuses cannot be used on the same roll.

Voodoo Dolls – At 4th level you gain knowledge on how to create voodoo dolls. The voodoo doll can be bonded to any creature as long as you have some part of her to use. Bonding the doll is a full round action. By spending a standard action you can push pins into the doll and cause the target to become shaken for 1d4 rounds, Will save negates (DC 10 + ½ bloodrager level + Cha Modifier). Also a standard action you may attempt to trip, or bull rush the target creature from far away. Target gets two rolls, first is a will save to negate, second is standard CMB vs CMD. Start of with only being able to have 1 active bond but increase by 1 every 2nd level after 4th. The making of a doll takes 1 hour.

Voodoo Stare – At 8th level, creature gains gaze attack with a 30 ft range. By locking eyes the bloodrage can take control of the target (Will save DC 10 + ½ bloodrage level + Cha modifier). The target is affected for 1+ Cha modifier rounds per stare. The stare can only be used once per day plus one additional time every fourth level. During this time target takes all damage taken by bloodrager. The bloodrager can also expend the entire entire use (min 3 rounds) and compel the creature to act upon her command. If the action risks the creatures own life, she gets a will save. Must have proper rest to recover daily uses.

Trap Soul – At 12th level the bloodrage can trap Cha modifier number of souls. The souls must be placed into a talisman that takes the bloodrage 1 full day to create said talisman. To trap a soul target creature must be at o HP or less and gets a fort save to prevent her soul from being taken. The soul is then trapped until released or the talisman is broken. The soul may be used in one of three ways: gain +4 to knowledge checks based on the creature (GM Discretion); can force the soul to fight for you 1d4 +Cha modifier rounds. Creature keeps the same stats as when it was put into the talisman but becomes incorporeal; Gain 1 DR/magical ever 4 levels of the soul, only applies while bloodraging. In the latter two instances the talisman is used up when. While the soul is trapped the body can be saved and kept alive but is comatose until its soul returns.

Incorporeal Bloodrager - 1/day choose to become incorporeal. You take only half damage from magic corporeal sources, and you take no damage from non-magic weapons and objects. Your attacks deal damage as normal due.

For the final power I had no idea how to end the bloodline so i made three different options, if you guys want to let me know what would be best.

Ring Shout – When entering bloodrage you create a 30 foot area around you the moves as you move. Any spell targeted within the area targets all creatures except those exempt by you. All spells act as if using the consecrate/desecrate metamagic feat (choice is made at the beginning of the bloodrage) and ectoplasmic spell feat.


Spiritual Dualism – the gros bon ange (biological functions) and the ti bon ange (personality and will power) reach their full potential. Automatically stabilize, immune to poisons, electrical resistance 10, acid resistance 10, and gain fast healing 2 when bloodraging. Not affected by charms, and compulsions. Gain +4 to all Cha checks.


Resurrection (20th) -