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Maybe not worry about fighting with fists and just use a 2h weapon then.

Been thinking with the idea of a build to make like the X-Man villian Juggernaught. Been toying with the idea of maybe an Armoured Hulk with ranks of monk for the unarmed damage and bullet style for charges. Any ideas or has someone else don this yet?

I'm pretty sure i posted this once before, just cannot find the thread anymore, but if I fail on a parry attempt, does the attack still need too beat my AC?


Was sitting around last game looking for the ruling too make a monks attacks magic and such, found it under the ki pool abilities, but it says when the monk makes a ki strike, so, can I do that during a flurry, or is it its own action?

Our group has tried for two weeks too defeat this scenario, anyone have any tips or suggestions on how too accomplish this? Current group is Zarlova, Angban, Harsk, and the half Orc pally.

So like using aoo's and such would not be able then.

That was my defence as well, but everyone else said it was like using deflect arrows by taking a hand off of a great sword too use the feat.

Just thought I would ask, can you use deflect arrow while welding a bow? I was ruled against since a bow technically a 2h weapon. Just wondering.

Great tips all. I was making her a front row fighter, not a range thrower.
Stats : Str 14
Dex 18
Con 15
Int 14
Wis 14
Cha 20 (*18+2 racial bonus)
If you are wondering where I got these numbers, we did a 2d6+6 roll for stats.

Ty all

Never mind about barbarian, they don't get evasion, they get uncanny dodge.

Been wracking my brain with what class would be best for a swashbuckler too dip into in order too get evasion, monk, rogue or barbarian.
Monk - get bonus feat with the first lvl, prolly take dodge, and two more feats at the second dip, a long with evasion.
Rogue - sneak damage of an extra d6, rogue trick which can be a combat feat, and another feat with the second dip
Barbarian - extra movement at first dip, and then evasion.
Pls help, any advice will help.

Kewl. I thought you could only get one bonus from a type, like dodge, natural arm or and such.

Can I assume that the two do not stack with each other, but unfortunately, swashbucklers dodge does not count towards combat feats. So, does this mean I would have too take dodge for the feat chain into mobility and such, and just accept that I will just ignore the bonus from dodge?

We did this adventure path over a summer with only three people. We talked and decided on a three man stealth team, knife master rogue, an eventual arcane trickster, and an oracle of wind. Made our GM crazy since we all had +30 stealth rolls and stealth synergy.

Im trying too remember what the feat is called that allows you too use your dieties favoured weapon as a monk weapon, or is there such a feat and im just making things up?

Was just wondering if this is a sustainable build, or will it take too long too be useful?

ive always played up close fighting types, warriors, barbarians, rogues and such. Usually because everyone else had decided before i arrived too do everything else. Ive played around with a few builds in hero lab. As for whats allowed, im assuming anything that we have unlocked on hero lab, just no archtypes. Was leaning towards an electric bloodlined sorcerer, but idk about the high end spells, maybe wizard too get the spell specialization, spell focus, gifted adept jank combo running too get the higher end spells powered up faster.

We are going too start our carrion crown over, and i FINALLY get too play a spell caster, though now idk which way too go. Leaning towards sorcerer so i can get disrupt undead cantrip, but need help with most of everything else. GM already mentioned that no archtypes will be used.

Idk if anyone posted this, but i was looking at a monk. Master of the empty hand/master of the Sacred Mountain. Human, attribute boost too wisdom and dex. Give him weapon finesse too add dex too unarmed, and can get him too 19AC w/o items at lvl 1. Also, with Sacred Mountain abilities, if you start and end your turn in the same space, you gain an extra +4 AC.

When taking the spell specialization feat and the Gifted Adept trait, do i have too select a spell that i can cast at that time, or a spell i can cast later on?

ran in a three man summer campaign that was basically three stealth classes. I was a knife master rogue, dual wielding obviously knives, one was a halfling oracle of wind and the other was an elf rogue/wizard/arcane trickster. About half way through, i was reading the ultimate combat book and came across something that annoyed the hell out of the gm for the rest of the campaign, STEALTH SYNERGY!!!!! Basically, all players roll off and see who gets the best roll, then apply that too all of your stealth scores. One of the three of us usually rolled above 15, and average stealth rolls were 35+ at around 10th lvl. Needlessly too say, there was a lot of times our GM banged her head on the table with our ability too basically stealth sneak the bad guys. Oh, and the oracle was an augment summoner as well, so celestial braciosaus and triceratops.

Personally, i think the problem is not with the build but the weapon. In my experience, guns brake the game period. We ran a Shattered Star campaign for a bit with a kobold gunslinger using a musket, and was doing far more damage than my 2h fighter. Even had the same ac and saves. Our gm was getting really annoyed with the hit on touch AC with such a powerful weapon.

All i have too say is all rogue and stealth synergy, and watch your gm implode.

okay =(
would be neat.....maybe a little op if that actually worked. I just wondered.

never mind, just saw the editors note on d20pfsrd. cannot charge and vital strike, sorry, my bad, but could you still vital strike with a cleave? Since Vital strike is not technically a standard action, more like a boost too a single action.

Vital Strike:When you use the attack action, which a charge is a type of, you make one attack at your highest bab that deals additional damage. No where in there says its a standard action, but cleave does say it is a standard action, which i can assume then you could not use at the end of a charge.

isnt a charge an attack action? Then why could you not use vital strike as your one attack on that target?

Just wondering if this was ever answered, and if so, im sorry for reposting this question. When you attack an opponent and choose too use the vital strike, can you cleave afterwards, and then the next target be another vital strike, and keep cleaving/vital striking a group of people?

was thinking of crossblooded sorcerer with orc and a sonic dragon too pump the damage from ear piercing scream. lol. ty.

I havent seen yet, but is there a sonic based dragon?

when i did my rogue, i went knife master. Then since you are going too have high dex, weapon finesse and two weapon fighting. More attacks=more chances too do damage. Also, if you have another high dex/stealth member, may i sugest Stealth Synergy. It drove our GM crazy. We did a three man, all stealth party for a crimson crown campaign. Knife master Rogue, by the end i was doing 1d4+13D8 damage per hit, with six attacks.

how do you get past the alignment restriction, barbs cannot be lawful, and monks are only lawful.

also, two handed fighter if you are going for maximizing damage.

Was just thinking of trying too build a melee only ranger, too optimize Lead Blade. Or just go two hitter and get lead blades and gravity bow?

oh, didnt know you could be two arch types at the same time.

Just wondering, im sure im missing something, how can you be two arch types at once?

im trying too be able too take Gorum with my monk/cleric too flurry of blows with a greatsword, but am i missing what alignment i need too be in order too do this? Ive tried LE and LN, but none are within one step of Gorum. Any help?

Just as an old point, though im sure most are not following this chain anymore, do cleric 1/Weapon Adept Monk, the best way too get the crusader's flurry. And personally, you still can get it by lv 3 since you get weapon focus at Monk 2 with the weapon adept. And for the god, i like Ragathial. Get too flurry 2handed with a bastard sword with high str damage. Just my two cents.