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You can wish for anything you want. It's the DM's choice on what actually happens, and poorly worded wishes can lead to all kinds of trouble. In all honestly the thing your asking for is much more powerful than the terms the spell lays out, and only a really foolish GM would grant it. You could end up an egg, and without your memories of who you were.

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I'd give it the simple mythic Invincible template. It gives it DR 10 Epic, 4 points of natural armor, Resist 15 to all elements, extra saves, extra hp, and the ability to try and block 1 attack per turn. It would raise the CR by 1, and should give the creature a fighting chance against a 6 to 1 action economy.

While Mythic can make a group of players rather crazy in terms of ability it gives you wonderful utility with bosses, and makes the one huge boss against an entire group an actual battle rather than the boss getting a single turn then exploding.

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Spells and abilities with the evil descriptor aren't immediately an evil act. It's how you use them. If your going around beating up commoners so you can use Death Knell for a buff before a fight then yes that would be an evil act. Using it on an opponent who was trying to kill you, isn't exactly an evil act as since that spell might help you survive the fight. My general rule is don't do it out of spite. It's a tool just like a sword. This also applies to Consume Life as well as Death Knell.

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Currently my online group have been taking a long march from Eyes of the Ten to go from level 13.2 all the way to 19.2 and reach 20th with Race For The Rune-carved Key. We are in the final stretch at level 18.2 with Spires being the last high level mod we do.

My question is I'm bound to the rules of PFS in terms of not changing things or implementing outside of what the module defines. However the book also clearly states Karzoug will scry on the party to learn their tactics and adjust accordingly. So the question is do I have to run it just as it's written or can things be changed within the scope of what Karzoug has access to so that he can adapt to the party. His tactics are decent, but with my group I have a slight concern of them backhanding Karzoug off his golden throne.

So any advice on what I should do, or some tips and tricks from those who've already run it would be greatly appreciated.

(On a side note my players tried to play it in AP mode, but died in Runeforge. The reason they picked Spires is so they can have their quasi revenge on Karzoug.)

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C is for Caryatid columns. A creature immune to magic yet no melee wants to hit for fear of their precious weapons so it ends up being "Lets cast Create Pit on them and shoot them to death for 10 rounds."

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hotsauceman wrote:

Have the RPG guys buy alot more stuff and show the owner you are a profitable bunch.

One thing I always hear is that the RPG crowd are moochers and many just tolerate us. Show them that is not the case

It's not a matter of our player base not buying things. I've seen a bunch of Core Rulebooks go off the shelves. It's that his other customers can't really use the store when PFS runs on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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We have a problem at my local game store. Since we started PFS at our local game store it started small with 1 or 2 tables a night. However as time has gone on word has gotten out about how fun it is to play.

We now have in excess of 30 people showing up frequently and I see at least a new person every other week. In short we now are having 5 tables of PFS run a night on average. Normally this would be wonderful but we are outgrowing our store. When PFS takes over almost all the other tables get used up so nobody can play things like Warhammer or Magic The Gathering. The Store Owner has told us we need to fix this.

I've decided to ask you people on the forums for ideas on how we can keep this flood of PFS from getting us removed from the store yet try to let as many people as we can enjoy this hobby we all love.

Thank you for your time.

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83. I will always have a negative boon connected to my plans to make Pathfinders think twice before interrupting my plans.

84. If I am a spellcaster I will always start at least 200ft away from the party at the start of combat even if I don't have long ranged spells.

85. I will always keep one cursed item on my person that I never use in case someone tries to steal from me in combat.

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Venture Captain Adari, male elf, Honorary Signifer of The Order of the Gate. Level 13 Necromancer.

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Deeper into the Blackros Museum.

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I personally think people are looking way too close to the rules rather than the game it's self. I have a 12th level Necromancer in Pathfinder society who has been making use of spells with the Evil Descriptor his entire career. Never once have I had a GM even talk to me about alignment and the risk of going from Lawful Neutral to Lawful Evil.

Spells in themselves are like weapons. A sword can be used to butcher an innocent on the street or to fend off his attackers. I ask you to think for a minute. Is the sword considered good or evil just because of what it's used for? No the wielder is. Spells cannot in themselves be responsible for what they are used for. It's up to the player to cross the threshold. I myself have used Animate Dead as much as 4 times a session. This is because we had no front-line fighter to soak the damage for our group of casters. Is it evil that I took a dead body and raised it to save my friends from the claws and spells of the monsters we had to face?

Evil spells may be used for good ends. If I summon a devil to walk into a burning building to save someone I wouldn't consider that evil. It's the best creature for the job because it's immune to fire. By the same token good spells may be used for evil acts. A wizard that summons an angel and binds her so he can use her to fight the heroes is an evil act in my view. Tactically it's a smart decision because a Paladin's smite won't work and most hero's don't have the evil aligned weapons to break her DR.

I think labeling as good and evil as a whole is certainly not the way the game was meant to be played. Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos are very real things is Pathfinder but they are all choices as well. An angel may fall just as easily as a demon may find redemption in the right circumstances. It is not unknown for the living embodiment of an alignment to change it's own moral view. In that case nothing should ever be "Always Evil" or "Always Good."

In a final note if this ruling comes to pass drastic changes will have to be made in game. If casting evil spells makes your alignment change then it should be fair that all spells change your alignment no matter what they are used for. Only certain spells like Atonement which was built for dealing with alignment issues have the kind of power to change an alignment just by having it cast. Alignment should be left vague because having an alignment stat would be very pointless. Just my view on the matter.

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Congratulations Rich. I know you'll do a fantastic job.

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With the group I play with we almost always play up. Each of us works really well together and we have a solid party so usually playing up is the only way to get a challange. I've played up at least 75% of my adventures and I've never once regreted it or had a party member die.

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My most rewarding Mistress

These words shake my cold heart to hear of such politics threatening to displace you from your well deserved throne. Truely this must be a test from Asmodeus himself as all who gain power must be able to maintain it against those who would take it. You however need not worry about falling from his infernal graces for reguardless of what some of these so called "Loyal" servants say you still have devoted supporters amoung us. Just remeber for when this trail is over you have seen the faces of those who would turn on you and those of us who will stand by you in this trial. You have my full support in this matter and I shall lend you whatever you need. Be it spell, voice, ears, or minions. I have made many a tempting creature with my new found powers that I would happily donate to your cause.

Your most loyal collector

Adari The Necromancer