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Currently my online group have been taking a long march from Eyes of the Ten to go from level 13.2 all the way to 19.2 and reach 20th with Race For The Rune-carved Key. We are in the final stretch at level 18.2 with Spires being the last high level mod we do.

My question is I'm bound to the rules of PFS in terms of not changing things or implementing outside of what the module defines. However the book also clearly states Karzoug will scry on the party to learn their tactics and adjust accordingly. So the question is do I have to run it just as it's written or can things be changed within the scope of what Karzoug has access to so that he can adapt to the party. His tactics are decent, but with my group I have a slight concern of them backhanding Karzoug off his golden throne.

So any advice on what I should do, or some tips and tricks from those who've already run it would be greatly appreciated.

(On a side note my players tried to play it in AP mode, but died in Runeforge. The reason they picked Spires is so they can have their quasi revenge on Karzoug.)

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We have a problem at my local game store. Since we started PFS at our local game store it started small with 1 or 2 tables a night. However as time has gone on word has gotten out about how fun it is to play.

We now have in excess of 30 people showing up frequently and I see at least a new person every other week. In short we now are having 5 tables of PFS run a night on average. Normally this would be wonderful but we are outgrowing our store. When PFS takes over almost all the other tables get used up so nobody can play things like Warhammer or Magic The Gathering. The Store Owner has told us we need to fix this.

I've decided to ask you people on the forums for ideas on how we can keep this flood of PFS from getting us removed from the store yet try to let as many people as we can enjoy this hobby we all love.

Thank you for your time.