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I’m using Besmara’s Blessing. First I thought of having them already coming from the Shackles, but maybe it’s even better if we come from another place and fled to th Shackles - maybe the parents were bandits, pursued by the Chelish Navy, and we kept something from them that the navy is still interested in and that motivates them to be pursuing us. How about that?

Definitely dotting! Would love to submit a concept. I’ll get something ready tomorrow or early next week, buzzard :)

So I guess we're ready for the GM :) Maybe we should switch to the discussion tab.

I like the idea! I think it's all shaping very nicely. As DBH well put, though, I'm afraid we'll be missing on the heals side (but maybe I'm just being too scared? maybe the GM can add a NPC healbot if things prove to be too deadly?)

As a disclaimer: I also played it before, here at the forums, but never got to the second book. I'll keep an eye on the thread to allow people that never played before to submit before me.

What races are you guys going for? Since I’m building an elf, maybe my character could have helped raise the final teen years of other(s). My character would still be an young adult (for elf standards) but when compared to humans or half-orcs, it means several decades. This sense of “adoptive paternity” (more like older brother?) would help with keeping us all together.

Hey guys! I’ll have the character ready Monday. I’ll bring one of my level ones I believe, depending on how the party looks :)

The cleric of Besmara idea isn’t bad, since we’re still lacking on heals - but I like the party composition so far :)

On the lines I was before, I'm considering building an elf investigator instead - coming with trapfinding and skills, lots of skills. Building him as a ranged damage dealer with decent social interaction. I'm still filling the same roles as before, and hopefully he can be useful to the party :)

Great! Last question - initial wealth. I know we're pressganged by the beginning of the module and not supposed to have any gear to start, but I imagine we should pick it anyway to find it later, like in Strange Aeons?

@GM: Are drawbacks okay?

@Party: Instead of going a third-party route, I decided to simplify and go for a simple Elf Ranger combining the Tidal Hunter and Trapper archetypes. I'm now covering trapfinding so we don't need to worry about it anymore. I'm building it to focus on ranged combat but he can survive melee if needed. I believe it has the flavor I wanted (with the whole waterborn and whatnot) while still being useful to the party.

@GM: Any restriction on alignments?

@Party: What about you guys? Should we go for something good or evil? Or neutral?

A full arcane is always welcome! In a game with pirates (and treasures, and chests...) I imagine it'd be good to have someone capable of trapfinding. And, at the end of the day, a healer as well. With only 4 in the party, we might have to organize to cover our bases.

We could easily be friends or rivals around the docks of Port Peril which are being pressganged together and therefore needs to work together, and the tight bonds are created naturally as we advance on the adventure.

Sbodd: Besmara would usually be the choice here, I think, although between pirate players and pirate enemies, most people will worship her.

EDIT: With my "cursed"-type of background, maybe we could all share the curse, or some sort of tie around it that pulls us together.

@GM: Would the Shifter aspect I mentioned above be allowed?

I think it does. There's camaraderie - just watch the last movie and you'll understand they prefer to unite against other odds.

My idea was that of a shifter with ties to the ocean - someone which would end up looking almost like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.

It would work really well with the custom-made Octopus Aspect for Shifters:

Octopus Aspect:

Minor Form: You gain a +4 competence bonus on climb and swim checks. These bonus increase to +6 at 8th level and +8 at 15th level.

Major Form: Your shape changes to that of a Large Octopus. While in this form, you gain a swim speed of 30 feet, low-light vision, a bite attack (1d8) and 8 tentacle attacks (1d4) with grab.

At 8th level, your bite attack deals poison damage (injury; save Fort DC based on Con; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d3 Str; cure 2 saves) and you gain constrict with the tentacles.

At 15th level, you gain the jet movement and ink cloud defensive ability (as per Giant Octopus).

But if the GM doesn't like the idea of something third-party, then I could make it work with something like a druid kraken caller for example (I still rather go the shifter route because I'd prefer it to look more martial than caster, but I'll adapt to however the GM prefers).

My character is somewhat "cursed" on his birth, and had been navigating ever since. I think we could all have met across different ships or inns, and have that "piratey friendly" type of relationship like Barbossa and Jack Sparrow, for example.

I don't really like much the idea of romantic or family relationships.

Hey Greaek! Thanks for running it! What are the build rules?

I'm not in Discord (or able to join it), but we can surely continue talking here. I don't have any class in mind at the moment - it will depend on what the rules are. I have more of the concept and background - he's an old sailor, basically, with deep ties to the sea itself. I'd think he goes much more the route of wisdom, but charisma is a possibility.

I would love to go for the role of captain, in particular. I have even a scratched background already :) Curious on the rules!

I'm in!

Dotting as usual


Is it necessary to have finished RotRL?

I'm building a Goblin Paladin, because why the hell not. I can't believe I just said that! :)

I didn't notice it was available! I already downloaded and will start reading. I'll start building my paladin tomorrow :)

I will refrain from submitting. Good luck, guys! Have fun.

Hi DM, I'm putting together something, probably to post by tomorrow or Friday. I'm sorry I'm taking so long - I usually take my time writing backstory. To be sincere, I'm also hopeful you go for 5 or 6 applicants instead of 4, since I find it to work better on PbP (when some people start getting a little absent).

Dotting for the lowest tier.

Background skills? VMC?

DM Papa.DRB wrote:
Javell DeLeon wrote:
@Papa: If it's cool I'd like to switch 'oath of fiends' with 'oath of the mendevian crusade' and submit that one instead. Man I totally missed that one in herolabs. Just overlooked it I guess. That's a good one.

@Javell: Go for it.

@All: Tomorrow at 12:00 EDT is the cutoff, and I'll announce the chosen Paladin by 17:00. You can change anything up till 12:00.

-- david

I’m on PST, so unfortunately I think I’ll be out of this race.

I’d like to try a paladin, or something of the sorts. Until I see the beta materials, though, I can’t say for sure if nothing else will catch my attention. I love Dwarves, by the way, but without certain archetypes they don’t seem to be too good of a choice for the pallies.

Dotting to read later! Quite promising. Assuming the PF stuff that works only while you’re “onboard a ship” (like the Pirate archetype for rogue) work here :)

Dotting. I have a Paladin if Iomedae ready for it - it was the one I used in another WotR that unfortunately died at the end of book 1 and I’d love to bring him back. I’ll have him leveled and ready by EOD today.

I've been reading the profiles to try exactly that, my friend - avoid stepping into anyone's toes. Are Jokum and Danua still with us? I haven't seen anything from them ever since the recruitment.

Also: where are you guys at this moment? I'm trying to tie my character (once it's ready) to the story in an organic way.

Hey guys! Thanks again for having me :) we will all have a blast with Corsario, he’s my current (and past) GM in other games and I can totally vote for him.

Anyway - anything you guys feel would be suited to help more the party? Maybe a more “blast focused” full caster, or like an archer type, or a bard? Assuming Jokum and Danua are still with us as well :) btw I loved the introductions from Voren.

I already found the build rules (feel free to link to me if something happened that I should adjust on my build).


Is there anywhere we can look at for the changes? I’d love to start preparing the Paladin already :) especially if I can make it work with a Dwarf.

Got it! I don’t know the system so I’ll refrain from applying and learning right now, but I wish you all a lot of fun. Dragonball is great so I don’t think it’d be too hard :)

What is pbta?

Sure - I’ll have it ready next Tuesday.

Is this a recruitment for a PFS Evergreen? If yes, I’d like to bring a new character:)

Got it! I just considered creating a new char or something for it, but then it had to be low, low tier (maybe some evergreens). Good luck!

What tier?

I am ;) thanks for having me too!


I believe that if we use the eidolon build rules of the Unchained Summoner as the base for the race - and then assign a class - we should be more than fine, with no reason for touching the balancing mess of the race building rules. With 4 to 6 players this group could do any AP around, even WotR.

Dotting for lower tier, character to be defined.

Hi GM! Is VMC allowed?


I’ll have my application complete today :) Building an archer type.

I’d love to play with a Shadow-plane based eidolon hehe! I miss the one I built years ago before all the unchained changes.

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