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I've thought of this idea for an alchemist archetype. I haven't flushed it out completely yet, but he is what I have so far. It is a healing bomb alchemist.
Basically the alchemist bombs instead of doing damage they heal. So a direct hit at first level is 1D6 plus the alchemist intelligence modifier healing, and the splash healing is 1 + int mod. Every other level a D6 is added to the healing. There's no way for the bombs cause damage, they can only heal. The second thing I replace is poison use, and in exchange for that it gives the infusion discovery for free.

What do others think this idea, and maybe to help flesh out more of the archetype.

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Earlier this week I was reading on the forms in a general discussion thread, about a player who proposed a fighter who acted like a paladin but was not technically a paladin. But did obey the paladin code, and one posters mentioned how they were not satisfied with characters walking around literally stating their class in the case of divine casters, like clerics, inquisitors, paladins, oracles, warpriests. And they posted a couple of name suggestions that a character would actually identify themselves in game world as. And that got me thinking, in "Inner sea Gods" it is mentioned that inquisitors of Abadar are are given the name "Taxmasters" why is only his inquisitors given a special name. Maybe we could come up with names for the paladins of the different gods the clerics of the different gods and so on through the divine spell casters. Anyone have suggestions?

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Last week I was at my FLG for a society game and one of the players mentioned in conversation that according to him, gunslingers could craft firearms. I'm pretty sure he's wrong on that and I couldn't find anything on any form that supported his claim, I know gunslingers can purchase ammunition at the same price as though they had crafted it. But they still have to pay full price for guns. Could anyone tell me if I just missed something obscure that he caught, because I do play a gunslinger myself and finding a way of getting guns cheaper would be a great help.

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I am playing a Chelaxian Beast Rider Cavalier, and I'm at the point that I get a Dinosaur. I picked a Triceratops, I'm looking for a good Chelaxian name for her, any suggestions?

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I have just finished Drew Hayes novel NPC's and I liked it and I am inspired to create characters based on the book. the general story is that of a group of NPC's in a tabletop game are forced to take on the personas of a group of particularly stupid and violent PC's in order to save their town from the king's wrath.

most of them are no problem.

Eric the human guard turned rogue, Gabrielle the human mayor's daughter who is also a barbarian, and Grumph the half-orc bartender who takes up wizarding as it is easier to remember spells than his cocktail recipes.

The one problem is Thistle the gnome Paladin of Grumble the god of minions. the he needs are he is a worshiper of a lawful neutral god, so a paladin code for minions would help, but mainly it is his build. just using paizo material and he needs to be a gnome, and needs to use throwing daggers as his primary weapons, and needs to be a paladin.

if any has idea's for this It would be appreciated.

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I was having a discussion with another player and ability score changes affection spells came up. here is the sanario. a Alchemist with a intelligence score of say 14 makes a extract of cure light wounds. later that day due to a curse the alchemist now has a intelligence score of say 9, is the extract of cure light wounds still usable or is it inert? I say it is still useable because the extract is based on the Alchemist's score and level at the time of its creation, the other player stance is that it is unuseable. who is right?

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Due to the closing of the regular store and players moving, out the Lowell Massachusetts players of Pathfinder Society are low. We have enough regular players and GM's for most nights, but if for some reason a player needs to drop out we can't play. So we need more players. We play every Monday night at Electronic Horizon, if you are interested in playing sign in at

Electronic Horizon is located at 850 Lawrence St. Lowell, MA.

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I've had this idea of additional rules regarding natural 1 rolls with weapons.

for melee weapons it would be that the character or monster had swung or trusted their weapon badly and they've thrown themselves out of position opening them up for a attack of opportunity. I've actually used this rule in a game and it worked out pretty well and enjoyed by the players as I applied it on them and on opponents, one of them successfully getting a kill this way.

range weapons would be more complicated as the results would have to change based on the weapon. Here are some ideas
for bows and crossbows the string broke and it will take a move action to retie it.
for a blowgun or the poison sand tube the character accidentally inhaled instead of exhaled and they have to use a move action to pull the dart out.
for throwing weapon such as daggers javelins shuriken's and thrown weapons that use a sling such as the amentum the character dropped the item and it landed on there foot doing a 1d2 to 1d4 of damage.
for entangling thrown weapons such as the bolas, lasso, or a net the weapon wrapped around the characters arm and they'll have to spend a move action to get it off or take a penalty on attack rolls.
and for the tube arrow shooter it would mean the spring fell out of place and I'll take a move action to realign.
thrown splash weapons and firearms already have rules for a 1 so there's no need to add to them.
I have not tried anything for ranged weapons and I'd like to hear what the rest of you think of these ideas, come up with your own, or if you think any changes to them should be needed.

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I am a new player running a Reanimator Alchemist I am nearing 7th level an want clarification on some of the points of lesser animate dead.

first I am already am aware that I can have only 1 zombie or skeleton, and that it goes away at the end of the game.

The first question is in regard to the onix gem. do I need to buy different value gems for different hit dice such as a 25 gp gem for a 1 hit dice creature and a 50 gp gem for a 2 hit dice creature or that I can instead combine 2 25 gp gem's for 2 hit dice? I ask this because of the way the alchemist spell system works is in creating extract's.

The second is in regards to using this on other players, the first part is I know I need to make sure they're okay with me doing this, but the idea I had was that if a player's character would die during a game I could use animate dead to create a creature that I could then give to the player to control so they could keep playing till the end of the game, at which point if they have enough money or prestige they could get raise dead applied to that character.

The third and final is a possible walk-through on how to create already completed templates so that I don't bog the game down during the creation of the creature.

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I am new to Pathfinder, I have been playing for about six months now and have enjoyed it. I wish to try being a GM. I have an idea for a long campaign that I have already asked for advice here .
I realize that before I try a long campaign I should try some shorter stuff just to learn how to be a good GM. Any good recommendations for shorter level 1 adventures or modules.

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I am new to tabletop RPG's. I have been playing some Pathfinder recently on roll20 and I have enjoyed it quite a lot. But I'd also like to try being a GM. I don't want to run a standard cookie-cutter hero save the kingdom story. I came up with this idea for a campaign to run either on roll20 or IRL. It's an evil PC only campaign, the players would start off as a dirt poor street gang in a medieval high fantasy version of the fictional city of Roanapur from Black Lagoon. the players goal would be to build up a criminal syndicate and drive out all of their rivals for control of the city. as the players become more more successful they'd be able to create NPC lieutenants that would serve to run aspects of the organization such as drug manufacturing and distribution or prostitution. these divisions would also allow players to have a new character already if the character their playing is killed. I would also have them have a illegal weapons running which is how they would get most of their more powerful items and magic weapons. With the advantage of this being that the players would eventually have large amounts of gold to be able to just buy out right magical items. as the players become more more successful they would be attacked by other mobs and because the city is carefully balanced by the four pre-existing organized crime groups the city would plunge more and more into chaos, until eventually the players drive out or kill all the competition.

I'm looking for general advice on all facets general GM advice, story and campaign creation advice, and is running an evil campaign is even a good idea.

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I've attempted this in the past, but with summer here I figured I'd give it another try I'm looking for either a group to join or create to play tabletop RPG's in the Middlesex County Massachusetts area, I myself currently have all the supplies needed to run D&D 4e, D&D Next, Pathfinder, Shdowrun 4e, and a Call of Cthulhu variant called The Laundry. Post on this form or send me a private message if you wish to join and I will look for a place for us to play and I will be posting updates on this form.