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Earlier this week I was reading on the forms in a general discussion thread, about a player who proposed a fighter who acted like a paladin but was not technically a paladin. But did obey the paladin code, and one posters mentioned how they were not satisfied with characters walking around literally stating their class in the case of divine casters, like clerics, inquisitors, paladins, oracles, warpriests. And they posted a couple of name suggestions that a character would actually identify themselves in game world as. And that got me thinking, in "Inner sea Gods" it is mentioned that inquisitors of Abadar are are given the name "Taxmasters" why is only his inquisitors given a special name. Maybe we could come up with names for the paladins of the different gods the clerics of the different gods and so on through the divine spell casters. Anyone have suggestions?

Well, there's a text somewhere that says that the "clerics" of Asmodeus (presumably this includes other divine casters, as I'm not even sure it says clerics) call themselves "Paladins of Asmodeus", in order to add a measure of authority to their actions.

I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to come up with names for other divine agents for all of the gods, but why would you give different names for each of the classes? I don't think the normal commoner would know the difference between a cleric (the class) and an inquisitor (the class), but he would definitely understand the meaning behind the words "Zon-Kuthon's Inquisitors" and recognize that they aren't nice people. But he wouldn't know that they have the Judgment class feature, or that he can enhance his weapon with the Bane quality.
Likewise, "Taskmasters" gives Abadaran inquisitors a unique role in the world, as they are implied to take care of certain financial things and such in the church.

It doesn't specify it being clerics of Asmodeus, specifically. And with Ultimate Intrigue, I think it's probably Tyrant Antipaladins of Asmodeus that call themselves Paladins of him.

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