looking to find or create a group in Middlesex County MA

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I've attempted this in the past, but with summer here I figured I'd give it another try I'm looking for either a group to join or create to play tabletop RPG's in the Middlesex County Massachusetts area, I myself currently have all the supplies needed to run D&D 4e, D&D Next, Pathfinder, Shdowrun 4e, and a Call of Cthulhu variant called The Laundry. Post on this form or send me a private message if you wish to join and I will look for a place for us to play and I will be posting updates on this form.

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I suggest that you post a message to the Boston Lodge Pathfinder Society Yahoo group. As long as the post is Pathfinder related, it is welcome there.

If you have any interest in Pathfinder Society we have a Warhorn site listing all PFS games in central and eastern MA, NH, and RI as well.

PFS is also a great way to meet players interested in home games too.

Liberty's Edge

a number of people have responded with interest all I need is one or two additional people and I can start looking for locations if you are interested please contact me or post

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