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I am a new player running a Reanimator Alchemist I am nearing 7th level an want clarification on some of the points of lesser animate dead.

first I am already am aware that I can have only 1 zombie or skeleton, and that it goes away at the end of the game.

The first question is in regard to the onix gem. do I need to buy different value gems for different hit dice such as a 25 gp gem for a 1 hit dice creature and a 50 gp gem for a 2 hit dice creature or that I can instead combine 2 25 gp gem's for 2 hit dice? I ask this because of the way the alchemist spell system works is in creating extract's.

The second is in regards to using this on other players, the first part is I know I need to make sure they're okay with me doing this, but the idea I had was that if a player's character would die during a game I could use animate dead to create a creature that I could then give to the player to control so they could keep playing till the end of the game, at which point if they have enough money or prestige they could get raise dead applied to that character.

The third and final is a possible walk-through on how to create already completed templates so that I don't bog the game down during the creation of the creature.

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animating a PC as undead makes it incredibly more expensive to raise them from the dead, because it requires a ressurection spell instead of just raise daed to fix.

Is Reanimator even legal? Most of the undead themed archetypes are banned.

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thank you for the advice then I will not use it on other players.

and yes the Reanimator is legal, it is the clone master alchemist, vivisectionist alchemist, and a discovery that is recommended for the Reanimator alchemical zombie discovery are not legal from Ultimate Magic

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