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Please check in here, I will need the following.

Player Name:
Character Name:
Day Job Roll:

Make certain I have the link to the maps and handouts working and fill in your initiative and perception for me. Be aware, this scenario has the potential to be very tough, but very rewarding. I hope you all have fun with it!

Once everyone is checked in I will review character sheets for some info I need to run the scenario, and we should get started rather shortly!

You have received a message from Venture-Captain Diya Akan, asking you to meet with Tahonikepsu, the Diamond Sage, at the Twisting Garden Lodge in Merab. The venture-captain has arranged magical transport from Absalom at the Diamond Sage’s expense. When you arrive via teleport by a small gnome wizard you find the blind venture captain ready to welcome you with a sand-colored dog at her side.

She takes a minute to introduce herself to those of you she doesn’t know, and for each of you to meet each other before guiding you through the maze of hedges surrounding the lodge to a courtyard where Amenopheus and Tahonikepsu wait beneath a pavilion.

Please introduce yourselves to yourselves!

This is my first time running a PbP, but I've run in person a lot. Please bear with me as I figure it all out, thank you!

I don't have access to these forums during the day outside of my phone, so be aware I will only post 1-2 times a day during the week. I like roleplay and come from a freeform style before getting into PFS/SFS, so please do more than just posts with dice rolls.

Info I will need -

Player Name:
Character name & levels:
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Good Morning all! Quick question about items in SFS. I know with personal enhancements you can upgrade from one to a better one.

Does this work with other items of the same type and upgrading to a higher tier? Say a tier 1 gun to the tier 5 version? What about cybernetics or computers? I'm certain it's written somewhere and I just missed it.

Sorry if this is more obvious for some, but my brain is having trouble processing exactly how the Veil Pool and Sivanah's Veils work.

Text for Veil Pool:
"As a standard action, the veiled illusionist can spend 1
point from her veil pool to alter her appearance as per the
spell disguise self. This is a glamer effect that lasts a number
of hours equal to the veiled illusionist’s class level. The DC
to disbelieve the effect is equal to 15 + the number of points
remaining in the veiled illusionist’s veil pool."

Text for Sivanah's Veil:
"A veiled illusionist learns to cloak herself in
the forms favored by the goddess Sivanah—human, half ling,
elf, gnome, cyclops, and naga. Once the veiled illusionist
learns a veil, she can expend 1 point from her veil pool to
disguise herself as a member of that veil’s race as though using
disguise self, even if doing so would exceed the limitations of
disguise self. When disguising herself as one of these races, she
gains an additional bonus on her Disguise check equal to her
class level."

My confusion is that the first one says it functions like disguise self, but with a will DC. Does this still modify disguise checks and do NPCs even get a perception check on top of the will save to see through it?

And in counter, the SV states it adds to your disguise check, but doesn't mention a will save. So I'm not certain if it's assumed to have a will save like the standard veil pool ability or not.

Could someone clear it up for me? Thank you!

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I'm trying to figure out if there's a way I can make a Shadowdancer with a hybrid style class, such as the Magus or the Bard. I know I could probably do the Ninja if I want a class that will have a few tricks up it's sleeve to run at the SD.

However, I have a character idea floating in my head thematically, and I'm not sure if I can make it not be terribly useless in actual play due to the lack of spell progression once I go into Shadowdancer.

Anyone have any suggestions or should I figure out something else?