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Good Morning all! Quick question about items in SFS. I know with personal enhancements you can upgrade from one to a better one.

Does this work with other items of the same type and upgrading to a higher tier? Say a tier 1 gun to the tier 5 version? What about cybernetics or computers? I'm certain it's written somewhere and I just missed it.

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I'm bumping this one up, but specifically about computers.

Can I spend the difference in cost to upgrade a Tier 1 computer to a Tier 2, or do I have to buy a completely different computer? It doesn't feel like it should be allowed for guns or most other equipment, but given the extreme customization in the computer rules, it seems like additions and upgrades should be allowed. I can't find anything that says it *is* allowed, so I assume it isn't, but would like to know if it's been officially addressed.

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The only instance when you can is with Personal Upgrades, like when upgrading a Mk 1 Ability Crystal to a Mk 2.

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