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So here's my conundrum, How would you go about using the Pathfinder rules in a modern fantasy setting (say in the US today) or a scifi future game? I know there are other options for these, I'm just looking at what can be done using the Pathfinder rules.

Try the Modern Path for rules for Modern advetures using Pathfinder.

For Sci-fi check out the Necropunk Campaign Setting by Little Red Goblin; their prodcts are temporarily unavailable while they fix up some issues.

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Given pathfinder rules I'd say SciFi pathfinder works more than modern, a LA Flash Gordon, John Carter, ext.

EN Publishing's Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future is the Milky Way galaxy with many/any bestiary race, and a human empire under the disguise of a democracy trying to unite the planets. Magic is replaced by Technology and Spells as Code, but works exactly the same as PF magic just a different point of view. Think of a Detection Wand as a Tricorder. Its kind of an interesting way to play out science using PF mechanics. Monsters and humanoid races are aliens. It doesn't really include an obvious technology on how starships work, but the PCs get a 5 person interstellar transport and fly to various outpost planets looking for bounties to pursue. Its got a Serenity feel to it. There's more emphasis on guns than typical PF.

The GMs guide and Players guide are free PDF downloads, while a paid for AP is being designed for it. Once you understand how to present it, I'd think it would be easy to develop adventures with just the free PDFs.

The setting is kind of the PCs as bounty hunters searching for starfaring criminals to apprehend for bounties. It's based on a published sci-fi novel by Mike Resnik.

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