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if i stared to play a Grippli Hunter with a Velociraptor Animal Companion and after level 3 Hunter, i would multiclass into Paladin. Could i use the Velociraptor as mount at Paladin lvl5?

The rules state that the paladin mount functions as the druids animal companion and the animal companion rules state that the levels of all classes that allow the animal companion are added up. Which means at lvl 8 (Hunter 3/Paladin 5), i should have a lvl8 Velociraptor that is large enough to serve as a mount, correct?


i am currently playing an unchained rogue (CG) at lvl8 - feats and rogue tricks so far are more or less the standard stuff (TWF, Weapon training Short sword, combat expertise, Canny Observer, TWFeint, Trap Spotter, Outflank, combat trick: ITWF).

I figure, once i hit lvl10 Debilitating injury gets better but beyond lvl10, i see little reason to go further down the Rogue-route. So i was thinking of dipping into another class, especially since i need to get at least 1 attack in to get debilitating injury going. I considered 2 classes:

1. Slayer (deliverer?)

+ study target
+ slayer talents can be used for rogue talents and therefore for advanced rogue talents
+ full BAB-progression
+ deliverer helps with poor Will-saves against most enemies (?)
+ Sneak attack dice

2. Fighter (two weapon fighter)

+ full BAB-progression
+ Weapon specialization
+ greater weapon specialization
+ twin blades
+ defensive flurry
- no additional sneak attacks

which one would you chose? Any other suggestions?

I am curious:

The item description of the Robe of the Resplendent Thespian reads:

"These magnificent vestments disguise the presence of armor as normal clothing."

Well now, since the Robe itself occupies the body slot, wearing armor along with the robe should be impossible anyway. So how is that statement to interpret?

I am currently playing a pathfinder campaign and we have a Paladin of Torag in our group and the way he plays the Paladin bugs me. I came here to find out if i maybe just misunderstand the paladin class or if Paladins of Torag are just a special bunch.

In our last sessions 2 thing happened i was wondering about:

During an encounter, the Paladin was killed and his soul subsequently transferred into a clone of a runelord. When we later encountered an Avatar of Nocticula (Nocticula as CE demon lord), he attempted to deceive the Avatar by acting as the rune lord (using his new body) and later agreed to set the Avatar free (through a portal of unknown destination).

Both of which doesnt seem very Paladin-like to me.

Later in the dungeon, the rogue set of a trap and was subsequently dominated and attacked the group - attacking the Paladin first. The monk of the group hit the rogue with a stunning fist (and several more attacks of unlethal damage), causing the rogue to drop his weapons and becoming more or less defenseless. The Paladin, however, still went full round attack on the rogue on account of "being attacked and having to defend himself".

That also seemed a bit off to me, wouldnt a paladin at least try to subdue a party member first, especially when that party member is unarmed?

Or is it just me being to picky?


i was thinking about making a Paladin of Shelyn, wielding a glaive.

The idea is to be the tank of the group, but to do so by tripping enemies left and right by using a glaive. Of course that means that will need a lot of feats and attributes (e.g. INT13 for combat expertise/improved trip)

One issue is that reach also means i am a bit in trouble when the enemy is right next to me and, of couse, the lack of defense from missing a shield.

To mitigate the reach problem, i figured i could either take "weapon trick: close sweep/heft bash" or "Bladed Brush". Which is more viable and are there other options?

Are there any pole-arm specific defensive feats i could chose? (i am aware of dodge of armor focus)

Is this viable at all?


i am basicly in charge of developing the monk character of my wife. First i had planned a very elaborate intimidate-centered build which would most likely have resulted in a s@%*load of dmg every turn... but well... all that dice rolling prove to be quite tedious in actual play (we have 6 player characters and we really should try to keep the turns fast).

Anyway - its a STR based build with 18/14/13/10/18/6, which means she is a bit behin in defence, and i was wondering which style might be able to use without too much hassle and effective to play.

I had taken 2 styles into consideration:

Crane-Style - basicly a lot of defense to offset the lack in DEX
Jabbing-Style - deal a s#*&-ton of extra damage, when attacking a single opponent

What do you think? Are those viable? Or is there another style that works even better (i had also considered Panther Style and Dragon Style, but ultimately they didnt cut it).

My unchained Rogue + Hunter build was OP (my Pet and me were doing more attacks and considerably more damage than the rest of the party combined) and pissed everyone off. So i decided to forget about the Hunter-Part and do a regular a bit toned down UC Rogue.

So, what i want to do now is the regular Two-Weapon-Fighting route, including TW-Faint and improved TW-Feint and maybe TW-Defense.

However, since Ninja Tricks give me access to style feats, i was wondering if there is any Combat Style that is especially gratifying for a DEX-based rogue with Short Swords.

So far i found the Swordplay Style, which seems to be pretty nice, albeit rather defense and i was wondering if there is a more offensive style that would suit my character?


i have got a rules question concerning the interaction of the feat "Swordplay Style":

"While using this style, wielding the chosen weapon, and fighting defensively or using either the total defense action or the Combat Expertise feat, you gain a +1 shield bonus to your Armor Class."

And the feat "Two-Weapon Defence":

"When wielding a double weapon or two weapons (not including natural weapons or unarmed strikes), you gain a +1 shield bonus to your AC. When you are fighting defensively or using the total defense action, this shield bonus increases to +2."

Does that mean:

Fighting defensively: -4 ATT / +2 AC
FD + Swordplay: -4 ATT / +3 AC
FD + TWD: -4 ATT / +4 AC
FD + Swordplay + TWD: -4 ATT / +5 AC


i want to use a Velociraptor as companion. Until lvl7 it gets +1 Natural Armor and is Small, from lvl7 it gehts +2 Natural Armor, +4 STR, -2 DEX, pounce and is medium.

The rules also state:

"Instead of taking the listed benefit at 4th or 7th level, you can instead choose to increase the companion’s Dexterity and Constitution by 2"


- Until lvl7, does it get +1 Size Modifier from being small to AC?
- If i chose to take alternative benefit, would the Velociraptor stay small?


i am currently planning on multiclassing into Hunter. Since this is going to be mid-campaign, there will not be much downtime between adventures. Im currently lvl4 UC-Rogue and plan on going Hunter with Boon companion feat on lvl5.

The question is, how is this usually handled with regards to the animal companion and his tricks? Without tricks, the companion is pointless and doesnt do anything.

Have you been in the situation? How did you implement the sudded appearence of the animal into the game? How would you handle the problem of tricks for the animal?


i am confused: The class description of the hunter states:

"A hunter may teach her companion hunter’s tricks from the skirmisher ranger archetype instead of standard tricks. The animal companion can use skirmisher tricks when commanded, a number of times per day equal to half its Hit Dice plus its Wisdom modifier."

However, all the hunters tricks of the skirmisher archetype refer to something the Ranger does. Some, not all, tricks do include the animal companion as target, but the trick itself is still always performed by the Ranger.

Can anyone clarify, how this is supposed to work?


is there a feat or some other way to increase the speed of a skinwalker change shape?


i am currently playing a lvl3 UC-Rogue Fanglord with 18 DEX. I am dual-wielding Kukri's with Weapon Focus and Two-Weapon-Fighting feats.

Does that mean i in a full round action i get to make 3 attacks?

Kukri (Mainhand) Attack +5 (2+4+1-2) 1D4+4 DMG
Kukri (Off-hand) Attack +5 (2+4+1-2) 1D4+2 DMG
Bite Attack +1 (2+4-5) 1D6 DMG?


1. I have a question regarding the bestial form of the skin walker. When i (Skin walker Fanglord) change into bestial form i can chose between several bestial features (bite attack, increased base speed, dark vision, claw attack).

What is, however, unclear to me is, how my exterior shape changes. Do i only get the exterior features that correspond to the chosen bestial feature (long snout for bite attack, a tail for increased base speed, claws for claw attack and yellow eyes for dark vision) or do i get all of the cosmetic changes, regardless of the bestial feature?

2. If i understand that correctly, Skin Walkers are not Lycanthropes and therefore not influenced by the moon, right?

Well now, after long discussions and a ton of different and weird character concepts i settled for a simple and straightforward Vishkanya UCRogue.

He is dual wielding Kukris and his role in the Party is most likely going to be melee dmg and trap disarmer/scout.

Now i face a problem - i have no idea which Rogue tricks to take beyond level 4. The first 2 i think are "Weapon Training --> Weapon Focus (Kukri)" and "Ninja Trick --> Pressure Points".

I was thinking of taking minor and major magic trick, but i wanted to ask here, if i overlooked some really great rogue tricks, which i should absolutely take.

My wife is playing an Oread Monk and she told me, her Monk is reluctant to fight and intimidating.

So i was thinking how to integrate that into the build of the character:

LvL1 Feat (Weapon Focus)/ Bonus feat (Dodge)
LvL2 Bonus feat (?)
LvL3 Feat (Enforcer)
LvL5 Feat (Dazzling Display)
LvL6 Bonus feat (?)
LvL7 Feat (Shattering Defense)
LvL9 Feat (Dragon Style)
LvL10 Bonus feat (Medusas Wrath)
LvL11 Feat (Dragon Ferocity)
LvL13 Feat (Dragon Roar)

Basicly using the Enforcer, to intimidate, which should make the target flat-footed and therefore viable for Medusas Wrath.

Or is that just to complicated or pointless?


i am working on a build focusing on dealing non-lethal damage, utilizing the Twisting Fear skill of the Vigilante.

If i take "Enforcer" as a feat, i can intimidate as a free action.

With the Vigilante skill "Whip of vengeance" i can easily deal nonlethal damage without the -4 to attack and against armored enemies, right?

Twisting fear would make me deal "hidden strike" damage as bonus damage and
"Lethal grace" would further increase my damage?

I could even take Dazzling Display later to do some nonlethal AE-Damage.

Is this viable?

However this wouldnt work very good with two-weapon-fighting since the whip isnt considered a light weapon, right?

Hi there,

my GM forces me to rethink my build. Basicly, he allows only Paizo-Content, so down the drain goes my unchained Ninja.

Is there any way, to get at least some of the ninja skills with a vanilla unchained rogue (apparently there are no unchained rogue archetypes either)?

I am working on an Oread Monk.

I thought that Pummeling Style was actually quite nice. However, apparently i need "Improved reposition" as a prerequisite.

So... no Pummeling Bully unless i take INT:13 to get "Improved Reposition" or is there a legal way around that prerequisite?

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i am going for arcane trickster: ROG (1), Wizard (3), Arcane Trickster (10)

His role is more or less being the face of the party and sneak attacking with rays and darts from stealth.

I have 2 questions:

1. If i read the rules correctly the Arcane Trickster does not get any new spells on level up, so he has to purchase & scribe all spells?

2. Which arcane school works best with the trickster? At present i am trying to decide between Divination, Evocation and Conjuration.

Divination will give me +1 INI and the ability to always act in a surprise round

Conjuration will give me 8 acid darts per day, and tons of usefull spells for my extra-spell slot.

Evocation will give me +1 DMG in most spells, but not so many useful spells.

This will be my first game of Pathfinder as P&P (i have played lots, and lots of Kingmaker) and i have no idea how big of a deal the whole surprise round thing from Divination is.

Any thought on this?

And another one question.

my wife is planning on playing a druid and i thought wild shape is really cool, until i realized i had no idea how the spell actually works and the spell description says surprisingly few things.

So basicly:

When you polymorph into an animal, do your ability scores change? If yes, all of them? Do i have INT 2 suddenly? None of them? So a STR:10 druid turns into a really weak Tiger? Do i get all of the attacks, special attacks and feats listed?

The core rule book doesnt even contain animals :-) where should i look to find out about their abilities?


if i take a spirit guide (oracle archetype) and i chose to bond with a life spirit, i get the ability to channel energy at lvl7.

"Channel (Su): The shaman can channel positive energy like a cleric, using her shaman level as her effective cleric level when determining the amount of damage healed (or dealt to undead) and the DC. The shaman can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + her Charisma modifier."

Will this allow me to chose channeling feats?

I have a question:

At lvl1 the druid gets the nature's bond ability, it states that i can chose to get an animal companion OR a to chose a domain, getting access to its spells and additional spell slots.


If i take animal domain i would get an animal companion anyway and if i spent a feat for boon companion, there would not even be a power difference. So basicly for just 1 feat i get both the domain and the animal companion - is that right?

I am confused as to the rules of using stealth in combat:

The skill description states:

1. "Normally, you make a Stealth check as part of movement"
2. If people are observing you using any of their senses (but typically sight), you can’t use Stealth. Against most creatures, finding cover or concealment allows you to use Stealth. If your observers are momentarily distracted (such as by a Bluff check), you can attempt to use Stealth.

Which basicly means that at any time, i should be able to use a bluff check to be able to use stealth in combat as part of the move action. If i manage to move behind a tree, i can stealth without the bluff check. Since this is part of the move action, i should be able to that every turn before attacking.

That appears to be surprisingly easy. Am i getting something wrong?

I an currently building a character for a campaign we are about to start and i found the idea of a dual wielding grippli druid quite appealing. The basic idea is to use his animal companion (a tyrannosaurus) as a mount into battle, while dual wielding 2 tiny scimitars.

One would chose the nature fang archetype which should give me access to some ranger feats... ...and... well... is this at all viable?

Keep in mind: This is not supposed to be a super strong fighter, its more or less for the fun of it, but would that work?

I have a question:

We are going to start our first game of pathfinder soon and i want to play an Arcane Trickster. In combat i want to sneak attack with all kinds of rays (starting with ray of frost and later scorching ray).

Most guides for the arcane trickster i have seen include at either 1 lvl rogue/1 lvl assasin or 3 levels of rogue to get the +2D6 sneak attack damage.
Would it not be sufficient to take 1 lvl of rogue and the "accomplished sneak attacker" feat?

Right now i am thinking of:

1 Rogue (1) (accomplished sneak attacker)
2 Sorcerer (1)
3 Sorcerer (2)
4 Sorcerer (3)
5 Sorcerer (4)
6 Arcane Trickster (1)
7 Arcane Trickster (2)
8 Shadow Dancer (1) --> Hide in plain sight
9 Shadow Dancer (2) --> Evasion, Uncanny Dodge
10 Arcane Trickster (from here till end of campaign)

What do you think?