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i am working on a build focusing on dealing non-lethal damage, utilizing the Twisting Fear skill of the Vigilante.

If i take "Enforcer" as a feat, i can intimidate as a free action.

With the Vigilante skill "Whip of vengeance" i can easily deal nonlethal damage without the -4 to attack and against armored enemies, right?

Twisting fear would make me deal "hidden strike" damage as bonus damage and
"Lethal grace" would further increase my damage?

I could even take Dazzling Display later to do some nonlethal AE-Damage.

Is this viable?

However this wouldnt work very good with two-weapon-fighting since the whip isnt considered a light weapon, right?

There's ways around the TWF penalty problem with 2 one-handed weapons. The best is a cheap (2500 gp) magic item called effortless lace, which makes a one-handed weapon into a light weapon. If it's not available for whatever reason then a couple of feats (possessed hand and hand's autonomy) could solve it though that's a harsh cost for a TWF whip build. If that's not available either (both are out in PFS) I suggest finding a different idea.

You're not going to have feats free for dazzling display. TWF costs feats, whips cost more, enforcer's another, dazzling display will cost at least two.

Twisting fear, whip of vengeance and lethal grace all work as you say.

If you're starting from level 1 you're going to have problems with not being effective for a few levels. It will be viable...eventually.

I was thinking:

LvL1 Weapon Finesse --> Two-Weapon-Fighting
Lvl2 Lethal Grace
Lvl3 Enforcer
Lvl4 Whip of Vengeance
Lvl5 Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Whip)
Lvl6 Twisting Fear
Lvl7 Weapon focus (whip)
Lvl8 Cunning Feint
Lvl9 Greater TWF
Lvl10 Close and Personal
Lvl11 Dazzling Display

So until lvl4 i can get by, by using Daggers or Rapier+Dagger and do some dmg with lethal grace and TWF.

From lvl5 i can actively start using the intimidate effect and it gets only better from there.

Or is this just awfully ineffective? I have no idea :-)

PS: Is there a better way to get Whip proficiency? Via race or something?

It's easy enough to get whip proficiency via race (half orc beastmaster or city raised, half-elf ancestral arms, hobgoblin pit boss, vine leshy lashvine alternate racial traits) but it'll cost you your human level one feat you've assumed above. If you can get absolutely any magic item in your game then a cracked opalescent white pyramid ioun stone gets you proficiency (effectively) for 1500 gp.

From levels 1-4 in a fight you're basically a core rulebook rogue with d4s for sneak attack and a damage bonus of 0-2 depending on where in those levels you are. Pretty weak in a fight.

You get improved TWF at level 9 not greater BTW.

Up close and personal needs a fair amount of investment in acrobatics to pull off, not just maxing the skill and having a good dex. Via magic items most likely. The DC to move through an enemies' square and consequences of failing mean you need to be amazing at it. You might prefer silent kill or take 'em alive.

Ah. I am currently not planning on playing a human but an Azara-touched Aasimar.

At lvl1 i take finesse, which becomes obsolete at lvl2 and will be exchanged from lethal grace (i could have marked that better).

The current stats are:

STR: 12
DEX: 18
CON: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 8
CHA: 16

So, you are right, the bonus dmg will be pretty low for the first levels and he will always be a weaker hitter than a pure rogue, i guess.

But there are so many nice skills which are hard to replace, like Blind spot, Hide in plain sight or Mighty Ambush.

As i said, i am relly not sure what to make of that char :-) maybe i should not try for the complicated whip-nonlethal-thing and just go plain dual wakizashi Taisatzu

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