Druid: Domain vs. Animal companion.

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I have a question:

At lvl1 the druid gets the nature's bond ability, it states that i can chose to get an animal companion OR a to chose a domain, getting access to its spells and additional spell slots.


If i take animal domain i would get an animal companion anyway and if i spent a feat for boon companion, there would not even be a power difference. So basicly for just 1 feat i get both the domain and the animal companion - is that right?

Yep, you've got it. You get it at level 4, however, and without retraining Boon Companion comes online at level 5, so we're talking three-four levels with no companion, where it is likely to make the most impact.

Follow up-Question:

Apparently the animal companion has only 1 free trick at lvl1 and does not know any tricks beyond that...

so at level 1 my animal companion could not help me in battle unless i chose to take "attack" as a free trick?

Which means that i could not take "heel" at the same time, which means that my animal companion might just not follow me to certain places?

It only has one free trick, but if you check the Handle Animal rules, an animal can learn 3 tricks per point in intelligence. So, a typical animal with 2 INT would be able to learn 6 tricks, in addition to the free one it gets from being an animal companion. It's not unreasonable to assume that your starting animal companion has already been trained.

It might be worth checking out this guide, incidentally - it talks a lot about how to deal with Animal Companions.

Boon companion combined with the animal domain does work but is not worth it. As pounce brought up you don’t get your companion until 4th level. But what really makes it a poor choice is that the spells you get from the domain are not that good and all but one are already on your spell list. Two of them are summon natures ally and one is beast shape. A druid can spontaneously cast summon natures ally and wild shape is a lot better than the spell. Hold animal and dominate animal are kind of situational and will not always be useful. Antilife shell is a pretty decent spell and will probably always be useful and shapechange is a good spell.

Natural spell is a lot better feat for a druids 5th level feat. Being able to cast spells while in wild shape is a lot more useful than the spells you gain from the domain. For the first 4 levels you don’t get anything except a couple of very situational spells. There ae also a lot of other feats that are better for a druid to take. If you want a companion take that as your nature bond instead of a domain.

Wow. This. Is. Awesome!

Thanks a lot!

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