Robe of the Resplendent Thespian and Armor

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I am curious:

The item description of the Robe of the Resplendent Thespian reads:

"These magnificent vestments disguise the presence of armor as normal clothing."

Well now, since the Robe itself occupies the body slot, wearing armor along with the robe should be impossible anyway. So how is that statement to interpret?

Armor doesn't use the Body slot... it uses the armor slot.

You can use body slot wondrous items and wear armor.

If the item grants an armor bonus then it won't stack with your armor, but that's it.

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Okay, I actually pulled out my old books, and from what I can see:

  • D&D3.5 has 'one robe or suit of armor on the body' as a single magic item slot.
  • D&D3.0 and PF1e do not have Armor sharing an item slot with any other type of item.

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