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I had so much hope for this PC. Roleplaying wise, thematically, and i dont get to play full spellcasters all that often either.. I was having fun, and not just in session. My character took alot of planning and brainstorming because i have more moving parts then im used to dealing with. I was having a blast, it sucks it turned out like this.

oh well

I've been called a hypocrite, a prick, and idiot enough. I give up

I've talked with the GM and im thinking of either switching him out with another character or ducking out completely. I dont want to take peoples fun, and if thats what its turned into, then i want to let the new players play.

I just truly enjoy this game for everything involved. Never had drama like this before though.


im trying to get ahold of the GM right now

kestral287 wrote:

+5 Slams.

Scizore on all slams.

That is not a beefcake.

I realize this, but the fact is he is a beefcake. Most all the money is spent on making him tough. If you really think about it, the additional slams and scizore mods are an extremely cheap mod. Why cant i spend 80% of my gold on beefcake with 20% on wep. I dont see why i cant do both

Cap wrote:
I am sorry but Does it say that you made a huge animated object out of adamantine? How much gold did the GM give you?

Short answer. Too much

BradPitt wrote:

Good, god. You spend all your money on a golem and the bloodrager feels outclassed. As a conjurer you can walk in with multiple dinosaurs and cast chains of late on the largest creature not immune to paralysis and coup de gras it.

This is nothing compared to the damage any full caster can do; it's just different, and I think that's just fine.

All this boils down to the fact that he's a new player. This is his first campaign, and he's been playing since lvl 1. As we all know all to well theres a learning curve with this game. The fact they started at base lvl was beneficial due to the fact he could learn the game as it scales up.

But now me, and the Shaman are really starting to get some stuff he has never heard before, and its a little confusing considering he's only played martial before.

bret wrote:
Actually, I'm wondering why the AC is as high as it is between the size huge and Dex 6.

15 base huge animated object + 6 nat armor from 6points of metal CP mod

sameguy wrote:

Words: I wish to maintain harmony.

Action: I have specifically made a thing that makes another player's character pointless. Because I can.

My intent was never to "dick him over." this thread was started due to the fact he TOOK it like that. I was NEVER GOING TO REPLACE HIS ROLE at all.

omega wrote:
Is there no other way to up that AC? 21 at 7th level is a punching bag, only saved by that hardness.

Craft magic armor, i can mod his ac with enhancements and other stuff

Laziness. Here he is

Trouble Maker:

Animated Object - Huge
HP - 7d10+40
AC - 21 (15 base + 6 metal CP)
str: 30 dex: 6 BAB: 7
CP mods: +5slams = 6 slams total
-metal (6) adam hard 20
-resist energy (8) all 4 resists = 5
-increased melee dmg (1)
Wep mods(basic modification)
-scizore on all slams

Now, i did make him tank as you see. I cant increase his HP yet, due to the fact im CL 7, meaning 7HD cap atm. I made him as tough as i could, which is a total of 14 CP points purely spent on that. I only added 6 CP points of offense due to the fact they are crazy effiecient for what they give you.

Omega wrote:
So you're going to tone down your tank then? Maybe make him more defensive and be the flank partner for the rager?

Yeah ill tone it down obviously, but in terms of gameplay i was thinking something different. The whole point of beefcake here was to be my guard, and i stay at a distance, so he'll stay with me. Im ganna make a tanky/fast flanker in the future as well as other support bots with SLA and such. This is just the beginning, but in hindsight i shoulda started with other stuff stead of this one

idc wrote:
Taking steps to not only outclass him in every OTHER way, but the ONE THING (by your own admission) that he actually enjoys doing and being the best at is just being a prick, and there's no getting around that.

I think you arnt really understanding what started this whole thing.


Im not stealing anyones thunder, i made a beefcake to make sure i dont get torched. HE was the one that added up all the numbers and compared. He turned it into a contest. Im not a prick, and both these threads have been made with the intent of maintaining harmony with the other players in the group. If nothing else, that should atleast show you im trying to make this work.

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Someone said wrote:
And don't try to pass up minmaxing a construct as an rp choice.

But it was. I wanted to have objects be my weapon. I wanted to play something different this time. A sort of -semi- pet class so to speak. I was torn between Broodmaster Summoner and a crafting wizard spellslinger. But being the type of player i am, or being competent if you wanna put it rudely like that, i made it functonal. Obviously crafting feats are really good, and theres a reason alot of GM's choose to not allow them in there games, but being in contact with him alot, i was able to constantly ask him what he would/and would not allow.

Things just worked out the way they did, and any relatively experienced or versed player can understand where im coming from. A melee martial class being out scaled by a wizard is nothing new.. on top of that, he doesnt rp at all. Like i said, he only pipes up for fights, which is fine. Its how he wants to play. Dont say it wasnt an rp choice. Thats all it was for me

bobx3 wrote:
So how did you get an animated object with DR? Because there is no CP mod that gives DR that I can find. There is no construct modification I can find that gives DR. If you mean hardness that's a completely different thing. Also, if you're using mithral or adamantine the cost of the base object you're animating goes up by the amount necessary to make the object out of that material. So I'm pretty sure you made some mistake in the legality or cost of your construct, honestly.

I miss-spoke. When i say DR i mean hardness. Yes i did make it out of adam, and have taken all the pricing and materials into account. Mind you this is a pretty basic bot, in terms of what it can do, but it was still expensive and took a HELL of a long time to craft. (25+days of full crafting WITH arcane builder feat)

tavo wrote:
I'm mildly curious at best. Breaking the game with constructs using a huge amount of gold beyond WBL doesn't need a lot of sysyem mastery. Just a lenient GM that gives you a lot of gold

Exactly. This PC plan was merely supposed to be flavor when i made it. I was just trying to fit a sort of style i had in my head, and rp the hell out of it. I just so happened to make it functional and operational at lvl 7, and wamm the GM gives us an absurd amount of gold.

He has been planning and playing this campaign for months, its actually really cool. Its been played since lvl 1. I love the world he is building. Its fantastic, the characters, the nations, the leaders, the whole thing. But he said he wanted it sandboxy, and this is what he came up with. He wanted a PC driven story

Someone said wrote:
You waited your turn and let him get his character going. He fulfilled his role...but the game is swinging towards game altering spells.

This is his first campaign playing, he's played two characters in it. A twf ranger, then the Rager when he got bored. He's a smart dude, and is learning quickly, but i feel bad cause he really has been the highest damage in terms of single target for a while. But its apparant recently that the Shaman and me are just scaling better due to how the game works for full casters

(not to mention the money again, but this has really caused a rift in balance that i dont think the GM was expecting. He just wanted us to have an interesting fresh campaign, bless him)

Animated Object

It's a modded verson of this. It has more armor, DR and Resists using CP mods. Aswell as basic wep mods. But literally all it is, is this basic template, with some DR. Thats all it is. Its the least complicated thing my guy is capable of, i mean its just a basic animated object. Due to its size though, he does quite a bit of damage if allowed a full round, which is why this whole thread got kicked up

Corpse wrote:
Your path is set at this point. You're going to have to play that next session and see how it all actually goes. Chalk this up as a learning experience in effective roleplayer communication and go smash a dragon!

Thanks man

And sorry everyone that this turned into a little of a drama fest. I've never had really any problems with players before, but being this is our first campaign together, i dont really know how he plays very well. I coulda done things differently in hindsight, and ill work on that. Thanks for all the great advice


287 wrote:
But actions speak louder than words, and your actions were to ignore the given advice. You were outright warned not to do what you did. Anyone who considers your actions and your situation for five minutes could tell you the results, which are exactly what happened. If you were reading that thread and understanding it, there's no way that you couldn't have known what would happen.

I am ganna do all that, i was asking for help making a plan, and i have a plan. Im still doing that, this was one session worth of crafting i put into making a bodyguard for my PC.

recap: it hasnt even been played yet, hasnt hit the field.

They were just suprised about the raw numbers, and im using what im given.

Corpse wrote:
That right there might be the problem. You've been sitting in the back, quietly working on building this golem and no one in your party knew about it until now? How long did it take you in game to make this thing? You never once mentioned it? They never once noticed you disappearing into your workshop for long hours? That's all perfectly fine. But that means you've been building a giant surprise for your party this entire time. It shouldn't be that big of stretch to see that some people are going to react poorly to that. Especially the one guy who your secret impacts the most.

It wasnt even like that. Yeah ive been on my ass, but we've had alot of travel time in game, which gives me alot of time to craft, which is very useful for me. The power of the guy was a bit of a shock, but it wasnt supposed to step on toes. His purpose, even in my pitch of him i said, this is a big body that will make sure my sorry ass doesnt bite the dust in this fight against this Dragon.

The rager in terms of gameplay always runs up to the first thing, buffing as he goes, then swings. So i guess he assumed thats what i would do with it too. Thats not how i play, not even a little.

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1 wrote:
So, when this boatload of money came in did you make suggestions to the newer players on how to spend it to make their characters stronger? Things like a furious enchantment on the bloodrager's main weapon? The reason I ask is you talked of how they were new characters, and equipment makes a huge difference in power. It can be tricky picking the right equipment.

In the previous thread i said that they ask me for advice in that area. I really did give them my thoughts on the route they should take to maximize what they are trying to do. It wasnt even like :\"this is what i would do," I always asked "What are you trying to do?" Then go from there. But mostly, it was the Alchemist and Wrestler that took it to heart. I helped rager out a bit, but he's never seemed interested in getting helped unless he's stuck.

2 wrote:
That's... not a question you ask of something built to absorb damage. No... after re-reading that thread, and this one, it seems that this was intentionally designed to stand and deliver, to slug it out with the best of them.

That was one of the two rules that wasnt properly stated when it came to building constructs. I need to have the rules there to make proper decisions. That was one of the times i asked the GM for the ruling. It wasnt me trying to max dps, it was me finding out the limits of a build. Thats all

3 wrote:
Thirdly, this is a cooperative game. The other player in question clearly enjoys being a combat beatstick. You're not just stepping on his toes, you're breaking his foot, his ankle, and the rest of his leg, with your pet, and saying he shouldn't whine about it. That's... a poor attitude for a group game. Don't want to reign in your optimization? There's a variety of single player RPG's to choose from. Otherwise it becomes the "stand there and watch while I solve all of the problems" show. Like it or not, that's not really fun for everyone else involved.

That was the WHOLE points of the last thread. I didnt want to overshadow anyone, and needed some help on how to make it fun. This was supposed to be a tank, and lets recap. THIS HASNT HAPPENED YET

He just saw the numbers on paper, and took it hard. How i was planning on using it, wasnt how he thinks im ganna use it.

edit: And by the way... Ive played many sessions of this campaign, and in every single on i have takin the backseat support role. I dont think ive actually killed something yet. I roleplay alot, and take a non-factor role in combat. This is literally the FIRST time ive even hinted that i have potential to do more, and he gets pissy. Its not my fault, which when it happened i thought it was. The more i think about it, the more i realize theres other issues here.

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Aleron wrote:
I strongly doubt -everything- is legal as everyone makes mistakes. Regardless...

I dont think its fair to assume i made mistakes along the way, especially considering how much planning i actually had to do to make this work in the first place. On top of that, like i said, i talk with the GM on the daily, and he's just as experienced as me(we've been playing just as ling, got into it the same time, but he's been a GM most of it), and on the flip he has a ton of GM experience. So he looks at things from a diff angle. I run everything past him, and because i wanna do everything right. After i double and triple check, he does the same.

loveablepleeb wrote:
Other wise maybe have a tiny little scout construct who goes with the party the rest of the time

Thats been what i've done up to this point. I had a homunculus construct as a scout/sense link that i could either send out, or stick on the party and i can split. Either way it gave us flexibility outside of combat.

Theres some stuff i can do to "power" up my party in combat, i just wanted this tank ready first incase something came up. Then wamm, Dragon fight inc. So im glad he's ready, Mr Bloodrager not so much..

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Bobx3 wrote:
60 HD Homunculus


haha, but no really, making something like that not only, wouldnt exactly be legal, since the CL cap is based on HD of the construct usually. And having all that modified mumbo on it, would make the construction of it take months. But and overpowered homunculus is legit terrifying haha

Moose wrote:
More so if the one taking away the niche is a wizard who can do tons of other stuff well in addition to being better in the other player's niche.

that was truly not my intent. I just wanted a beefcake that could keep me unscathed in a big bossfight(he was intended as a trump card/meaning nearly never take him out. But its a D.r.a.g.o.n) incase something big and scary got close to me. It wasnt intended to double our dps output. I wanted a tank, not a hammer. It just so happens he does that pretty well if he gets a full round

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Hawk wrote:
In general a few I hope helpful comments

I completely and totally agree with everything you said.

The money is playing a huge part it this whole thing, cause the benefits he's getting for the paycheck doesnt give him to-scale power up that i'm getting. This just boils down to build path that no one coulda seen coming. I guess it just worked out this way unfortunately.

4: As far as taking his niche, thats not what i wanted to do. in terms of party composition, we are a very blasty/beefy party. We slug it out with the best of em, we have strong frontliners with the monk+rager and additional support from the Shamans mutts. Then we have a semi-solid mid-ranger filled by the loveable alchemist. Then at a distance stands me and the shaman.

In terms of fights, honestly, i rarely get hit, like ever. Same with the shaman. Enemies get so tied down with our frontline + my spells that it makes it near impossible to get past the first stage of combat. It boils down to GM encounter building, which i think i need to talk to him about. I think the Dragon fight will be a clear decider on how strong we are though.

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Graves wrote:
Taking a backseat most of the time?

That was my mindset the whole time i've been playing. I want these guys to play there PCs and have fun, but im a player too. I shouldnt have to feel bad for making a reasonable or smart decision in a combat encounter. It doesnt matter if Rager gets the last hit on every. single. mob. Only thing that i care about it all of us getting out alive.

So i use fly to my advantage. (btw: since big construct gets unveiled next session, it means i havnt even been using constructs. Only one i got is a little Homunculus that flies around) Its almost as if the Rager forgot i was a thing, and was so used to me just being total non-factor (which is completely not fair, but i guess if im not doing damage then the stuff i do doesnt matter). I've been playing "God" Wizard, spellslinger style for the past levels. I use my gun to make my CC spells more potent. I hit my spike this level, and with enough free constructing time im ganna start getting real scary here pretty soon, and it sucks that he's taking it like this..

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See, it's funny you should say that. Im playing a construct crafter.. A spellslinger Wizard Construct Crafter.

I've never even heard of something like that. First off spellslinger, as far as what i've read, is pretty sub-optimal on its own. But i wanted a gun, and int for crafting. So it makes sense. Then crafting constructs takes so much commitment to even get to, that im walking around with broken legs till i get there anyways.

If you wanna talk suboptimal, that was the WHOLE point of this build. I stepped out of my, number crunching face class, or the crazy spell DC anvil type to play something thematically fun. My inspiration for this guy was the Puppet Masters from Naruto. I wanted to have these objects fight for me. They would be my weapon.

Only problem is, i wanted it to actually be functional. So i did my homework. Like alot of homework, and this is the result. A weird/ unorthodox build that has a surprisingly big payoff.

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Original thread/earlier this week

So, in a thread i posted earlier this week, i asked for some advice about ways of keeping my power spike in check, and ways of using my build as a way to "quietly" help my allies without stepping on any toes... I don't think it really worked out.. Funny thing is it hasnt even happened yet. Here's what went down after tonights session.

After the session we were discussing how we should go about completing our next task. It doesnt really matter how we got it, but basically we are about to fight an ancient dragon that's been terrorizing the kingdom farmers. Well we were going over how much damage, and what kinda stuff we do. I wasnt saying anything, just listening.

The "star" of our group is this Shaman with some pets. He does crazy damage, has crazy range, and a boatload of versatile ways of dealing with most things. (he's always efficient with round management, and is/other than me/ the most experienced person other than the GM) In tonights session, his versatility and flexibility was apparent.

The other three are all melee classes basically, and played by 3 new players.

We have a CM monk specialist that is more like a one trick pony when it comes to combat. He wrestles people, and its an effective way of disabling one guy at a time.

Then an alchemist, who honestly i dont really know what he does. He's the base class, he likes the alchemist for the roleplaying aspect. He throws bombs, muties out sometimes, but most of the time, he kinda doesnt really do much. Has a bastard sword he swings around.

Then there's a bloodrager, "max" dps dude. Typical hammer type(funny enough he uses a hammer). All he wants to do is damage, and has in his own little way, revolved his whole build around hack n slashing the first guy that looks at him wrong. (side note: as a player, he seems totally uninterested in the rping aspect of the game, and is on his phone or doodling until a fight comes up. He does very little talking)

Well it was just the 4 of us and the GM(mr monk wrestler had to leave early, so session was stopped at around the 4-5hr mark). There was a lull in convo after people had been saying what they would do in the fight and such so i piped in. If we're ganna be fighting a fricken Dragon, i should bring my -A- game so nothing bad happens. Well i unveiled my "Judge" construct chain dude. And not even like, BAM heres this badass ive been hiding from yall. na. it was more like, well this is what i got atleast in terms of this fight. I described what it does, and the AVERAGE damage this dude can dish out if he hits.

Well this rubbed mr bloodrager completely the wrong way. Like, everyone else was "thats badass," or dang dude thats alot of damage, thats sick. And i could tell bloodrager was pretty confused. He was looking at it, and all he said was "dude thats completely broken.." looked at the gm. "Is that legal?" Mind you, i talk to the GM (he's a really good friend of mine) on an almost daily basis, and alot of it is about pathfinder. I do everything by the rulebook, if you remember, and anything i couldnt find on my own (which was literally like 2 things) i asked GM ruling, and did everything by the book.

Basically, EVERYTHING i do is legal. I dont like homebrew rules, i feel like they take the legitimacy out of the game sometimes (not always, good homebrews are hard to comeby though). I could lay out the numbers, and rules, and entries to everything that went in to making this complicated big bastard, that makes him so strong after all is said and done. I mean, the whole point of my PC is to get to this point, i planned every. little. thing. Then he just acts all pissy after i just show him the numbers for the first time.


In terms of damage(assuming all attacks hit, and bloodrager is fully buffed), the rager's MAX damage without crits, is about 35-40% of what big dude brings with an average dmg role. Mind you i didnt point this out. Hell, i didnt even think about it. Rager felt the need, to help him process it i guess, to do the math on how completely "broken" it is. I just min-maxed his damage on paper and rolled with it.

Well needless to say it got kinda awkward. I shut up immediatly, and just let him process it. Shaman and GM helped him in terms of explaining why it worked the way it did, and not only that, point out what makes it bad. The weaknesses, and the fact that in terms of build path, EVERYTHING i have done has been to get me HERE. To this spike. So i should be rewarded a spike like this if you have to commit every feat, every skill point, and every penny you got to making it work (and 20 full days of constructing it too).

tl;dr: In an attempt to be real with people, after the session tonight, i showed people what my PC has been working towards, and what my build brings to the table. One player takes it the wrong way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the last thread i expressed hesitation towards playing even remotely efficient, or "optimal," or for all intents and purpose, GOOD for fear that i would piss off some people. Well the first thing i show them about my PC, he takes offense to it.

I was legitimately worried, because thats the type of person i am. Ill play the support role, the anvil, the face. Whatever. Ill let them have the spotlight no matter what. (note: this is his first game, meaning my first game WITH him as a player) I can do the thankless job so they can have the limelight. I just like playing. But you know what, I shouldnt have to play a certain way to try and please someone who gets offended anytime he feels like he's being overshadowed. The thing is, all the other players just play. Every character has there own strengths, multiple weaknesses, different areas of expertize and, as players go just all around cohesion and understanding of how things work.

I don't know. I don't know what to do, i feel bad that he took it like that, and i love playing with them. But it sucks that i put all that effort into specifically NOT having this happens, and the smallest thing puts it in motion.


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My plan so far goes as follows (btw THANKS SO MUCH for all the input, it really helps)

Since i have my own airship, i need a driver. so.. check

then i can make my bodyguard(trump card/kill bot). keep him hidden, and have dimension door scrolls(or on my list) to get him into the fight if needed. (id be in the ship with him)

next, the flock. :D These little dudes will be a group of Homunculi, with SLA of make whole. very cheap to make, not much con time either. i plan on makin a good 4-5. they serve as eyes aswell. (trump card aswell if things get sticky + they can heal the ship in a pinch)

Im thinkin of some flyers as well. Animate some gliders, maybe bump there dex, give em grapple hooks + tangle bags. They dive bomb once a fight starts and lock down bad guys.

As far as gameplay is concerned, i plan on being in the ship most allways, but i have numerous ways of not only keeping in touch with everyone, but im more aware of whats going on then most of my party. I wanna use the fact that i can "be" multiple places at once to my/and my party's advantage.

The Forge of Combat

I've been reading this. i think it was linked in another thread, i forgot. But basically it has highlighted the fact that, even though my party has 5 PCs, one of which is a pet class, and me having my own lil army if i want, we dont lack numbers; yet we lack an "arm" in our group.

Most of our buffing is all self buff (bloodrager self buffs/shaman self buffs/alchemist self buffs), and its leading all our encounters to be extremely resource dependent. The fights don't last long due to how many "hammers" we have, as well as quite a few anvils. Its not much of a problem considering we only usually do 1-3 encounters a day(in-game) allowing us to not be punished for poor resource management.

I wonder if there's a way i can fill that role with my bots. Being the "God" Wizard, i'm mainly an anvil to begin with, aswell as having access to buff spells.

Matt wrote:
I'd be more scared of why the gm gave you all that money if it's out of character. :-D

Haha believe me thats crossed our minds :p

I talked with him after the session last night, and he said to be smart with this money. He wants to see tactics, and smart usage of what he's giving us. ie. Raw stats are not ganna be enough in the coming fights

Dafydd wrote:
As for constructs, I assume custom is allowed, from Ultimate Magic? If so, building item carrier battle boars for the group could help. I will dig out the schematics later, but, iirc, it was a boar like construct that had bags of holding built in.

Yeah thats been my main thought process of making constructs. They are really easy to mod, and customize which is one of the main reasons im playing this crafter

That' true. I'm not going the, one shot big bad route. Alot of the plans that have been bouncin around in my head is more crowd control oriented. combat maneuver bots. Since im in an airship, i was thinking i could do some cool flying stuff. Animate a glider, ranged attacks/tanglefoot/grappling hooks. Lock people down.

Not only that, but my PC himself is control oriented. I use my weapon to provide DC bonuses on my control spells.

for context: We are lvl 7. Im a "spellslinger" Wizard that has dumped most all my feats and all my skills into crafting, for constructs. I want to be a puppet master/have all these powerful, interesting "droids."

Well, 2 sessions ago we got a pretty big score for our lvl(nearly 40k for each of us), and a magical key. This past session, we sold said key for a ridiculous 800k..... Split, means 160k a pop. Oh, and by the way we have an airship, that we use to get around.

So my GM is awesome, and i've not only played with him forever, but i've known him even longer than that. I was not expecting this kinda turn of events for this campaign. Usually i have a good idea of what kind of power level/money level i can expect to be at, at any given time. I had this whole plan for this PC im playing, my only goal was constructs.

Now i have all this money, that the rest of my party is spending on items straight up, powering up to absurd lvls instantly... But, Im a little scared, cause with this much money... I mean, the whole idea of the PC im playing is making my money stretch with crafting feats and such. And yeah constructs are expensive, but for good reason. Like one bot i have planned, could easily 1v1 the strongest martial class in my party(even with all his money spent), and its only like 32k to craft after all is said and done. It takes time, sure, but once i power up im afraid im ganna take over everything.

So i need some advice. The people i play with see me as a min-maxer, which i am honestly. I love this game for all the flavor and stuff, but number crunching and theorycrafting is my favorite part. They are in it for the flavor for the most part, which i love. They ask my advice for the number stuff/optimal items/build path, the works. One thing they hate though, which they wont admit, is that i use the rulebook like a fricken bible. Im basing my whole build on taking advantage of the mechanics in the game(i run everything past the GM of course, no tech or auto firearms. everything else is fair game(no 3rd party))

I asked the GM if i can straight up buy my own airship, which he approved. I already have the materials for the massive kill bot(im ganna use him more like a trump card, cause seriously, he can 1v1 or 1v2 anything once he gets built) I have a homunculus i made for the sole purpose of being my flying pair of eyes, while i stay in my ship crafting. That still leaves me with an absurd amount of cash left(100k+)

tl;dr: Lvl 7 min-maxing crafter wizard just got the biggest score of his dnd career. Im scared

- - - Thank you if you've made it this far - - -

Keep in mind im CL 7, i have all crafting feats(no tech allowed) and 4-5 crafting skills. So help me come up with some cool flavor stuff i can do with constructs, so i don't spend all my money on being the min-maxer i am, and taking over the battlefield(having my friends hate me). Im having a blast with this character, and it appears my party has found there true loves too, so i want to let them have there fun.


I'm making an "animated object" using craft construct feat. Each gets a base amount of construction points i get to spend, and for more money i can add more. t#TOC-Construction-Points

Well, there's one that gives me an additional "slam" attack. There's no base model for the animated object, meaning idk how many limbs it has (i assume i can have it however i want).

So im wondering how i determine how many additional "slam" attacks i can add on. I've looked everywhere, but it all pertains to limb based, if you have the limb, you have the attack. So in theory i can have a big ass dude with -insert dumb # here- slam attacks that i can then mod and have fun with. This doesn't seem right, I'm missing something.

What exactly does puttin manacles on an enemy in combat do exactly? all it says is the stats to get out of them. Can they not use there hands? Do they need to do a concentration check to cast a spell? Are they considered "grappled."

The fetters version of manacles says they are entangled and move at half speed, but there is literally nothing about the hands.


Im a wizard using a Gate Breaker Ballista. My crew is me + a large construct my character made. (1+4=5 crew members, essentially.) How would i go about calculating my attack role after its all loaded and aimed? I understand how to do all that, but its a ranged touch attack right?

So i use d20 + BAB + DexMod = ??

Is that right? If so, do i use my BAB/Dex or the Constructs?

i havnt really researched constructs before, wow these are cool. You just opened my world haha, THANKS!

Unfortunately we have never used psionics in any campaign Ive played with this GM. Or i would be going that route for sure

Hi! First off id like to say the reason behind me playing this "sub" optimal archetype is simply i have inspiration from the anime Naruto's characters Kabuto/Sasori. I WANT TO BE A PUPPET MASTER.

So anyways, its a lvl 5 start. Im not really too concerned with what i will be doin on the field, standard summoner junk(ive played summoners before). My question is how would you guys go about dividing duties to the little guys?

I have a couple ideas, lemme know if you think they are even viable!
(8+1 evo points, 2 feats, 4nat attcks, 4HD, 4AC)

3 Eidolons/Battlefield control:

1st: Nat attacker, bipedal, bite, tail/sting (2HD + 4AC) Front liner
2nd: Bow, 2 feats(making the bow actually do something)
4 evos for wep prof
3rd: Sentry/Bodyguard for me. Longspear + Reach evo = wide area of safety

The only problem I see with this one, is i think im tryin to do too many things at once.

Pheromone marking/maul:

1st: Nat attacker/max attacks + scent
2nd: TWF for more attacks to take adv of pheromone bonus + scent

The idea behind this, is the summoner shooting a pheromone arrow, while my eidolons have scent, so they get the +2+2 on attacks/dmg. Id dump all the HD and armor into the two dudes to make them more "frontliny." Problem is, i don't see them winning a close fight like that even with the bonuses + enlarge person/mage armor.

Combat Maneuvers/Disabling:

1st: "Mancatcher" Exotic wep. Small eidolons cant use the grab evo against bigger guys, but no where does it say the mancatcher cant, so i figure its a way for a small guy to disable an opponent.
2nd/3rd: Probably trip focused/reach range sentry

Im excited for this one. Id have to dumb alot of evo's into the mancatcher idea, but i think itll work. Id be playing smart on the field, isolating one bad. Keepin me/my allies safe.

Mancatcher grabs the badguy comin at our backline, keeping him in place. Other two eidolons have reach/longspears/trip weps. One trips him. Now he's prone+grappled. My summoner would be melee in this build/but not a frontliner obviously. He'd just take adv of disabled bad guys.

Poke poke stab stab

My favorite is the third one. Any idea's you smart people have id love to hear! THANKS!

Im making a lvl 5 broodmaster summoner. Is the limit of brood dudes i can have 4, because of max hit die? and i so, are they all "small"?

how can i tell what size they are?

as a summoner junkie i agree with Rerednaw..

Need more infos though

Do i use the combined Synthesis/Eidolon stats when qualifying for feats or just my feats?

ex. Cant take power attack unless my Summoner has 13 str

Only reason i ask is all the builds and stuff i look at have 7str but they get all these nice feats. Im confused

Im building a Reach Synthesis Summoner. My Eidolon get no feats/skills, but my feats/powers apply to him. My question is

-since i have simple weapon prof as a class feature, can i just skip the first part of the weapon training evolution, meaning JUST spend the 2 points for martial training? or do i still need to spend the first point?

so would it be viable to have a reach weapon and reach evo? so thats a 5-15ft range right?

so a combat reflexes reach synthesis summoner build isnt completely out of the question?

say i multiclass into fighter (phalanx soilder) would he be proficient?

Can a synthesis summoner not wield a shield?

If a weapon has reach, or i get reach from a synthesist eidolon evolution, can i not attack adjacent squares?

and if thats the case how would i go about treating encounters? if someone gets close, and i move back a square to attack him, he gets an AoO on me. so what should i do?

Forgive me for the random ass question, but if anyone can answer it, i know itd be you wonderful people. THANKS

Goblins get +4 stealth due to size on top of the other bonus +4 to stealth for a total of +8.. Well i was wondering if im playing a Synthesist Summoner, and my Eidolon that im FUSED WITH is medium size or bigger, do i LOSE the size bonus when determining a stealth skill check?

I'm going into a level 4 campaign, although this question doesn't have to be restricted to level 4.

What are some fun multiclassing options to make our Synthesist Summoner more interesting in combat? I don't really want to do the basic natural attacking Synthesis.

For example, my plan until i get some better ideas(even though I'm pretty pumped for this one) is Synthesis 1/Musket Master Gunslinger 3, with ability increase Dex, and natural armor.

Master of Shadows wrote:
The BAB was FAQ'd for Synthesist, your eidolon BAB only replaces summoner BAB your other classes add on to it.

Wait, so you mean

Level 4
Synthesis 1/ Gunslinger 3 for example
The Synthesist summoner while fused has a BaB of 1(eidolon)+3(slinger) = 4?

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