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I saw this on rpg.net about how the gods would be if things were changed around and this
popped up, might be an interesting take on things.

Abadar: Chaotic Neutral God of Crime, urban decay, anarchy, and riots. Abadar personifies the chaotic aspects of cities and commerce. He is the patron of Crime bosses, corrupt cops and politicians, anarchists, the homeless and disenfranchised, and also worshiped by urban dwelling monsters such as Wererats and Goblins. Abadar plays all these forces against one another in a chaotic dance of chaos and destruction, defying the idea of cities as bastions of order and stability.

Asmodeus: Chaotic good God of freedom, trickery, and poetic justice. This Asmodeus is more of a dark byronic anti hero or a Loki figure. He's the trouble maker of the Gods. A silver tongued scamp who loved bringing the proud and cruel down with his mischief. Many a tyrant or warlord has been ruined by Asmodeus in disguise.

Callistra: Lawful Neutral Goddess of courtly love, Justice, and knowledge. The Goddess of the Elves here is a noble princess who encourages her elves to become chivalrous knights and pledge themselves to their queen priests, like a soldier bee protecting their hive (this version of Callistra favors honey bees over wasps), rather than seeking vengeance, Callisrtran priestesses seek to use the legal system to mete out justice against those who wrong the common man, and Callistran priestesses frequently become senators and judges (While also pushing for the decriminalization of sex workers, since Callistra is still a sex positive Goddess).

Cayden Calien: Lawful evil God of Tyranny, bullies, and drinking: In his mortal life Cayden was a warlord and abusive bully, who barged into the test of the starstone blind drunk and murdered someone else who was about to complete it. He is now the patron of tyrants, bullies and anyone who uses fear and force to force others to serve them. Calien also encourages his followers to drink heavily, to numb themselves to the feelings of others, and to feed their rage and anger.

Desna: Lawful evil Goddess of Nightmares, the sky, and spies. Desna's eyes are everywhere. Every star in the sky, every butterfly on the wind, are her eyes and ears. Eternally paranoid, Desna spreads this paranoia to others through their dreams, poisoning newlyweds with fear of infedility, destroying families, and driving noble kings to become brutal tyrants.

Erastil: Chaotic evil God of the Wilderness, beasts, and the patriarchy. Erastil claims isolated wildernesses as his domain, where his followers found isolated communities and communes cut off from the rest of the world. Here the only rule is might makes right, and the rule of man is above all. These communes often enslave and abuse woman, whom Erasitl see's as inferior, and also prey on local demihumans and communities. Lycanthropy is common among Erastil worshipers and is considered a mark of his favor.

Gorum: Lawful Neutral God of War. This version of Gorum is more like a Athena in that he embodies the more chivalrous and tactic oriented aspects of War. A born diplomat and orator, Gorum prefers to turn his enemies with wisdom and impassioned words than with violence. However when push comes to shove he is able to fight when he has to, and is a gifted strategist and a mighty warrior in his own right.

Gozreh: Neutral deity, so they're the same. Only difference is the water form is male and the Earth form is female.

Iomedae: Chaotic Evil Goddess of Warlords, Antipaladins and injustice. One of the most notorious villains in the history of the Inner Sea, Iomedae rampaged and pillaged across the land for years, eventually though the thrill of slaughter and destruction was not enough for her, and she sought greater power, taking the test of the starstone and becoming a Goddess. Iomedae teaches that the only thing that matters is victory, no matter the cost or what dirty trick you need to pull.

Irori: Chaotic Neutral God of anarchy, personal freedom, and perfection. Irori teaches that the only true path to perfection is to live free. Free of society, free of rule by anyone. He teaches that government, rulers, kings, laws, are all chains which restrain people from finding their full potential, and that these structures must be torn down by any means so that people can find their own path.

Nethys: neutral deity. Again no real change here.

Lamashtu; Lawful Good Goddess of childbirth, dreams and deformity. While monstrous looking, Lamashtu has the biggest heart of any deity, and considers all beings her children. Mothers pray to Lamashtu for healthy births, and mothers of children whose children are born different that their children will be accepted and loved. Lamashtu's clerics were often born with some sort of birth defect, which they consider a sign of their future calling, and teach that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of how they look.

Norgorber: Neutral God of Thievery, secrets, and righteous assassination. Secretive Norgorber is the patron of freedom fighters, underground railroads, and assassins who seek to unseat tyrants. The taking of a life is never an easy thing to do, but Norgorber believes that some people just make the world a worse place by their presence, and that their removal would be a net good for the world. Mistrusted even by good aligned communities, clerics of Norgorber prize secrecy over all.

Pharasma: Neutral Goddess, pretty much the same.

Rovagug: Lawful Good God of destruction. Creation and destruction go hand in hand. So it falls upon Rovagug to clear out the old. Like his brother Groteus Rovagug is the put upon demolition crew of the Gods, charged with the duty of destroying dead worlds or worlds too far gone to save. Despite this grisly work Rovagug is not without pity, and often sends emmisaries to inhabited worlds slated for destruction to get their people to safety or prepare them for their impending doom. Rovagug is presently on a cosmic break, taking a nap in the center of Golarion.

Sarenrae: Neutral Evil Goddess of corruption and the sun: Radiant as the sun, and just as dangerous to look at, Sarenrae is the eternal queen of Hell, an endless corrupter and schemer who embodies the destruction aspects of the sun and fire. It is said no mortal has ever interacted with Sarenrae and not been corrupted.

Shelyn: Neutral evil Goddess of Beauty, lust, and bigotry, Cruel, vain and petty, Shelyn is as evil as she is beautiful, and she cannot abide the existence of ugliness, so she bids her minions go forth and murder any race she deems "Ugly": Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, basically anything except humans and elves.(And some gnomes).

Torag: Chaotic Evil God of the Dwarves: When Torag created the Dwarves, he gave them orders to wait for a sign to begin their quest for sky, which would be a sign that the surface folk would be at their weakest, and ripe for conquest. Thankfully for the surface race, the Dwarves ancient blood enemies the Orcs followed them to the surface, and worked to stymie their plans for conquest. Torag grows increasingly frustrated with the Dwarves inability to conquer the surface world, and may eventually abandon them for a new creation.

Urgathoa: Neutral Good Goddess of Gluttony and undeath. When Urgathoa stood in line to be judged by Pharasma, she missed the passions of the mortal world and so snuck away to spend one more night among the living enjoying the pleasures of life. This so bemused Pharasma she decided to give Urgathoa the task of shepheding those who had died but aren't really ready to go yet. Urgathoa's priests often work as exorcists, hospice workers, midwives, and so forth. There are also numerous holiday's and festivals where Urgathoa allows the spirits of the dead to come visit family members.

Zon Kuthon: Chaotic Good God of Darkness, Sorrow, and liberation. Shelyn's twin brother, Shleyn frequently abused and belittled Zon Kuthon, eventually imprisoning him in the demiplane of shadow. Zon Kuhton eventually escaped, and became the somber deity of darkness and sorrow, He is also the God of liberation, in particular sexual liberation. So long as its between consenting adults, its cool with Zon Kuthon, and his clerics often run BDSM clubs and high class brothels.

Well the CATS movie is out and boy oh boy is it getting savaged. Some of the more amusing reviews are using cursing so I can't post them here but this movie is actually gettinga 'patch' to it's CGI due to mistakes

So with Dark Crystal:Age of Resistance, has anyone tried their hand on creating Skesis,Uru,Gelflings and Podlings? Perhaps Gleflings and Podlings managed to flee through a magical gate created by Aughra and ended up on Golorian

Bit late posting this, but in Maine, PBS has a series on country music for those who are fans. I
don't know if this is shown out of Maine but worth a look for those who can get past episodes by streaming or whatever

At the end of Dead Roads, there was the AP overview that called the AP Survival Horror. Now this will no doubt bring up thoughts of Resident Evil Silent Hill with the hordes of monsters and scavenging ammo and of course, alien logic puzzles, but those still let the player be empowered via firepower when the rifles, grenade launchers and chainsaws be found. Another type of horror series are the Amnesia and SOMA games.

In these games, fighting is not possible and it does kind of get weird with the 'Turn around and look at the wall' mechanic of not losing your mind but it is pure stealth and distraction. Which might be a good option for this AP but there is the problem of 'Boss Fights'. Pretty much every McGuffin is held by a monster that must be fought in the classic manner and I think it would require a lot of reworking to allow the PCs to say, stick a holy wrench into the Festering Maw and run like heck before it explodes while ghouls and vampires how at their heels.

Perhaps this is something that can be more of an option in some APs? Sneak in through the air vent and disable the tractor beam so your ship can get away hile one stays behind to fight the Dark Lord.

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Using technologies as well as magicks, I have devised the bubble thread. Here, we are free from the naked tyranny of the Moderators. We are free to do whatever we want and say whatever we want, in whatever colour we want (except Mod colors because then we'll become just like them, man).

So here it goes. My first rebellious act.

Watch it, and join.

Ok. I'm ready. I'm going to post porn



So I saw this. and wonder if anyone has ideas on how to stat this up for PF1? :)

It floats back up

Started this so we can help find music that we like but couldn't
get the title. Mine..

It seems to have 'Layla' being said but it isn't Clapton's song. There is clapping at the start and the main singer at a point goes 'gotta gotta gotta gotta'"

Here link


Toto's "Africa" has come home, so to speak, thanks to an installation by an artist who plans to play the song on loop in a Namibian desert -- for eternity.

German-Namibian artist Max Siedentopf has set up the sound installation, called "Toto Forever," in an undisclosed location in the 1,200 mile-long Namib Desert.
'A ridiculous gesture': Ai Weiwei slams Trump's border wall, reconsiders US move
The desert, on the west coast of Southern Africa, is around 55 million years old -- making it the world's oldest desert and the "perfect spot" for his work, Siedentopf, 27, told CNN in an email. "Hopefully the song will play just as long," he added.

Legendary WWE interviewer "Mean" Gene Okerlund has died at the age of 76, WWE.com announced Wednesday.

Okerlund joined WWE in 1984 after spending nearly 15 years in the AWA. He remained with WWE from 1984-1993 and then worked for WCW from 1993-2001 and became the most notable interviewer in professional wrestling history in the process.

His contributions were celebrated in 2006 when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

After WWE bought WCW in 2001, Okerlund returned to the company as a jack of all trades and announced the gimmick Battle Royal at WrestleMania X-Seven alongside fellow Hall of Famer Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

News and poster here

This might just cover Storm/Fury arcs from the comics and I hope we get the awesome metal handing over of the sword.

Plus the final chapters of the final season of Walking Dead are canceled.

So Trolls are notorious for not only their regeneration but being able to control their severed limbs and bodies. So Would they say be capable of laying traps like severed limbs in pits to attack and maybe sentence out of control trolls to be severed head watchdogs and squash several trolls together as monstrous, insane attack beasts? Might make for an interesting horror themed game.

The Queen of Soul has passed

Seems that the images for avatars have broken in a bunch of places like the one I am using now(At least on my end)

New game that is a sequel to The Stick of Truth but has superheroes this time. Definitely more raunchy since the creators have found out they can get away with more. There are more options with how you can use powers and swap your team.

I sthis just fantasy?

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After one racist comment too many(Which has taken far too long) Roseanne has been dropkicked off of ABC fast enough to break the sound barrier.

Warhammer Adventures: Tales for Younger Readers - Warhammer Community

So there is this short film about the creature The Cat with Hands. Anyone have any idea how it might be statted up? Possible familiar material?

Looks like she is in the s$~% due to doing things like sex-trafficking

Link here

Has anyone else been having problems with Myth-Weavers? I get a 'Connection not Private' error which makes it look like there is some hacker trouble or something.

I have recently finished CHEW, a comic where the main character(and others) can eat parts of people and gain their memories and powers. Just how would this be done pathfinder style? A psychic ability like Object Reading and access to the consumed's memories like Detect Thought?

Let us dine on meatballs in his honor

For many different systems

If you attached a DoEW to each side of a rowboat and turned it on geyser, how fast would it push the boat? :)

Time to get into the spirit of things. Post your scary videos.
The Beyond

Demon Bear storyline

Handcrafted adventure

So I kinda remember this being in the City of Strangers book about a 'Child Goddess' or something like that. Just what is the lowdown on this being? Is it up to the Dm or is there offical word?

So people might have heard about Yahoo Mail getting hacked around 2013 and a whole bunch of addresses getting compromised? Well it turns out that ALL of them got compromised. If you still have Yahoo, time to go to gmail.

Farewell humanoids

Info here

Was thinking of Binders from 3.4 and eventually began thinking of two entities that might count as outer/special case for threats on Glorian and wonder how they would be done as deities or thigns like Genus Loci. Any suggestions?


Mr.Eaten(Fallen London)

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Spot the cameos

So in book 3, there is a certain onyx statue that can be found. Is someone trying to muscle in on the Silver Succubus market?

As their master levels up? Been wondering about this.

So started this up and played through up to the double sawblade boss. Veyr nice music and I like the visuals

Of course being a newb at this I died to the boss..

Right back to the beginning! Color me annoyed at no checkpoints in the prologue, I think I'll just easy mode the prologue to save me the stress.

Also, dat butt. Awesome butt.

So as the Heal Deadly Wounds skill says,

Heal Deadly WoundsWhen treating deadly wounds, you can restore hit points to a damaged creature. Treating deadly wounds restores 1 hit point per level of the creature. If you exceed the DC by 5 or more, add your Wisdom modifier (if positive) to this amount. A creature can only benefit from its deadly wounds being treated within 24 hours of being injured and never more than once per day.

So assuming a max of +6 Wisdom mod at high levels of play, we're looking at a max of 26 points healed for 20th level, which at this point is a banged knee and since PCs are often not able to spend the time for normal healing, would just burn charges from wands or spend leftover channels before sleeping. So there is little reason to go beyond what is needed to make a First Aid/Stabilization check.

So, a suggestion is that each +5 that the DC is beaten by, another Wisdom mod worth of damage is healed.

Or perhaps lowering the Deadly Wounds DC to 15 so a PC can get more milage out of their wisdom mod?

Old time wrestling fans will know of him as a long running foe of Randy Savage. Plus he was Tor in Burtan's Plan 9 From Outer Space

So thinking back on some anime I had watched, how would one go about giving androids rocket powered fists? Punching at range, with perhaps brawler/monk damage as appropriate.

Among other remixes

This was pointed out to me about the Diva archtype.
Scathing Tirade (Su):

A Diva of 8th level or higher can use her performance to verbally lash out at another creature, causing it to become frightened. To be affected, the target enemy must be within 30 feet and be able to see and hear the diva’s performance. The effect persists for as long as the enemy is within 30 feet and the diva continues her performance, plus 1d4 rounds. Although the diva can only direct the effect at one creature at a time, its effects persist for as long as she continues the performance, even if directed at a different creature. For example, she could direct her tirade at an innkeeper, who becomes frightened, then focus her wrath on the captain of the guard, and the innkeeper remains frightened for 1d4 more rounds even though her attention is no longer directed at him.

This performance cannot cause a creature to become panicked, even if the target is already frightened from another effect. Scathing tirade is a mind-affecting fear effect, and it relies on audible and visual components.

This performance replaces dirge of doom.

Does this have a save DC?

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Creator of the Chick Tracts and Dark Dungeons has passed away.

Artist Steve Dillon, who co-created the comic-book series on which the AMC show Preacher is based, has died in New York at 54.

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