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I'm trying to create a ranged character that makes custom bows (i.e. arm-mounted arrow-launchers) and fires a single powerful arrow from them each round in combat. He would be either an Android (from inner sea bestiary) or a Human.

I think my only options to accomplish this are:

1. Fighter /w Vital Strike chain (as far as I can tell this is extremely sub-par compared to a Manyshot build), possibly with a level of Wizard or Sorcerer into Arcane Archer.
1d8*Number of Attacks + Deadly Aim, Weapon Training, Weapon Spec, etc.

2. Myrmidarch Magus using Ranged Spellstrike using Snowball/Reach Shocking Grasp, limited by spells per day (acquired at level 4).
1d8 + between 4d6 and 15d6 (empowered / intensified)

3. Grenadier Alchemist using Explosive Missile and ideally Targeted Bomb Admixture (acquired at level 4). Limited by Bombs per day, but can use alchemical splash weapons in a pinch for backup or against weaker enemies.
1d8 + between 2d6 and 10d6 + INT with a bomb
1d8 + between 2d6 and 10d6 + 2*INT with Targeted Bomb Admixture
1d8 + 1d6 + INT with Alchemical Fire

Any of these could benefit from Kirin Strike (+2*INT damage to an attack as a swift action if you have identified the target using Kirin Style) but that isn't until level 9 and takes 3 feats, or it takes a 2 level MoMS monk dip, holding back spell progression for magus or holding back bomb progression for the alchemist.

I think the fighter Crossbowman archetype might be useful here, but I'm not sure what the intent is when every feature says "when a crossbowman attacks with a crossbow as a readied action" ?? Can I ready an action to attack a certain enemy as soon as my turn ends? x.X

Which of these do you think is most viable? Or, does anyone have any recommendations for how to do this besides what I have found so far?

Note: I'm not wanting a stealthy character, so I'd prefer to not have the solution involve sneak attack (not that ranged sneak attacks are particularly viable).

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If you pick up the feat Equipment Trick (Rope) and the trait Prehensile Whip you can use any rope (Spider-Silk Rope for bonus spiderman points) as if it had a grappling hook attached, as well as to save people from falling, to save yourself from falling, and to entangle enemies from a distance. If you cut out the trait you can still do all of that minus using it as if it had a grappling hook attached (you could just buy a grappling hook after all).

Edit: You should also look at the Synthesist summoner archetype. I actually used that in my first game to play as a Venom-themed character. You can get climbing speed and I think web shooting from that class. The web shooting isn't for movement though only as a fighting ability.

Azaelas, I've tried to search but I can't find any developer response besides the one in this post which says that it is supposed to be 16 RP and Constructed is supposed to cost 10 RP, not the other way around..

I know nobody has posted in this thread for a week, but... @Adam Daigle, If the immunities and increased saves are being counted separately from Constructed, why is Constructed costing 2 RP? The only things left in it when you break those out is counting as a Construct for favored enemy bonuses and bane weapons(for enemies) and not being able to gain morale bonuses... I don't see why 2 penalties should have a positive RP cost?

If you are prioritizing getting a familiar and not interested in being INT-based except avoiding the Arcane arcana you don't really like, then just sucking up the arcana is probably the easiest solution.

If you really want to be an INT-based caster and to have a familiar, then you are probably best off just playing a Wizard or a Witch, if you don't mind being a prepared caster instead.

The Sylvan wildblooded bloodline grants an Animal Companion, if you want a animal friend and don't care so much about what rules govern its abilities.

Serpentine Bloodline Familiar:
Serpentfriend (Ex): At 3rd level, you can use speak with animals at will with reptilian animals (including various forms of dinosaurs, lizards, and other cold-blooded creatures), and you gain a viper familiar using your sorcerer level –2 as your effective wizard level.

As for using Improved Eldritch Heritage to get the serpentine familiar, your familiar would have to be a viper, it would be working at -4 effective level, and you wouldn't be able to get it until level 11.

Depending on how soon you need to make this character, this might have some things available to make this easier for you, but it won't be out until late February: Pathfinder Player Companion: Animal Archive.

A wildblooded sorcerer has a mutated version of a more common bloodline, with one arcana and at least one bloodline power that are different from those of an unmutated bloodline. When creating a wildblooded sorcerer, select an existing bloodline, then select one of the following mutated bloodlines associated with that bloodline. Use the normal bloodline’s class skill, bonus spells, and bonus feats, and the mutated bloodline’s bloodline arcana. Use the normal bloodline’s bloodline powers, except when the mutated bloodline replaces one of those powers.

Personally I disagree with mplindustries, but it doesn't seem explicitly clear either way. They refer both to "a mutated version of a more common bloodline" and "mutated bloodline" (differentiated from "existing/normal bloodline").

You can read it as being a completely different bloodline that is just built up from an existing bloodline, or as just being the same bloodline with a couple changes. I think it's just up to your DM, I don't see how any other sorcerer or character period can use eldritch heritage to get a familiar but a Sage sorcerer using it would somehow be overpowered or particularly problematic. The only potential issue would be if you planned on taking Improved and Greater Eldritch heritage (which would still overlap).

The "Tattooed Sorcerer" archetype also grants a familiar with some bonus abilities, but that seems even less RAW. Personally I think Wildblooded bloodlines should be treated the same way Subdomains are treated compared to Domains, which would allow you to use them with any other archetype, but that's definitely not RAW and probably not RAI.

If you were to use a Double Crossbow with the Explosive Missile alchemist discovery, could you shoot both bolts at once? You would have to load one bolt separately, but when you make the attack from the Explosive Missile standard action can you fire both? I'm not saying to fire 2 bombs, but to fire a regular bolt alongside an explosive one.

The actions would be to load one bolt as a move action, then use your standard for Explosive Missile to load a infused bolt and fire it. If you have to move then you can still fire a single infused bolt.

Explosive Missile:
Benefit: As a standard action, the alchemist can infuse a single arrow, crossbow bolt, or one-handed firearm bullet with the power of his bomb, load the ammunition, and shoot the ranged weapon. He must be proficient with the weapon in order to accomplish this. When the infused ammunition hits its target, it deals damage normally and detonates as if the alchemist had thrown the bomb at the target. If the explosive missile misses, it does not detonate.

Double Crossbow:
Benefit: Make one attack roll. If the attack hits, the target takes damage from both bolts. Critical hits, sneak attack damage, and other precision-based damage only apply to the first bolt.

Drawback: Due to its size and weight, you take a –4 penalty on your attack roll if you’re proficient with it, or –8 if you’re not.

Load: Loading one bolt is a standard action; the Rapid Reload feat reduces this to a move action. Crossbow Mastery allows you to reload both bolts as a single move action.

Well, you definitely can't FoB during a grapple (if you are the one in control) since you have restricted action. If you are being grappled you can, but that's not relevant here. Since you can drop a grapple as a free action if you are controlling it, I think the suggestion is that you bite, grapple, constrict, then let go on every attack during the flurry of blows, assuming the attack lands and you succeed on your grapple check.

TGMax, the white haired witch's reach increases to 15 at level 8, and the WHW gets unlimited duration hair (not a big deal at level 20, but at low levels that will make a difference). Also, with Maneuver Master monk you give up regular flurry of blows, so you would only get a single attack with the hair and one maneuver, instead of 2-4 attacks which can be switched out for maneuvers anyway.

Yes you lose the hexes, and that's a big tradeoff, but WHW+sohei=>EK is definitely going to be better able to fight in melee than the build you are suggesting and I think that's the character concept the OP was trying to pull off.

In any case, I think this concept is still viable without armor. Just get Mage Armor in a wand or just pick up the spell if you need an armor boost.

As for the grapple pulling them closer to you, I want to say that shouldn't happen since the witch doesn't gain the grappled condition (it seems more like the hair is doing the grappling than the witch). However, I don't think that is RAW and I'm not sure if it's RAI.. In any case, since it doesn't say to use your INT for CMD when you grapple you probably won't have much luck holding enemies anyway.

I figured the hair grapple [i]should[i]work like whip grappling with Greater Whip Mastery, except you could still attack other targets since you have many strands of hair. That's completely my opinion and not RAW or RAI

Umbranus, where does it say a monk can't flurry while wearing armor? Or even seem to suggest it? O.o

He would suffer arcane spell failure chance though, so it isn't the best option for this build if he can get a modest AC from dex and wis.

Edit: I was wrong, I found where it says so in the monk proficiency list =P

That's why a Sohei CAN though, his proficiency list is replaced with one that doesn't impose that restriction.

Going all the way to Witch level 8 before EK might be a good option too, as you get Pull and Strangle and up to 15 ft reach with the hair. You only lose 1 more BAB between witch level 5 and 8, and that's about the only downside unless you are anxious to unlock some fighter-only feats.

Atarlost wrote:
1) Your flurry won't be worth it. You take -2 on all your iteratives, but you only have an extra attack for the first one.

Without flurrying you don't get any iteratives at all with Hair, so it's not a -2 for just one extra attack (which is actually worth it unless you are only hitting on an 18 from what I've heard), it's a -2 to get 1-3 extra attacks depending on your level.

Since the hair gets range, and you get almost full spell progression, you don't really need CON and AC as much as a front line fighter. You just stand behind the front line and whip your hair back and forth or whatever. Because of that, you just focus on DEX and INT and just take 12-14 in WIS / CON as much as you feel necessary. Take toughness if you still feel squishy. Crane Style is probably a good choice for this build, which would let you boost AC another 3-4 once you get up to Crane Riposte, and deflect an attack every round. (And make another AoO when you do).

20 point buy without dumping anything:
10 STR
15 DEX
13 CON
15 INT
12 WIS
10 CHA

Dumping CHA and STR:
16 DEX
13 CON
17 INT
12 WIS

Then, go Tiefling, elf or the variant Aasimar I described before to get +2 to INT DEX and possibly WIS. You'll be decently well off. This probably isn't a good choice if you are using 15 point buy though.

Also, the trait Magical Knack would put you back at full caster level to offset M1 and EK1 not advancing your caster level.

To solve some of the MAD problem, take Weapon Finesse and forget about strength. INT=DEX>WIS=CON>CHA=STR is how I'm seeing the weights for ability scores. Tiefling, elf, variant aasimar all would help you with that (if your DM lets you, you can get an aasimar with +2DEX, +2WIS from being garuda-blooded, then switch out your spell-like ability for +2INT). Half Elf would get you two favored classes and the floating ability increase, which is always nice when multiclassing. Human is good if you take any of my suggestions below and end up wanting more feats.

Toughness would also help with not having to worry as much about boosting your CON.

Since you are already taking Feral Combat Training, you should look into the style feats from UC I believe. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/style-feats

You might also like Combat Reflexes + Greater Trip + Vicious Stomp, if your DM allows you to use your hair for the 'stomp' with Feral Combat Training.

If you can work in all the prereqs, Whirlwind Attack would let you hit everything in range with your hair and potentially grapple all the enemies. If you did this with the trip stuff above, you could swap all the attacks for trips and get 2 attacks against them all if your trips are successful.

Finally, 1 level of synthesist might help you boost your physical scores, and you could take like Improved Damage (Hair), Reach (Hair), and Improved Natural armor, or Improved Ability Score(DEX) in place of two of those. That's a pretty cheesy option but there it is.

Edit: lol:

ohako wrote:

Nobody has commented on this in a little while but the guide to guides says to take discussion here so here I am.

Just wanted to add that Kirin Strike gives you 2x INT added to damage as a swift action when you hit a target that you have studied with Kirin Style for any melee or ranged attack.

So, I read that the designer of Improved Two-Weapon Feint intended for Two-Weapon Feint to be a prerequisite, but until you get iterative attacks at level 8 Improved Feint is strictly better than Two-Weapon Feint (Either a full attack with a feint and one attack at -2, or a move for a feint and then an attack with no penalty). In the interest of being effective until level 8, what do you guys think about taking Improved Feint at a lower level, then taking Two-Weapon Feint at level 7 and Greater Feint at level 8 using Combat Trick?

This gives the benefit of Improved Two-Weapon Feint, plus gives more group synergy since the feint applies to their attacks as well for that round. It costs one feat more but it's also more effective at lower levels. The only other downside is having to take a feat at level 7 that isn't useful until the next level.

Just what the subject says.. Thinking about making a bombing-focused alchemist and I'm trying to pick what race would be best, since it makes a very big difference for this build. I'm going for damage primarily and battlefield control as just a bonus on the side.

Overview of the races:
Goblins get the Fire Bomber archetype, which gives +1 damage per die of fire damage the bomb deals. They get access to Scrap Bomb, which changes the bomb damage to piercing and inflicts 1 bleed damage per die of bomb damage (reflex save prevents bleed). Finally, they can get the feat Flame Heart, which increases their effective alchemist level for bomb progression by 1 level (gets each extra 1d6 of damage a level earlier). The Fire Bomber archetype is also compatible with the mindchemist archetype, to save a discovery.
For their ability scores, +4 Dex adds to your to-hit chance, which is useful at earlier levels but isn't as important after a few since Touch AC doesn't tend to increase very much. -2 STR and -2 CHA aren't important for this build.

Tieflings, on the other hand, can pick either Grenadier or Mindchemist archetypes to increase bomb effectiveness, but not both. +2 DEX and +2 INT are the best abilities for a bomb build, and the favored class bonus is +1/2 bomb damage per level. Alternate racial traits can give prehensile tail, which is pretty useful for using potions and attacking with alchemical fire or splash when not bombing. Fiendish Heritage trait at level 1 can give +2 INT extra if your DM lets you use it / pick your bonus... not sure if mine would be down with that or not.

Half-Orcs are comparable similarly to Tiefling but only get one of the ability bonuses (INT probably) and don't get a tail.

Gnomes are worth mentioning for Pyromaniac alternate racial trait giving +1 effective level of bombs and +1/2 bomb use per day for a favored class bonus.

TLDR; Which race would you say is the best choice? Goblins seem to have the most options to increase damage, but seem less versatile and it takes more investment of feats and discoveries to take all the bonuses they can get.

Pretty simple question but I can't figure out exactly what is supposed to happen.

Alchemist fire damages a target, enemies in a splash radius, and for a second round damages the target.

The alchemist Throw Anything class feature allows you to add your int bonus "to damage done with Throw Splash Weapon, including the splash damage if any."

Now, I know the int bonus applies to the main target and the splash damage in the first round when you throw the alchemist fire, but does it apply to the second round burn on the main target?

He's a character from marvel comics, here's a good comic cover that gets the point across:

edit: idk if it's allowed so I removed the link. Google images and wikipedia both have information / pictures.

If you look into the pathfinder campaign setting about the Mammoth Lands I think it's called, and the underground part where there are dinosaurs and mammoths and sabertooth tigers, that's basically exactly where Ka-zar is from. The Savage lands underneath Antarctica in the marvel universe.

@gnomersy, the cavalier beastrider suggestion is actually probably the best way to do it. Boon Companion + 2/4 level monk dip would go a long way toward making it work as well. Maybe 1 level Druid right off the bat to begin play with the lion... I just was hoping there was more viability to the Druid archetype than there apparently is. It comes so close to what I want =P

Wouldn't really work as the powerful combat buddy I was imagining. I'm thinking Ka-zar type deal.

I guess I'm just wondering what everyone thinks of this archetype and any suggestions anyone might have for how to build one well. I've been wanting to play a monk-like unarmed character who is feral and runs around with a lion and this seems like the closest I can pull off until Animal Archive comes out in December I guess. It seems like this archetype aims to make an unarmed melee druid possible, but I can't see it being effective in that role, 3/4 BAB and nothing added to make it more viable. Wild Shape gone makes melee even less viable for this archetype if anything...

The concept is exactly what I've been wanting, but it seems like the only effective build would be to just focus on casting and be a druid who doesn't shapeshift, can't get domains and can't read. But you can punch stuff hard if things get dire. Am I missing anything here? I know full-spellcaster is still a great thing for a class, it's just not what I would've hoped for from this theme and it just seems categorically worse than a regular druid.

You could just work out taking a 1 level dip into Pathfinder Savant if you don't want to dip into grey-areas of the rules. It specifically allows you to take 10 on UMD checks.

Shisumo, that's awesome thanks for the link. Can't wait for that! I think I'll try to convince my DM to let me use Eldritch Heritage + Boon companion to work it out if I end up playing this before that comes out.

I played a one-off game with 1druid/2barbarian which was fun, just used a Greatsword instead of fists though =P 1000 times easier to work out but not exactly the flavor I want!

@Boring7, I have considered that. I would probably run with something like that if I wanted to pursue Leadership with an awakened lion at level 7.

*sigh* It's so saddening how difficult it is to get an animal companion. Monks are overdue for a nature-themed archetype =P

I'm just designing a backup character, whatever race is most beneficial. I've looked at aasimar, human, half-elf, half-orc, and vanara mostly as options.

Basically the biggest thing is the Unarmed Combat (scaling damage, free two-weapon fighting etc). I kind of wanted to have the character just tear enemies apart with bare hands alongside a lion. The improved movement speed is fun, and the Wisdom to AC is great because it gives room for being unarmored, which is also along the lines of the sort of feral combatant I'm imagining. Slow fall and High jump are also pretty nifty.

Another option I've looked at is 1druid/xMounted Fury Barbarian, but I wanted to take Agile AoMF and Weapon Finesse so I could just stack a ton of Wis and Dex to get a high AC and still have good offense. Barbarian obviously isn't the best choice for being dex-based.

Probably my best bet is to go 1Monk/1Druid/18Ranger but I just don't really like all the Favored crap that rangers have -.-

There's also the new Feral Child archetype from ARG, but I can't tell how effective that would be for what I want. I'm more interested in a martial class than any spellcasting..

I've been spending a ton of time trying to figure out the best way to implement this. 1 level druid with 4 levels cavalier and horse master feat into monk? This delays the Monk so long it's not what I want to do.

Honestly I can't think of any other options that allow me to be taking mostly Monk levels. Boon companion only gives +4 levels so besides a 1 level druid dip it only works until level 5. Eldritch Heritage doesn't work with wildblooded sorcerer bloodlines or I could've taken that with Sylvan bloodline.. Are there any options I'm not considering? I could take Leadership and take an awakened animal as my cohort if my DM lets me, but that isn't available until level 7 -.-

Perfect! Thank you sir!

Drejk, where do you see that they get 2 per hit dice? Is that just how it's supposed to be interpreted?

Edit: I've read through the animal companion information a couple times now and don't seem to see any indication of exactly the number of skill points per hit dice they get. If you could quote or link to something that clears it up would be preferable I just want to make sure I understand where the rules exactly are and why it works that way.

Animal Companion Rules wrote:
This lists the animal's total skill ranks. Animal companions can assign skill ranks to any skill listed under Animal Skills. If an animal companion increases its Intelligence to 10 or higher, it gains bonus skill ranks as normal.

What is "as normal"? The only point of comparison I can find is what is normal for eidolons (which seem to follow the same progression, besides evolutions and maximum attacks):

Eidolon Rules wrote:
This lists the eidolon’s total skill ranks. An eidolon can assign skill ranks to any skill, but it must possess the appropriate appendages to use some skills. Eidolons with Intelligence scores above the base value modify these totals as normal (an eidolon receives a number of skill ranks equal to 6 + its Intelligence modifier per HD).

I'm thinking about making a character with an intelligent animal companion for RP purposes mostly (Human Eye for Talent into intelligence, druid and 1 level dip into oracle with Bonded Mount nature mystery for 6 base int). It'd be at 8 intelligence at level 1 or 2, and 10 intelligence by level 8. Was just wondering exactly how many skills the animal would end up with.

I guess I'm just unsure because the Master Spy ability suggests it isn't REAL knowledge, just good improvisation and acting, whereas the bard is suppose to really know it. The sad thing is training knowledge checks I presume makes Superficial Knowledge useless.

As long as you have 2 limbs available to make the strikes. One benefit of that tactic is also being able to add any natural attacks you might have onto the sequence as normal, whereas you cannot do that during a flurry.

How do these two abilities interact?

Bardic Knowledge wrote:
A bard adds half his class level (minimum 1) to all Knowledge skill checks and may make all Knowledge skill checks untrained.
Superficial Knowledge wrote:
A master spy gives the appearance of knowing more than she actually does. Starting at 3rd level, she can make untrained Knowledge and Profession checks pertaining to her cover or assumed identity as if she were trained and gains a bonus equal to half her level on these checks. For example, a master spy masquerading as a noblewoman can make untrained Knowledge (history) checks about the kingdom and Knowledge (nobility) checks about its noble and royal families as if she were trained, but she cannot make untrained Knowledge (nature) skill checks to identify herbs.

Stikye wrote:
Except the Wild blooded part is a distinct Archetype or sorcerer whereas the Sub domains specifically call out that anyone with a domain can take them.

No they don't actually, an FAQ specifically called out that anyone with a domain could take them, not the rules for subdomains.

How does an Eidolon gain a familiar? O.o

Well, I was planning to build a monk/ninja multiclass with just 4 levels monk, as a changling with adopted/tusked. For Monk I'd take Master of Many Styles, and I'd build Feral Weapon Combat for at least the claw attack from changling and I'd get Two-Weapon Fighting feat line from regular feat progression / a ninja trick. And Multiattack.

This would allow normal iteratives from an unarmed strike, all the two-weapon fighting additional unarmed strikes, claw claw bite, all with Sneak Attack.

It'd look like UA/UA/Claw/Claw/Bite at -2/-2/-2/-2/-2 with just two-weapon fighting and multiattack, this thread was supposed to help me decide if it was worth it to take Weapon Focus(Bite) and Feral Combat Training(Bite).

Edit: Plus extra attacks at full BAB from my ki-pool as desired

To be clear, I would NOT be using Flurry of Blows, I would be making a regular full attack using the feat Two-Weapon Fighting, regular iteratives (kicks), and all my natural attacks taken as secondary attacks per:

"Creatures with natural attacks and attacks made with weapons can use both as part of a full attack action (although often a creature must forgo one natural attack for each weapon clutched in that limb, be it a claw, tentacle, or slam). Such creatures attack with their weapons normally but treat all of their natural attacks as secondary attacks during that attack, regardless of the attack's original type."

Does Feral Combat Training grant your natural attack the other bonuses monks get to unarmed strikes? (increased damage, count as manufactured weapons for spells etc) Or just count for flurry of blows and unarmed feats?

@Doubleplusgood, I already said ranger would probably be the best solution to that on the first page =P

As for James' response, I'll take it for now but I'd still like to see what the writers of Eldritch Heritage / Wildblooded think about it o.o

Feral Combat Training wrote:
Choose one of your natural weapons. While using the selected natural weapon, you can apply the effects of feats that have Improved Unarmed Strike as a prerequisite, as well as effects that augment an unarmed strike.

I'm specifically looking at "effects that augment an unarmed strike." The monk class bumps up the damage dice of unarmed attacks every 4 levels, can deliver stunning blows via unarmed attacks, and "There is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a monk striking unarmed. A monk may thus apply his full Strength bonus on damage rolls for all his unarmed strikes."

Does this feat allow a monk to use all his natural attacks at full BAB plus full strength in combination with unarmed attacks?

Furthermore, "A monk's unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons." Does this make the relevant natural attack count as a manufactured weapon for the purpose of spells? This seems like it's an insanely powerful feat in combination with synthesist or even just a 2 level Ranger dip O.o

So he says Eldritch Heritage + Wildblooded isn't a valid official option?

It still seems like an argument could be made that Dragon Style applies first, increasing the damage bonus on the attack from 1x to 1.5x, then Agile kicks in changing it from STR modifier to DEX modifier? Is there anything I'm missing that shows why it wouldn't work that way?

Dragon Ferocity, as noted, is an untyped strength bonus and seems like it'd be based on strength one way or another, just wondering about Dragon Style here.

Edit: How does one "bump" a post up to James Jacobs? o.o

That's why we should all go to the original post and FAQ it up! >.>

Aw, that's sad for my fledgling ninja/monk of many styles unarmed+natural weapons concept xP

Dragon Style says:
"Further, you can add 1-1/2 times your Strength bonus on the damage roll for your first unarmed strike on a given round."

Dragon Ferocity says:
"While using Dragon Style, you gain a bonus on unarmed strike damage rolls equal to half your Strength bonus."

Agile Weapon Property (applied via Amulet of Mighty Fists) says:
"Agile weapons are unusually well balanced and responsive. A wielder with the Weapon Finesse feat can choose to apply her Dexterity modifier to damage rolls with the weapon in place of her Strength modifier. This modifier to damage is not increased for two-handed weapons, but is still reduced for off-hand weapons."

Do you determine the strength bonus from the feats before the entirety of the bonus is changed to DEX by agile? Do you get 1.5x Dex on the first strike plus .5x STR on all strikes? Or, is Dragon Style completely incompatible with Agile Weapon and you can either choose 1xDEX on the first strike OR 1.5xSTR and gain .5xSTR across the board regardless?

Both Eldritch Heritage and Wildblooded are a part of Ultimate Magic, one didn't really come before the other. Different people developed each separately at probably around the same time and they got put into the same book without the issue of their compatibility ever coming up.

Quantum Steve, what would you say about Eldritch Heritage which just says "pick a sorcerer bloodline"? That seems to leave more leeway for interpretation than the feat you mentioned.

Please yall, hit FAQ!

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