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Hello all! It's been years since I've posted on these forums, but this has always been one of the more reasonable D&D communities, and I'm stuck on a question.

That question is: Can you use Minor Illusion to fill in the Verbal component of another spell. It was asked to Wizards of the Coast's "Sage Advice" Twitter account back in 2017, and the entire answer was "You can't cast two spells at once. #wotc". I haven't found an official answer to this question since.

The problem with this answer is twofold. First, it ignores that Minor Illusion has a duration of 1 minute, but a casting time of 1 action, which leaves the player with 9 more rounds where Minor Illusion is active but not being cast; *and* ignores that the PHB itself says that if on a turn where you cast a spell with a casting time of "Bonus Action" you can only cast a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action - or to rephrase it in a very important way, on a turn where you cast a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action, you can cast a spell with a casting time of "Bonus Action". Minor Illusion is a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action!

Obviously, the key to all of this is whether or not an illusion can be used to fulfill a spell component. The Seeming spell specifically says you can't use it to create material components, but there's no such wording in Minor Illusion nor am I aware of a general ruling on auditory illusions.

So, is anyone here aware of any official rulings on this other than 2017's useless answer?

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Am I crazy, or are there no rules for a wizard casting a spell directly from his or her spellbook?

It seems to me like one of the most iconic images of the wizard, spellbook in one hand, wand or staff in the other, thunderously intoning the words therein. Which makes it seem strange to me that I can't seem to find any rules on the matter, anywhere.

Can someone direct me to rules for this, or at the very least an explicit ruling that they can't (for whatever reason)?

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In the first sentence of the second paragraph under the subheading Balor Lords, when viewed in Firefox 17.0.1, the CR values are not displaying correctly, creating a first sentence that reads:

How it looks to me: wrote:

A balor lord is typically a to monster (a range shared with the various unique nascent demon lords, with the range of and above being the domain of demon lords themselves), and as such CR 21 CR25 CR 26 serves quite well as the final villain in a long-running campaign

When that section of text is copied and pasted elsewhere, such as here, it displays correctly.

It looks like it might be an issue with the span tags?

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Vivisection is very important to understanding how biological processes work in the absences of MRIs and other non-invasive imaging devices! Stupid hippy liberal clerics calling it evil!

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So, this may be a dumb question, but can I use a wand to counterspell? And, if so, and if I have Improved Counterspell, I can then use a Wand of Fireball to counterspell someone's darkness or shatter, right?

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Jeez! Are all the APG iconics monsters?

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Reaper Minis has a nine entry line of Familiar Packs with a pretty nice selection of small animal minis. Some of them are familiar Familiars, some of them are probably more suited to animal companions or even cohorts (there's, like, a new wyrmling dragon every three packs), but some of them are really fun, unusual small animals. Plus, I want to get the complete bang for my buck when I buy a blister of these guys.

I was hoping for some ideas from people more experienced in actually USING the Pathfinder rules about what sort of special abilities the following animals would give:

Giant Spider (small)
Giant Snail (small)

Angler Fish
Bull Shark
Moray Eel
Manta Ray

I would guess things like Turtles and Armadillos might give bonuses to Fortitude saves, while Dogs might benefit Will saves?

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1. Do the Sword Lords give their various catspaws in the Stolen Lands any sort of starting funds? At the start, with just exploration and mapping, it seems like it would be logical that the Sword Lords would treat this as a simple above-board expedition, and provide funds for hirelings and necessary equipment. But it's also suggested that this is entirely covert on their part, and every party is on their own. What would be an appropriate "start up"?

2. Approximately how many of the encounters are outright intended to be "kill or be killed"? A few of my potential players are more easily sold if I can say, "Over 75% of encounters (or 50% or 90% or 30%) can be solved without murder." The more times a pacifist/thinking man's solution can solve an encounter, the happier they are - but I also want to be honest about how much fighting there.

3. Will there be an article in an upcoming issue discussing international trade and diplomacy, or do I get to wing it with some house rules? I'm happy either way!

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In the real world, without hands-on deities that give undeniable signs of their existence, we see syncretism (the merging of two religions into a new, hybrid) as an aspect of colonialism and cultural contact. Examples include the Greek Hermes being equated to the Roman Mercury, the Egyptian Amun becoming the Greek Zeus Ammon, or Amun becoming Amun-Re when encountering the other Nile deity Re. Before meeting, the resemblance between Hermes and Mercury may have been superficial, at best, but the differences were smoothed out as cultural contact continued. Neither Hermes nor Mercury seems to have minded.

In Golarion, however, the Gods show up, they've indicated some jealousy, but we still see signs of syncretism. The Ulfen deity Erastil is equated to the Stone Giant deity Estig, and the Garundi deity Gozreh is worshipped by the Avistan-native Cloud Giants as Ioz'om, the halfling gods are sidekicks to gods from separate pantheons. It raises the question of whether Estig and Erastil ARE the same, or if Erastil has subsumed Estig's duties, or something even more odd? When a human deity like Irori begins to see worship by Dwarves, does Irori create a new aspect that is a member of Torag's family, or are there new myths explaining his relationship to the Dwarven pantheon (and did those myths "really" happen on whatever reality the gods exist in?), or is Irori's worship independent of Toragian worship, and if so, do the Dwarven worshipers pick up other Vudrani customs, myths, and gods alongside their new god?

Pharasma has come out of Osirion, where I've no doubt she had a pantheon surrounding her, same as Taldor has Abadar, Shelyn, and Zon-Kuthon. What happened to those deities? When Pharasma is worshiped alongside Gorum, like in Brevoy, does the old Osirion god of war get turned into Gorum, or is there an entirely unique body of worship in Brevoy? do Brevic myths spontaneously appear in Osirion? The elven deity Curchanus was murdered by the demon Lamashtu, who is obviously not part of the original Elven pantheon - but is she now, since Lamashtu's myths have intersected with the elves'?

Following the development of syncretic beliefs is an important tool for tracking cultural history and the movements of people, and knowing how it takes place in Golarion can be extremely helpful in fleshing out the world for your players.

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I've been going over the Summoning spells, collecting minis for everything summonable by the lists, and noticed that the basic animals summoned have the Celestial template - giving 'em Darkvision, a low-level DR, an okay SR, and smite evil 1/day. Then I checked the half-celestial template, and they get Darkvision, a slightly worse DR, a better SR, a FLYING SPEED, smite evil 1/day and a raft of spell-like abilities based on their HD. At the same CR modifier.

Any reason something with less Celestial blood is more awesome than an actual Celestial?

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I certainly hope we'll see Var the Stick and Neq the Sword in short order after this!

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I dunno if this should go under this subforum or in the Customer Service one, so here it is.

With the number of Paizo cards - Item Cards, Critical Hit/Fumble Decks, Face Cards, the possibility of Monster Cards... is there any possibility of creating a Card Subscription program like the various Pathfinder book subscriptions? I really like the modularity and visual/tactile experience that the different decks provide in running/playing a game. What would be the stumbling blocks to creating said subscription?

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Dangit, Pathfinder!

Ghoul and Ghul are homophones!

Demon and Daemon are, too!

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In the Blog of, I guess it's been a few days now, whenever, the one with Rombard the Goat and la chupacabra. In that Blog post, we learn that Rombard the Goat is an important NPC - so important he gets a stat block? D&D has needed goat stats for a long time now, will this be our big goat break? Since everyone knows gnomes ride goats like humans ride horses and halflings ride dogs, it'll be really nice to finally have stats for our gnome PCs' mounts.

Hooray for Goats!

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While it seems unlikely, given the d20 bust and the difficulties in getting CoC d20, I have to ask because this *is* Goodman Games, will this be dual-stat, or pure BRP?

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Any sense of when this will be available? I enjoyed A Murder of Crows.

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1. When the rules say that a spell takes up one page per level of the spell, does this mean it takes one LEAF (one sheet, front AND back) or one PAGE (one side of a leaf, front OR back)

2. Relatedly, the equipment has a standard spellbook containing 100 pages. Is this 100 sheets of paper, or 50 sheets of paper?

(I'm doing my best to not nitpick that neither one of these page counts are likely possible with medieval binding techniques.)

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From Jeff Rient's wonderful gameblog, comes this handy chart for when your adventurers suddenly burst in on the stupid little freaks. Just roll 1d20 and rock out.

What are the goblins up to?

1. Making rope out of human hair. A coil 1-100' long is already complete.
2. Boiling up a pot of mud and gravel stew.
3. Singing songs about hidden treasure.
4. Playing poker with blank cards. The printing on both sides is visible only to creatures with infravision
5. Dancing. At least one goblin will be playing an instrument, probably a fiddle or a concertina.
6. Playing tenpins with a skull and some legbones.
7. Interrogating a rat tied to a tiny chair. "I'm gonna ask you one last time: Where is the cheese?"
8. Building a house of cards with the deck from item 4.
9. Discussing the pros and cons of sexual congress with a wide variety of other monsters and races.
10. Eating meat pie. The pie might be stirge or it might be pixie. The goblins can't remember what they put in it.
11. Debating the crisis of succession that would arise from the untimely demise of the current goblin king.
12. Shining shoes of various sizes (kobold to ogre). They all radiate faintly under detect magic but have no known powers.
13. Three words: bunny eating contest.
14. Reading aloud someone else's love letters, preferably detailed notes to or from one of the PCs.
15. Sewing filthy rags into patchwork tunics. If a completed tunic is worn it protects as platemail+1. If the garment is cleaned the magic fades. 1-3 tunics have been completed.
16. Drawing obscene grafitti on the dungeon walls. Each goblin has d4 pieces of chalk in various colors.
17. Arguing vehemently over the proposition that cannibalism should be kept strictly in the family.
18. Strip chess tournament. There's a 1 in 6 chance at least some of the goblins are already in the all-together. Not a sight for the faint of heart.
19. Pickling sliced shrieker. 1-20 jars are done.
20. Trying on pretty pink dresses.

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Some more thoughts. Most aquatic creatures are terrible at actually being aquatic - making saves against taking damage at 100 feet of depth. Sperm Whales dive to 10,500 feet, although 4,000 is more typical. Krakens LIVE at those depths. Aboleth routinely slime about in the Hadal Depth of the bottom of the ocean, up to several miles below sea level. No matter how good their saves are, the time they spend at these depths mean that these creatures should be extinct if we take the mechanics to be the "physics" of their world.

The easiest way to handle these issues is to make [Aquatic] and/or [Water] creatures take no damage from depth. A simple addition to the Subtype; although it still (currently) doesn't solve the problem for Whales. Maybe a Deep Diver special quality (subsuming and replacing Hold Breath) for Animals is in order.

The hard way requires thinking about pressure adaptations, and why Aboleth and Kraken don't explode when they come up to the surface. It would be more simulationally satisfying, but can really slow down a game.

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So, a hundred of us show up bright and early to play our first PFS Organize Play session at GenCon. How are players distributed? Is it random, giving us the hilarious opportunity for a party of four sub-optimized but flavorful clerics, or better yet, four 1st level wizards , or is it like, "All the clerics stand over there, all the fighters over there" and then the DMs pick up like we're playing Sandlot baseball?

I'm curious, because I want four sub-optimized but flavorful clerics.

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Brothers and sisters, the Chelish devil-kissers are gathering in coven in this very messageboard. It falls to us, the true civilization of the Inner Sea, to counter them.

Announce yourself, and help yourself to cucumber sandwiches.

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Nevermind. I downloaded it a second time, and this time it came out correctly. Bit weird, that.

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So, now that we have some very rough guidelines for character creation (no evil, use the rules. Thanks guys, very helpful. ~_^) I thought it would be interesting to see what people are planning to play in the GenCon scenarios.

I'm going to be in the Taldorian faction, of course, but I'm still trying to decide if I want to retool my Child of Winter ecologist druid from Eberron for this, or go with a gnomish Cleric of Rovagug.

What are your ideas?!

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Are you kidding me? The old post vanished into the ether. I waited, like, ten minutes to make sure before I re-posted!


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Starting a new RotRL game, with a new group, to playtest the PFRPG, and I plan to use the Medium advancement XP rules.

What this means is that the party, if they hit 90% of the encounters previous, will turn 6th level immediately before the fight with Xanesha. This will leave them a full level behind on Hook Mountain Massacre, and even assuming a successful fight with the Lamia, a TPK seems inevitable at a full level below par.

So, what I'm looking for is a good module to slip in either at the end of Burnt Offerings or Skinsaw Murders; Carnival of Tears is supposed to be good, and seems like it can be localized with the Whisperwood near Sandpoint, but I imagine Skinsaw's serial murders will be diminished in relation to the mass-slaughter of Carnival. Obviously, a GameMastery module will be easier to slip into Rise of the Runelords, but any good, appropriate level (4-6) adventure I can buy here in the Paizo store would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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I don't know if this is the right subforum for this, but Jason, are you looking at monster types and subtypes for PFRPG? I'd hope they could be fixed to make some sort of sense.

Athachs, which are three-armed giants, are Aberrations.
Ettins, which are two-headed giants, are Giants.
Minotaurs, which are giants with bull-heads, are Monstrous Humanoids.

What exactly is the determining factor here?

More examples of type-madness:

Dragon Turtles are Dragons.
Dragonnes are Magical Beasts.

Both are reptilian creatures, usually winged, with magical or unusual abilities.

Medusae have scales and serpentine hair. They're Monstrous Humanoids.
Merfolk have scales and fish tails. They're Humanoids.
Lizardfolk are effectively bipedal lizards. They're Humanoids with the Reptilian sub-type.

I think my point is made. If we're going to have types at all, can we either apply them consistently based on the type description, or change the types to match how they're actually meant to be used? If Athachs are aberrations just so they have different saves and skills than Ettins, let's stop talking about alien physiologies and start talking about their mechanical role.

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First, I'd like to thank the author for allowing me to avoid the friggin' Super-Pet. Animal Domain lets me at least have a taste of the old 3.0 'menagerie', even if it is only one at a time.

But... am I wrong in seeing a much heavier emphasis on Wild Shape than we had even in 3.5? I'm well aware I'm not "core" audience for D&D, but seriously, I hardly ever *use* Wild Shape, and I'm a regular, hard core Druid player.

Could we scale back the Wild Shape?

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These are aimed largely at the Paizo folks, but I'd love to tap the brain trust of really creative fans here, too:

1) What would you suggest as a regional/racial/cultural bonus feat for Sanos Forest gnomes? The rest of my all demihuman party consists of two orphans and a runaway - I thankfully didn't need to worry about Elven or Dwarven feats. But with everyone sitting on two feats to start with thanks to the bonus feats, my fourth player's poor happy-home-life gnome is looking a little Feat-lite.

2) Would I be far off in assuming Erastil's Herald is a Stag of some sort?
Or would it be more of a Hound, which better combines hunting and home life?

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Quick question: What do Thaumaturges of Lamashtu do to replenish their spells? It would be a nice bit of descriptive flavor for the party to encounter Eryllium as she was finishing her invocations, and explain why she's full up on spells when the party comes calling.

Note: I'm using Armies of the Abyss as my source for the Thaumaturge, rather than Book of Fiends. I don't know if the class changed between editions.

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So, the 10 Things About Goblins that was in the blog and made it into the Pathfinder #1 introduction was really useful to me as a DM. It gave me just enough nuggets of info to run the goblins without having to read an entire book about them, but still left room for that book to come out someday. :)

I was wondering if there were any blog posts, or could be, or anything similar about the demihumans of Varisia? Selfishly, I'd be happy with just gnomes or dwarves, but all of 'em would be awesome.

Please Paizo People! Help me get my PCs feeling Varisian!