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Corsario's Kingmaker: The Nine Evil Hills of Shadow (inactive)

Part of Corsario's Kingmaker Campaign.
Arv, Janus, Mulray, Neji, Seraph and Venetia ventures into the Undead Lands on the North Bank of Lake Silverstep. Are they ready to face what lies there?
Annotated Stolen Lands Map

GM Knight's: Plunder and Peril! [Chapter 1 Completed!] (inactive)

Tall tales of hidden riches are common in the pirate-infested taverns of the Shackles, but when Captain Varossa Lanteri claims to know the location of the secret treasure hoard of legendary Captain Jemma Redclaw, it seems she may be telling the truth. Captain Lanteri hires the PCs on as crew to help her assemble the magic key that will open the door to Redclaw’s treasure... and the ancient cyclops stronghold in which it’s hidden! Can the PCs survive long enough to claim their share of the lost loot, or will their enemies—or their allies—send them to a watery grave?