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If there one thing I own more of than PFACG cards, it's LEGO.

I know what I am building this weekend.


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I am happy to see that the team is able to infuse the card gameplay with loads of interesting, new ideas. Replaying existing adventures with new characters and boons will help me bide my time until new adventures are released (in 2019...right?).

eddiephlash wrote:
I think I see modular sized locations!

Yes, does that mean that the card list for a location might change depending on the scenario level, or perhaps with the number of players, or something else?

Is is a sign of devotion or addiction that I already own all of the PACG items on sale?

I think I need to try out forum play since there are no PACG Society play groups in my state (Utah), and my attempts to get one started have not worked out.

I've seen the updated box art (featuring Rivani) on the product description page for some online retailers. I'm guessing Paizo will replace this mockup with the official art sometime soon.

I'm looking forward to both Occult Adventure decks and the opportunities for interesting psychic play.

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I like the idea of including cards that give an ability that a character otherwise would not have (such as Riffle Scrolls). I also like the idea of including cards that give a character access to a skill (above the d4 level) that they do not possess. Sure, such a card may need to come with a high cost/penalty, but it can be extremely useful when an important skill is missing from a group of adventurers (or solo adventurer).

I have also enjoyed having cards that have an "owner," especially when the cards includes an additional ability or benefit when used by the owner (as opposed to its being used by another character.)

Also, I want to but all of these decks.

Also, please make official character cards for the rest of the iconics!