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I would like to apply with an Aasimar healing specialized Shaman of the Life Spirit.

As to enemies, I think Hobgoblins. He is the last of his tribe, having been out on a spirit quest when they struck. He arrived in time to see them leaving.

Some of the weaker members of the tribe were taken as slaves, but any who could count themselves as warriors were killed on site.

I'm planning on working something up, probably a Wild Child archetype of Brawler with a lion companion.

Thinking of making someone who's family line is cursed to turn into the Mothman. So Winged Flight, some super strength, possibly an uncontrolled ability to detect future trouble, either infrared or night vision, and the ability to turn back into his human self. So a man with a powered "monster" inside him.

I'd have to buy BASH, but RPG Now is having a huge sale on it, so that wouldn't be too big an issue.

I'd be interested in a super hero game.

I've expressed interest too but am not in the list.

Male Dwarf Oracle 1

Dotting in.

Male Dwarf Oracle 1

The father continued fighting crime with a different costume calling himself the Blur. Wearing a blue and white costume with a slanted B on the left hand side and motion streaks leading off of it to the right.

Male Dwarf Oracle 1


Hero Name: Airacomet III
Real Name (if different): Don Matthews
Abilities: superspeed, regeneration, phasing
Look: White male, trendy clothing, traditional costume (red white and blue with an A on the chest with wings)


Danger : -1
Freak : 0
Savior : +2
Superior : 0
Mundane : +1


Have Influence on:

Team Moves
List your team moves

Write dowsn any current advancements.


List Questions, then answers.
When did you officially become a part of your legacy? Don took up the mantle shortly after his 16th birthday when his powers emerged. His dad proudly handed him his costume allowing his son to attempt to fill his shoes.

What’s the greatest accomplishment of your legacy? Don's grandfather discovered and dismantled a Nazi spy ring during his term as Airacomet.

How does the public perceive your legacy? The public adores the legacy, seeing them as what's right with America at the time.

How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a hero? The legacy plays a large part in why Don is Airacomet. He sees it as following in his father's footsteps in a good way.

Why do you care about the team? He sees them as peers that he can turn to discuss the side effects of being a hero, such as having to stand up the prettiest girl in school, or being called into the principal's office for "skipping" too many classes doing his hero thing.

We'll answer these questions in discussion.

*Any Other Abilites Unique to your Playbook
Fight the good fight:
When you pull your punches
while directly engaging a threat
, you can roll + Savior instead of + Danger. If you do, you cannot
choose to impress, surprise, or frighten your foe.

Never give up, never surrender:
When you take a powerful blow from someone with far
greater power than you, use this move instead
of the basic move. Roll + Savior. On a hit, you
stand strong and choose one. On a 7-9, mark a
- you get an opportunity or opening against
your attacker
- you rally from the hit, and it inspires the
team; add 1 Team to the pool
- you keep your attacker’s attention
On a miss, you go down hard but leave your
opponent off balance and vulnerable.

Name the different members of your legacy (at least two): Mark Matthews grandfather Airacomet I, Hank Matthews Airacomet II
Hank Matthews is still active and prominent in the city.
Mark Matthews is retired and quite judgmental.
Brenton Matthews (younger brother) is the next possible member of your legacy.
Death Hand is the greatest opponent your legacy ever faced...and is still at large

I officially want to be part of this game. Like I said, I'm thinking Legacy.

Shareena is actually me, like I said I'm interested in a Legacy.

Dotting with interest for playing a legacy.

Interested, yet another alien in concept so far.

I'm planning on working something around a somewhat grizzled police detective. I'm hoping to steer him somewhat towards a Bobby type.

Dotting for interest, I'm looking currently to see if a concept I have would work or fall flat on it's face as it "breaks one of the character construction rules" of the combination of caster classes variety.

Wouldn't stop me if it doesn't make a completely useless characters as less than optimal can be fun if it fits the concept, but useless as in party dragging down weak is a different matter.

As the title says, how many archetypes can a character take at creation? I'm working on a bard, and want to combine the daredevil and sound blade archetypes.

Can I take both at creation or do I need to level before adding on the second archetype?

Happy early birthday then Dire, here's hoping for many more to come.

Out of curiosity, how high of a level do you foresee us going?

Hadn't noticed that myself. Just to let you know, I'm Ausk.

We've definitely got the back row covered, what with my Divine Hunter and the Elven Archer. Of course, I think we both can help Erik with the frontline in a pinch, we just don't excel there.

I'm currently working on a Divine Hunter half-orc. The crunch is done, though not posted in the alias yet, the fluff is in very rough format in my head, the place it's of the least use, I should be able to get the app completely done today, and then I'll post the information. Just wanted to follow up with the original interest dot.

Are you using Golarion dieties?

Dotting for possible interest, any classes, archetypes, or races disallowed?

Sorry for the interruption, but giving that I got some well wishes, I thought I'd do a mini-update on Mom.

First off, thank you for the well wishes. Secondly, according to the doc, if I keep using her bi-pap, she shouldn't have to go into the hospital, but I'm to keep a decent eye on her day to day just in case. After a few days, she may even be able to ween back off the bi-pap.

I'm going to have to bow out unfortunately, my Mom has taken a downturn. She'll get better, but there may be a hospital stay for a week involved. Thank you for your consideration and good luck everyone.

Just an update, so I don't disappear into the depths of Cheliax, I've got the fluff part worked out, I'm trying to figure out how best to get the crunch to fit what I'm looking for from between three or four options. I decided not to go sorceror since Elion is planning on eventually going that way.

Currently thinking strongest about Magus or Fighter/Wizard with Arcane Builder eventually.

Dotting for interest.

Currently, if possible, I'm thinking a ratfolk sorceror who is in this mess due to accidentally selling a cursed item to the house. He is a lower level employee of a merchant house, but a rival switched the cargo while it was on the ship, after paying the sailors to keep quiet, in an attempt to ruin the house's reputation with Cheliax.

I'd prefer to use the ratfolk race due to their culture's ties to being a merchant, but a gnome would work almost as well if the former race wouldn't be appropriate.

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I'd actually think of Gau as more of a Feral Child druid, with the spells flavored as the tricks he's learned from the creatures.

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Sir Bearington reminds me of Chicken Boo from Animaniacs.

Going to be running today, and going to take the advice of 25 point buy. If they need it, I'll add either Ameiko or the ranger elf as a GM PC. thanks for the advice everyone who's posted, and Happy New Year.

I'll be running book 1 of RotRLs soon, but I'll only have 3 players, all new to Pathfinder. I read in another thread that 15 is standard for a four man party so how much for 3?

Currently, I'm thinking 20, but would that make up for the lack of a player, or would the best way just be to use the controversial GM PC?