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Just want to chime in a little as someone with a board game background, because I know the majority of ACG players have role-playing backgrounds. What's coming sounds good; I like the idea of more integration and less of an investment for people to get started.

I'm ok with more story though I don't see it as a need; the idea of cards you read as the game progresses sounds interesting. Our OP group has several non-RPGers and we rarely read the story at the beginning of the scenarios (when it is read I don't remember it later, but that's partly because I'm usually setting up locations).

And I echo the feeling that it's plenty cooperative already. Even the idea of individual characters going to locations they have the best chance of closing is a cooperative mechanic. PACG and my other favorite coop game are my favorites because there is a lot of individual exploration/discovery of specific encounters that you roll to resolve. So I'm hoping none of the individuality of play goes away.

Last update: Failed at 6th try of 6C (party of my wizard, cleric - her 5th attempt, warpriest - his 4th I think & paladin - 3rd try?). We maximized Loot for extra explores, used both Hallow and Consecrate to add 10 turns, and were even a bit lenient with rerolling when dice were impeded. Wizard even fought & defeated Sepid once despite having to subtract 1 from each die due to using an attack spell. Our biggest problems were barriers and Sepid's before-you-act dext. check, as well as having 3 characters who could only move randomly. I will not play that scenario again and will not finish Adventure 6; time to move on to something that is more fun that stressful/frustrating. ;) (Our other table failed at their 2 attempts at 6E, but as they have succeeded at the rest will probably give it another go in hopes of completing the adventure & receiving the bonus.)

Keith Richmond wrote:
If you enjoy the game, especially in Organized Play, I recommend checking out the Ultimates, even if you just need to borrow someone else's to get a feel for it. I think they add a ton of fun and card options that make it a lot more fun for me to gather boons in Organized Play. Your mileage may vary.

Playing Darago, there are so many cards in this deck that would have made this Ad less difficult! I almost didn't mind our 2 losses Saturday because I got to add 2 Ultimate Magic cards (e.g. an elemental armor I don't have to banish!) to my deck.

Update on our progress: my table won 6-B on our first try! the others finally succeeded at 6-C on Valeros' 6th try. Then this past Saturday my table (Darago, Amli, cleric whose name I'm spacing) lost at 6-C twice. I've now attempted it 5 times but will give it one more with my new Magic cards and when our Paladin with examining powers returns next session.

Hannibal_pjv wrote:

I Also think the choosing of ultimate deck as part of choosing your character deck and character.

So Bard Lem using ultimate Magic is different than Bard Lem using ultimate fight. You have to make your choice before first game and stick to it Until the end or you start completely new character.

If the Ultimate decks all came out at the same time or just before a new season was released, perhaps. But they have staggered release.

For those of us struggling with Adv. 6 of Plundered Tombs, 'upgrading' our decks with a few Ultimate cards may make the difference between success and giving up on the adventure. (I use the quotes because I'm replacing an Armor 2 with a B, but it's much better for my character in this adventure.)

But as far as the OP's question, I agree that once you've added one Ultimate deck to your character deck, that choice is permanent.

Finally won this one yesterday! Were able to play with only 3 in the party thanks to having 3 boxes (for the 10 players in our OP group). Elemental Treaty helped but not enough since you have to reduce damage to zero to avoid banishing boons. My character (Darago, Wizard) isn't proficient with armor (or anything else, unfortunately) so I had to bury both of mine. Nor would the optional bury a blessing rule have helped as we needed all of our blessings to beat barriers - and still almost lost due to a barrier none of us could beat that kept shuffling back in (I finally got it with 3 blessings using 4 d4 to get a 12). The only reason we were able to win was the Paladin's ability to examine at the beginning of every turn, so with triggers he plowed through several cards per turn. We did optimize loot usage for the scenario and we had the retail bonus heals, though we'd also done those on previous tries and lost.

I agree with everything Parody has said. You have to repeat if you want to finish a level and gain rewards (like die bumps). And with multiple tables (since all of AD6 seems better with fewer people) there are some missing out on the wins so others need to repeat to catch those folks up. There may be cards in the new decks that could help but saying we have to spend more money to win isn't a good answer. You only get tier rewards when winning (& not if repeating to help others) so those have been limited as well. Yes, the scenarios are supposed to be challenging (though through multiple seasons the past few years I don't recall many ever seeming too easy!), but not this difficult. I haven't tried 6B yet but I've failed at 6C 3 times & this was my 2nd attempt at 6A.

Parody wrote:
The best thing about the Guild play rules is that they allow the organizers to easily run multiple groups out of a single box.

You mean over a period of time, not simultaneously, right? We currently have 10 in our group & even 2 boxes isn't really enough because all the level 6 scenarios (Plundered Tombs) are nigh impossible with 5 players.

Parody wrote:
I'll agree with what others have said: if the Guild rules don't work for your group then don't use them.... The main thing is to have a good time. :)

See I don't think we could. Rules are, well, rules. If you take one out then none of them really matter and there's no game left. Maybe too many of us are board gamers, but it just doesn't seem like an option.

I just hope any groups struggling with level 6 of Plundered Tombs are reporting their losses so the designers see how frustrating these scenarios are. I'll save details for a more appropriate thread but 3rd session in a row with no wins at either of 2 tables, & today's were both repeated (so 4 losses today).

Doppelschwert wrote:
Judging from the write up here, I'm not looking forward to this scenario; we also play using the standard rules, and we also have Bekah in the party. We're still in AD3 however, so maybe I'll try to steer the party into preparing for this scenario in the long run. I hope it's a little easier with just 3 players rather than 4-5.

Our group definitely recommends playing with no more than 3. We have played (OP rules, good mix of characters) multiple times and lost. Have now also played B and C multiple times and lost. Given that each game is taking an average of 3 hours, we are about ready to ditch Adventure 6 and move on the the next season... (We have 7-10 in the group depending on the day and only 2 boxes)

Yay - so now I just have to make my OP group wait to start the new season until this deck arrives so I can play Yoon. :) I already have my stuffed owlbear!

A 2nd OP season from Mummy's Mask? **PLEASE** make Yoon playable in OP by then!! :)

My perspective is that of a non-roleplayer who mainly plays Organized Play (I'm also of a detailed personality type instead of big-picture). IMO there is plenty of story on the OP Adventure/Scenario sheets and my personal enjoyment of the game would not be lessened by not reading them. The mechanics of the game are more interesting to me, in addition to playing a growing character. I'm obviously in the minority but others who don't roleplay (& aren't married to a a VL/event coordinator lol) are probably less likely to visit Paizo's site & forums to contribute that opinion. ;)

I love the concept of only having to spend $20 for a Class Deck to play a whole OP season; can't get much more affordable than that.

I do like the idea of having more replayability from the sets already released, such as from a new set of scenarios.

Also personally I find proxies annoying; it often detracts from any story to me because of the extra mechanic, though I know they are intended to add to story.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:

Also, when you start a session or simply when you receive a scenario, read it and make sure you understand it before starting. You can always ask questions here.

I guess if we knew we didn't understand it we wouldn't have had a problem; ie an incorrect assumption was made (that conceding was allowed). ;) Thanks tho!

We knew it would be difficult (the other player had done it w/the original, larger group), just thought the worst that could happen was losing, not dying! Bad rule to misunderstand, but now we know.

Also tough because obviously at the end of the Adventure you've maximized your deck so there aren't "cards you don't care about".

Thanks both. Our issue was that we didn't know that ahead of time or we wouldn't have tried it w/just 2. I will try either Radillo or Darago as our party already has divine spellcasters. The character I really want is Lini but the Druid deck has been pushed back a month & I've already taken a 2-month break from playing w/my group (plus someone w/the Paladin deck is starting his new char. this week so I wanted to start then too).

Smaller hand size would've helped a bit but probably not enough. Fortunately the only barrier we didn't defeat was the one that prevents moving. ;) Congrats to ryric for succeeding solo!

Back to the original question? Our group did this several times to avoid character death - choosing not to explore & burning thru the blessings deck. In essence, conceding, but technically following the rules. In 0-6F there is not blessings deck - so this is not an option? It's succeed or die?

And a month with no answers... let's try again! Just played with only two and if there is no way to concede/ choose to lose, then both of us die. Which isn't huge since it's the end of the adventure *except* that I wanted to play Enora in Righteous, which requires completing/succeeding at 0-6F....

So... the consensus seems to be that you can't just concede since there isn't a Blessings deck 'timer'. We just tried it with two and if we can't concede or quit we will both die. I would not have tried it with two if I knew that were an option. ;) (Really wanting to finish to use Enora in Righteous & missed the regular group's session.)

Thank you. :)

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
This thread will give you some insight.

Thanks! Very helpful.

Ashram316 wrote:
Check the FAQ on Sphere of Fire. They changed the wording so that using the display power counts as playing a spell on the check.

Yep I quoted it above. ;) The question is whether this applies to any other spells displayed outside of the check and, if so, how to know which ones.

Good point. :) So the additional wording in the WotW rulebook that says: "Activating a power on a displayed card also counts as playing it" is a change/new rule? (as opposed to being a clarification)

Sphere of Fire and Wisdom (which I'm assuming you would equate with Strength & Agility) *both* say "While displayed..." & then list the power/effect, so that wording alone can't be what distinguishes them.

Let me say that the others in my group (& our discussion of this rule) are role-players while I am not. So I am strictly pulling from the S&S rulebook terminology. It seems there is some difference between an "effect" (& I've seen the terminology "triggering an effect") and a "power" which I haven't found.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Ok. So two things here....
Both of those things are correct.

To clarify: Someone Displays a spell before exploring. They encounter a bane. The displayed spell applies to the check. The player can still play another spell during that check (because the 1st one was played during another step).

So is Sphere of Fire (Wizard class deck) an exception? The FAQ states that using its power counts as "playing" it, even if it was Displayed before the check, so another spell cannot be used.


If I make a combat check using Sphere of Fire, can I play another spell? If I don't have the Arcane or Divine skill, can I discard Sphere of Fire for its additional damage and thus avoid having to banish the card?

No and no. Using the power of Sphere of Fire counts as a spell. And if you discard the spell, it triggers the last part of the power.

Resolution: On the spell Sphere of Fire, replace "At the end of your turn, if you do not have either the Arcane or Divine skill..." with "This counts as playing a spell. At the end of your turn, or when you would discard this card when playing it, if you do not have either the Arcane or Divine skill..."

Hawkmoon there is this in the S&S Rules p. 12 (Attempting a Check): "Remember that each player may not play more than 1 card of each type or use any 1 power more than once during each check." However, given the date of this thread perhaps that wording was not in RotR and added as clarification.

So... does this to apply to any Spell Displayed before an encounter - even if its power is used during the check, the same player can play an 'additional' spell during the check? Because they were "played" at different times? (In the Wizard class deck FAQ re: Sphere of Fire I thought the ruling was that using the power of a displayed card counted as playing it, but maybe it was just for that particular card.)

Skizzerz wrote:
So, you play the spell by using the power. After the power resolves, it is after you played the spell, so Enora's power activates at this time. After that is when you get to attempt the recharge check.

So, if that spell said "Discard to ..." and then was the only spell in the Discard pile, it will recharge from Enora's power and you won't even get to the recharge check. (So, it 'autorecharges' if we're using that terminology.)

I believe Hawkmoon and Sandslice gave opposing answers to the 2nd question in the original post (re: Enora). So this is still unresolved. It is also discussed here: , where the the consensus is that her power happens (immediately) after playing the spell, before the spell's recharge check. I'm still curious because if the spell says you have to discard it to use it, then it is physically part of the discard pile as soon as it's played.

The first time we played we left locations open after fighting Henchmen so that we could go after Rum. However this resulted in the Villian escaping and we did not have enough time to succeed. Second play we were luckier in finding Rum before Henchmen, and we closed decks whenever we could. Still took us until the last turn but we did succeed (the Wizard fought the villian but had 3 attack spells & 1 weapon and only lost one, and everyone else had maximized their hands to be able to close their locations and help with the fight).

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Our group just played this Saturday, also having 5 players/14 sub-locations, and we closed all 14 individually. We fought several Henchmen, but it was still relatively easy compared to the other level 4 scenarios. However - for us this was a good thing! It took us 2 tries when we played 4A to succeed. The same for 4C and the success was accomplished on our very last turn. It was nice to have something lighter & less stressful after that! :)

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Some in our area have done everything through 3-B at this point; we also have new players just joining & some in between. So most of us have chosen at least a 2nd character with which to replay lower level scenarios. A few times we have replayed w/the same character & just not taken rewards (I had a few scenarios whose reward didn't benefit me the 1st time, so it's not like I was losing anything). Some people want to play 6 scenarios/month but not all of us do. I think the rules allow for that flexibility.

That being said, I myself have not chosen a 2nd character yet. And I'm glad this issue was pointed out on the forum before we got to the point of playing it. :)

I can't find the thread, but retail stores running the game are supposed to be able to get 1 free copy of the game.

*eta: found the link: Press Release!