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He's delved too greedily and too deep, and seen things no dwarf was meant to see, and now he's drowning those memories in a sea of Numerian fluids.

Sorry for the lapse! Was on a trip and was expecting to have better internet access.

1d6 ⇒ 6

If you draw a +1 allying weapon from a scabbard of vigor, giving it a bonus of +3 for 3 rounds, can you use allying to transfer that +3 enhancement bonus at the start of your next turn?

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Hey Kid, I'm a computer. Stop all the downloading.

25% red lasers and 25% blue lasers I have heard claimed. But I seem to remember a lot of parachutes.

I don't understand what it would get you. The second sentence of Blood of Dragons means whatever bloodline you'd bring in would stop advancing and then you'd start getting draconic bloodline powers at level 1, right? So, you'd get an additional Arcana and get lower level bloodline powers at the expense of higher level ones?

MrSin wrote:

Clearly since hair cannot be trimmed Golarion has a lot of bad hair problems. That sounds like a lot of split ends...

Then again, I don't think we're getting a Fashion and Styles of Golarion player companion anytime soon.

Luckily? It is just a specific rule for the archetype that makes the disarm question funky, rather than everyone's hair funky. We are talking about supernatural hair, after all.

Thod wrote:

Here is a related question that should get asked:

Do you 'disarm' a white haired witch by shaving off all her hair - for example if you imprison her.

YMMV but the answer leads you to the answer of the Tengu and Nagaji

** spoiler omitted **

I think the fact that the hair cannot be sundered or attacked as a separate creature makes this an even more complicated question.

Neither here nor there, but wikipedia says this about tengu masks:

Wikipedia wrote:
The use of hair varies among examples and can range from carved and painted hair, to hair that is fastened to and extending from the top of the mask, to no hair at all, leaving only the wearer’s hair to contribute to the persona. Facial hair can be none or any combination of carved and painted or fastened moustache and beard. The mask from the museum shows no head or facial hair.

The page has a couple images of historical tengu representations with facial hair. None of which may be relevant to Golarion tengu, but it is a thing I found out there.

So I've played online through three separate communities. I have chronicle sheets from all of them, and don't own the scenarios to compare sheets. How would I know if my chronicles are good or bad? In my case ~1/2 of the gaming was done with VO involvement, so at least I've got that going for me. But as a relatively new player who also plays offline I don't feel like I really understand what exposure I have to this issue. Any chance you can give more info? Should I just be looking for incorrect season format (is there a reference for that, as I haven't played scenarios from every season yet)?

Exploration and/or survival horror on Eox?

As the GM in the game that precipitated N N 959's post I know that the conversation before the post here was about having a baseline so that there is narrative consistency (and understanding how I was interpreting public magic use ahead of time). Part of it was about what SLAs looked like (we ended up using Wardstone Patrol as a guide for that) and that led to wondering what Jonathan Compton would think about magic use and etiquette. I'm looking forward to the potential blog post and I never felt the discussion was about limiting my options, but getting to a point of shared expectations.

I don't have a free character in the range at the moment, but would be interested in playing with a pregen if you needed/wanted another.

It looks like the bond lets them provide the bonus to "an adjacent spellcaster", why would the bonded spellcaster have to change?

What about instead of just unlocking new races doing a scenario, or chain of scenarios, that if you complete provides a boon that can be applied to a new character that unlocks one? There was a special that did this, I think, but if you did a base scenario it would be a middle ground - not quite creating a big flood of new characters but pretty darn open. Since it would likely be a scenario that a lot of people would want to play you could use it to present a major plot point.

Hilstad wrote:
My PFS character is shown as having no sessions posted. However, I have played him in three PFS online Voip games. How to I report those sessions or get them reported?

If one of them is for Quill (Stolen Heir), I can at least let you know that I submitted the reporting sheet to the con organizer same day. I still have all the info if I need to send it to a VC later, but I was just giving the organizer some time.

Here and flexible on a character to play. Either way will send character info soon.

Michael Brock wrote:
Even setting the XX GP value at 25 eliminates all of those purchases, but still covers most of the weapon blanches and alchemical items.

I can say that filling out the ITS helped me find a 20gp underpayment on a chronicle over a purchase of two items - one 320gp and one 100gp. Not a lot of gold, but I might not have found that if the ITS minimum had been 100+gp.

If the 25gp limit is established, I'd be inclined to put my sub 25gp items on the ITS either way, but would any GMs object to that?

Patrick Harris @ MU wrote:
Oh hey. Just had a thought: how will online players handle needing GM signoffs on their tracking sheets?

Is there a requirement for signing the Inventory Tracking Sheet (other a one-time sign-off if a different version had been used before)? I didn't see a requirement for that in the guide. If there isn't the form-fillable version will make it super easy for online use. Step 8 on pages 35-36 doesn't seem to call out any signing/initials.

Samuli wrote:

What happens to characters that are of Lantern Lodge or Shadow Lodge, and playing in a play-by-post game that happens to end after Aug 14? Has this been covered somewhere?

In general, where are the rules for online play? I wasn't able to find them.

You might want to ask the Online Play VC, Joseph Caubo

Dust Raven wrote:

Where, how, who?

I have a friend I play with every other weekend with our local PFS group who says he plays mostly online. I'm familiar with a few VTT sites, but I have no idea how to find a PFS game on them, let alone how one is managed in regards to looking over chronicle sheets and receiving one at the end of a session. Is there an existing online resource for playing PFS online?

There is also http://rpggeek.com/guild/1329 on RPG Geek. Primarily play by forum, but there are some VOIP games mustered there.

All the paperwork is the same, you just work with pdf/tiff copies of chronicles frequently.

It's the fulfillment system and they recently provided an update on the Goblinworks blog:

Ryan Dancey wrote:
First, we want to apologize for not hitting our deadline with the fulfillment tool for our Kickstarter rewards. We told you it would be ready by the end of March, and we missed that deadline. Later this week we are doing a review of the functionality with the technology team from Paizo, and then we'll be able to announce a revised availability date. We sincerely apologize for this delay, and we know you are anxious to get your Rewards ASAP.

The Goblinworks blog https://goblinworks.com/blog/ is a good place to look for status info.

Chris Mortika wrote:


I hope to see Nuku at my table some day. But it sounds like he's not happy with an organized play campaign that makes rulings.

And there goes my chance to play a Tiefling whose other half was Aasimar.

I didn't get that he was 'not happy with an organized play campaign that makes rulings' from his response:

Nuku wrote:
That's good. It will be at least visible to people who don't frequent the forums.

Seems more like he was upset about the dialogue essentially being ended in a manner that was brusque by the campaign coordinator. Given that he had been described upthread as throwing a tantrum I thought he was very civil about the whole thing. Probably don't need to imagine indefensible motives for his exit.

As far as the additional resources edit, the end result is at least functional.

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littlehewy wrote:

Huh. After page one of this discussion, my vague unease about PFS had been largely diminished, and I was even having grand ideas of starting up a Society game here in little old rural Australia.

Some of the previous 19 posts have served to make me all shy again... Totally not into that kind of nitpickery.

I wouldn't feel unseasy. Outside of the forums the frequency of arguments regarding the color of the bike shed are very few and far between. It's all more reasonable in practice than the forums make it sound.

Paizo Blog wrote:

Alternatively, if you are participating in a Pathfinder Adventure Path with an ongoing home group undertaking the entire campaign, you may receive credit for playing the sanctioned portions of the adventure as if you had played a pregenerated character. In this case, GMs running the Adventure Path are not bound to the rules of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign when running the campaign or the sanctioned portion of the adventure. Pathfinder Society characters and characters from an ongoing Adventure Path campaign may not play in the same adventure.

I think that, from here is the closest you will get as part of PFS play.

One of the first questions I saw regarding the kickstarter asked if there was any PFS goodness. It was kind of inevitable that it would get involved somehow. The barrier of entry to this boon is comparable to both the tales and holiday boons.

If the MMO did get published and they did something like give you a PFS boon if you completed a certain quest in the game, how would that be viewed? What if it was a code for something in the game if it was reported you played a certain scenario/module in PFS?

Theoretically to be able to play in PFS at all you have invested in the core assumption. There is a necessary investment (additional resources, can be shared in some ways) to get to play with certain classes, feats, etc. With content available in the pfrd the 'deliverable' for the additional resource could sometimes be less valuable to the PFS player than being able to play that feat/class in PFS.

It seems like PFS ought to be involved in the marketing of Pathfinder brand extensions, but it seems like it is tricky each time they try.