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As a GM (and player) I'm quite bad at takeing session notes, which can lead to inconsitencies (as a GM) or forgetting events (as a player). I have tried to write up "lenghty" pulpstyle session summaries. The upside of those are that they're quite fun to read afterwards and they've been rather popular within the game group as well. The downside is that they take up quite alot of time and I'm lazy. So the end result is usually that I end up with inadequate session summaries.

I hope to remedy this by creating a template with short points that help me keep track of the most important bits of the story development during the game session.

So far I've got:

* Date of the session
* Title
* Bullet list of events
* New NPCs met

So my question to you is:

* Do you use something similar to keep track of the plot development as a GM/Player? If so, what do you include in your summaries?
* Do you have any tips of anything I should include in the template?

Darn it, I thought I was done. Seems that I need "Nyarlathotep".

A lot of cool minis. I was up to 250$ but managed a will save and I'm now down to 126$. Tried to go lower (since I still have tons of miniatures to paint (some dating back to Bones I)) but apparently there's to much stuff I "need".

Haha, I'm not sure that would be fair to whomever would have to take the combat duties and leveling up duties :)

Nuveril will just have to try and reach out to the other members. I think Khalid is a good candidate for a listener :)

DM Dan E wrote:

Understood Patrik. Really grateful for you giving it a go after so much time. I think I'll GMPC Linah at least in the short term so feel free to return for a cameo any time you like.

I hope everyone else is feeling it. This has been quite an extended combat but we're getting to the climax of it now.

I’ll keep lurking in the game thread for sure :)

Joana wrote:
Very sorry to see you go, Patrik, but I wondered if you'd have trouble getting back on the Pathfinder bandwagon after switching to 5e for so long. I had a hard enough time trying to get back in the swing of all Nuveril's abilities, and I was still playing Pathfinder in the interim, just not martials.

5e doesn’t have much to do with it. I’m just not that into DnD as a game system. I disliked Pathfinder before 5e came along. I think I had about 1.5-2.5 years in which I enjoyed the system before the mechanics grinded me down. The only thing 5e did was to show me that the DnD system can be tolerable (although I do have my gripes about that system as well).

I hate to do this but I don't have much of a choice. I thought that I could co exist with Pathfinder but it's clear that I can't. It took more time to look up the rules for my AC than to write the rest of the post which sucked all the life out of me.

I like the group, I like the story and I like my character but I just can't stand the system. So I'm going to have to bow out. I was going to do this at the end of the combat but I'm going on vacation tomorrow and won't be back until the 1st of august.

So, I want to thank you for the game. I've really enjoyed (the non Pathfinder parts of :) it!

Ah, choices. My one true weakness :) I best get studying.

Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that :( Take all the time you need. You have my deepest sympathies as well.


I would like to cancel my modules subscription.

I haven't been able to complete a submission yet, so I'm going to have to drop out. I hope you have a great game!

Dotting for interest. Will post a character probably next week. How do you feel about either ewoks or jawas (main plan for now is to go jawa mechanic:ish)?

Dotting for interest as well. Some questions:

1) Is time zone a factor?
2) Do you have a requirement on how well versed a player should be in the lore of Star Wars?
3) What posting frequency are you aiming for?

I missed the closing of this thread because of my vacation but I have to echo the sentiments above. It's been really fun (despite the rules system... :), so much so that I had no idea it's been an ongoing afair for more than five years :)

I had a really good time and I think Motte did an excellent job GM:ing! Feel free to copy Silvio :)

Posting update: This thursday I'll spend the day flying over the Atlantic, so I will probably not post then. Posting might be spotty on friday. Could also be a bit spotty the following week up to the 29th of november, although I think I'll manage to keep up (except for the 27th and 28th of november). I'll be back to normal on the 30th of november.

If Linah is holding things up in that period, feel free to move things along.


Np, hope the pup makes a speedy recovery.

On another note my posting will be abit spotty the coming days, with probably none friday - sunday as I've got a weekend of RL-gaming to attend to.

Monty Haul wrote:
Embarrassed to say, I thought that was going to be quite a bit tougher than that. I guess there were a fair number of 19s and 20s... :o

I don't mind. I'm a coward at heart. I don't mind having some easy encounters to warm up :)

Almost done? I really hope that the voice trying to control us is Demogorgon :)

Kraz Thadoom wrote:

Patrik you rolled the following stats..

4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2, 5) = 10 = 9
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 5, 5) = 19 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 5, 4) = 18 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 6, 2) = 17 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 3, 3) = 11 = 9
4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 5, 6) = 19 = 16

Humans gets a +1 to all stats, that would end up being:

10, 16, 16, 16, 10, 17..

Currently you have 15, 16, 10, 15, 8, 16

Just don't want you short yourself anything.. I would also advise you put a positive number in constitution.. Having a 10 is really gonna make it tough for a melee guy.. Also your to hit and damage goes off dex, so there's no need for the high str score really..

Maybe something like this instead?

Str 10
Dex 17
Con 16
Int 16
Wis 10
Cha 16

Again just a suggestion.. Personally I would put a 16 is wisdom as Con and Wisdom saves are the most important for the most part.

I used the variant rule of getting +1 to two stats (in this case one of the nines to bring it up to a 10 and one of the 15s to bring it to a 16). I do admit that the +1 to all stats was tempting but I eventually decided to go for a extra skill and a free feat.

Regarding laying a 8 (one of the nines that I changed to an eight) that is purely for character reasons. Silvio is not good at reading people or noticing details. I don't view him as weak willed but I'm guessing that I will just have to take that as a perk which comes with the low wisdom score.

Regarding the 15 strength, that did give me some doubt. I see Silvio as quite an athletic guy so that's why one of the 15 landed there. The "low" con is a problem which I have lost some sleep over, so to speak. And I'm still not fully convinced of my choice. Perhaps I should move the 15 off Strength and put it into Constitution and have his athletisim rely more on stamina than force. I might just do that. I don't want Silvio to die after all :)

I have updated Silvio's profile with the rolled stats and the background feature. I think I'm set to go.

Monty Haul wrote:
Hi Patrik. As our barbarian friend mentioned, you are entitled to use either the regular array or the stats you rolled, so if you want to replace them with the numbers you generated in the recruitment thread, that would be fine (or not - as you like).

I'll update the stats in the morning. I have give abit of a think about if setting one of the 15 on constitution. It's a good stat to have but I'm not convinced that Silvio should pick it before strength or intelligence. I'm going to lower one of the nines to a eight and put it on wisdom, since having a firm grip on reality is not what Silvio is about.

Monty Haul wrote:
I noticed that you haven't included the class feature for noble "Position of Privilege". If you don't like the fit with your character and want to come up with an alternate, I'd be happy to consider something.

That's just an omission on my part. The "Possition of privilage" feature is a good fit for Silvio. He isn't the stereotypical noble, but he does consider himself kind of a "pop star".

Pik wrote:
Oh, that might actually be a good role for Silvio! Pik wouldn't get involved in a thing like that. It's too easy to get stuck in something illegal and he tries to stay as far away from gambling as he can get. (He has somewhat of a weakness for it, like his father, so tries to avoid any temptation when at all possible.)

Silvio is sadly to unorganised to be a manager. He is however a unembarassed fan of himself and and his companions.

With that being said, is Silvio's sheet OK? Anything missing from it or from the "status bar" on his user name?

Thanks for picking me! Looking forward to the game.

After some back and forth I decided to apply with Silvio Callgari Pazzi, Human Rogue. He is a character that I have played twice before on these forums, once in a Pathfinder Savage Tide game (where he died) and once in a Serpent's Skull Dungeon World game (which sadly ended prematurely).

I thought it would be fun to do a sort of reboot and reimagine him as a DnD5e Rogue Swashbuckler. I've used the standard stat array when generating the ability scores (15 for dexterity, 14 for intelligence, 13 for charisma, 12 for strength, 10 for constitution and 8 for wisdom).

Crunch and fluff:

The Fluff
Silvio is a young Chelaxian man with a significance and confidence in his steps. His constant smile reveals two rows of perfectly sculpted white teeth, charmingly glinting in the light. He has brown shoulder length hair and ruggedly unkempt mustache which he carries with the grandeur of a true hero. No matter what apparel Silvio happens to be wearing he sports it with a simple and sophisticated grandiosity. Simply put, Silvio makes the suit.

The Pazzi family have long had a lot of pull in the city of Corentyn, so growing up Silvio never lacked for anything except for excitement. While his mother and father and three elder sisters were content with going about the everyday life of a Chelaxian noble house Silvio soon realised it was not for him. From the day he learned to walk he payed more attention to the stories of sailors and guards in his father's employ than lessons and lectures designed to "make him a true Pazzi". In fact the only lessons Silvio did pay attention to (and became quite good at) was the fencing lessons he nagged his father into arranging.
One day, faced with the choice of being shackled to a bride his father had chosen for him or the freedom of the open sea Silvio snuck onto a trading vessel called The maiden's kiss set for some foreign port leaving only an empty space where his training sword had been behind.

Always adapt with words and quick to make friends Silvio had no trouble infiltrating the crew and his adventure begun. The life at sea did not match up to the chelaxian nobleman's expectations though. Everywhere he looked he could not see any potential for plunder, adventure or glory. Only toil, and that's not what stories are made of. Or Silvio for that matter.

A week into the voyage Silvio staged a coup and one night he took command of the ship and proclaimed himself the captain of the vessel. His reign over the maiden lasted until morning, when the real captain woke up, a grizzled seaman of some forty years. The ship was returned to normal within an hour and Silvio was cast into a lifeboat for mutiny and set to die, either of starvation or in some storm. The original plan had been to just throw the chelaxian overboard but Silvio managed to talk the captain into placing him in a lifeboat then sail away leaving him to die. But by the grace of some god, or perhaps the malice of some demon, Silvio endured and after two weeks at sea the lifeboat glided into the harbor of Riddleport.

Once ashore he found the city to be rife with opportunity. Unfortunately they all came with a boss, which did not sit well with the young nobleman. All except for one. A cry for help from a nearby village plagued by orcs. Silvio could fix that.

Silvio is looking for the great adventure. Excitement, gold, wine, glory, women and whatever else keeps the world turning. He will jump at almost any opportunity that shows promise to fulfill any of the above, or at least to set him on the right path towards it.

The Mechanics
Silvio Callgari Pazzi, Human Rogue
Armor Class 14 (15 when dual wielding)
Hit points 8 / 8
Hit die 1d8 / 1d8
Saving throws: Dexterity +5, Intelligence +4

Initiative +3
Attack (rapier) +5, 1d8+3 piercing damage
Attack (short sword) +5, 1d8 piercing damage
Attack (dagger) +5, 1d4+3 piercing damage
Proficiency bonus +2

Strength [12/+1], Dexterity [16/+3], Constitution [10/+0], Intelligence [14/+2], Wisdom [8/-1], Charisma [14/+2],
Acrobatics +7
Animal Handling -1
Arcana +2
Athletics +4
Deception +4
History +2
Insight -1
Intimidation +2
Investigation +2
Medicine -1
Nature +2
Perception -1
Performance +2
Persuasion +6
Religion +2
Sleight of hand +5
Stealth +5
Survival -1

Rapier, short sword, 2 daggers, leather armor, thieves’ tools, explorer’s bag

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one extra language of your choice [Chelaxian and Infernal].
Ability Score Increase. +1 to two different ability scores [Dexterity and Charisma].
Skills. You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice [Acrobatics].
Feat. You gain one feat of your choice [Dual Wielder].

Expertise (Acrobatics, Persuasion). Double proficiency bonus.
Sneak Attack. +1d6 damage once per round on a attack made with advantage, or if a ally is within 5ft of the target.
Thieves’ Cant. Knows the secret signs and symbols popular among the criminal underground

Dual wielder. +1 to AC when wielding two weapons. Able to dual wield with non-light weapons. Able to draw or stow two one-handed weapons when normally would only be able to draw one.

Armor: Light armor
Weapons: Simple wepaons, hand crossbows, long swords, rapiers, short swords
Tools: Thieves tools
Saving throws: Dexterity, Intelligence
Skills: History [background], Persuasion [background], Acrobatics [Racial], Atheltics [rogue], Deception [rogue], Sleight of hand [rogue], Stealth [rogue]
Background: Noble
Languages: Chelaxian, Infernal, Elven

stat die rolls for funsies:

4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2, 5) = 10 = 9
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 5, 5) = 19 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 5, 4) = 18 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 6, 2) = 17 = 15
4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 3, 3) = 11 = 9
4d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 5, 6) = 19 = 16

Oh, those are not bad stats.... Mind if I make use of them? Would result in: 15 str, 10 con (+1 from racial), dex 16, int 15, wis 9, 16 [/b] (+1 from racial).

Hi! Dotting for interest.

A couple of questions:
* How will you be handling initiative in combat?
* Do you have any more detailed information about the call for help that the group is answering?
* Do you picture the group as having known eachother before hand or is it a newly formed group? Or do you picture it as being seperate adventurer's answering the same call for different reasons?
* Would the Swashbuckler rogue archtype from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide be OK?
* Would the Goliath race from the Elemental Evil Player's Guide be OK?
* Is not being a native english speaker going to be a problem?

I think I had a few more questions but I can't seem to think of them now.

I'm not a comic book person and as such know very little of the universe (I've had little interaction with the DC universe except for the corny Batman TV series as a kid and the two Tim Burton movies as a kid (really liked the movies btw) and the Nolan series when I was abit older), but I'm enjoying the series. My favorite is by far the Penguin. He's just so wonderfully unctuous, slimey and plotting. As far as I'm concerned he's my ultimate penguin, much as the Dark Knight's Joker is my ultimate joker.

Can't stand Fish Mooney though. I feel that Jada Pinkett Smith is way overacting and I don't feel the character has any power except for plot armor.

Ah, sad to see this end but I understand. Real life comes first. I wish you the best of luck with your school year!

I've had thoughts of trying to start a game when time allowed, and DW is high on the list along with the Shadowrun hack for DW, Sixth World.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I saw the movie two nights ago and I was positively surprised. The impression I got from the trailer was a rather dull movie with a “the more we scream the funnier it is” mindset. So I didn’t expect much. What also got my expectations down was that I saw the original last week to update myself and found it to be kind of entertaining, but far from a blast. And if the new one was supposed to be much worse I felt that I wasn’t in for all that good of a time.

But to my surprise I was proven wrong. It might be my radical feminist agenda or my general man hating ways but I found the movie to be very entertaining. I would even go as far as to say that I liked it better than the original. Sadly it petered out a bit to the end and resolving the main story felt somewhat weak to me. They could also have cut down on the action scenes leading up to the final confrontation.

All and all I think it was very entertaining and I would recommend it. Will probably rewatch it once it is released on dvd.

I'm personally fed up with Pathfinder (and have been so for one and a half, maybe two years?). To many rules and effects that really don't do that much except exaggerate the numbers. With that said I would like to end the campaign on a higher note and at a suitable point in the adventure.

Although if that point is a year or so away then I think it's not worth it.

I will be out of commission for the weekend. Will be back to posting on sunday/monday.

I will be out of commission for the weekend. Will be back to posting on sunday/monday.

I have an idea, cliffhanger until I get home from work :)

Ouch! That's not good. I hope the pain killers work so you can get some relief.

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Update Re: Linah!

I'm currently on vacation up until the 12th of may. Normally that would mean a decrease in posting frequency, but since my job isn't getting in the way it will instead mean a slight increase! So I hope to be posting regularly the comming week and hopefully my workload will allow me to continue to do so even when I get back.

Update Re: Silvio!

I'm currently on vacation up until the 12th of may. Normally that would mean a decrease in posting frequency, but since my job isn't getting in the way it will instead mean a slight increase! So I hope to be posting regularly the comming week and hopefully my workload will allow me to continue to do so even when I get back.

I've been having quite a high workload at work at the moment which is keeping me from posting as often as I like. Just a heads up. I haven't gone away, I'm just pressed for time right now.

I've been having quite a high workload at work at the moment which is keeping me from posting as often as I like. Just a heads up. I haven't gone away, I'm just pressed for time right now.

Welcome back! Good to know you got some quality rest :)

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

Can you tell me how your attack calculations were arrived at - you have +4 to each attack across melee and ranged weapons?!?!

I see you have (among other things) -1 to Str, +2 to Dex, +2 there a war cleric feature I'm missing? Other things?

Both the short sword and the scimitar have the finesse tag, which means that you can calculate to hit and damage using either strength or dexterity. It is similar to the throw (I think that's what it's called) tag which allows you to make ranged attacks with either strength or dexterity.

D'oh, I thought I would be able to get a character together but alas, I have not. This looks like a really good game but I won't be able to put forth a viable character. Maybe next time.

No worries. Take your time. RL > Gameing. Always.

Cool, thanks for the answers!

GM Jiggy wrote:
You mean how long/across how many levels it will run? No idea. My ideal hope is that at some point a big plot arc will coalesce and reach a finale that makes it all feel "finished", but ultimately I'm leaving it pretty open. Hoping for at least a few levels, though.

Nah, not interested in the levels. I was wondering if you had some kind of a scope for the story or if you plan to keep it going at long as it lasts?

The srd and free rules PDF are pretty sparse, I'm afraid. I'm still holding my fingers crossed for a complete PDF version of the books.

Although all is not lost. If you have Herolab I there is a community package that holds the Player's Handbook rules. I don't know if you need to purchase a basic 5e package first though.


This sounds cool. You're hitting a lot of my personal preferences. A few questions though:

1. How much will be city dependent? Being episodic centered I'm guessing that Linhaus will act as sort of a HQ. A place to start plot hooks and setting for the in-between-adventures setting. At first I was leaning towards submitting a nature ranger type character "working" as kind of a guide in the area, but when I came to the second point of the concepts section I started to doubt. Would a nature based character be totally off?

2. Do you have any more information about what context you plan to start the first adventure, like the setting for the first scene? You write that there is not a requirement that the characters know each other before hand, and one of the aims with the first adventure is to bring the group together. Will the beginning have the characters all visiting the same place when something happens (like in Rise of the Runelords) or are the characters brought together by a common interest (like in Council of Thieves)? I understand if you want to keep this secret though but I thought I might ask as it could inform my choice of character to submit :)

3. Does time zone matter?

4. Do you have a scope for the campaign in mind, or to you mean to continue as long as it bears fruit, so to say?

Shoot, just noticed that Silvio has 10/20 hit points. Did we regain any hit points between the pirate zombie fight and now?

Thanks for the advice! I went with a dump on strength (which does make collecting stuff a problem) and endurance (which sadly limits the time I can sprint) and focusing on agility and perception (with a smattering of charisma). I'm going for a more stealthy character who is going to side with the railroad when push comes to shove.

I'm also focusing on Piper for this run and wow does she kick ass.

continuously reading this thread does make me wonder if I should try a "less cheaty" run through the game. Running without immortality is not an option (as I don't want to die) but perhaps not picking up all the resources and perks at start up might be something.

What SPECIAL configurations have you tried that worked well?

New bonds with Hank, John and Roman:

Hank's concept of science interests Silvio. Wonder if it can be used to aid Silvio's heroics?

John treads the narrow path between light and darkness. Silvio must make sure that he does not stray into the night.

Roman is a very talented song writer. Silvio shall use his action to inspire a great opus!

Silvio's endtally brings him to 8xp (3 going in + 1 for the Gleus Bond + 1 for each of the questions).

I'm going to raise his dex from 15 to 16. I'm also taking the "Now I have the upper hand":

Now I Have The Upper Hand
Add the following options to Parry:
• Disarm your opponent, sending their weapon flying across the room.
• Steal a visible item off of their person. They don't notice it's gone until
you inevitably flaunt the fact you have it.

I'll have to construct a new bond tomorrow as I need to prepare for a Call of Cthulhu game tonight.

Your Benevolent Dictator wrote:
@Silvio: I'd say fighting off a zombie horde by yourself to give Fleet time to grab the sickle counts as fulfilling your alignment. :-) Go ahead and change out your Gleus bond.

Switch to another or cash in and then make another?

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