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Lord Glorio Arkona

Silvio Callgari Pazzi's page

653 posts. Alias of Patrik Ström.


Ex dashing free hand fighter. Mauled by demon apes.

About Silvio Callgari Pazzi


Description (taken from the recruitment thread)
A young man of south Avistan descent walks into the park with surefooted, abeit with the hint of a limp, strides. His smile reveals a row of pearly white teeth that looks almost like they've been sculpted out of ivory as he nods to the halfing greeter and throws his coat to her. The coat, like the rest of his clothes, must once have been a splendid garb if fit for a king then at least a noble of high birth. Now the garment is a ragged thing, torn and even ripped in places. The original colors have started to turn a shade darker, stained by sweat and grime evidently after not being washed for at least a month. Maybe more.

The man himself fits in quite well with the rest of his outfit. His brown shoulder lenght hair and its twin mustache are unkempt and have not been tended to for a long time. As tattered as he might be though, he carries it well. Like a high class beggar, if there is such a thing.

His walk takes him straight to the nearest table serving food. He plocks at the dishes with a odd unintrest for someone who's certainly haven't seen a hearthy meal in a long time, taking his time and picking only the choicest bits. A flick of his wrist sends a cherry in a wide arch through the air to land in his mouth with uncanny accuracy. That is when he notices the young redheaded woman. A selfassured smile graces his lips and he runs his hand through the mane of hair crowning his head as he approaches.

"My lady, i don't belive we've been introduced. Silvio Callgari Pazzi, at your service.", he says in a honeyed voice and bows deeply.

The Pazzi family have long had alot of pull in the city of Corentyn, so growing up Silvio never lacked for anything except for excitement. While his mother and father and three elder sisters where content with going about the every day life of a Chelaxian noble house Silvio soon realised it was not for him. From the day he learned to walk he payed more attention to the stories of sailors and guards in his fathers employ than lessons and lectures designed to "make him a true Pazzi". In fact the only lessons Silvio did pay attention to (and became quite good at) was the fencing lessons he nagged his father into arranging.
One day, faced with the choice of being shackled to a bride his father had choosen for him or the freedom of the open sea Silvio snuck on to a trading vessel called The maiden's kiss set for soem foreign port leaving only an empty space where his training sword had been behind.

Always adapt with words and quick to make friends Silvio had no trouble infiltrating the crew and his adventure begun. The life at sea did not match up to the chelaxian nobleman's expectations though. Everywhere he looked he could not see any potential for plunder, adventure or glory. Only toil, and that's not what stories are made of. Or Silvio for that matter.

A week into the voyage Silvio staged a coup and one night he took command of the ship and proclaimed himself the captain of the vessel. His reign over the maiden lasted until morning, when the real captain woke up, a grizzled seaman of some forty years. The ship was returned to normal within an hour and Silvio was cast into a life boat for mutiny and set to die, either of starvation or in some storm. The original plan had been to just throw the chelaxian overboard but Silvio managed to talk the captain into placing him in a lifeboat then sail away leaving him to die. But by the grace of some god, or perhaps the malice of some demon, Silvio endured and after more than a month at sea, triumphant steered his small ship into the harbor of Eleder.

While his enemies would call him arrogant, Silvio thinks of himself as self confident. In his mind, there is nothing he can't do. Daring and bold, Silvio rises to every challange, and percives challanges to his person where there might not be one. He is quick to action leaves afterthought to someone else. The nobleman is quick to make friends, and his smile can melt even the hardest of hearts. Even those who dislike him have to admit that he can be quite charming.

Silvio is looking for the great adventure. Excitment, gold, wine, glory, women and whatever else keeps the world turning. He will jump at almost any opportunity that shows promise to fullfill any of the above, or at least to set him on the right path towards it.

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