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"An examination of the asuras" article? Alaznist had Yamasoth and the qlippoths in her dungeons, Karzoug was allied with the Denizens of Leng and Sorshen had a fondness for demons, now we finally get to know about Xanderghul's best pals, apparently.

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Bellona wrote:
I'm wondering if the final sentence of the current description is referring to Alaznist ...

I'm sure the "storied nation" are the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, the "time-locked Thassilonian city" is Xin-Cyrusian and the runelord is Xanderghul.

UnArcaneElection wrote:
OneTrueBaldo wrote:
UnArcaneElection wrote:

Yes, over three months is over a month. . . .

His Facebook account says he's "a bit behind", yeah, but at least the site is not dead yet.

Linkified. Thanks for the info.

"Update coming for Saturday, 1/6! ", let's hope for the best!

More reliquary stuff:

I totally disagree with The Enthroned King's Neutral Good alignment (from the Paizo staff, I suppose). He can use Order's Wrath 1/day in his tomb, "fears once again sliding into the role of *TYRANT*" (page 50) and has conjured (LN) inevitables during his reign (page 49), this sounds Lawful Good or (more likely) Lawful Neutral to me.
In addition, king Breath-In-A-Bottle can speak Common and Undercommon even if it's 9000+ years he's stuck inside the Reliquary of Ascension* with no outside contact... What about replacing those languages with Celestial and Infernal, heh?

*Kraggodan is built "hundreds of feet" directly above a lake of lava (page 33-34 and 63), but the final dungeon sports "a precipitous drop that leads several hundred feet down" into Sekamina (area J15), and fairly close to a pit that "drops thirty feet into glowing lava" (area J19 - Thirty feet?) to boot. Pointing this just in case Paizo ever releases the Ironfang AP hardcover...

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

Yes, over three months is over a month. . . .

His Facebook account says he's "a bit behind", yeah, but at least the site is not dead yet.

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Caleb Garofalo wrote:
This thread was so 'volatile' earlier, but now it remains silent. I guess all it takes is a few days of silence to make people loose interest?

To say the truth, I'm posting only now because I believed this thread was definitely locked.

Ralphrius wrote:
I think it's mostly because after Mr. Mona's new statement and intent to very likely revise the book and PDF, the issue here is essentially resolved...

And I'm very unhappy with this decision, I'm getting the physical book and/or the PDF tomorrow *EXACTLY* because of this act of self-censoring.

In my opinion, all I see is a loud minority crying wolf for nothing, and in need of a Bryce Treatment from the Paizo staff.

Let me guess: in his last adventure, Durvin Gest had an encounter with the cult of Folca, and later he published his experiences in Volume 5 of the Pathfinder Chronicles. Do you think am I right?

One of the reasons I liked the old Diabolist was because Hell wanted your soul ONLY, not your worship (yes, I was a member of the Athar faction).

Loving your work so far, but this new Diabolist is a no-no for me now *SIGH*...

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Sadnerd wrote:
So I thought only two runelords are assumed dead at the start of this adventure but everybody keeps saying the four survivors. Who's the third casualty?

Zutha is the BBEG of Lord of Runes, not sure if he meets Final Death, however.

Meshakhad wrote:

Click here for unlimited eldritch power!

My first guide, to the Elder Mythos cultist archetype from Horror Adventures. Any feedback is appreciated.

Please add the new gods from the Strange Aeons AP (Nhimbaloth, for example).

DM_DM wrote:
the Diviner wrote:
An item you should link to: Padma Blossom

Holy socks. I was looking for exactly that item, for the guy who's writing the Demoniac miniguide! Thanks, man.

Doug M.

I like the Azata's Whimsy more.

darkerthought7 wrote:
I'd rule it as "hazy." (...) But, it's creative. And it may be creative enough to warrant a bending for this case.

My opinion exactly, thanks for the reply!

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The demoniac got a guide here.

Maybe noticed something interesting while re-reading Champions of Corruption for ideas for an evil campaign:

If I take the Horrifying Mind trait and later I get a Medallion of Thought Projection, I become Lord Terror the Fearbringer, or what? Is this a workable/valid/legal tactic?

The anatomy doll from Ultimate Equipment and th ganji dolls from Occult Adventures do have offensive applications.

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Any cameos from the Iron Gods AP? I'm very curious to know what's happened to Casandalee, Androffa and the Kasatha's homeworld!

zainale wrote:
it is a undead lord cleric for a undead campaign.

If you play a living cleric, Coward's Cowl works fine in the right situations.

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I really hope to see new discoveries for aquatic alchemists. 'Gills', 'Deepsea Mutogen' and 'Pill Extract', maybe?

Ciao, James! Last week, we had an interesting discussion upon nereids, their nature and their uses in Pathfinder, do you can give us your input on any of those issues? And do you know if we'll see more nereids in the future?


Got a doubt, nereids have Dex 29, Weapon Finesse and Base Atk +6, *BUT* their Melee: Touch is +10 only (not +15), why?

Thank you!

You can use style feats while swimming underwater?

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Can I ask—is the title of this thread a reference to something? It's giving me deja vu every time I see it.

Not sure, I just wrote the first thing that came to mind.

However thanks to you all for your input, maybe we'll see an 'official' explanation from Paizo someday, here or elsewhere.

Noir le Lotus wrote:

Of all the nereids listed in the OP, I only encountered one of them :

** spoiler omitted **

To say the truth, I posted this thread after re-reading Island of Empty Eyes... Ah, nostalgia! We too played Kingmaker, and when our new party of merry pirates encountered the nereid Sefina in Island of Empty Eyes, we smelled *THE PLOT SAYS THE BBEG STEALS THE SHAWL!* right away.

Our solution? We still had the sovereign glue and the Salve of Slipperiness from Tempest Rising (and lots of alarm spells), and *THE PLOT SAYS* this nereid is automatically friendly (always a bad sign!) and "lacks any sense of modesty, preferring to swim and tan in the nude unless someone suggests she wrap herself in her shawl" (this means she never uses her shawl!). So, after some easy Diplomacy and Bluff rolls, Sefina allowed us to hide, ward and glue-to-an-hard-and-heavy-surface her shawl... The GM *WAS* amused (and changed the plot, of course)!

Since then, I noticed that Paizo keeps (ab)using this 'Shawl Cliche', and I hoped this thread was helpful in *changing* this creative laziness...

Have you noticed that War of the River Kings, Island of Empty Eyes, The Frozen Stars, Breaking the Bones of Hell and Tombs of Golarion (and maybe more, I don't know... ) have something in common?
A very careless NEREID blackmailed into compliance (or otherwise imperiled) by the BBEG because of her *SHAWL*!
My dear developer(s), what were you thinking...? Does anyone here know WHY a nereid can't fit her soul inside her own body and needs a shawl to live? And WHY she's stuck with a hardness 2, hp 6 shawl instead of an iceberg, a 2-tons statue of Kelizandri or even just a mithral full plate of speed?

OK Paizo, please have a word with the writers and just say NO to shawl abuse.

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The (anti-?)heroes get trapped/imprisoned/exiled to Valkus Isle and need to plan/struggle/survive the entire AP before escaping to freedom.

Hoping to see the Golarion version of Snake Plissken too.

Ciao, James! I'm reading Hell's Rebels right now, and it's GOOD!
Do you know what the (Elven? Chelish?) word "Lacunafex" means? And what happens in the 'Marquel Affair' part of Turn of the Torrent if one of the PCs is an Aulorian?

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
OneTrueBaldo wrote:
North Korea should be very proud - in a world where satire has become the most unstoppable of all weapons, and wicked regimes crumble before it one by one, theirs alone is the one that has figured out how to make themselves impervious to it.

OK, the Milan event has been a success! And got news from Our Beloved Leader that non-Italians socialists in the U.S. and South Korea will get to experience the bliss of bootlicking *KIM*, and in the near future!

For now, I give you a sample of the marvelous MADE IN NORTH KOREA goods (just ignore the Italian stuff):

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Ciao! Tried clicking on yr link, paisan, but my computer said it wasn't safe. :(

Same here, but I never pay heed to Micro$oft and its browsers.

The site is safe, Our Glorious Leader Says So.

Ciao, Comrade Anklebiter!
I don't know if you happen to be in Milan right now (April 22 and 23, more exactly), but I'm posting this link for you and the other revolutionary socialists in the Paizo forums:


I *LOVED* all your guides, my only question right now is this:

Nazerith wrote:
I feel you should include a section for advanced firearms. With Iron Gods, these weapons should be easily available.

Techslingers and their advanced, 'futuristic' firearms catched my interest too, do you think we'll see a new section on those in your Gunslinger guide?

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Holy socks, I completely missed the Glory domain! As a cleric, you can use it on yourself...

Am I wrong, or aasimar and tiefling clerics with the Glory domain AND the Aristocracy subdomain get an additional bonus too?

Soulsliver [CR 2, SR 0, Will +2, Cha 13] -- An excellent spy and infiltrator in locations with mirrors, or using mirror men as guards.
The mirror in the bedroom of your enemy or the magic mirror in the treasure chamber become open doors for your called soulslivers (knowing the Irriseni Mirror Sight spell would be useful here.)

Already posted my replies in the Diabolist thread, but let's add another trick:

Lost Legacy + Heavens Amulet = I want to play the (diabolist) cleric!

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
OneTrueBaldo wrote:

@Douglas Muir 406

I LOVE your work,

Thanks! Looking forward to any comments you might have on that one.

Hmmh the Master Conjurer class attribute of the diabolist says "At 10th level, when a diabolist calls a devil whose name she knows, she may cast the calling spell as a standard action and bargain with it as a move action. She adds half her Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate modifier on the bargaining Charisma check (if any)", I like your "binding happens immediately" interpretation, but maybe it's NOT universal.

I think it would be more appropriate if a summoner does NOT know in advance if a particular outsider needs the 'brute force' approach (your "you’re instantly locked in a struggle for dominance"), or if the called outsider is amenable to "discussion, negotiation, and threats" (immediately devolving to "struggle for dominance" if the summoner starts casting buffing/debuffing spells during the negotiation, I'm sure).
You know, even your "immediate binding" interpretation can be affected by player abuse. In my opinion, anything permitting double-roll of the Cha checks -the Prescience power of the Foresight subschool, for example- REMOVES any danger inherent in the casting of the Planar Bindings spells. Therefore, the DM must improvise every time the player casts these spells, and maybe needs to forbid re-rolls of the binding CHA checks too.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
the whole "move your alignment one step towards Good" thing might not work out so well...

Do you remember? "One oddity of the Diabolist is that there’s nothing in the class text that specifically says you lose your powers if you change your alignment away from the permitted one".

Protection from evil as a constant spell-like ability and a +2 bonus on caster level checks against evil aligned outsiders are worth the risk of a (temporary for sure!) alignment change, in my opinion.

@Douglas Muir 406

I LOVE your work, just adding two "cheesy tricks" here:

The Stars are Right, the Heavens amulet would be useful to many (most?) diabolists, I suppose.

The Wages of Sin, this book is quite appropriate to a diabolist with the Object of Legend feat! The "you must have some highly personal stake in attaining the object of your quest" prerequisite is easy to justify (you need the perfect bargaining chip for the services of a pit fiend or the perfect gift to your favorite archdevil for some unholy secret, for example), and the completion benefit is ironic and useful at the same time, hehe...

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

The revised and improved version, incorporating lots of comments from readers, can be found right here. This thing is now quite astonishingly long, so there probably won't be any further revisions any time soon.

To say the truth, I loved your guide and I'm hoping to see a Version 3.0 adding the stuff from this thread AND a Version 4.0+ when Hell's Rebels, Devil Hunter's Handbook, Devils Unleashed and Devils Amongst Us - A Guide to Cheliax will be published (my wild guessing here, heh... ).

Just remember: an infernal contract MUST BE "quite astonishingly long" to be effective!


Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
In general, you don't want to be addicted, so if you're going to take drugs you want to take reasonable precautions...

Oops, forgot Angel's Trumpet and (most importantly) Amp from the Alchemy Manual.

Addicted, now?

Petty Alchemy wrote:
My DM warned me about people like YOU...

...But a diabolist is already damned, and sometimes all you need is a little power boost to get you through those Greater Planar Bindings, right?

I can totally envision a diabolist addicted to AEther, Bloodbrush Extract, Elven Absinthe, Harlot Sweets, Honeydust, Mumia and/or Silvertongue, and bargaining with devils for more...

What happens if an atheist (or an arcane diabolist, or even a random punk) with Use Magic Device successfully casts Planar Ally from a magic scroll?

Just curious.

I'm sure diabolists too have access to the True Name Caller trait, but does anyone know if Paizo has discarded the infernal sigils from page 42 of Princes of Darkness (Ultimate Magic gives rules for true names only)?

DM Sothal wrote:
Sorshen's image is on page 55 of AP#62

I do have AP#62, my question was about THIS Sorshen image from the gallery I linked above...

James Jacobs wrote:
Dark Psion wrote:

What are her physical stats, height, weight, etc,. They should reflect the new body.

She has black hair and what appears to be Amber eyes on page 55.
Also, does the clone have the tattoo on her belly as well.


Sorshen has black hair and amber eyes. The clone does not have the tattoo or the gems in her shoulders. She's 5' 9" and weighs about 135 pounds. All of these are subject to change if and when I stat her up for real, of course, so if those don't work for you, feel free to change them as you wish.

What about her alignment (and the alignment of the other Runelords)? I do not have The Dead Heart of Xin, maybe the "survey of the ancient rulers of Thassilon—all seven runelords detailed in one place" article includes this info?

On a side note:

Most art here is from Reign of Winter, I believe, but where in the Paizo products I find that Sorshen image?

proftobe wrote:
Amazon has absolutely no idea about anything that is happening in the RPG world.

However emailed me again, maybe there is hope after all... 040

Dear Customer

Thank you for taking the time to inform us of this error on our website.

We build our catalogue on information from many sources, and we really appreciate knowing about any errors which find their way into it.

I will correct this error as soon as possible. Please note that it can take a while before the corrected version will appear on the website.

You can also make us aware of any mistakes that are on our website by doing the following:

Once you chose the article, you need to scroll down the page of the artikel where it says “Produktinformation”, Please note that this feedback is only possible in the categorie Books, CDs, DVDs, Videos as well as Software and Videogames.

Once you scrolled down to “Produktinformation” you will see two links Produktinformationen aktualisieren or Feedback zu den Produktabbildungen geben?. Once you click on one of those links you will get the opportunity to give us feedback of the mistake that you have noticed on our website..

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon at

Freundliche Grüße

Wolfgang Lehmann

James Jacobs wrote:
Steve is right. Amazon is confused.

Oh well, I admit I'm curious to see if will send my 'pre-order' anytime soon(?), but it's clear that I need to save more money for a real order from Paizo too.

A "ciao e grazie" from Italy to you all!

Not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum, but got a strange reply from the customer service of regarding The Wormwood Mutiny: 040

To my knowledge, this is the only Amazon site still selling The Wormwood Mutiny for 15 EUR, however the book is listed as "not published yet".
Out of curiosity, I've done a pre-order last week, followed yesterday by a question about the "real" availability of this book.
This is the answer from (in English, like my original question):

Dear Customer

yes your pre- order (...) is real.

But as I see on our website, this item in new edition is not yet released.

You will find the publishing date on our website as soon as we have been informed by the manufacturer.

As soon as the publisher releases "Pathfinder Adventure Path: Skull & Shackles Part 1 - The Wormwood Mutiny", we will be able to send it to you. On the date of shipment, we will send you an e-mail notifcation confirming the date, contents, and method of your shipment.

In case the expected waiting time is too long, you may also fully cancel the order on that same page on our website.

Thank you for shopping at I hope I could be of service.

Warmest regards,
Ankit Bhatia

"New edition"?!? Is Paizo reprinting The Wormwood Mutiny? I don't understand WHY nobody sells this book for a decent price anymore (on this side of the Atlantic, at least), but I *CAN* wait for a new edition (or a reprint) on sale from Amazon (yeah I do know Paizo still have it, but buying here means 1): shipping charges for overseas expeditions, 2): import duty/taxes, and 3): possible physical damages to the book(s) during travel).
I hope someone here can answer me, grazie!

Received my order today, thank you very much again for your help!!

I've a second question however: if in the future I want to place a "Should ship from our warehouse within 4 to 9 business days" order again through the same prepaid card (the only card I have, unfortunately), do you think it would be advisable/wise if I also post a thread here? Any suggestions?

A "Ciao e Grazie" from Italy!

Cosmo wrote:
I have reprocessed your order and we will be getting it shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Gee THANKS for the quick answer, I truly hope you're not restarting the entire "Should ship from our warehouse within 4 to 9 business days" process again , just checked the site of my debit prepaid card, I've 'lost' in Financial Limbo the payment money a second time ($47.87 x 2, VISA still has the first payment somewhere), and I've seen first hand what happens "If an authorization expires before we ship your order, we must re-authorize the card before we can settle the charge" ( )...

Let's pray for the best!!

Forgive my curiosity, but it's the first time that I see this messageboard (bought a couple of PDF's in the past, but never delved deeper), do you prefer to reply to customers here, or through emails?
I'm asking this because my order #1507299 is still 'stalled' even after adding more funds to my prepaid card, really there is a problem with this card (received no reply to my emails yet, and I've successfully used the same card here two months ago)?

Thank you for your help.