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As Aldern Foxglove glances about nervously looking for more goblins, he thanks you.
"I'll be in town for a few more days; I'm staying at the White Deer Inn right here, and when you got a chance, and things quiet down, I'd love to talk with you more and perhaps reward you properly for saving my life."
With that goes his way to the Inn.

Aldern comes out from hiding, rapier in hand, and moves next to the Goblin Dog. He puts a foot on the dead creature and smiles to you all.
"I thank you all for helping me defeat this Goblin Raid party. I am in your debt, and I will make you are recognized and rewarded handsomely. Master Ionescu, I admire you skill and courage."

"Well done Master Ionescu!"

From his hiding place, Aldern Foxglove cheer on Anton Ionescu.
"Well done Master Ionescu! Finish the small monster!"
The mounted goblin and his "escort" turn to see him, after having forgotten him for a while and growl in his direction.
Aldern Foxglove gulps.

"Bless the Gods! Master Ionescu! Help Me!"

"Guards! To me! Help!"

Aldern Foxglove says his goodbyes to "Eva" and Anton Ionescu.
"What an adventure we had! You have been excellent companions on it, and I have to thank you, I couldn't be more at ease with an order of hellknights at my disposal. Please, accept one gold piece each, and don't forget to tell about our adventures in any tavern you spend them on! And if you do a great job on that mission too, who knows, I could hire you again sometime!"
After he pays, he calls Etna Venus Van Ash again.
"I need no guards anymore, but if you feel like continue under my patronage..."
I will assume Etna is not interested, and he will not insist. But hey, he had to try! ;)

But you all laugh when Aldern Foxglove arrives, dishveled and still groggy, sword in hand.
"Where are they? Let's kill the goblins!"

... Aldern Foxglove!
"M'ara! Get the woman out the wagon!"

Anton Ionescu wrote:
Anton nods to Foxglove. "Sir, it would be wise to follow up with the nice Ulfen. Danger rarely ends after one night. May I?"

Aldern, looking at a couple Varisian Girls, don't turn to see Anton Ionescu when answering him.

"Yes, Master Ionescu, that seems like a good idea."

Aldern Foxglove calls you all, very fresh after having slept very deeply all night long.
"Comrades! I am proud of the courage we all displayed last night, and I am sure that the strength we displayed in our unity dissuaded all and any robber for attacking all last night. I thank you for it, and I want you to know I now consider you my friends and comrades-in-arms!"
He gets out his money pouch.
"An, of course, I will keep my word and pay you all the 2 sp you were promised."
He will pay all of you 2 sp, if you want, except for Anton Ionescu and Etna Venus Van Ash.
To Etna he talks individually.
"Miss Eva, I am glad you are now part of my retinue. Please let the caravan master you will continue the trip under my banner, and please give him this 2 sp for his troubles."
Finally, he says his goodbye to Lief.
"Master Stoutspear, I wish you well, and I thank you for the most invigorating adventure. If you need any more help, feel free to ask for my help, as I will be always ready to support you!"

Etna Venus Van Ash wrote:

"I'm no guard, but a poor Farmer and Barmaid,

As those jobs don't pay much to get through the seasons.
So I prefer having coin to spare should misfortune fall.
A job that helps the purse,
even if it could put me in a hearse."

Aldern smiles.

"Fear not, my child, as long as you are next to me, I'll make sure you are safe!"

Aldern Foxglove looks at Etna Venus Van Ash with new eyes.
"Miss Eva, I didn't imagine you as an adventurer, but I see you are brave as you are beautiful. I am glad I am able to hire you not as my maid for the rest of this trip, but as my bodyguard, together with Master Ionescu."
At Lief's response, he seems content.
"Protecting the defenseless, that is good enough for me. And maybe we could meet this mysterious employer of yours later."
He doesn't say it, but you already know which kind of "mysterious employer" he would prefer.
"But before we set up in our mission, let's go hire that young man that stopped the horse. I think his strength could be helpful for us."


As M'ara, Delin and Livia Taviskin are finishing talking to Esmeralda, and The Magician Zomeraand is about to start the tale of Tribuno the brave, Aldern Foxglove arrives at the bonfire, with Etna Venus Van Ash, Anton Ionescu and Lief Stoutspear in tow.
"Excuse me for interrupting, but it seems the people Master Stoutspear is guarding" - he nods at Lief - "could be in danger of getting robbed tonight. I am willing to pay 2 sp to each person willing to keep watch to it tonight! And 3 sp to the man that stopped the horse this afternoon. Where is he?"
Everybody turns to see Anton Chauvelle emerge from a dark corner, a little disheveled, a young varisian woman behind him. Aldern smiles widely.
"I beg your pardon, as I interrupt your price for your bravery, but I fear we need it again this night! So, who is willing to help us?"
No member of the Bâlans will take on the offer... will your characters?


For the people that accept Aldern Foxglove proposal.
Aldern lets Lief Stoutspear lead the way, and at arriving at the wagon, he speaks.
"Master Stoutspear, what should we do?"
I am afraid Aldern is used to be protected, and not to protect things himself, so he is at a loss. Time for you to plan how to best protect the wagon, how to set up a watch, the whole 9 yards. If somebody doesn't sleep at all, tomorrow's status will be fatigued. So, organize yourselves, and then roll once a Perception Check for the first watch, or the whole night if you will not sleep. Just let me know who is doing the check while awake, and who makes the check sleeping. Familiar and pets roll once too, but they are only awake during one watch unless you want them fatigued tomorrow.
PS. I wouldn't count on Aldern Foxglove staying awake during his watch (much less all night), but he IS paying the piper, right?