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Fantastic news!

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

Hired to transport supplies to a fog-shrouded world in the Vast, the heroes discover that a small military force from the Azlanti Star Empire has invaded and occupied the Pact Worlds colony there. The heroes must liberate the settlement from its merciless oppressors, but when they do, they learn that the Azlanti have taken both an experimental starship drive discovered on the planet and one of the colonists—an old friend of the heroes—back to the Star Empire!

3-part arc by Ron Lundeen, Eleanor Ferron, and Larry Wilhelm.

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

Welcome! I'll open up a gameplay for dot/delete as well, but at the moment this is here as a think space to get ourselves organized.

Feat: Craft Creature (I - IV)
Crafting time: (Creature Tier ^3 + creature’s level) days, the last half of which uninterrupted.
Tables mentioned can be found in doc here.


Craft Creature Tier I: 4 ranks in Life Science and Mysticism
Craft Creature Tier II: 8 ranks in Life Science and Mysticism, Craft Creature I
Craft Creature Tier III: 12 ranks in Life Science and Mysticism, Craft Creature I & II
Craft Creature Tier IV: 16 ranks in Life Science and Mysticism, Craft Creature I, II, & III


This feat gives you the knowledge and ability to genetically create a novel creature based on field research and gathered samples. The creature is always sentient and operates under its own control, though as the creator you have influence over it. The DCs for Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive against the creature are 5 lower than normal for the creator.

Creature Size Unlocks:

Beginning at Tiny size with the Tier I feat, subsequent higher tiers unlock larger size options
Craft Creature Tier I: Creature size Tiny
Craft Creature Tier II: Creature size Small
Craft Creature Tier III: Creature size Medium
Craft Creature Tier IV: Creature size Large

Building the Creature:

The basis of creature building is to mashup the various special abilities confronted in foes to build a custom amalgamation. A creature must be created in a Science Lab for the entire duration of the build time and a crafted Creature can only have special abilities applied from samples of creatures that you have gathered or been given. Every creature starts with one of the three base stat arrays in Table 1-1. They are then leveled according to Table 1-2 up to the Creator’s desired build level. The maximum level a creature can be created at is the average of the Creator’s Ranks in Life Science and Mysticism - 3, rounding down. (E.g. 4 ranks in both Life Science and Mysticism yields a level 1 creature, while 6 ranks in Life Science and 4 in Mysticism yields a level 2 creature.)

A creature can purposefully be created at any level between the Creator’s maximum and 1. The time it takes to create them in a lab is found in days by the “creature’s Tier ^3 + creature’s level” or can be referenced in Table 1-3. The project can be moved to a new lab only during the first half of the build time, rounding down. Once the second half of the build time is started the creature must stay in its current lab and the remaining of the build time must continue in uninterrupted days until completion. Both Tiny and Small projects can be packed up and moved on one’s person, while a Small project also renders the carrier encumbered. Medium and Large projects must be transported by vehicles with adequate space for the project’s creature type. The project has hit points equal to the number of days spent on it and ACs of 5.

The Constitution modifier does apply to total HP (per every level) and Fortitude saves, as the Dex modifier applies to ACs and Reflex saves, and the Wisdom modifier applies to Will saves.

Leveling Up:

The creature levels along with its Creator, gaining improvements to its stats and feats, but the Special Abilities must be added on through surgery.

Creature Siblings:

Only one creation can exist at one time, else they succumb to Frankenstein Jealousy and fight each other to the death. A crafted creature can be set free and thus released from the creator-child bond. To break a bond this way requires a successful Life Science check of DC 10 + (Rank Prerequisite for tier *1.5) that can be attempted once per day. Other options are abandonment and death. These both cause you to enter a mourning state that prohibits you from beginning the crafting another creature after as many weeks as your highest Craft Creature Tier.

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

Discussion is open! Please Dot and delete in the gameplay thread.

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

Levels 1-4
Tags: non repeatable, Faction (Wayfinders), Starship

"A Starfinder expedition's dusty data from an orbital scan shows signs of active technology on a distant, war-ravaged planet. Following up on this old lead, the Society dispatches a team of Starfinder to investigate the far-off world. Between making first contact and exploring the ruins of a dead civilization, long-buried secrets of the past are ripe for discovery."

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"The Rune Drive Gambit" is an awesome title and I'm all in for a heist finale. Flip it and burn!

My table and I have been chewing through and enjoying the Dead Suns AP a lot since it came out, but they've mentioned interest in playing a homebrew next and taking on something with a more open feel. I'm into the notion too, so to facilitate it I've begun some work on savage ripoff of the Dark Sun setting into the Starfinder realm that I'm calling Burning Void.

The Setting's History:

Initially, an united galactic culture flourished with technology that rivaled the highest forms of magic. This place existed as a civilization that encompassed thousands of species and spread its reach across hundreds of stars. As the envelope of power and enlightenment challenged traditional thresholds of existential perception, barriers into unknown realms were shattered and god-like mystics arose within the spiritual connections.

The ascension of these eight powerful Mystic Lords soon led to the decimation of the galaxy surrounding the culture’s core words. As the Mystics grew their inconceivable power they consumed the majority of nearby matter to create ideal domains, molding surreal keeps modeled in their connection’s view of perfection. When finished, little else was left than a void thousands of light years across with a cluster of eight lonely stars near the center. The Akashic and Xeno Lords soon withdrew into their own personal obsessions while the Star and Devastator Lords continued to wage their own vastly different chaotic crusades against all who remained. The last frayed remnants of the prior civilization was reduced to a stalemate between the Empathic and Healing Lord’s followers and the Mindbreaker and Overlord cultists.

Strewn across the last eight stars, the wills of these eight Mystic Lords struggled within the confines of each other’s presence as both subtle espionage and outright occupation broke the last remaining threads of trust. All efforts were ultimately failing to decisively shift galactic control towards one of the Lords interests when the Devastator Lord completed the construction of his Technomantic Hypernovae. Since the explosion, the remaining seven star cluster has since been wreathed in the dust of the Mad Mystic’s Technomantic Radiation, which is commonly referred to as the Burning Void. The Healing and Devastator Lords were both declared dead and the Empathic Lord in hiding. The former armies of the Empathic and Healing Lords have begun to dissolve and lose their strength while the Mindbreaker and Overlord cults seize the opportunity to close their grip on the Lordless domains.

The Setting Present-day:

With the severing of spiritual boundaries some aspects of the former Universe mutated and magic now consumes matter when used (at the cost of x^x kgs where x = spell level). Due to its historical role, all public use of magic is heavily chastised. Rumors of evaporating structures, creatures, settlements, and even planets feed fervor among the common populace. Newly manufactured technology is extremely rare to find and free energy is almost never offered. When new functionality is needed, old technology must personally be recycled, modded, and combined. There is no galactic or even system wide networks of information, instead all computers are either existing completely isolated or as parts of small primitive networks. The majority of the populations are ignorant to wide swaths of history, science, and culture as few individuals often succeed in pilgrimages to the remaining database outposts. Radiation dust from the Devastator Lord’s Technomantic Hypernovae has spread across everything with the intent to end all life. Though the Devastator Cult's ultimate goal failed, it was successful in rendering all of the accessible material plane essentially inhabitable (almost everywhere is at minimum low radiation). All planar travel has been barred from the Material plane, how and by whom is an open mystery though Drift engines still function. At the onset of the galaxy’s destruction, some populations fled to the Drift and built what have since been named the Lost Colonies. They live protected from the Burning Void, but suffer erratically shorter lives due to a condition known as Drift Madness. Despite physically removing themselves from the Void and its war, the tensions and plots eventually followed into the Drift and have ensnared the Lost Colonies in the feud despite their best efforts.

The players would likely start in the contested binary star system and we'd just see what happened from there. I have write ups on the seven remaining star systems, each of the Mystic Lords with their followers, the new situations each species finds themselves in, and some other odds and ends, but thought I'd decrease the wall of content and get some overview feedback first. Hope you enjoy!

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

It started ten days ago with the disappearance of the city’s lord-mayor, Jilia Bainilus, accompanied with rumors that she had abandoned Kintargo by leaving on a ship bound to Arcadia. The Paracount Barzillai Thrune swiftly assumed her role, arriving the next day from the Chelish heartlands. Two days later, the Silver City awoke tarnished after a night of arson and murder known now as the Night of Ashes. Many civilians died that night, most said to have been associated with the Bellflowers, Sarenrae, and Milani.

As Kintargo prides itself on diversity, creative spirit, and artistry; the yoke of martial law has been particularly onerous. The Lord-Mayor Thrune’s merciless rule is punctuated by seven proclamations, giving the city’s citizens a grim preview of the times to come. Inquisitors and dottari (Chelish city guard) are growing increasingly aggressive in their enforcement and the undercurrent of uprising slowly builds on many Kintargan breaths. Numerous minor protests have already popped up only to be quickly dispersed by the dottari, by the Hellknights of the Rack who have recently arrived from the South, or by the local militia known as the Chelish Citizens’ Group.

Today Kintargo awakens to a cold, wet, and dreary morning that marks the one-week anniversary of the Night of Ashes. Although it has been a mere seven days, the city already feels like a completely different place. The old lively sounds and sights of the city have been stripped away, now replaced with silent glances between citizens and the rhythmic clang of heavy armor marching on cobblestone. Hushed rumors fill the streets that the largest protest yet will be gathering today in Aria Park, just south of the Kintargo Opera House where Barzillai Thrune has made his new home.

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

Welcome all!

I'm extremely excited for this. Some of you mentioned tying in backgrounds and I'm all for that. Please feel free to hash things out in here and to dot/delete in the game thread. I'm also going to put together a NPC list of people you have all created in your backgrounds and build our personal Kintargo from that. I've found in other games that it really helped the immersion and relationships.

As this is an odd party makeup, I'm going to allow some fine-tuning to be done as the party levels from 1 to 2. Not as widespread as PFS, but abilities, feats, skills, and traits. I see this as a way to let the party to figure out how it functions and to make whatever minor adjustments people feel are necessary.

As the title says, this is recruitment for an all vigilante Hell's Rebels campaign. This is from Ouachitonian's interest check.

Build details
-All vigilante!
-Any Paizo Archetype
-20 point buy
-Background skills
-Core races and Tiefling
-Starting gold is 175 gp
-Max hp at level 1, half+1 thereafter
-PFS credit is possible if it's important to the group

Please submit your builds as a linked alias to avoid walls of text.

Recruitment will close at Noon, Central time, on Feb 18th.

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

Discussion thread is open.

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-5.

The Pathfinder Valais Durant has lead a troubled existence, ever since the demon-worshipping former venture-captain Thurl fused her body with parts from two demons. Pathfinder agents destroyed one of the demons, bringing some solace to Valais and allowing her to resume a somewhat normal life. However, the remaining demon's essence recently asserted control in an event that could have resulted in great bloodshed were it not for Valais's quick thinking. If the Pathfinders are to restore her to her original form, they need help, and the Society has just a contact who can escort them into the libraries of Heaven itself to uncover a powerful healing ritual. Navigating the customs and laws of Heaven is only the first of the challenges that faces the PCs, for they seek to purge demonic forces from Valais without raising the ire of Heaven's inhabitants or risking the fate of her soul.

Contents in The Shores of Heaven also contribute directly to the ongoing storyline of the Silver Crusade faction.

Written by Cole Kronewitter.

I have a great opportunity, my Dead Suns group of 4 desire to hire a pilot so they can focus on other roles in combat. Essentially running the NPC pilot as a group in order to free up a set of hands for secondary gunnery, Science, or Engineering. So! I'm pumped to make a list of NPC applicants for this position, due to the PCs recent fame (having just finished book 1) a whole slew of folks will be drawn to the job. Yes, a certain NPC in the AP is perfect to slip into this roll, but the idea of them going through an interview process with whatever wacky NPCs I(we) can throw at them is too good to pass up! I'm thinking the AP's NPC will need time to get back to them, in the meantime the PCs can interview and then decide among the pool after all is said and done. In the end, the terms of this deal will be Credits per flight or a wage based on time. The chosen pilot will stay out of combat and adventuring, stating something like, "I'll fly your ship for a wage, but I'm not interested in taking on the full risk of these silly missions you and the Society are so eager to get into."

Any have fun NPC ideas for pilots looking for work?

This is a moved question from the Dead Suns GM thread after I started getting some good responses there.

From other thread:
pithica42 wrote:
One of the first PC's I'd like to play is an Ace Pilot Goblin Operative with Skill Focus: Pilot as his first level feat. I plan on playing him as a hyper arrogant stick-jockey from the diaspora with all the normal Goblin (in)sanity. He makes his living running miners around the asteroid belt with a side gig of posting videos of his antics/stunts on the Infosphere for internet fame/extra cash. He has a reputation for always taking the most stupidly dangerous route and would focus on stunt pilot checks in starship combat. I think it'd make a good option for an NPC hireling that only focuses on piloting the ship for the PC's. His total bonus would be 12 (1 Rank + 3 Class Skill + 4 Dex + 3 Skill Focus + 1 Ace Pilot), which is pretty solid at 1st level for most of what a pilot does.
Belabras wrote:
Definitely have a Barathu amalgam pilot (and maybe they lose cohesion in the interview and literally fall apart). You could throw a Haan at them as well, maybe some other of the more exotic races. Also, at least one core race pilot who's only experience is in flight simulators.

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

All Starfinders complete their training by conferring with Guidance—a network of uploaded personalities embodying paragons from the Starfinder Society's history. Before receiving the blessing of Guidance, the PCs must meet with and assist critical missions on behalf of key leaders of the Society's leading factions. With the events of the Scoured Stars Incident still fresh in everyone's memory, there's plenty that needs doing to set the Society back on track.
The Commencement is a replayable scenario designed to help introduce players to the factions of the Starfinder Society and areas of importance on Absalom Station.
Written by Eleanor Ferron.

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

Following the disastrous Scoured Stars Incident, the Starfinder Society fights to remain relevant as the rest of the galaxy moves on. With surviving agents stretched to their limits, the First Seeker launches a desperate bid to search the false moon of Salvation's End. Will the mission reveal a discovery that can stabilize the Society long enough for a new generation of Starfinders to come to the fore? Players use 4th-level versions of the Starfinder iconic characters in this debut special event of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.
Written by Larry Wilhelm.

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

It's getting close! Please post with your characters in here. If I don't hear from someone by Wednesday the 23 I'll start tapping people on the waitlist.

Also feel free to ask any build or rules questions!

Aeon Throne : Hell's Masked Rebels

It's getting close! Please post with your characters in here. If I don't hear from someone by Wednesday the 23 I'll start tapping people on the waitlist.

Also feel free to ask any build or rules questions!

Starting the recruitment thread but expect this to pick up more in the week before Gameday starts. Feel free to grab a slot!

Recruitment Tracking

Types of players I'm looking for as a GM:
*Posting at minimum once a day
*Role-Play focused builds
*Open-minded and respectful gaming

Starting the recruitment thread but expect this to pick up more in the week before Gameday starts. Feel free to grab a slot!

Recruitment Tracking

Types of players I'm looking for as a GM:
*Posting at minimum once a day
*Role-Play focused builds
*Open-minded and respectful gaming

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Some of us, players and GMs alike, have gotten together on Roll20 in preparation and have setup a "game" for discussion and collaboration purposes. The intention is to organize groups for AP runs and to connect a network for SFS in the Virtual tabletop world. If something like this is happening elsewhere as well or in some official capacity with the Online Captains and Lieutenants we'd love to cooperate, the more players and game options the better! rs-and-gms

So! If you're a fan of the Virtual Tabletop gaming medium or are interested in trying it out please feel free to stop by and join!

Has there been any talk of mixing these species, like a nod to half-orcs and half-elves?

A Kasatha and a Vesk fall in love, by the Starfinder age I would hope that geneticists would have figured out how to make the adorable four armed reptilian baby! I always wanted to play a half-dwarf or a gnome-ling in Pathfinder.

Just an interest check at the moment, curious if this sounds too limiting for the players.

The idea is a Strange Aeons campaign with a 5 character party where everyone builds a character from the Mythos fiction as their PC. I would alter the AP to exist in early 1900's America, we'd probably act like guns don't exist to the point that they really did or skin Pathfinder items to act like them, and the adventure would span from the Eastern Seaboard to the Southwest. The focus would be to tie the surrounding lore from the Mythos cannon for each character into the AP as it goes, so their written experiences and arc would mesh into the game experiences.

Just as it sounds, this would require everyone to read the appropriate fiction that corresponds with their character and be interested in playing them, and leveling them, as depicted.

A growing list of characters from the fiction to model a PC after is here.

Character Build Rules would be something like...
-Human only (I'm sure some weird exceptions apply)
-Background skills
-Feat Taxes
-20pt Buy
-2 Traits, one of which campaign
-No one trick ponies, social and combat options
-Probably no companions

I figure I'm a bit behind just now reading the Numenera core book but the details of the Cypher System remind me of how the Starfinder playtest went. From what I remember they used stamina, hit points, and resolve. For those familiar with the Cypher System and who also saw the gameplay, did they seem to work the same? As to say, could Starfinder be running on a Cypher variant?

I'm interested in hearing how people play their androids and constructs in regards to explaining why skill checks, attack rolls, and things of that sort fail. Since the characters are essentially computers, is it chalked up to an algorithm they're still testing and debugging? Is their firmware faulty or glitchy? Were they designed with failure chance to better blend into biological societies?

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The excitement of this "Year in Waiting" has me revisiting all my favorite Space Opera stories/movies/etc. Recently my mind has come back to Vernor Vinge's Zones of Thought series (mainly A Fire Upon the Deep and A Deepness in the Sky, wasn't as much of a fan of the Tines World) and I was really hit with a Wow moment of how cool the Starfinder to Pathfinder system blending could be in a universe like that.

For those not familiar with the Zones of Thought:
The novels are set in various locations in the Milky Way. The galaxy is divided into four concentric volumes called the "Zones of Thought"; it is not clear to the characters if this is a natural phenomenon or an artificially-produced one, but it seems to roughly correspond with galactic-scale stellar density. The Zones reflect fundamental differences in basic physical laws, and one of the main consequences is their effect on intelligence, both biological and artificial. Artificial intelligence and automation is most directly affected, in that advanced hardware and software from the Beyond or the Transcend will work less and less well as a ship "descends" towards the Unthinking Depths. But even biological intelligence is affected to a lesser degree.

This description as been utterly hacked from the Wiki page here to save time. See the Setting section.

I think it would be fantastic to play a setting like this, the Unthinking Depths and Slow Zone would be in Pathfinder with the Technology guide only available in the Slow Zone. While the Beyond is pure Starfinder and the Transcend is High Level Starfinder mixed with the AI God Triune's Drift.

A lot of interesting character development would proceed and these options would really paint the campaign's feel:
-Multiclass between a Starfinder and Pathfinder class during your travels as needed?
-Gestalt with one foot in each system?
-Just deal with the potential class crutch when you dip into a Lower or Higher Zone?

Mostly the Tech classes would get hit, to even it out Magic could run on an inverse system in comparison to Technology... So many thoughts..

Needless to say, I will be interested in GMing/Playing this idea come August/September. Re-skinning the Jade Regent AP to be a galactic traveler comes to mind right away in a dreamy sense, but that's insanely aggressive. I think re-skinning PFS scenarios or some 1-2 level modules would be best... much more forgiving.

The Exchange

Was reading PaladinDemo's thread and it got me wondering. What if you took a spaceship to another plane? Is that plane another essentially infinite universe or are you caught in some bizarre gravity well that becomes impossible to escape at a certain point?

The Exchange

I've recently had a character who is a Cleric of Gorum lose a family member due to some cultists of Norgorber. Now her passion against that cult and Norgorber is greater than to her devotion to Gorum and what I would love to do is to take a level, or several, in anti-Cleric of Norgorber.

Yes, home-brew rules would make this fly easily, but it got me thinking about the mechanic. Instead of having a deity give your character power, you declare war against a certain deity and all of it's nemeses give you divine aid to put a thorn in it's side. I think it is just as reasonable to have a god notice and reach down to imbue power to a lowly mortal worshiping them as it would be for a god to find someone driven by passion against another god and use that person to wage a little proxy war. Even if it is a passionate hate or vengeance, the anti-cleric isn't necessarily an evil person either. Just very, very serious about their grudges.

Game Maps and Data

I think this AP will be amazing for you solo. There is a whole part to it that is the Kingdom Building. It doesn't come up until level 3 or 4 but think about whether you want to actively play that or put it on auto.

There is a good chance that you'll want to be the eventual King of this nation you're founding. The Ruler is a charisma based station in the government. There are other stations as well if you want this to be a story focused on an ancillary figure.

Ruler Info:
The Ruler is the highest-ranking person in the kingdom, above even the other kingdom leaders, and is expected to embody the values of the kingdom. The Ruler performs the kingdom's most important ceremonies (such as knighting royals and signing treaties), is the kingdom's chief diplomatic officer (though most of these duties are handled by the Grand Diplomat), is the signatory for all laws affecting the entire kingdom, pardons criminals when appropriate, and is responsible for appointing characters to all other high positions in the government (such as other leadership roles, mayors of settlements, and judges).

Benefit(s): Choose one kingdom attribute (Economy, Loyalty, or Stability). Add your Charisma modifier to this attribute. If your kingdom's Size is 26–100, choose a second kingdom attribute and add your Charisma modifier to it as well. If your kingdom's Size is 101 or more, choose a third kingdom attribute and add your Charisma modifier to it too.

If you have the Leadership feat, the bonus from the feat applies to all kingdom attributes you affect (one, two, or three attributes, depending on the kingdom's Size).

If you marry someone of equal station, you both can act as Ruler. You both add your Charisma modifiers to the kingdom attribute (or attributes, if the kingdom is large enough). As long as one of you is present for 1 week per month, you avoid the vacancy penalty.

In a typical campaign where the kingdom leaders have no ties to actual nobility, "someone of equal station" is irrelevant and your marriage is between two Rulers. In a campaign where the leaders are nobles or royals, marrying someone of lesser station means the spouse becomes a Consort rather than a Ruler.

Vacancy Penalty: A kingdom without a ruler cannot claim new hexes, create Farms, build Roads, or purchase settlement districts. Unrest increases by 4 during the kingdom's Upkeep Phase.

All Leadership Roles:

Ruler CHA
Consort CHA
Councilor CHA, WIS
General CHA, STR
Grand Diplomat CHA, INT
Heir CHA
High Priest CHA, WIS
Magister CHA, INT
Marshal DEX, WIS
Royal Enforcer DEX, STR
Spymaster DEX, INT
Treasurer INT, WIS
Viceroy INT, WIS
Warden CON

Kingdom Building Rules incase you're interested.

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Game Maps and Data

'Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged
by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and
authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the
Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel
within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration
should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and
west and sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of
this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful
behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry
remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this
24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov
and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of
the Dragonscale Throne.'

Local Map


Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge


The Exchange

Undoubtedly we the community will generate a good amount of re-skin and conversion ideas of Pathfinder modules and APs into the Starfinder universe. Paizo has mentioned several times that they fully intend to have the two systems inter-mixable which also makes me cross my fingers in hopes of a time-traveling system crossing AP someday... BUT, I want to hear what conversions everyone would be most interested in playing, be it Rise of the Voidlords, Emerald Spire Super Star Station, or Crypt of the Astro-flame?

My thought is we could create a pretty cool base of fan re-imagined perspectives of Pathfinder content in Starfinder.

Sandworm Overlord of Zealot Desert People 15 / Public Transportation 5 Regional Map : Local Map

'Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged
by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and
authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the
Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel
within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration
should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and
west and sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of
this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful
behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry
remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this
24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov
and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of
the Dragonscale Throne.'

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Sandworm Overlord of Zealot Desert People 15 / Public Transportation 5 Regional Map : Local Map

So, after a brief glance through everyone's campaign histories:

Game choices:

Possibly non-repeat APs:
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Legacy of Fire
Serpents Skull
Jade Regent
Shattered Star
Mummy's Mask
Hell's Vengeance

Along with:
Emerald Spire Superdungeon
The "Falcon's Hollow" Module line gets up to level 8ish?

We could also do the "We be goblins" quest line for comedy kicks, maybe try to play into a modifed Runelords after as the otherside.

Some repeat:
Second Darkness
Council of Thieves
Carrion Crown
Skull & Sackles
Reign of Winter
Wrath of the Righteous
Iron Gods
Hell's Rebels

As a note, I have material for everything "Wrath of the Righteous" and older, as well as the first 3 books of Hell's rebels. I have no qualms with the newer stuff I don't own, but tie breakers will lean towards material that has already been obtained.

Character creation:

Books: Anything put out by Paizo is fair game except anything with the Occult.

Races:As weird as you want as long as you can convince the rest of us ;)

HP: Max at first level

Skills: Background skills will be allowed

Stats: 25 point buy

Traits: You will get 2 traits

Classes: Anything from Core, APG, ACG, UM, UC, or Unchained is allowed

Grand Lodge

Short Description
We're a group of six that just started the Crypt of the Everflame module, hoping to do the whole Price of Immortality line, and lost our GM due to RL. Our hope is to find someone who wants to join us as our new GM.

Link to gameplay for character and RP browsing.

A Background of Us:
Right away we noticed that we all share a great amount of enthusiasm for the game, world, and each other's characters. The result is a pretty heavy RP with several posts per day and over the weekend from the PCs. The mood of our game is positive, a bit slapstick, with a few ominous dark clouds of backstory waiting to drop. The game's progress is minimal, for those familiar with the module we have left town and are camping out for the first night.

What We're Looking For:
A strong storyteller is a must. As we are all pretty into the RP aspect, a GM who will also enjoy and feed that is important. That is not to say that a GM who posts several times a day and over the weekend is necessary though. The common "Once a day and once a weekend" will work as a baseline.
Someone who is willing to hear out the player's interpretations of the rules is also important. While we're not the types to cheat the system to get one more hit in, we have a fun creative atmosphere and if a zany idea is produced we would like to be able to follow it withing the realm of reasonable rulings. Something down-to-earth that two of our character's are wanting to pursue early on it building a suit of full plate from scratch. Yeah, probably unnecessary, but that's our dedication to the characters and the RP experience.

Our first choice will be for someone to pickup the game where it is and continue the story.
Our second choice, if we're unable to fulfill the first, is to find a GM who likes our characters but wants to manage a different game than the Everflame.

The Exchange


The Exchange

For the sake of duel readability, let's discuss the fights, rules, and such here.

I'll be submitting Vivian first.