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Impressive, I look forward to playing with this august organization.

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Welcome we look forward to working with you in the near future.

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We of the Circle welcome you to the River Kingdoms.

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We of the Circle bid you and yours welcome to the River Kingdoms.

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Charter: Ring Of Earth

The ring of Earth is the true Foundation of the Circle, it is with the resources we gather that the rest of the Circle depends. We will organize mining, logging, farming and other resource gathering operations with the support of the other rings. The quality of materials we gather will directly effect the quality of goods the Ring of Iron will produce. This in turn will effect the quality of gear at the disposal of the rest of the Circle, Finlay affecting the effectiveness of the Circle to Defend out Camps and Caravans. It is also the job of the Ring of Earth to construct Walls and Structures for the Circle as needed.

Scouting - Find locations for our Harvesting Camps.
Harvesting - Gather resources to provide to the crafters and builders of the Circle. This includes Mining, Logging, Farming and other Harvesting operations.
Materials Transport - Get our resources to where the rest of the Circle needs it, be it a workshop or the construction of a settlement.
Storage - Store excess resources where it can be quickly transported at need.
Selling - Designate allotments of excess resources for sale outside the Circle to provide funds for the Circle.
Construction - Construct and manage supply for the construction of Circle Structures.

Other Rings
Crystal - Critical for defense of our Camps and Caravans.
Earth - This is us.
Gold - May create trade partners for our resources to sell excess resources and trade for resources we may be short on. May assist with fundraisers as needed to fund resource gathering expiditions.
Iron - Our main customers, we are the primary source of materials for the Ring of Iron to produce Goods for the Circle.
Light - Critical for defense of our Camps and Caravans.
Shadow - Critical for defense of our Camps and Caravans.
Steel - Critical for defense of our Camps and Caravans.
Wood - May assist in finding locations to set up camps for gathering resources, also critical for defense of our Camps and Caravans.


Guardian - The Guardian of Earth will provide guidence for the Ring, assist in aquiring Circle resources and deisgnate responsibilities for Wardens within the Ring. The Guardian also may give special titles within the Ring. The Guardian of Earth also has all the rights and responsibilities of a Warden of Earth.

Wardens - Wardens of Earth make up the main driving force for resource gathering operations. They set up and manage official operations for the Ring and can make direct requests to other Rings for assistance with official operations. Wardens may Vote in all Ring matters.

Keepers - Keepers of Earth are primarily assistants when it comes to Offical operations but may also set up and manage personal operations and request assistance from Wardens and other Keeprs of Earth with those operations. A Keeper that has been in the Ring for sufficient time may be allowed to run an Official operation under the supervision of a Warden. If a Keeper requires assistance from other Rings for an operation they are planning they should go through a Warden. Keepers may voice opinions on all Ring matters and may recieve a Vote on some Ring matters.

Initiates* - Initiates may participate in Official operations and personal operations as they wish. They may request assistance from Keepers and Wardens for personal operations. Initiates may voice thier opinions on most Ring matters. They do not recieve a Vote on any Ring matters.

*Initiate is not a true Rank within the Ring of Earth but more of a level of participation within the Ring. An Initiate is any member of the Keepers of the Circle that expresses interest in the Ring of Earth but is not a Keeper or higher ranked member of the Ring. Even the Sentinal can be concidered an Initiate in the Ring of Earth when not acting in an official Sentinal capacity. As a matter of respect they should be refered to by their rank within thier primary Ring.

Membership in other Rings

You may be a Keeper in any Rings you wish, it is highly recommended to also become a Keeper of Steal or Crystal for defense. Due to our close relationship with the Ring of Iron many members of the Ring of Earth will likely be members of the Ring of Iron.

Personal vs. Circle Business

Personal Business as it relates to the Ring of Earth is defined as gathering of resources for personal use where the end products do not go to members of the Circle but are instead used for Personal Profit.
Circle Business as it relates to the Ring of Earth is defined as gathering of resources for Circle use, or for personal use where the end products go to members of the Circle or are Sold and at least 50% of the Profit is given to the Circle.

Personal vs. Circle Resources

Personal Resources are resources you acquired using your own funds or skill, or your share of resources acquired during a Circle operation.
Circle Resources are resources acquired from the Circle's pool of resources and may include the services of other Keepers of the Circle.

Operations and Camps

Gathering large amounts of resources will require building camps and running the harvesting operation out of the camp. This is expected to require multiple people over the course of multiple days. These will usually be Circle operations, but we may occasionally work with other organizations. Full Details are yet to be worked out, in part because we do not know enough about how Harvesting camps will work.

Members of the Ring of Earth may run personal harvesting operations, but they must be run using personal resources. If you use Circle resources you should donate a portion of the harvest to the Circle as compensation. The amount of the harvest you should give to the circle depends on the amount of Circle resources you used. Most of the time, this will need to be a personal judgment on your part, but in some situations the Circle may need a minimum amount of compensation.

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I am Lorhayden also a Keeper of the Circle and a Ranger. I'll be aboard in the 1st month of EE lurking in the shadows. If you are looking to join an organization that will support your practice of the "trade craft" check out the Circle of Shadow within the Keepers.

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*does a dignified little dance at the return of Hark*

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On the new map there are no letters for settlements.

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Howdy Cal, Coug,

Yes we like all of the other larger guilds will need to hash out a 1-10 top picks list. If the map stays consistent with what is in the vlog there are some pretty choice places that are going to go very fast. Hop on over to the proboards and lets all discuss.

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The Keepers of the Circle might be a place for you to check out. We are more of a nation split into multiple chartered companies. Economics, Diplomancy, Military, Espionage, Trading, etc... Check us out. Think we might be just what your looking for.

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Idea liked

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Moriquende let me be the first to Welcome you to the Keepers of the Circle

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I am Lorhayden a Warden and Keeper of the Circle, I would bid you welcome to our band. Please come and visit us at our forums where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the Circle. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Shadowmyst and Tempestorm, I bid you both welcome to the Keepers of the Circle and would also wish to welcome you both into the Ring of Shadow if it is your desire to join it.

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Greetings Mourn, I am Lorhayden a Keeper of the Circle, and I bid you and your company welcome to the River Kingdoms. As your company grows in size and strength It will be my pleasure to act as a liaison between your company and the Keepers of the Circle. If we may be of assistance to you feel free to contact me here or visit us at the Chancery.

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No instancing means the possibility of a surprise group riding over the hill and hitting your army from the side.

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Welcome to the Circle Robert, feel free to drink the Kool-Aid

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Since they are going to be having small unit tactics, have they said what will happen if someone drops out of formation or loses connection. Especially if the person leading the formation is the one who drops out.

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Doomcrow and Erian welcome to the Keepers.

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Greetings Keepers, I am Lorhayden master of the sword and bow. Seeker of the hidden, hunter in the shadow. I have heard tell of your Company, its goals and ideals. I would join your Company if you would have me. (I'm also a backer at the CrowdForger level, would this put me in as a Keeper or Warden)